Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Had a Plan

My plan had been to submit two wips I had started in 2012 – I did this! Both were rejected. Not a flat out rejection, but one with suggested revisions to make the stories stronger.
That was not in my plan.
See once they were submitted I planned to write the next book in the Bag of Tricks series. I was excited about writing Becca’s story.
On top of the shifter book, I was working on a three book series. My EC editor loves the premise and wants to see the first book. I’m working on that now.
In between those four books I wanted to finish two contemporaries under my legal name, oh and I’m working on a non-fiction book.
So as the end of March approaches what progress have I made? Not much. I’ve revised one of the rejected books and resubbed for consideration. The other I haven’t even looked at.
I pulled out book one in my series and added 1k to the 7.5k I’d already written. Becca’s story? I’ve only managed tidbits here and there. With the notes I’m making I’d like to hope once I do sit down to write the book it’ll flow with ease.
The two contemporaries? Just fleeting thoughts in my mind. I believe one had less than 1k and the other, just more notes.
The non-fiction, which I planned to write 500 words a day on? 500 words is where it left off.
Sure I could blame my lack of production on stress, but I won’t. Everyone has stress in their life. My problem is procrastination. Sometimes I wonder if I’m a true writer or just a wannabee. Okay, okay, I’m a writer. But hey, sometimes I do wonder.
The year is early, only one quarter has passed. There’s still time to get a good portion of my PLANS accomplished. Will I?  Only time will tell.


  1. Boy oh boy do I understand what you're talking about, Amber!!
    I think the fact that you have plans, notes and the start of numerous stories is fantastic. When the time is right the books will get finished!

    1. Thanks Tessie. I'm sure I'll get some of the done. :)

  2. Oh, you are most definitely a true writer. There are stories inside you and you want to tell them. You HAVE told some of them. I think your muse is just working out the kinks on the ones you havne't told yet. When it sparks, I'm sure it'll let you know when it's ready and kick your butt into writing gear again when you least expect it.

    And...now I'm off my writing soap box. My muse is taking a little vacation lately too. I wanted to start into the next book on my series, and it's just not coming. So I'm in the same boat as you.

    Guess we just have to wait until it passes! Lots of hugs.

  3. Eh. Don't beat yourself up. It's been a rough year.

  4. I only wish I could write as much as you! Esp. with all that's happened to you. I'm the one that is the sometimes fiction writer. Though I do lots of nonfiction and editing, my fiction suffers and is absence.