Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Whet Your Appetite Wednesday

Welcome to Whet Your Appetite Wednesday. Each week I'll offer you a snippet from one of my books. This week comes from Adrift. 

Kari remained silent for what seemed an eternity. Ben wanted to prompt her and then decided against it. She had to make a decision on her own. If he pushed, he could push her away. Something he definitely didn’t want to do.
When Kari finally spoke, she took Adam and Ben by surprise. “I’ll admit being confused.”
“Confused about what?” Adam asked.
Ben was relieved Adam had finally found his voice.
“Why me? Why now? And why would two male lovers want to be with a woman?”
Ben chuckled. “We’re not totally gay. We’re bisexual. I’ve been with women.”
“Me too, on occasion. Now I’m committed to Ben.” He reached over and patted Bends hand.
“As far as the why you, I told you, I’ve been admiring you from afar. I believe you’ve been doing the same with me.”
She looked away, toward the water, as if searching for answers. Kari turned back to them. “I’ll admit I’ve had a secret crush on you, but that was before. I hadn’t realized you were in an obviously loving relationship with a man.”
“Bi. You have to understand; we love women too.”
She seemed to be considering their offer. She hadn’t been repulsed at the idea, so that was a good sign. “Whatever you want to call yourself. You’re in a relationship together. I don’t understand how I’d fit in.”
“We both want to love you, Kari,” Adam said.
Oh thank God for Adam. Ben was afraid to come right out and say it, but Adam had the frankness. He told it like it was, and he had a difficult time lying. Not that Ben prided himself on lying, but he could keep a secret if he had to, where Adam could not. He was surprised Adam hadn’t confessed all this to Kari already.
“You want me to join in on your happiness. You want me to be part of you?”


  1. This is one of my favorite books of your. I love the relationship between Adam and Ben. Their relation is so solid and they way they reach out to Kari with her insecurities and her pain is beautiful. Anyone reading this book for the first time or like me for the fifth gets a treat every time!

  2. This is a good story and I have always loved the cover!