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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Naughty Nights Press First Anniversary Blog Hop

Naughty Nights Blog Hop
Don't forget to stop by Naughty Nights Blog for a chance to win great prizes, including a Kindle Touch. Leave me a comment for a chance to win a copy of my EC release Body Shots

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bringing Out The Naughty Side in You Q&A with Gena Showalter

Tell us about your current release.

Wicked Nights is the story of the cold as ice Zacharel, the new leader of the Army of Disgrace—heavenly warriors so bad they are in danger of falling from grace—and Annabelle, a human who has spent the last four years locked inside an institution for the criminally insane (for a crime she didn’t commit). He doesn’t have time for a distraction, but Annabelle fascinates him in a way nothing else ever has. Zacharel decides he wants her—but then, so does the demon chasing her. The two alpha warriors will have to fight it out, good against evil.

Tell us about your next release.

Up next is Alice in Zombieland, the first in the White Rabbit Chronicles series, featuring a teenage girl who loses her entire family in a car crash and wakes up to a world of zombies and zombie slaying—and a bad boy who will either save her or ruin her. (September 25th) In November, #1 New York Times sensation PC Cast and I have a duology called After Moonrise, and I’m beyond excited! After that is Last Kiss Goodnight, the first in the Otherworld Assassin novels, and a spin-off of my Alien Huntress books. A twisted menagerie exists, and otherworlders are the main attraction. Any time this zoo is about to be shut down, it vanishes and reappears somewhere else. When Solo’s latest mission is compromised, he wakes up in a cage, the newest “animal” on display. Vika is his new handler—as well as the zoo owner’s deaf daughter, and she’s been tasked with Solo’s care and feeding.

Who is your favorite author?

I am LOVING Roxanne St. Claire. She writes thrilling romantic suspense, heart-wrenching contemporary romances, and now she will be conquering the young adult world with an AMAZING novel called If You Wish. Seriously, there is nothing this talented star cannot do!

When in the day/night do you write?

How long per day? I like to get started early in the morning, and I’ll write until I’ve finished the desired word count for the day (usually a chapter for the rough draft or around 50 – 100 pages of an edit) Some days take longer than others :o)

Naughty Nights Press First Anniversary Blog Hop

Naughty Nights Blog Hop
Don't forget to stop by Naughty Nights Blog for a chance to win great prizes, including a Kindle Touch. Leave me a comment for a chance to win a copy of my EC release Splashing Good Time

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Naughty Nights Press First Anniversary Blog Hop

Naughty Nights Blog Hop
Drop over to Naughty Nights Blog for lots of giveaways including a Kindle Touch Comment for your chance to win a copy of my EC release Dante's Desire

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June Parties

I’m in the process of planning two birthday parties - my mom and my husband.
Family is traveling in from NY to celebrate both this weekend. I enjoy having both families get together. We always have a great time; it’s the stress of prepping the house and food that gets to me days before. Normally the DH has a laundry list of things he wants for his birthday. This year – NADA. I’m stumped.
For our anniversary I gave him a Patriots grill. Father’s Day the girls gave him football utensils for the grill. The only thing left is the cover. I did order him one yesterday. I didn’t want to because he has a gift card for the Patriots Pro Shop and might decide to use it for one.
He likes gift cards, but damn, that’s boring. We’re going shopping at the outlets Friday hopefully I can get him some clothes or something. Only problem – that’s his birthday. I’d like to have something for him when he wakes up. And I’m sure the grill cover won’t arrive in time.
Oh the troubles I have. Hahahahahaha…sorry life is really good. Just busy. I’m not complaining, just getting my thoughts out.
Enough of my venting.
I’m looking forward to my vacation. Because I worked all weekend I got a comp day, which I’m using tomorrow. So from tomorrow until July 9th I’m on vaca from the day job. Woo Hoo.
Can’t wait to have lunch with fellow friends Marie Rose Dufour and Nina Pierce! Love our time together.

