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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Winner, Interview and Whet Your Appetite Wednesday

I let chose the winner and it’s – JUNE M. Congrats. I sent you an email.
Today Katalina Leon and I are featured over on Leta Blake’s blog. Drop by and say hello if you have the time.

Now on to Whet Your Appetite Wednesday.

He glanced over to her apartment. She was gone. She was likely showering and settling in for the night, which was okay. Her work was done for today. He still couldn’t believe his luck the first time he spotted her.
He’d been standing on his balcony enjoying a warm summer night and an ice-cold beer. The sky had turned a midnight blue. The stars were plentiful. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.
Dante remembered leaning against the steel railing and glancing around the neighborhood. He wasn’t expecting to find her standing there in the light of her bedroom. He never imagined as she gazed up at him that she would continue undressing. He’d expected her to flip him off and pull the drapes closed, but she hadn’t. Instead she smiled and removed all her clothes.
His beer nearly fell from his hand as he realized what she was doing. Never in his life had a woman undressed for him. Most women he dated were afraid of their sexuality. They wanted to have sex with the lights off, so he couldn’t see them naked.
Dante loved their bodies. Women were his inspiration. Maybe that’s what they feared with him. Maybe they were afraid of ending up on a canvas if they allowed him to fully drink in their beauty.
His neighbor had. She wasn’t afraid of him seeing every inch of her body. In fact there was no doubt she enjoyed putting on a show for him. What started out as a simple strip show turned into a full-fledged seduction over the last few weeks. She was gorgeous and sexy. He wanted to possess her. He longed to touch every inch of her precious skin. He wanted to claim her. Possess her.
The one downfall was she had no idea her body was displayed on many different canvases. She would know though. He wouldn’t keep that piece of information from her. Before he told her, he wanted to thank her properly for being a great inspiration. Once he’d properly thanked her he would show her the pieces of art he had grown to cherish.
Yes, it was time to meet his neighbor.


  1. this story burned the pages ~ I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I enjoy all your hot characters!

  2. Congrats to June!! Yummy excerpt. Thanks for sharing.