Thursday, July 24, 2014

Special Guest - Tessie Bradford

I’m excited to share a peek into my new release, Leena’s Men. It is book #2 of my Fated Mates of Mesta series. Leena’s Men is currently available at All Romance Ebooks and Resplendence Publishing and will soon be available on Amazon and other retailers.

Leena’s Men
Copyright: Tessie Bradford, 2014

Transporting cargo between Mesta and its neighboring planets in the Aaron system provides a comfortable living for Leena, however it greatly lacks in the excitement department. Receiving a distress signal from a crippled Earth vessel gets her adrenaline pumping, but being overwhelmed with unfamiliar, intense emotions from the moment of first contact shocks her to her core. Leena has purposefully kept the ‘far-from-guaranteed’ event of finding her soul-bonded mates out of her life plan.
Adam and Craig were seriously considering making some big changes even before finding themselves adrift in space with a fast failing life support system. Their relief and thankfulness for surviving a fiery crash landing is monumental. When they discover that their savior is a beautiful woman who ignites all of their senses at first touch, Adam and Craig know without a doubt that their life together is about to take a course beyond their wildest imaginings.

“Leena, I’m picking up an automated distress signal.”
“This sector, a non-military Earth class B vessel. They must be in serious distress; the signal is extremely weak.”
“Give me their position and attempt to establish contact,” Leena instructed.
As soon as the coordinates locked into her navigation terminal, she changed course to intercept and increased speed to maximum. People of the Galactic Federation planets provided aide to each other without question. It was one of the many attributes that separated them from the insurgent worlds.
The Earth craft was moving at such a slow velocity, it came into view relatively quickly. Leena maneuvered her cargo ship in a wide circle around it.
“Phaedra, are you getting any response?” she asked her co-pilot.
“No. Maybe there are no survivors and it’s functioning on auto?”
“Possibly,” Leena replied, taking note of the severity and pattern of external damage. The ship had obviously been in battle and escaped. The hull burns indicated they’d received heavy hits from behind. “Or the crew may be alive but unable to communicate.”
She took position in the lead and executed a slow turn starboard. When the Earth vessel followed, her heart thudded in her chest and a wave of intense relief swept through her.
“What in the stars?” Leena mumbled. She closed her eyes a tried to calm herself.
“Leena, are you unwell?” Phaedra asked.
“No, no I’m fine.” She drew a deep breath and adjusted their course to Mesta. “Open a channel to home port. At this speed it will be the first we reach.”
“This is H’oug three six nine, we have an emergency,” she announced.
“Leena, this is Caris; explain.” Caris was her eldest brother’s bonded mate.
“We’re leading in a damaged Earth ship. We’ve been unable to establish communication and they’re flying sub-light. I figure they have no navigation since we found them heading away from the inhabited section of our system. Who knows if they have the ability to make a controlled landing?”
“I’ve got you both on scope. We’ll be ready here; you hold back at the outer perimeter.”
“No, that’s too far from port. They won’t be able to see where they’re supposed to go. I’m bringing them all the way in.” Adrenaline raced through her veins. Transporting cargo between Mesta and its neighboring worlds provided a comfortable living, but greatly lacked in the excitement department.
“Do not take any unnecessary risks.”
“Yes, sir,” she responded tersely, choosing to keep the rest of the comments swirling in her head to herself. Learning to deal with the over-protectiveness of Slaterine males was a huge part of a Slaterine female’s daily life.
Leena engaged the communicator attached to the shoulder of her suit, putting her in contact with the three other members of her crew who were not on the command deck. “Prepare for landing.”
As they entered Mesta’s atmosphere, the Earth ship exhibited signs of losing stabilization. When the landing field was clearly visible, Leena veered out of their path, accelerated, and re-positioned to be able to watch their descent. Her nerves kicked into high gear. Gods, please see them to safety, she silently prayed.

Author Bio
Tessie Bradford is a bestselling author of Erotic Romance who publishes with Resplendence Publishing and Ellora’s Cave. Megan’s Men, book #1 in her Fated Mates of Mesta series, stayed in Amazon’s Top 100 for erotic/sci-fi for over six months and a number of her titles have been bestsellers at ARe and other third party retailers. Her stories focus on journeys of sexual discovery. She loves creating strong independent women and the alpha hero (or heroes) who are perfect for them. From the Coffee Time Review of Possessing Eleanor, “Ms. Bradford has taken a successful, independent woman and turned her into the perfect submissive without changing Ellie’s personality, something not many authors can manage so easily.”
Facebook:  tessie.bradford.1
Twitter:  @bradford_tessie

Thanks so much for having me here today, Amber!


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