Thursday, June 3, 2010

Is it Thursday already?

Life is just hectic. Still planning the two parties. Mom’s is pretty much done. Just have to get a cake. The DH’s not so much. I have so much shopping to do. It’s not easy when he works out of the house three days a week. I think the worst part is not talking about it. We talk about EVERYTHING. I’m wondering how he kept my 40th party a surprise. Especially with my kids. They have BIG mouths. But they all kept it a secret.
So I got an email from one of my publishers. They’re considering a print book for me. I wanted to jump up and down but it’s not definite. They wanted possible title names. Because of length restrictions they have to put a couple of my books together. Fine by me. So this morning I compiled a list of 10 titles and sent them off. I’m not good at thinking up titles on the fly. Normally my titles come to me first and then I write the story. So this was painful to say the least.
I’ll keep you posted if this pans out. It would be nice to be able to hold one of my babies in my hand!
In other news: still didn’t get the newsletter out. I’m gonna do my best to get it out today.
22 days til vacation. Can you tell the day job is stressing me out too!


  1. Congratulations!! You'll get your very own all Amber, all the time ANTHO! That's celebratory greatness there. :) Also, and also, and also, and stuff? You are juggling everything else beautifully.

    Titles for me, are evil. They never like my first twenty suggestions. It's when I get slap-happy and sarcastic with title names after those rejections that they snap them up. LOL. That's how I wound up with She's Got Balls and FU and Mind F*cked etc. heh

  2. Congrats on the print book!! Yay!! It seems you do juggle so well. Titles? I would have a hard time.

  3. OH, SWEETIE! You and I are alike in that the TITLE is the THING! No title for me, no story. THEN? Magic. I see it. Know it. Feel it.
    Congrats on print book.
    And come on titles!!!!

  4. Oh Mia you know how to make a person feel better! Thanks.

    Thanks Kaye!

    YES Cerise! That's exactly how it is.

  5. Hey, congrats and hang in there! You are so busy! I'm in awe!

  6. Congrats! Yeah, I have issues with titles too. Most of my good ones were thought up by someone else--or like with Mia, were the snarky ones I meant as a joke.

  7. Yay for the print book:) I like the thought of an Amber Antho! Good one Mia:)