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give & take –an erotic romance novella
book ii – give & receive series
alisa anderson

Tyler Malone: Life as a rock star is anything but boring. Money, power and fame is an addictive drug I crave that gets me off...every time. Millions of adoring fans, willing to do anything just for me to glance their way. What's not to love? All I ever wanted was the one who wouldn't. She's the one person I crave more than the life, more than the money and power. More than anything...

      Danny Blake: Some smart-assed reporter nicknamed me the "The Dark Prince," because I shun the limelight. I prefer being behind the scenes, always have. Fame is now a choke hold around my neck, a dark, lonely road that never seems to end. The one light in my life is her. The person who matters above everything else. At one time I thought we could be happy together, but I lost that chance when I married someone else...

      Lena Roman: Owner of the infamously notorious nightclub Sadist, head of a massive PR empire; nothing "Queen Midas" touches doesn't turn to gold. Fiercely passionate, loyal and headstrong, she is the woman who loves them both, with a fiery heat that's all consuming. Choosing between her best friend and the one she stupidly allowed at one time to claim her heart wasn't going to be easy...but she had to, right? You can't love two people at once...

     Book two of the scorching hot new series, "give & receive."

Chapter I Excerpt:

“Here we are.”
“I was just saying…here we are. Club’s closed. Everyone’s gone.”
“Oh. Right.”
“We gonna talk about this?”
“Talk about what?”
“Well…for starters…my dick is about an inch from your pussy.”
“Oh. Um…” Lena trailed off delved back into the quiet thing she was doing, not moving from his lap. Which she currently sat on.
Ty’s laugh was quiet, rueful, as he kissed the back of her arm.
 “You know…you keep talking so much I won’t get a word in edgewise.”
More silence.
“Hey…that was a joke.” He gently nudged her. “Ha ha?”
Lena gave a faint smile in his general direction and lapsed back into silence.
Typical Lena avoidance. He should have known better.
That’s my girl…deny till the end.
“I’m not your girl.”
“You were thinking out loud. Like when the words appear in a cloud above your head. You’re not that hard.”
“To read. You’re not that hard…to read. Is what I meant.”
She cleared her throat and tried not to meet his eyes.
“Transparent. You were transparent. I knew what you were thinking. You were all, oh hey, that’s my girl Lena…deny everything. I’m not your girl.” She was staring off into space as she spoke and eventually trailed off into silence again.
He frowned. She needed to not do that reading his mind shit. It was weird.
Ty knew now it wasn’t the right time to discuss anything remotely resembling what just happened between them. Definitely nothing about Danny.
The completely stricken, haunted look on her face when he left. He would never forget it as long as he lived.
She was devastated and he knew he was mostly responsible. He also knew they crossed a line they could never go back from.
Having your penis wedged between your best friend’s thighs after almost, but not quite publicly fucking her, bringing them both to an absolutely stupendous orgasm, all to the display of the man she had loved for years, even if she never did openly acknowledge that little fact yet could do that to a person.
What in fuck was wrong with him, pulling this shit? 
You knew exactly what you were doing. Don’t even try to grow a conscience now.
He gave a slightly less than regretful sigh. It was too late for all that now anyway.
Not that he had many hindsight being 20/20 moments. What’s done was done.
“Oh, so you remember my name now.” Ty had nerve to be annoyed, he knew.
Like that shit ever stopped his arrogant ass. Nerve was never something he lacked.
“And by the way, it’s an expression. I know you’re not mine. At least, not completely.” He said that part under his breath.
“What the fuck does that mean?” Now Lena was annoyed.
“Which part?”
“What?” She was totally confused now.
“The only part I take objection to. You, somehow being pissed at me, and for what, might I be so bold as to inquire?”
Which annoyed him even further.
“Gee, I don’t know, babe. You just sounded like you didn’t know my name for a minute. I was just making sure.”
“You know what? I so don’t need to hear this right now. Especially not from you.” She stood up to move from him while he remained seated and refused to acknowledge her body’s almost immediate response to his expanding erection. “And I am not yours. I’m not his either. Just so we’re clear.” Before she could leave from between his legs, he grabbed her, turning her around to face him directly.
“No, I think you do need to hear it, especially from me. Because the motherfucker you were thinking about? Danny? He’s gone. Ghost. Like the mist. Like he always does. And I stayed. Like I always do. Picking up the pieces.”
Damn. So much for keeping his big, fat mouth closed.
Lena’s eyes watered for a minute, trying to betray her once again. She was all over the place, and with good reason, but with sheer force of will, she regained control. Second time, baby. Don’t do this. Don’t let him get to you. Not again. Please not again. Neither of these bastards are worth this shit.
Yes they were. They both were more than worth it and she knew it. She just wasn’t ready to deal with this…or them. Not right now.
Another time. Just not tonight. Please God…not tonight.
