Monday, May 24, 2010

So Much To Do!

I’ve been busy. I finished editing book three of the Freedom Fantasies series and sent it off to my editor. I had to get my chapter’s newsletter out and work, well, it drove me nuts.
This weekend the DH and I cleaned the sunroom from top to bottom, planted flowers got all the deck furniture out and cleaned off. What he doesn’t realize is he’s helping me prepare for his big birthday surprise party! LOL I’m evil.
Speaking of which, I’m I the process of planning TWO surprise parties. My mom has a milestone birthday THREE days before the DH’s. It’s getting confusing and hard to keep a secret. I’m an only child so there aren’t any brother’s or sister’s to help with the planning.
I meet with the cake lady this week. I’m getting him one of the real fancy specialty cakes. Something to do with the Red Sox. No worries he doesn’t read my blog.
I also started self-edits on a full length romantic comedy today. I finished Chapter one. I had to switch from 1st to 3rd person. I didn’t like the 1st person.
Today I’m getting back to my cougar story. I feel like I’m finally free to explore this more. Fellow cougar Dalton Diaz gave me a few suggestions after reading my synopsis and I want to go back and incorporate her idea.
In other news – I received a contract for Freedom Fantasies, Book Two – Spend The Night With Me. This is Brooke and Liam’s story. Let’s just say they have fun with a stripper pole and a swing!
Come back tomorrow when I have an interview with my good, good friend Katalina Leon!


  1. Amber! Congratulations on the contract and the full length work. Also, TWO surprise parties?? Your husband will never suspect he has one coming when you spring the first one on your mom. LOL. Way to go, you sneaky thing, on getting him to help clean for his own gathering. I bow to the mistress.

  2. Congrats on the contract!

    We just ordered my son's graduation cakes from the bakery. No grocery store bakeries for this event:)

    My dream is to one day order one from Charm City Cakes:) I love that show...

  3. Thanks Mia!!!! :)

    Yes, Molly I want to order one from Duff too! I looked in to it. $1500 minimum. Ummm, sorry but not for a birthday, unless I hit the lottery.

  4. This must be a very special birthday. I hope you have a lot of fun.

    I need to get my porch not only cleaned up but repaired.

    Charm City Cakes? $1500? I've never heard of them but too rich for me.

  5. Amber, I can't believe how much you can juggle! Congratulations on the book contracts and the fresh wave of creative energy. I'm not sure even a Duff cake could equal the love you show to your family-the parties will be wonderful because everyone will feel how much you love them. Enjoy!
    XXOO Kat

  6. You have lots going on! Congrats on the work and the parties!

  7. Amber, you're amazing, handling so much at once! Best of luck with the parties and the WIPs and huge congrats on the new contract! :)