Friday, January 13, 2012


The other day my friend Penny talked about your Litmus Test (you can read her post here)that one book you liked so much. Books you would read over and over. I hate to say I can’t read a book more than once. I can’t watch movies over and over either. Unlike the hubby who will watch a movie to death. There are times when I can’t watch TV with him because I can’t stand to see the same movie three times in a week. :o)

I don’t know when this started, because as a child I read books multiple times. I borrowed Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Glass Elevator from the school library every week it was available. I’d be highly disappointed if it wasn’t available.

I wish they’d make a movie from Charlie and the Glass Elevator. I’d watch it once, possibly twice, but that’s it! LOL

So, it’s Friday and I’m off from the day job. I took yesterday off too. I wanted a really long weekend. I had high hopes to get a ton of things done. Hahahahaha, that never happened. It doesn’t matter. I enjoyed the time off.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend.


  1. There are some books and movies I find so inspiring or so comforting, or so very interesting, that I will read/watch them many times. Jane Eyre happens to be my most favorite of all.

  2. I love it that you laughed about getting things done. But you are off and that's good too. (Friday the 13th!)

  3. There are some books which I read over and over....and other books I'll leave alone for years before a character or scene will enter the brain and I'll go digging through my books until I find it.

    And (slowly raises hand) I conned my dad into taking me to see Star Wars 28 times the first time it released....and checked out one particular book in jr high I'm surprised no one questioned my parents about the 'I Was A Teenage Alcoholic' book craze.

  4. I don't re-read my favorite books all the way through but I do go back and reread my favorite scenes!

    Linda Kage

  5. I'm not often a rereader or a rewatcher. I'm more likely to rewatch a pilot episode of a series, years after it's gone. Or pick up a book to a certain scene and read that portion.