Happy Wednesday! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Brief Update

I’m tired – figuratively and physically.
 My daughter who had foot surgery in February has to have it again tomorrow. They’re taking the screw out because it didn’t heal properly. Her doctor said it’s a five minute procedure but any time under is scary for a parent.
I have been writing and editing. I subbed one story last week and started right away on another. I’ve promised three books by September…two will be about 30k. The third will be about 60k. I plan to write that one next. It will take more research. It’s the next book in the series Katalina Leon and I are writing.
 On top of writing I’m planning many birthday parties. June is an extremely busy month for my family. Oh and our baby will be one next month! :o)
This year has gone by so quickly. She’s crawling and getting into everything…definitely keeping mom on her toes.
Just a few reasons why I’ve been quiet. J

Happy Thursday

Friday, June 15, 2012

I Did It

I met the deadline yesterday. Now I have to wait nervously to see if they like the full.
Once the book was off to my editor I grabbed my daughter Lexi and we headed out for a pedi...she loves when mom rewards herself and drags her along. :o)

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Welcome Guest Blogger - Cassandre Dayne

Have you heard?
Bad Things – Hunger by Cassandre Dayne is available to pre-order now at All Romance E-Books
Proving once again that there is a reason she is affectionately referred to as the Mistress of all things naughty, Hunger is the first book in the Bad Things series.
Due for release June 14th, order your copy now!

In the conservative southern town of Charlestown South Carolina no one knew what was hiding in plain sight. Bad Things was not only a highly kinky sexuality training facility catering to the upper echelon of bible-thumping politicians, but was run by a woman most would consider to be a monster.
Anastasia Lucard was a tough taskmaster, in business and in pleasure. A very respected Dominatrix, she indulged in the practice of owning two slaves who catered to her erotic prowess as well as those of her clientele. She was also a very powerful and dangerous Were-Tiger poised to take over her family’s legacy.
Healing Souls was a well-respected religious group run by a savvy man who had his sights set on the Whitehouse. Determined to rid the city of vermin such as Bad Things, Christian Sowers made no bones about the fact he was going to destroy Anastasia and all she stood for, but he held secrets close to his heart. Unfortunately, Christian underestimated Anastasia’s Pride and their need to keep humans in check.
What no one knew was that an ancient group – believed to be direct descendants of the Devil – was ready to take back their rightful claim and control of the city, no matter the cost of human lives. As a series of horrendous mutilations put the city on notice of the evil swirling around them, only Anastasia could stop the slaughter.
Unfortunately, a series of lies and deceit brought the two factions together in a way that could destroy all they knew. As a mystery slowly began to unfold, more lives were lost and Anastasia was forced to face a dark horror kept from her for years.
Excerpt to tease:
I will hunt you down and finish what I started and this time you will die.
Anastasia Lucard’s breath caught as she stood glaring at the elevator, her hands shaking. This was the second time in as many days she’d heard the words. But had she really heard them? Turning her head slowly, she scanned the almost empty foyer of the steel office building as a trickle of fear raced down her back. It wasn’t like her at all to be terrified of ghosts but this one was back with a vengeance and ready to take her on until she and her kind were forced into oblivion.
She inched toward the bank of elevators and could swear she heard a dark chuckle from behind her. As she emitted a low growl she could feel her beast rise to the surface. Now wasn’t the time to lose control with several clients still in the upper chambers. Still, she was tired of being followed and being taunted. Her heels clipping on the marble floor she strode toward the elevator, slapping her hand on the up button. She tried to put the pieces together and had a distinct feeling she knew why this was happening now, but she was more than weary of fighting her nightmares and the damning visions, which seemed to haunt her every day. This was no way to live. Out of the corner of her eye a lone figure grabbed her attention. Anastasia stole a glance and had to admire the sexy man who gave her a smile and a silent nod before heading out into the darkened night. Recognition set in that she’d seen him before. “Tall, tanned and handsome” must work in the building. Then again, there were several tenants, though none nearly as stunning. Why did seeing him unnerve her?
Come on. Hurry the hell up. Willing the elevator wasn’t going to do the trick. She contemplated using the stairs but refused to allow irrational fears to overwhelm her. After all, she was a creature of the night. Chuckling, she heard the ping of the elevator and for a moment could envision the sensuous creature at her beck and call. Her lurid thoughts of fucking him hard gave her a shiver.
Stepping inside the steel box she eased against the back wall, the cool comfort of the wood paneling allowing her to exhale. Unfortunately she knew she was going have to face her ugly demons soon enough but she was terrified of the end. Swallowing hard, Anastasia brushed her hands through her damp hair and stepped off the elevator into the quiet of no activity. Her firm took up the entire floor and the unassuming entrance indicated nothing provocative went on behind the closed doors. Bad Things hid in plain sight.
Oh what the good people of Charleston, South Carolina didn’t know wouldn’t drag them into the fiery pits of hell. Right? Licking her lips she pulled out her keys and was determined to finish out the night with a smile on her face – even if it killed her. Entering the facility, she could hear the soft strains of Spanish guitar coming from the speaker system located in the main salon. Anastasia tossed her things into her office and thought about the guest list for the evening. Senator Pyle was among the top of the who’s who of the rich and famous venturing through her hallowed doors. Usually she maintained a low profile but given the recent turn of events with some veiled threats, she knew it was a good idea to make sure the powerful politician was aware that she controlled his destiny. Whether or not he liked the fact simply didn’t enter into the equation.
If that wasn’t exciting enough, we are also pleased to announce that Dazzle by Cassandre Dayne is due out on     June 19th.

