Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kicking Ass

I have been so busy lately. Today I managed to get two new submissions out to my other two editors. I'm feeling good have three out at the same time. This will give me time to work on the other handful I have waiting!

My daughter was tripped during a basketball game at recess 2 weeks ago and she suffered a concussion. I've been taking her to various doctor's appts because she's still suffering from headaches. She had an MRI done yesterday and that came back negative - THANK GOD!!!! But we have to wait and watch. The concussion hasn't stopped her from going to the softball games, she just can't participate. She gets dressed in her uniform, sits on the bench and cheers for her team. She also sulks because she can't play.

Her team is in State tournaments right now. We won the first game last night and hopefully have another one tonight.

Me, I'm skipping the game tonight. I'm going to meet some writer friends for dinner. Tomorrow is all about reading. My TBR pile is toppling over. Hope the sun is shining where you are, because it isn't here!


  1. Hugs to your's tough to sit on the sidelines when your team is fighting for State Champs! Just remember to tell her she is still part of the team that got them this far:)

    My book-buying has stalled, due to husband's not working yet. Hope to get back to it soon, with several new books being added weekly to my own TBB list!

  2. I send my hugs to your daughter, too.

    Congrats on getting out two submissions. I've managed to kill my computers. This one's taking forever to load, too. So I'm writing by hand which is SLOW. Have a great Sunday.