Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Welcome Cassandra Gold

Going Down by Cassandra Gold
ISBN:  978-1-61124-411-3
Tattoo artist Laurie Watson has felt the distance between himself and his live-in boyfriend, Win, for a long time, but he’s finally had enough. He’s determined to figure out how to work out whatever’s gone wrong between them. Unfortunately, when he gets home, he finds Win talking with his ex.
Figuring he’s missed his chance to fix things between them, Laurie flees. The temperamental elevator has other ideas, however, and Laurie and Win are trapped between floors.
No longer able to hide from their problems, Laurie and Win will either make up, or break up for good...

...Talk to him. Tonight. Talk to him. Tonight. The words echoed through Laurie’s mind with every step he took toward the apartment he and Win had shared for the past two years. His feet felt increasingly heavy the closer he got. If Win wasn’t in love with him anymore, did he really want to know? Maybe it would be better to pretend he didn’t notice, to make Win be the one to force a confrontation.
No. Laurie was a lot of things, but a coward wasn’t one of them. His boldness had won Win over in the first place. It only seemed fitting for the same trait to be what ended them.
And now that the pessimistic thoughts had started, Laurie couldn’t turn them off. Deep in his heart, he felt certain tonight would be the end of the best time of his life. A physical ache spread through his chest, making breathing difficult. He was grateful to reach the lobby door. He yanked it open and trudged inside.
Bypassing the mailboxes, he crossed to the elevator and punched the up button. The doors slid open with their usual sluggishness. Inside, he hit the button for the fifth floor and waited. Once the doors closed, nothing happened for a few seconds. Then with a lurch and a whine, the elevator began its anemic ascent. It sounded worse than usual. Within a day or two there would probably be an “Out of Order” sign, and he and Win would have to take the stairs for days until the super got the stupid thing fixed.
If he and Win still lived here, anyway. One of them might not, after tonight. That would probably be Win. No doubt his family would be thrilled to welcome their prodigal son back into the fold the instant he was free of his low-class tattoo-artist lover.
Laurie closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He needed to try to be positive. He hadn’t lost Win yet. Giving up usually wasn’t his style. “I can’t start now,” he murmured aloud. “Win’s worth fighting for.”
Win was worth fighting for. The life they’d built was worth fighting for. Laurie loved Win. Loved their life. Loved the way they’d carved out a place for themselves, away from Win’s rich, controlling family and the dysfunctional, abusive leeches Laurie refused to claim as his. Not so long ago, it had been him and Win against the world. It could be that way again.
Resolve replaced resignation. Laurie stood straighter, ready to do battle. He had made Win love him once—he could do it again. He’d let a lot of the things he used to do slide in recent months for reasons he wasn’t sure of. That had been a mistake, but not an unfixable one. No excuses tonight, just action...

Cassandra Gold
Gay romance with a heart of gold!

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