Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where Was My Head????

Thursday and Friday I edited book two in the Freedom Fantasies series. The first twenty pages had me banging my head on my desk. Where was my brain? I repeated myself way too many times, changed eye color for my hero and left out important details. Let’s just say thank goodness for edits. Though I hate them I know they’re needed. These were mistakes I made when I was just starting out. so why the heck am I making them now?
I really don’t have the answers but I hope it will be limited to this book. Needless to say, I managed to send the book to my editor.
A friend and I are doing our own version of Nano in May. I have the cougar challenge book to finish and she has a cozy mystery. I’d also like to get started on my new suspense once the cougar book is done.
Off to finish edits on book three so my lovely editor can have this book by the end of the week. :) She’s probably cursing me sending three submissions in two weeks.


  1. LOL, Amber, I'm the same way. Sometimes I look at my recent work and wonder where my head's at. In Ex Appeal, my hero's eyes were blue, green AND brown. Didn't know how I'd managed that one!

    Congrats on getting so much work out the door!

  2. I'm embarking on The Great House Cleaning Expidition, in preparation for my oldest's graduation party. I'm hoping the family will pitch in and help so I can write in the afternoon!

  3. I know what you mean, Amber! I sometimes I do stuff that is so crazy I wonder where it comes from! I'm going to try and join over at Whipped cream today-- I haven't joined so I will do that.