Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Writing THE END

There’s been a lot of talk on different blogs lately about ending your story. Right now my heroine has her ass up in the air waiting for her husband to spank her. It’s the second to last scene. I know exactly where how this story is going to end. So why can’t I seat down and finish it? Some say that I might not want to let go of the characters. Not in this case. You see I’m editing this story after it sat for two months. While editing I decided it needed more story. So, 7k more words and I’m just about done.
Others might argue I don’t have the next project mapped out. Not so. I’m under deadline to finish a short story 7-10k words by the 18th. I currently have 1.5k. I know this story beginning to end. Still when I sit down and open the document I putter with a few hundred words.
I want to finish these two projects before I start my vacation on the 26th. Of course one HAS to be finished. I’ve been waiting six long months for this vacation. I’ve written nine novellas and one full length novel during these six months. I think I deserve this vacation. We’re not going anywhere. Well, probably the ocean, weather permitting. It’s only a forty minute drive. I love watching the waves. I always come back recharged and full of new ideas. It’s my inspiration. I’ve considered moving south where the weather is warm most of the year. DH and kids still fight me on this.
So instead of working on one of the projects, I’m updating my blog! LOL - Oh well. I guess it’s time to go back and do some writing. Hope everyone out there is having an easier time writing that final scene.

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