Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Guest Blogger - S. E. Holden

Sneaky Relationships Perceived by the Male Mind by S.E. Holden

Relationships are sneaky. One minute everything is fine. The one you love snuggles up close on the couch and strings a trail of barely-there kisses across the base of your neck, hand rubbing across the tight muscles of your chest. The contact feels great after a long, hard daily grind and gets your blood pumping. The thick artery in your neck throbs. She finds it, pulsing just under your tender skin, and traces the rhythm upwards with the tip of her tongue. Mmmmm. Fingers working lower, she explores your growing excitement. Blood rushes out of your brain, racing south like a flock of horny geese avoiding the winter chill. Nips and playful bites along your jaw line lead her mouth to yours. The thought patterns in your brain wander out of control due to the lack of blood. She climbs into your lap and winds her legs around your waist, rubbing herself against your crotch.
She whispers something, but the lack of blood in your brain has affected your universal translator and you have no idea what she said. Like most things that you don't hear or pretend you don't hear, you ignore it and hope it goes away. There are better things on your mind, and your lap, right now. Your arms close around her, pulling her tight against you. You kiss her neck, suck her ear lobe into your mouth and work it gently between your teeth.
You hear a groan, at least you think it's a groan of pleasure. Encouraged you slide your hands under her shirt, reaching for the clasp of her bra. You didn't notice that she stopped what she was doing until she pulls away and stares at you with that questioning look in her eye, one eyebrow raised, hands balled on hips. You stare back – a deer in the headlights with a boner.
"Well, did you?"
Uh oh. Did I what? Things were looking good until she snuck something in there, trying to fake me out with a change up, but threw the slider instead. That's just not right. Damn. Why does she always have to ruin it?
Panic sets in. What didn't I do? Shit. Is it her birthday? Anniversary? What? You get angry as the blood surges back to your brain…with an attitude.
Her faces clouds in disappointment as she reads the thoughts scampering across your mind through your eyes. She knows the answer before you can come up with an excuse for whatever it is you didn't do/get/say/tell/(insert verb here). Without a word she climbs off and walks into the other room leaving you high and dry and in the dark.

Like I said, relationships are sneaky. One minute things are going one way, but in a flash they can turn ugly. I chose the man in the above example as the inattentive villain because I'm a guy and can relate to the lack of cohesive thought that is possible during certain, uh, engorged circumstances. And I'm sure, or I'm sure I've been told, that a lapse like that cannot possibly happen to a woman. Hmmm… Has something like this ever happened to you? One minute things are going great, but in the next disaster strikes over something fairly innocuous? Leave a comment and give us the highlights.
In my latest Thursday Night story, The Wet Reunion of Two Souls, things don't go as planned and spiral out of control. Expectations are shattered and their married future placed in jeopardy over a joyous event. Will they be able to reconcile before all is lost? Check it out to see.

S.E. Holden Bio
Since he was a kid, S.E. Holden wanted to be an author and explored many genres through high school and college. After greasing the gears of the corporate machine for many years, he escaped the Information Technology vortex to focus full-time on his writing dream. A romantic at heart, S.E. loves to write about committed couples struggling with and overcoming life's obstacles only to emerge stronger. The fact that they have steamy, mind-blowing sex along the way makes it even better.
S.E. lives with his wife and two children on the west coast of Florida.

S.E.'s Contact Links:
Email: seholden@verizon.net
Web: http://www.seholden.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001173999283&v=wall
Twitter: @seholden25

The Wet Reunion of Two Souls Blurb
On a glorious Thursday afternoon, May’s dream of having a baby is finally coming true. Bursting with excitement, she’s eager to share the news. But her best laid plans disintegrate when Jim returns home from work with a different idea…one that didn’t include her. Doubting whether they still share the same dream of a family, May contemplates her future with Jim until the rain washes in an unexpected tryst. Can their relationship weather the storm of emotions unleashed.

The Wet Reunion of Two Souls Excerpt
A bright flash leapt through the window chased closely by a deep, bass rumble that rattled the wine glasses on the table. The sudden brilliance startled her, and she stepped back.
Jim whirled around. "Like I said…it’s Thursday night. Bob asked me to sub on their bowling team, and I need to leave in a minute or two to get there in time for practice. You know I need a few frames to get the arm and knees working right." Lightning flickered, followed seconds later by the boom. "I’m sure I told you about this last week."
Mouth agape, she stared at him. Disbelief and disappointment teamed up, overwhelming her. "But…I..." She paused, voice quivering, tears threatening. Her right hand drifted to her belly. "It’s been so long since we had a night in and I really need to talk to you."
Jim spun away and strode to the closet to get his bowling bag. "Sorry, hon, but I promised Bob over a month ago. He talked about it every time I saw him at work. I have to go. The guys are counting on me."
"But Jim, our work schedules haven’t matched up in weeks. We barely have time to say hello let alone anything else and tonight was our night to catch up."
Grabbing the handle of his red two-ball bag, Jim wheeled it toward the front door, looking anywhere but at May. She stepped in front of him, blocking his easy escape. She placed her hand on his arm and gazed up into his eyes. "Please don't go." Please choose me and the baby over your friends.
Jim stood up straight, closed his eyes and blew out a breath, long and slow. "Look, I’ll be back in a couple hours and we’ll get caught up." He smiled his best sorry-I-let-you-down-again-but-I’ll-make-it-up-to-you smile—a smile that had been showing up far too often of late. She cringed. "How does that sound?"
"Quite frankly, it sucks."

The Wet Reunion of Two Souls Buy Links
Breathless Press - http://www.breathlesspress.com/erotic/the-wet-reunion-of-two-souls.html
All Romance eBooks - http://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-thewetreunionoftwosouls-544156-144.html
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  1. LOL! Love the post! I'm definitely the guilty woman asking "Did you put butter on the shopping list?" as I'm trying to get busy. My poor hubby.

    And I think the couple on your book cover has been on the cover of one of my books. Man, they get around.

    Nice to meet you.

  2. Hi Linda,

    ohh, which book? Nice to meet you too.

  3. Your "Wet Reunion of Two Souls" couple matches the couple on my "Delinquent Daddy" cover. They definitely seem to like it wet!

  4. Thanks, Linda. I'll go check it out.