Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Welcome L.K. Below

Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Amy, the heroine from Beauty in His Bed.

So Amy how did it feel to be awakened by a strange man kissing you?

Amy: Talk about weird. I freaked out. 

Were you pissed about being deceived by your friend, Monique?

Amy: I didn't have time to be pissed. I mean, I never would have gone to the apartment (let alone fell asleep!) if I'd known it wasn't hers like she'd said. But Seb didn't exactly give me time to nurse a good mad-on. Things between us were incendiary. 

Did you fear Seb wouldn’t be interested in your plus-sized body? (Larger sized women deserve love too and have fun)

Amy: I had no idea why a god-sculpted Cajun was so interested in me. After Tim... well, it was very hard to believe that Seb was interested in me for anything. But he wore me down. Now I have absolutely no doubts. 

Did you get to see the sights in New Orleans or did Seb keep you inside the entire time?

Amy: *clears throat nervously* I actually didn't get to see much more than the airport and my friend Monique's store. Oh, and the diner down the street from Seb's apartment... 

What if anything did you find attractive by Seb?

Amy: Seb is the kind of man any girl would drool over. Tall. Broad shouldered. Looks great in a suit, but is even more delectable in a casual cutoff tank and jeans. But the thing most attractive about him? Whenever I'm with him, he makes me feel like a goddess. 

Was the kiss to die for?

Amy: Which one? With Seb, it just keeps getting better...

How do you feel about the break-up that led you to New Orleans, now?

Amy: Glad it happened. If I'd never met Seb? Now THAT would be heart-breaking...

And of course we wouldn't be reading your story. Thanks for spending some time with us Amy. :o)


L.K. Below indulges her love of fairy tales a bit in each of her books. From scornful first meetings to heated encounters, she believes that every character deserves a happily-ever-after. The Modern Fairytales series embodies that ideal even more, each centering around a fun, flirty fairy-tale-turned-reality for the inner princess. Visit her online at www.lbelow.net.


Upon finding a gorgeous woman in his bed, Seb wakes her with a wicked kiss…and it just might lead to forever.

Devastated by a breakup, plus-sized Amy Somers retreats to New Orleans to visit her longtime friend. But when her friend delivers the key to her apartment and sends Amy on ahead, she doesn’t realize that the apartment belongs to someone else.

Upon coming home to find Amy asleep on his bed, Sebastien Babineaux entertains lusty thoughts. Bent on seducing her, he never expects to lose his heart -- or to work so hard to keep Amy by his side.



Seb propped his shoulder against the door frame to keep from falling to his knees at the sight of the woman lying half-naked on his bed. Was he drooling? Faced with a sight as delectable as her, he didn’t know how his jaw wasn’t lying on the floor.

If only she’d been conscious.

His hands tingled with the urge to strip off the rest of her clothes. After the dry spell he’d been having, he would have considered himself delusional to be handed such a feast. That is, if Monique hadn’t warned him that she’d sent her friend over. Seb needed no help charming women, but with a beauty like the one sprawled out before him, how could he turn her away?

This woman--Amy, he’d been told was her name--had been crafted to fulfill his every  fantasy. She lay oblivious to his presence. Her blue baby doll clung to her large breasts, revealing miles of unconquered terrain. Her auburn hair draped over her chin and part of her plump mouth. One hand was tucked beneath her cheek; the other rested between her lush bare thighs. With her legs curled, he couldn’t tell how tall she would be, but one thing he was certain: before him lay a woman who he wouldn’t have to worry about crushing with his six-foot-tall frame. And one he shortly hoped to know very well.

One question held him rooted in place while his hormones urged him to join her.

Why would a goddess like her be lying half-dressed on his bed?

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