Sunday, May 30, 2010

Game Day

Off to see the Red Sox with the DH today. I'm very excited. I'm a huge baseball fan. Before I leave for the day I wanted to remind everyone about the fantastic deal over at Fictionwise. If you haven't read either book and wanted to, nows the time to buy them dirt cheap. Or if you've never read any of my books, the price couldn't be better. :)

You can get two of my books over at Fictionwise for 40% off.
Get two sexy brothers and one lucky woman in Mistletoe Studs for only $2.10 $1.73 if you're a club member
Talk Dirty to Topaz is only $1.80 $1.58 club member price

You can't go wrong!!!!

Enough about ME - Happy Sunday Everyone. Are YOU doing anything fun?


  1. LOL, I like baseball too. I'm jealous that you actually get to go to a Red Sox game!

  2. Woot! Cheering for your team! Go Red Sox!