Friday, August 10, 2012

Welcome New Loose Id Author Azure Boone

Sounds like an awesome book!

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Rone Kreed wants Sheeku in every way imaginable. Which is kind of impossible when possessed with a demon who devours souls with a kiss and spreads eternal damnation through his seed.  But Sheeku has a power that protects her from the demon's sadistic intoxicant, tempting Rone to play ever closer to the fires of her innocent, yet demanding desires. When he learns that protecting her from her sadistic mafia family will require his hand in marriage, exorcism becomes imperative. Because he's one sweet beg away from surrendering to the woman he's fallen in love with, and giving the demon her angelic soul.
Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable.


Four hours later I lay in the center of my bed, finally reaching that place inside me. Turned out to be more difficult than I remembered. And I was nervous as shit. Not about attempting this, but about attempting it with her. I wasn’t even sure I could still do it, wasn’t even sure I remembered how. And what if she somehow figured out what I was doing and got pissed?
I slowed my breathing, getting ready to disconnect from my body. The biggest danger with this stunt was leaving the demon alone with nobody home to watch his ass. I didn’t even want to think about the painful bitch of reentrance.
When weightlessness filled me, I turned around and stared at my body on the bed. Okay, nice. I floated forward, forming rope with part of my shield and lassoing it to the door so I didn’t float off into the freaky beyond that loomed above me in an endless expanse.
The fun part of this was how heightened feelings were in this state. Like peeling the skin back on a human’s soul and stroking it. I shuddered in anticipation at her door, then leaned my head in and peeked into her room. My heart sped up.
Look at her. Hair down and everywhere.
The rope snaked before me and attached to her bed without me even thinking it. Excitement tickled through me at how in tune with my needs the shield was. The last time I’d done this was like wrestling goo. My shield seemed as curious about her as I was, pulling me toward her. It lifted me, and I glided over the bed, over her body. I stared at the one exposed foot and leg as I passed. Nothing like the skinny and scrawny limb I’d imagined. More like a petite replica of a well-defined leg. The next surprise came at the generous swell of her hip beneath the sheet. I would’ve bet money she hadn’t a curve on her. I eagerly sought what waited at her chest, but the way she slept with both hands clasped under her neck prevented any view.
I stared at those slender brows, perfectly full lips parted slightly. Tiny nose. Again I wanted to slide my finger along her jaw.
The shield formed anchors around my form, adding mass until I gingerly sank into the mattress next to her. The first thing I noticed was her smell. Vanilla and almonds. I breathed it in deep and grew aroused. I leaned my head toward her without thinking, drawing in another deep breath. It was her hair. The scent came from her hair.
I lay there, watching her, my chest filling with so many odd sensations. She was clearly angelic. A strand of my shield reached out, and I panicked when it attached to the sheet. Shit, it knew what I wanted. Caught in the cross fire of conscience and curiosity, I did nothing as it slid the sheet down.
She turned nearly on her back, and heat erupted in my groin. She was naked. I locked my gaze on the handfuls of heaven with the most delicious, full nipples I’d ever seen. My dick throbbed, and my mouth watered with the need to taste that forbidden delicacy. I swallowed and focused on breathing.
The strands of her dark hair drew my eyes down where it cascaded and draped over her waist, most of it a river behind her. My breath froze as she moaned and turned on her side, sliding one knee up higher between us. I continued holding my breath as her hand slid out toward me.
She let out one long, sweet moan.
She stroked my shielded chest, then lower over the ridges of my abdomen, fingers growing firmer as she went. I lay stiff, taking it, fighting the shield; it wanted to dissolve in answer to my desire rather than my caution. She finally slid her hand right over my huge erection, and she whimpered. I choked at the warm pressure. It felt so fucking good. And real, as if my body was right there in the room with her, her hand physically on me.
Lava pulsed through my veins when her aura radiated from her body. Barely able to breathe, I felt my shield melt like butter under its sensual touch. I struggled lamely to hold it in place, quickly losing the battle when her leg slid along mine. I stared at that hand gliding firmly over the solid form of my spirit body, fingers eagerly caressing every inch of my chest like I was something exquisite.
My cock begged for her touch, and panic slammed me. I needed to leave. Leave now.
I fought to break away, only no part of my body would move. I looked down, and her aura covered my entire body, holding me in place.
She whimpered again as she stroked her hand over my rigid length, fingers exploring with silky curiosity. There was no denying the aching groan she dragged out of me. She answered with a sultry moan. Did she know what was happening? Oh shit, please don’t let her know. Let her think it’s a dream.