She didn’t even want to think about Danny
She glared at Ty as she watched him watch her and the myriad of reactions fleet across her face. He was silent as he studied her. Not one word. Just a curious expression as usual she could not decipher. 
 “Like you always do? Excuse me? Is that what it is you do? Because I wasn’t too sure.” Lena raised her brow at him in disbelief. “The way I see it, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you. This shit was all your idea anyway, so excuse the fuck out of me that I don’t see things your way.”
Take that, fucker.
Not that any of this…disastrous monstrosity…really happened.
That is, it would have been a disastrous monstrosity. Of epic proportions.
If it happened.
Which it didn’t.
She was still denying this shit for as long as humanly possible.
He was right about that at least. He did know her well.
Almost as well as she knew him. Of that she was smugly certain.
And even though his penis…good lord, his amazing, eighth wonder of the fucking world cock…wedged tight against the outer lips of her pussy, which was getting wetter by the second...wait, where was she?
Oh yeah. 
Even though it felt awesomely, fantastically soft and silky like crushed velvet rubbing up against her, she closed her eyes and willed herself to move.
Even though what never really happened…felt pretty fucking amazing.
Even though right now, his deliciously yummy, thick, fat cock was getting harder, expanding every second…still covered in her juices…still mingled with wetness from him.
Even though he had one of the best feeling dicks this side of the Mason Dixon.
She loved that expression.
For a split second she was obscenely delighted she had an excuse to use it today.
“So we’re back to blaming me for everything, right?”
She blinked at him, slightly startled that he spoke. Ty gave her a knowing grin.
 “What do you mean back? We never left from blaming you. It’s always your fault. Isn’t everything? Unless it’s Reese’s.”
Lena frowned and was suspicious. Ty was so sneaky.
This one right here. She would need to keep an eye on him.
Before you know it, she’d be right back where she started, doing things she-
Ty wrapped his arms around her waist, effectively locking her in, trapping her from moving when she tried.
“Let me go, Ty.”
“Ty…I’m serious. Let me go.” She panicked as her body betrayed her, once again responding to Ty’s evil, crafty ways.
Well now. Aren’t we the whorefully dirty little skank with no discipline?
Yeah, well…you know what, bitch? Until that chocolate brownie ice cream doesn’t make my ass look like a two by four…I guess we’re about even. So shut the fuck up.
Why did her conscience always sound British, specifically like Elizabeth Hurley?
Later. One crisis at a time.
She needed to deal with Ty, and his wayward cock, trying to make her pussy his new home.
“You’re not accomplishing anything, Ty. Why are you doing this?”
“Oh, no other reason than because I can?” Ty was smug as he felt her body heat and respond whether she wanted it to or not. Her body was a flame that just needed lit before it turned into a raging inferno. He was the accelerator on the gas.
“It’s my fault, I guess, that your wet, beautifully dripping pussy came hard all over my cock and that I was one thrust away from being thoroughly embedded in your sweet little cunt?” His tone was conversational, as if discussing the weather. He used one of his arms to slide his hand up her thigh and under her skirt, and palmed the soft, silky mound of dampened curls between her legs. Lena gasped out loud and moaned.
“Oh my God, Ty…You are so fucking nasty. I can’t even believe you right now.”
“Yeah, I know. Devil incarnate. That’s me.”
“But just so I’m clear. Say cunt one more time. To make sure I heard it right.”
Ty laughed involuntarily, the sound muffled against her thigh.
He gave a resigned shake of his head as he realized she would never stop making him laugh at the most inopportune moments. Never stop completely driving him insane.
He was so head over heels it wasn’t even funny. Ugh.
“Cunt.” He whispered it against her and held her close to his lips, just to breathe her musky sweetness in.
“Fuck that sounds freaking hot. Shit. Wait…No…Ty stop…we need to stop. What are you doing? What are we doing? What am I letting you do?”
“Will you calm the fuck down? I’m doing what you want me to do. What we both want me to do. You know it and so do I. Just let it happen.” He kissed the inside of her bare thigh.
“I’m also setting the record straight. Just so we’re clear.” His tone was slightly mocking as he repeated her words back to her.
“If you want me to stop, really want me to stop, I will. Tell me again. Tell me you don’t want me to touch you and I walk away right now. Say it, Lena. I need you to say it. I won’t be able to let you go if you don’t.” Ty’s voice was a hoarse whisper as his other hand dropped from her waist to the other side of her thighs.
“God help me, I might not be able to let you go even if you do.”
His fingers were anything but soft as they kneaded her naked skin. Firm and agile, they continued to torment her, traveling up her legs and grazing over her pussy, lightly fingering her delicate folds, as she fought against the sensation, writhing against the wet, muscled slickness of his fingers. Without warning he leaned forward and pushed her skirt up higher, exposing the sensitive flesh of her pussy and pressed his soft lips to her mound in the gentlest of kiss.
