Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Florist Isabella Beaumont, through no fault of her own, is about to lose her business. She might as well lose her soul.  With no other options she turns to Lyon Sauvage, a man she dismissed from her life five years earlier. But is she willing to pay the unexpected price of ultimate submission?
Enigmatic millionaire Lyon Sauvage lost Isabella once. He has no intention of opening his heart and suffering that mistake again. When she appears on his doorstep desperate for help, Lyon presents her with a proposition she has no choice but to accept. But will his revenge get her out of his system? Or condemn him to greater heartbreak?


After all these years, Isabella would finally belong to him.
Lyon sat behind his desk, the echo of her stormy exit adding agony to his pounding headache. Isabella left behind a trail of sultry, seductive scents that hardened him like stone.
Still as beautiful as the day they met, Isabella possessed a fiery personality, a sensual nature, and with a body so alluring and quietly sexual, a man would gladly brave the depths of hell to touch.
Tomorrow his plan to possess her would become reality. Lyon's methods may have been a bit unorthodox, yet he didn't mistake the way her eyes heated when his cock ground into the silk of her skirt. Her moan of arousal awakened a longing deep inside him, and he sensed a spark of something that even in her denial, still remained. Isabella needed help to realize who and what she wanted. Would the long weekend provide her with the proof she needed to realize they belonged together? He would not force her to stay. At the end of weekend, if she insisted on leaving him, he'd let her go.
As for tomorrow, she would be true to her word. If she wanted to save her precious father and his business, she would come to him.
Whether she'd been gone five years or fifty, Lyon had never forgotten her. Hell, he thought he'd die when she ended their friendship. Yes, he knew she'd been in love with David. But since the day they'd met, Lyon felt a connection between them, a deep sensation that he couldn’t explained away. He wanted her then. Truth be told, he wanted and would welcome her now.
In the empty years without her in his life, meaningless sex with many lovely women of his acquaintance satisfied his body, but no woman had ever captured his heart as Isabella.

Now, the beautiful Isabella would be his, and he would show her what possessing a woman really meant. He'd teach her things, the likes of which she'd never dreamed.

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  1. Loved this book, just finished reading it last night. Another great book by Heather Peters!!!