Thursday, November 5, 2009

Writer's Bliss

I'm happily submerged in a story. This story is book three of a series called Lady Shea's Manor. I started this book awhile ago. I went strong for the first few thousand words and fizzled out. I decided to go back to it and I'm so glad I did. The words are flowing nicely. Kim and David's story is unfolding before my eyes. While I haven't written books one or two yet, I have a premise for them.
Nano always has a way of bringing out the writer in me. When I'm not writing I'm going over what I've written in my mind. Playing the "what if" game, so that when I return to my laptop the next day the story isn't stalled. I know at least the next scene and let the characters decide from there. As a pantser I can't think too far ahead or I get blocked. Strange? Maybe, but that's the way my brain functions. I don't question or try to force it to change.
I suspect I'll finish this book by the 13th and then I'll move on to book one - Paige and Jed's story. My editor asked that I write book one and synopsis' for the other two. I'll be able to do better than that, by the time Nano ends.
Nano also fills me with tons of ideas for other stories. So I've been filling my mini notebook with different ideas for future books. I hope to go strong until at least April. Then I'll have to figure out a new routine.
I hope everyone out there doing their version of Nano is having as much fun as I am!

Today's count so far - 2,204
Total = 8,351


  1. Hi Amber -- I saw you on my friend Lia's blog and thought I'd come say hi. I write for EC and AMP, too, and I'm doing NaNo. Best of luck with your 50K!

  2. Hi Helen! Thanks for dropping by. It's nice to meet fellow authors.

  3. Congrats! YOu're doing better than I am!