“You are so wet and ripe right now, baby…just like a peach. I want to savor every. Succulent. Bite. You sure you don’t want me to take care of this for you?” He blew his warm breath against her and tightened his grip on her thighs so she couldn’t move but where he allowed.
“I have wanted to taste you for so fucking long, Lena.” Ty murmured against her skin, his every word causing tortuous, vibrating pleasure, making her hips move involuntarily against his lips in hunger. 
“Please…just let me do this. I promise you that’s all I’ll take. Nothing more.”
Lena laughed, a choked, breathless sound as she tried to gasp for air.
“Yeah. I know. That shit sounded good though, right?” Ty laughed along with her and looked up at her, meeting her eyes, struck once again at just how beautiful she was, especially when she laughed.
She had the best laugh. Free and infectious, like she didn’t care who heard her.
He wished she did it more. 
He wished he didn’t care so much that she didn’t.
As Lena looked down at him, she saw how ridiculously long his lashes were, framing his impossibly green eyes. Almost like a girl’s. Maybe even longer.
She could never understand that shit. Why did God feel it necessary to give boys longer lashes when chicks were the ones who wanted them?
Further evidence God was a woman. Only a bitchy, catty female wouldn’t share long lashes with other chicks and instead bestow it on a species completely undeserving and devoid of the knowledge of what to do with them. 
Not that there was anything feminine about Tyler Malone. One hundred percent grade a premium male. And not one to frown at. He was gorgeous and he knew it, with a head full of the curliest dark brown hair she had ever seen on a man. Spiraled ringlets if he let them grow long enough. Ty made sure they never did.
Her laughter faded as she realized where they had found themselves.
She also gradually became aware of him staring at her with that unfathomable expression she could never decipher.
“I should go, Ty…before anything else happens we regret.”
She cleared her throat.
“Not that anything happened before. Because it didn’t. But if it did…which it didn’t…let’s not do something we’ll both regret tomorrow.”
“I understand you feel that way. I can even empathize with your plight. But I suppose that’s the difference between you and me.” His head dropped as he bent forward. “I don’t regret this.”
He glanced up, catching her gaze and holding it as he took her in his mouth delving deep into the folds of her over-sensitized core.
She whimpered and her body took control, shoving herself into his face, using her hands to push him down further, tangling her hands in his hair as she pulled it hard, smothering him as she pressed herself against his mouth, until finally he couldn’t breathe, but fucking her with his mouth anyway. She ground into him with bruising intensity as Ty groaned against her and continued to lick and twirl his tongue around her swollen clit, finally drawing the fleshy lips of her labia into his mouth as well.
He bit down on her flesh as he slid his fingers inside her, sliding two fingers, then three. “Release it, baby. Let me taste that cream. Jesus Fucking Christ…you feel so good in my mouth, Lena…give it all to me.” He sucked her back into his mouth, squeezing her ass, cramming her against his lips, into his mouth. He couldn’t get enough of her, and she finally cried out, having another forceful orgasm, hitting her fast and sharp.
Ty continued to lap her up, swallowing every last bit of precious nectar. The more he licked, the more she felt herself heat once more and before she even knew what was happening she came again, straight into his waiting open mouth.
Ok, Enough. Fuck.”
“Enough of what?” Ty delved into her wetness again, placing soft kisses on her mound of curls.
Lena moaned, low and urgent, resisting the urge to move her hips over his to finally ride him hard and deep, like she wanted to do all night long.
“Enough of this. Stop it. I don’t want you to touch me.” Lena’s voice caught and became ragged as she inhaled a deep breath, trying to steady herself.
“Liar.” Ty laughed
She couldn’t believe she was letting him do this to her.
For the first time, she meant.
It was a mistake. The whole thing. And deep down she knew she was to blame for allowing it to happen. Even worse because she let Ty use her in whatever game he was playing with Danny, partially because part of her wanted to Danny to hurt too. She realized this now, and wished she would have figured this shit out twenty minutes ago.
“So maybe I am a liar. Maybe I am completely in denial and maybe I steal blow pops from the candy store.”
“Used to. I used to steal them. Nasty habit, stealing. Took weeks of therapy to get over.”
She turned to leave and at the last minute came back and smoothed back a piece of his hair. He looked up at her as she stared at those impossibly long lashes of his, then bent down and kissed him on the forehead.
“It was falling down on your forehead. I know you hate that.”
He arched an eyebrow at her.
“Shut up Ty.”
“I’m just saying…we had a moment. For a second. It was tender, emotional…and all that other shit. But you had to ruin it. Honestly.” She grabbed her bag and stared at him. She actually looked disgusted.
“I gotta go.”
“No, what you need is some professional fucking help.”
“Probably. But I still need to go.” She walked away and turned back one last time.
“What now?”
“None of this happened, Ty.”
“None of what happened, Lena?” Ty sighed and put his head down at the bar.