This multicultural ménage has all the ingredients you come to expect from Ms. Dayne. So make sure you put Dazzle on your TBR.
Shane Whitlow owns one of the best advertising firms in town. Dazzle, Inc. is savvy, on fire and includes the wealthiest customers in the business. His competition fears his ruthless tactics and some say the man will go to hell.
Jade Chen and Lisa Lin are his best employees and at odds with each other for the position of Vice President. Both would do almost anything Shane asked, even if it means slipping into his bed.
Enjoying the pleasures of the flesh, Shane indulges in both women on a regular basis even bringing them together for wild weekends of unbridled sex – the only relationship he can handle. Haunted by a tortured past, he’s incapable of love.
Unfortunately for one girl, her boss’ brutal business tactics become too much when she’s required to help destroy Dazzle’s only competition. Sickened, she begins a scheme of her own, uncovering a sordid past. As her own dark needs drives her into the arms and bed of another man, the completion makes an offer she can’t refuse.
As the plan envelopes, embroiling the unlikely ménage in a twist of fate, Shane, Jade and Lisa are forced to make choices none of them can understand. Unfortunately the past tragedies resurface, threatening their very souls.
Faced with his brutal demons, Shane realizes the error of his ways but it is too late to change or will he lose the one woman he’s learned to love?
“You will learn from me as you would any Master and yet I will forever be the man who owns you. I will train you as you need to be trained and in turn you will become my slave.”
Shane snarled as he glared at the man, the monster who had tortured him for months. Rage boiled within him to the point he no longer cared what happened. Grinning, he spit hot bile across the man’s face and was delighted to see a shocked expression.
Simply wiping his cheek, the Master lifted his head. Snatching Shane’s cock and balls, he twisted them until Shane screamed in agony.
“Aaaahhh!” Blinding anguish coursed through his body.
The Master closed the distance until his face was merely two inches away from Shane’s. “I will forgive your impetuous infractions this one time as you have suffered a loss. Your friend was a traitor and received what he deserved. No matter. Today you will become mine.” Nodding to the two guards waiting in the shadows, he instructed in his native tongue as he folded his arms.
Terrified, Shane refused to allow the man to see just how much. As he was jerked to the steel table and forced onto his back, he struggled but knew it was no use. The feel of the cold metal against his sweat-laden skin gave him a series of shivers. He clenched his fists as both wrists were manacled and thumped his head against the table.
The Master said nothing as Shane was chained to the method of torture. He glided toward a small cabinet and opened both doors slowly. Selecting an instrument, he turned slowly and held the ancient piece out in front of him. Nodding in reverence, he mumbled in Chinese before moving toward Shane.
Out of the corner of his eye Shane could see the weapon and couldn’t help the small gasp of anguish that flowed from his mouth. As the two guards lifted and secured his legs he was left completely immobilized. A rush of panic washed through his system and as he watched the man, his Master heating the sharpened point he sucked in his breath.
“You fought bravely and well and yet you’re the weaker again. We’ll make you strong, boy. Eventually.” The Master continued his practiced chat in a low timbre as he slowly walked toward the open fire. Placing the entire length of the blade into the flames, he lowered his head.
It wasn’t so much the thought of the horrors that would be inflicted on him but the crackling sound he’d always remember in his nightmares. As he watched his Master come near, he arched his back, straining to meet and accept his punishment.
The Master stood in front of him, holding the blade as he nodded, every movement clearly defined by the ancient teachings. Saying a few additional words, he lifted the blade.
As the heated steel sliced through his skin, Shane was brought to the perfect dichotomy of anguish and ecstasy. He knew this was his place in the world.
Contact Cassandre Dayne at the following places:

