Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Short Break

Hello lovely blog followers. Today is the last blog from me for a few weeks. I’m having surgery on the 19th and will be out of commission for a bit. During my absence I’ll have some guest bloggers so please be sure to drop by and show some love.
I’ve been busy getting the house in order. My mom and son are coming to town to help out with the toddler. I won’t be able to lift or drive for at least a week. I’m hoping for some time to write, but with family here…ah, I digress.
Reading will be high on my list. I have a kindle full of books that are begging to be read.
So friends, keep me in your thoughts next Tuesday.


  1. Good luck, Amber. I hope everything goes wonderfully :-)

  2. Already thinking about you, Amber. The surgery will go well and you'll feel better.

  3. Surgery? I expect an email woman!!! Get well soon, focus on you and everything else will fall into place.