Coming March 2013…In the meantime, read the novella where it all begins!

(transposed to the third person to appear more mature *grins cheerfully*)
well...alisa did stuff and is still doing stuff. only now she has two boys crazy enuff to want her as their mommy. hey, at least she tried to warn them, so her job is done. she doesn’t like to capitalize, partially because she likes how lower case letters look visually, but mostly out of laziness. please don't judge. it could be you. and she would say, hey. you're alright, buddy. you're ok in my book. now c'mere for a hug. the hug might be pushing it. air kiss? you are strangers, after all, with only a mutual love of poor grammar.
she lives for a world full of controllable anatomically correct, android men programmed to meet her specific feminine needs (wink, wink, nudge, nudge with a big waggle of the eyebrows). who look like the rock. and ian somerhalder. and idris elba. and that's it she promises. variety. gotta have variety, right?

but alas...apparently that exists only in johanna lindsey's genius mind. so until then, she enjoys her incredibly warped sense of humor. she reads tons of erotica and romantic, drippy goo that makes her heart go pitter patter. then she thought, hey. what, she said to herself. (softly, of course, so no one finds out she is indeed, 2 nuts short of a fruitcake) maybe you should write this stuff too. maybe someone will like it and maybe buy it. so she said, huh, you think? then she said, well...yeah, i wouldn't have suggested it...(inserts sarcastic tone) and then she was like lose the attitude, ok? then she was all, would you just shut up and write, already? sheesh! and she did. :)

alisa anderson


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