Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Sex in living room. On the couch. On the coffee table. Sex up against the refrigerator. Sex on the countertop. Sex on the kitchen table. Sex in the bedroom. Sex in a limo. And I’m only on page 12 of my current WIP! LOL I’m wiped out. Literally. I don’t have it in me to write another damn sex scene.
My H/H really haven’t had sex that much, but pretty damn close. I’m suddenly having trouble getting my H/H into the sack as often as some publishers would like. Some of my fellow writer friends and I joke about getting that sex scene in by page 3. But I have trouble with sex between two people who’ve only known each other for thirty seconds. I mean seriously. Would you have sex with someone you barely said hello to? I think not. Unless it’s your paid profession and if you’re reading this I doubt it is.
I like the build up. All the sexual tension, the desires, the needs, the craving the hero and heroine feel for one another before they actually take that final step and cross the finish line.
Take for instance another WIP I’m working on. I’m on page 16 and the happy couple hasn’t had sex yet. Yes, there’s been a close encounter, leaving my heroine breathless and dying for an orgasm. But it’s the building of sexual tension that I love creating. Because I know once they finally do the deed – sparks will fly and the orgasms will be combustible.
The beauty is I have a few different publishers so I don’t have to write ninety sex scenes for one book. I have options. If I’m not in the mood for sex, then I’ll work on a book that doesn’t require sex every couple of pages. If I’m in the mood then I’ll get my couple hot and heavy wherever the mood strikes them.
Honestly, have you ever finished a book and wondered how the hell is the heroine still walking? ;-)


  1. No, no, no... why would she be walking? She should be sacked out in bed resting up for the next go-round! Come on now! Get with the program!

  2. I think writing sex is actually harder than having sex! It's exhausting!!!! Sometimes, when I want to write a thousand words a day or more, I'll stick in the notation-Sex Goes Here! or More Sex, please:-) and just keep writing. I don't know, maybe I need energy bars, or more sleep!

  3. You know that's not a bad idea. I should try that so I can move forward with the story. I just don't write! :) Thanks for the great idea.