Website: htttp://

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Welcome Guest Blogger - Rawiya

BL Morticia tempted us with a comedy fest in Book 1 – SOMETHING FRESH SERVED HOT
Rawiya thrilled us with her humorous take on what to do with your competitor in Book 2 – TIME TO MAKE THE DONUTS.
Now we have the latest installment in the ‘Something New On The Menu’ series, Book 3 – SMOOTH LIKE LATTE by Rawiya.
Naughty Nights Press is proud to announce that Smooth Like Latte, an interracial gay male romance, will be available to purchase from All Romance E-books, Amazon and Smashwords on June 8th.

Brendan Walsh is an uptight business executive of works sun up to sun down in the heart of the Loop in downtown Chicago. Due to his relentless drive to succeed, he doesn’t really allow himself time for fun. His idea of this is sitting at home alone, watching the company profits. Since he stays busy, he doesn’t allow any time to get to know anyone. To make matters worse, Brendan’s homophobic, overbearing father has threatened to write him out the will if he doesn’t do everything he’s asked.
In the building, he meets a man by the name of Davori Jenkins, a happy go lucky guy who serves him a cup of latte just the way he likes it. The attraction between them is real from the start. In a surprise move, Brendan leaves his number along with the tip to spark conversation. From there, they build a friendship over drinks and lunch thus drawing them closer.
However, Brendan still hasn’t come out to his father and fears if he does he’ll lose his financial security under the Walsh umbrella. Will he take the risk so he can have a future with the hunky barista?
Warning: This is an m/m interracial romance. Real romance. Some sappiness is ahead with two very good looking men who are searching for that happy ever after ending.