Her aura pushed between my legs. I gasped and opened for her. Heat encased my cock and balls, and I fought not to orgasm. She pressed her warm body along my side, kissing my chest until she made her way on top of me. She pressed her pussy to my leg, and I groaned again, struggling to move, to push back.
She panted as her lips devoured my chest.
“Sheeku,” I whispered, needing to know if she was aware.
She tasted her way up to my face, seeming oblivious to my voice. I turned to meet her kiss, and our breaths mingled as she hovered inches above my mouth. I tried to move again, wanting to pull her in the rest of the way.
She bit her luscious lower lip and drew her slender brows tight, shifting her body between my legs, pressing my cock against my stomach.
I nearly exploded as she rubbed her sex against the length of my cock. The smell of her hit me, and I growled in hunger, wanting to bury my nose and face in it.
She placed both hands on my shoulders and lifted her upper body, masturbating herself on my dick as she mewled desperate sounds. She arched her back, and I growled again, trying to grab her waist and help her make it feel good.
I lowered my eyes to her perfect breasts where the most amazing nipples drove my orgasm forward. Puffy pink ends pouting on creamy white. Reminded me of vanilla ice cream with a fat cherry on top. And a cute pebbled tip begging me to lick, suck, and bite.
As if she sensed my desperate hunger, she brought her breasts right to my mouth, and I eagerly took in as much of the softness as I could. Her sharp cry lassoed my dick with fire. I sucked gently at first, then let years of buried desire take a turn with eager nibbles on that thick, firm tip. I opened my mouth wider and sucked deeper, wanting to feel the fullness of her breasts. I pulled away to vigorously flick her nipple with my tongue, craving more of those desperate, little whimpers she gave as she pumped her sweet pussy against me.
I tried to move her to the head of my dick. How was she fucking holding me down?
I stared at her above me, watching her face in ecstasy. “Sheeku,” I whispered. “God, you’re so beautiful.”
She moaned something in Chinese and ground herself faster on me. Oh fuck, she was gonna come.
“I want to touch you…let me touch you,” I said.
She cried out and fell on me, freeing my limbs. I wrapped her in them, pulling her lips to me, devouring her kisses. I grabbed her waist and slid her down until her heat pressed right on the head of my cock. I captured her face between my hands again and coaxed her mouth open with my own, tasting, growling as she rocked her pussy against me in sweet little pumps. I dipped my tongue in and stroked the tip of hers, teasing at first. The desperate need building in her moans made my dick throb.
Take me. Yes, yes. That’s what every sound she made said to me.
My shield’s energy raced through my body, stripping every nerve down for ultimate stimulation. Too damn kind. I rolled with her, placing her under me. Her hot breath against my lips went to the core of my being. She gripped my shoulders, her eyes still closed, brow creased with an ache that I was desperate to soothe.
I reached down and glided myself along her entrance. Sheeku dug her nails in my shoulders and arched her back, mouth parting. I shut my eyes and stilled, growling back the tsunami orgasm that demanded release. When it receded, I stroked over her slippery sex again. She thrashed her head, and I fought not to drive into her.
I pressed at her entrance, and the way she cried out froze me. No, reminded me of her sexual abuse. I stilled for several seconds, then licked along her lower lip. Then top. I kissed her carefully. I moved my lips over hers, letting our noses brush with each pass.
The tiny cry she gave in my mouth melted my heart. “I won’t hurt you, baby,” I murmured against her lips. “I’d never, ever hurt you.” Nothing had ever been truer.
Her breath panted against me as she slid her fingers down my arms, then over my ass, kneading the muscle there.
God, yes. I pressed my forehead to hers, fighting for control. I pushed into her and ate up her gasps with my lips and tongue. She finally thrust her hips up, taking me in a little farther. She threaded fingers through my hair and held me still with her legs, licking all over my mouth. Again she tilted her hips, beckoning me in more.
Three more inches and she dug her nails into my shoulders.
Shit, don’t hurt her. I lay rigid, breathing for control as she got used to me.
I gently nudged her face aside with mine and kissed her neck with a soothing tenderness, reminding her she was safe. She arched her back again, and she pushed those beautiful tits against my chest. It made me crazy. I sucked the skin on her neck, and she raked her nails over my back and stopped on my ass.
She pressed me deeper and cried, “Yes, yes!” She clenched my dick with her hot muscles until I shuddered out a groan. I focused all my strength on carefully entering her. I had never needed anything more than to be buried completely inside her, to have her legs wrapped around me, have her want me and need me.
I thrust in fully, and Sheeku’s eyes flew open.
But there was no pleasure, or thought of what her eyes looked like. There was only the terror of seeing the demon right behind me, watching us.


  1. Okay, this one sounds really cool! Something different from what I usually read. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!!

  2. I agree...this does sound cool. I'm looking forward to reading it. Congrats on your new release, Azure! And thanks for allowing me to showcase your work.