Thursday, March 3, 2011

Long Winded Rant

Let me start off by saying that if you don’t want to hear me rant stop reading now! :o)
Today I’m letting off some steam. Yesterday was an insane day. It started off with the little guy having a fever because he had three shots the day before. He was resting comfortably in my arms while his mom got ready for work. His big sister decided she was going to come up on the couch and sit with us. Everything was fine for about thirty seconds when she let loose and was sick all over me, her brother, the couch, my blanket and the new rug. Everyone, except me, scrambled to get her into the bathroom and clean up. I eventually helped.
My youngest woke crying with a sore throat so bad she couldn’t swallow. Mind you I already had a scheduled consult with a doctor for myself. So, once the mess was clean and the kids were shipped off to their father’s house I called L’s doctor. They could see her later in the day.
Off to my appointment we went. Things went well so we went back home so I could attend three very important meetings. The DH is still sick, so he decided to take the daughter to the doctors because one, I’m not sick and can’t afford to be and two he’s on an antibiotic so he’s safer. Sure enough the daughter has a viral infection with blistery sores on the back of her throat. I did my best to take care of her from a distance. :o)
To make the day even better my son stopped by for a visit oh and he’s sick. He spent an hour in the bathroom. I insisted he go home! Luckily his roommate had driven over so they could use my printer. You bet I had the Lysol wipes out and cleaned everything anyone touched.
Today will be better right?
Now for the second part of my rant which has nothing to do with the first.
A few weeks ago I was bored and watching VH1’s 100 Most Shocking Rock Moments. The Station Night Club Fire which claimed the lives of 100 people and burned many others came in at number 7. What bothers me about the ranking is that Britney Spears shaving her head came in at number 4! I’m still saying WTF. Seriously??? This is more shocking than the loss of 100 lives? Really?
Now I’m not talking about this because I’m from RI. The truth is I didn’t live here when it happened nor did I know anyone from RI when it happened. I remember watching it on the news horrified. Had I lived in RI at the time there’s a HUGE possibility that I would’ve been there. I was a Great White fan and around that time I was going to a lot of shows with my best friend. Last week marked the 8th anniversary and it still breaks my heart for all the families and friends who lost loved ones that night.
Okay, now I’m off my soapbox.
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  1. How terrible that the freak shaving her head was ranked higher than 100 people losing their lives. It was absolutely horrible. It still is so soul shaking to drive by the site and see the memorials. I hope that the sickness stays away from you. You don't need to be sick at all! Have a great day!

  2. Ugg. Sounds like a sour day all around. My poor baby just got her first flu yesterday. So far, it's just a fever. Hopefully that's all it will stay.

  3. Amber, Im sending a hundred cyber hugs to you - my goodness, youve been through heck the past several days; it will get better, I promise; I hate when my babies get sick, makes you feel so helpless, doesnt it? ((((hugs))))

    In regard to the Station fire, Id been living in RI only two years when it happened; I did not know anyone who passed away, but as I remember reading the newspaper accounts, it was a horrible death for all 100 souls; its truly a disgrace that a celebrity's hair is more 'popular' than the loss of 100 humans in a fiery tragedy.

    And you can rant and rave any time you want; I, for one, am here to listen any time you want....hope your family - and you - feel better very soon.... more (((hugs)))......

  4. Yes, somehow Brittany is faaaar more shocking! Geez! Sometimes people don't want to look at the awful thing, so they attend to the stupid thing. Sorry to hear you all are so sick. Wow! All at once!