Monday, March 3, 2014


Last week while I watched the dogs eat, I stupidly had my hand on the door frame. The stupid part was I had my pinkie finger in the crack of the door. As I stood there making sure the yellow lab (stealer of food) didn’t bully his way into the chocolate labs food, my little one decided she was going to close the door.
Hubby says the screaming started and he thought someone was being stabbed. Well WTF did he think it felt like? I thought someone was stabbing my poor finger. The little one started crying too. She’s still feeling the pain of what she did to mommy.
The finger looked gross. All purple, red and swollen. I couldn’t use the finger for the first four days. It’s still numb, but I can use it to type.
The little one still continues to close or should I say slam doors. I guess she hasn’t learned her lesson. Me on the other hand, I still get chills thinking about that moment. My hands are kept far from door frames.

Happy Monday!


  1. OWWW!!!!! I'm cringing thinking how much that hurt!!

  2. Oh No! We are joined at the hip, Amber. Someone is using voodoo against us both! Oh you poor thing. Maybe my sister is right - need an exorcism!