Monday, March 26, 2012

We Did It!

We managed to see everyone on our list – except my son. It was very disappointing. His work schedule wouldn’t allow and his boss didn’t care that he had family from out of town. Oh well. I’ll get over it. It was nice to see my friend Michelle. It was way too long. We promised to get together in May when we go back.

Baby T and I managed to come home with a cold, but I got sleep last night and I’m feeling rested.

I’m hoping to share some exciting news in the next day or two. I know, I know…keep you in suspense. I hate when people do that to me. LOL

Tomorrow I’m hosting fellow Loose Id author Tara Lain. She’ll be sharing her newest bestseller. Please drop by and say hello.

Off to write…edit and finished two article queries.

Here's our peanut!

Happy Monday.


  1. AWWWW! She's so adorable. Getting big.

    Looking forward to hearing your suspenseful, exciting news!

  2. Gorgeous Amber. :-) Can't wait to hear your news

  3. Too bad about your son! Can't wait to hear the news. No sneak peak for your friends. Boo!!! LOL! Little T is as beautiful as ever!

  4. What a cute picture! She's getting so big! Sorry you have a cold and I'm all pissed off that you're keeping us in suspense! Dang it, girl!