Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Feeling Guilty

Yesterday the hubby and I snuck off for some Christmas shopping. I felt guilty making the babysitter think we were working, but it’s come to that. We have no time to do anything. We’ve taken the little one with us, but I can’t concentrate on the task at hand and watching the little one. She loves to run and her daddy loves to let her.
I’m all for letting her burn energy, but she doesn’t watch out for others. Others get frustrated by a child running wild, even if she’s barely 17 months.
So we took off and shopped. At one point it started raining so hard and I wasn’t prepared for the downpours. Not sure where the umbrella I keep in the car disappeared to and I didn’t have a hood on my sweater.
After leaving the toy store I looked like a drowned rat. That’s when the shopping day ended.
When we came home and updated our spreadsheet I was surprised by how much we accomplished. We even saved money. Not a ton, but coming in under budget was the goal and I did it. LOL Seriously, it IS a big deal. :o)
Today after my yearly review with my boss, I’m gonna try to sneak off and shop for the hubby. If I can get an hour in I know I can make a dent. I have a list and I have a plan.
I’ll be glad when the stress of the holidays is over. Maybe I can go back to sleeping again. Tomorrow I’ll have my Whet Your Appetite Wednesday and then the 12 Days of Christmas contest will begin.
I’m over at Seven Sexy Scribes today talking about reviews – yet again!
Happy Tuesday.

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