“Brendan, you must uphold the family name. Nothing is more important than the Walsh name! Nothing!”
The words of Brendan Walsh’s father, Alexander, rang true, like a menacing alarm in his head every single day. Why did he have to be the son Alexander depended upon most? Could it be because the other Walsh brother was completely useless?
In his father’s eyes, Brendan’s older sibling Brian was a disappointment, all because he didn’t want any part of the Walsh family business. Instead of living off his trust fund and becoming the successive CEO to the Walsh Financial Corporation, he’d opted to follow his dream and become a rock musician. That made Alexander extremely unhappy and because of this, the elder Walsh made changes to his will which took away his portion of the family fortune. Brian didn’t care, though; he said no amount of money could bring him true happiness.
Brendan, on the other hand, did like money and security, but the constant meetings, the traveling, and all the responsibilities of being the boss had started to wear thin. He attended college and went straight to graduate school afterward. Then he became top partner at Walsh. It was a lot of responsibility, but Brendan had been well groomed by his dad, who was adamant about not wanting his younger son to become a “useless fuckup.”
“Ugh…” Brendan restlessly turned over. Opening one eye, he glanced at the clock. Six a.m. Time to get up and head in to the office to make more money for the Walsh Empire. Not wanting to move, he groaned, running his fingers through his short, wavy, brown locks. He’d just gotten his hair cut, and it still felt funny. He’d allowed it to grow past his shoulders, but that had only prompted Alexander’s comment that he should “stop looking like a fag.”
“Damn.” If Alexander only knew. Maybe that was just what the old man needed. To see his son for exactly what he was – a man in the closet who desperately wanted to come out.
Yeah, that’ll be the day.
Pulling up the shades, he squinted his eyes into the daylight; the few stragglers out on the street were probably either coming home from or on their way to work. Or were they returning from Valentine’s Day parties in the city? A part of Brendan wished he were doing just that, especially since he’d spent this particular V Day in his Lake Shore Drive condo, reading and comparing sales figures from the year before. That wasn’t his job: it was someone else’s, but he’d opted to do it himself because that employee had someone to go home to and he didn’t. Truthfully, numbers remained his first love, and he’d never known any other.
While he tried to read over the latest figures the night prior, his father called to get him out of his high-rise condo. “Brendan, I’m at the country club with a bunch of friends. You should come by.”
The last thing Brendan wanted was to be around his father on the most romantic day of the year. “No thanks Dad, I’m real busy.”
“Oh c’mon, son,” Alex slurred his words and cut him off. “There’s some pretty ladies here and lots of Scotch. You could walk outta here with the next Misses Walsh. Besides, you need to give me a grandchild.”
Completely annoyed, Brendan rolled his eyes and sighed. “No thanks, Dad.” He promptly hung up the phone.
Oh, he’ll get me for that later.
Too bad I can’t be that bold all the time.
“Pfft.” Dejected, he shook his head and stretched his arms while he strolled slowly to the bathroom. Flicking on the lights, he winced. The coffee-colored marble floor was cold on his bare feet. He rubbed his eyes, thinking how nice it would be to crawl back under the covers and blow off work, but he knew Alexander would bitch if he didn’t show up.
A hot shower was what he needed to warm him up and get him into his daily routine. Turning the small silver knobs, he took off his boxers and stepped in, allowing the hot water to cascade down his body. He ducked his head under the hot spray and exhaled, feeling the warm drops hit his scalp. Several ran down his face, both soothing him and waking him up, as he wanted. In minutes, the sound of whiny saxophones and soft piano melodies filled the bathroom. Like an alarm, he’d set smooth jazz music to play while he showered because he loved hearing it when he woke up.
Brendan wished there was someone to share these morning moments with him. “Maybe someday, I’ll get up the nerve.” He rubbed his newly cut hair and leaned against the marble wall. “When Brendan, fucking when?”

Monday, June 11, 2012

So close to the finish line

Still under deadline…I would’ve finished the book last week. I was on a roll. In two days I wrote over 7k. I was happy, excited and the story moved forward without hesitation. And then I got sick. I woke Thursday morning with a nasty stomach bug at 5am. The baby woke at 5:15…dad had to get up bright and early. *evil grins*
The man does not understand how precious my mornings are to me – my quiet mornings. Thursday’s he normally goes into the office, but he couldn’t. I spent the day in bed and most of Friday. The weekend was busy as are most in the summer months.
This morning I’m hard at work on the wip. I’m writing that final sex scene. Once that’s done I can print the book out and edit. I pray I can get this done by Thursday.
I have guests the next two days and as you can surmise I’ll be in my writing cave. See ya once I hit send to my editor. :o)
Happy Monday! (if there’s anything happy about Monday’s)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

In the Writer's Cave

Sorry for not posting much lately but I'm trying to meet a June 14th deadline. I'm about 7k away. I'll be back soon!

Happy Tuesday.

Friday, June 1, 2012


The DH and I are off to NY again this weekend. What started out as a birthday party has turned into two birthday parties and a ballet recital for my god daughter. :o) I guess we’re going to be busy.
Hope everyone has a fun weekend!