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Monday, April 4, 2011


Saturday was a fun day. Sunday a day from hell. It started off pretty good. I did the grocery shopping bright and early, my son came in from NY for a SHORT visit and we went to the local Home Show. We get home around 4ish and my youngest had a swollen finger. Red hot and ugly looking. Off to Hasbro’s. For a small state they have too many rules when it comes to kids. Back home I could’ve brought my daughter to any of the local hospitals, but not in RI. Nope you can only go to the children’s hospital. Okay well guess what? Everyone and their freakin’ brother were there yesterday. But because she had another infection earlier in the week I was concerned enough about the finger to wait it out. Wait it out we did. Six LONG hours. During which time the infection began working to two other fingers. Boy am I glad I stuck around. They injected her with antibiotics on the spot and gave her two pills. I could tell it was working because the knuckle lost some of the redness within the time of the IV. We didn’t get home until 11pm after a quick trip to McDonalds because none of us had eaten since lunchtime, except for animal crackers out of the vending machine. Someone will have to be on their death bed to get me back to that hospital again. Talk about 100 sick kids running around. Not a place for me to be, but I wasn’t leaving my daughter, even though the DH said they’d be fine. So today I have a ton of catching up to do and an overly busy day at work. No writing today. :o(


  1. OMG! I know from my sister that hospital is crazy, especially with the wait! You were a very brave woman to go to the Home Show. We've gone a few time but too many people for me. I hope that your daughter is feeling better soon!

  2. ACK! Take it easy. Glad the antibiotics kicked in quickly.

  3. Wow, thank goodness you got it taken care of. 6 hours is insane!

  4. Wow! You really do have weird things happen. I'm sure your daughter will be fine, but scary! I'm glad you stuck it out and I know how exhausting it is!

  5. I hear ya and not surprised - first of all, so glad your daughter is better....

    I once took Mike to the ER at Pawtucket Memorial, and 5 hours later, no one bothered to look at him; we walked out, and not one person even bothered to stop us or notice us....thank God for our hospitals here - no waiting, you just walk in and are taken care of....

    BTW, what wonderful news! a girl! congrats, and you and your family must be thrilled -- prayers and good thoughts go out for your and a safe delivery when the time comes~~ hugs.....