Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome Breathless Press Author Christina Jade Loren

Stuck in Sex

Awww do they have to have sex one more time? Why can’t I just end it here with them cuddling or better yet, falling asleep!

As a writer of erotic romance, sex can be an integral part of the plot (and maybe the most interesting?!). I have fallen prey a few times to the tantrum throwing, kicking and screaming internal reaction to my editor saying “Add some sex here” or “expand on this sex scene”. It’s hard! (no pun intended). Not to mention trying to come up with different things for each scene so the reader doesn’t get bored (or worse and put the book down!).

Getting around the issue can sometimes be just as hard as the issue itself! (At least something is hard in the book right? ;)) Writing m/m is no exception and neither is m/f, or f/f for that fact. Sex is sex and it can’t be the same thing over and over again (ok well the motions are the same and the end result is the same, but the journey is where the fun is at!) For me, I start with the basics. Character A and B go to bed together (or shower, or floor, or car, or tree… you get the point). Character A gets B hard and since we are all adults here, I don’t need to explain the birds and the bees (never understood that metaphor and I still don’t… does it have something to do with the birds going after worms that are clearly a phallic symbol for something else? Or the bees rubbing themselves all over those poor flowers? If you ask me, both are whores because they go after more than one worm and or flower! Anyway…) The end result is that sweet release.

One would think that it would end there. But if we as readers, read the same thing over and over again, the pleasure in giving pleasure wouldn’t be such… pleasurable now would it? Throw in some kink, different positions, perhaps try a new location, and you have added spice. Don’t get me wrong, spice all the time can get dull too. So switching it up from time to time and alternating between spice and vanilla is a good combination. But that’s not what this post is all about (well it is all about sex – Shocker, I know!).

Back to the original topic and dilemma, writing yet another sex scene as requested by the grand editor themselves.

If you are ever stuck in the same scenario, or perhaps just need to add another scene. Always remember to KISS and make it interesting. Add flare or spice where needed, and please don’t (and this is a big please and a big don’t) keep it the same or similar as before. Your characters are in love (or at least lust for each other) and have needs just like us real people. Fulfill their desires and urges and you will fulfill the readers as well!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Extreme Weather

Last week we were hit by an earthquake. While I didn’t feel it many people I know did. We live close to trains and planes so I’m not sure I’d know the difference from them or an earthquake.
Then Hurricane Irene hit. The winds whipped and the trees came a tumbling down. The people across the street from us have a tree hanging off the power lines in front of their home. If it breaks the wires their cars will be toast and likely part of their house.
Today is looking beautiful and I’ll be taking a walk shortly to access the damage in the neighborhood. Lucky for us we only have tree limbs to clean up. we also lucked out because the majority of RI is without power, but we have it.
Some of my family in NY didn’t fair as well. My aunt’s house is flooded and they had to be evacuated by boat. My mom was close to a propane explosion, but she’s okay. Still waiting to hear from others.
Thoughts and prayers going out to all those affected by Hurricane Irene.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Interview with Charlie Kramer

Please give a warm welcome to Charlie Kramer!

Tell us about your current release?

Don’t Quote Me is the first book the Quotable Women Series and is Claire Montgomery’s story. It’s all about the movie stars of the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s.
London’s hottest fashion photographer, Claire Montgomery has a problem. Several actually. One; she remembers every event in her life by the shoes she is wearing at the time. Two; she has rules around dating. Three; her belief in monogamy stops her from marrying and four; her little hot pink book is literally on fire.
Claire’s a fun loving flirt who lives life by her own rules. She does it with style, in her vintage clothes and her over stuffed shoe closet, the only accessories she needs. Oh and of course she absolutely cannot do without quotes from the movie stars. Think Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Bacall, Mae West and you’re on the right track.
Greek shipping tycoon, Sebastian Gionis has been announced as a candidate for Chic Magazines, Man of the Year. He’s good with business, not so good at relationships. He’s aloof and his physical presence has Claire’s her heart doing its own kind of rumba. In her eyes he makes Rock Hudson and James Dean seem decidedly insignificant.
Sebastian’s appearance shakes up Claire’s life and lands her in therapy before she can hit the road on the way to love.

Tell us about your next release?

Clarity & Corsets is book two in the Quotable Women Series and follows the story of Claire’s friend Roberta (Bobbie) Hicks in her search for love.
Bobbie’s become a new ager in the hope of overcoming her body image issues and finding love. Having a weight problem is not a girl’s best feature. So Bobbie sets out on the path to find self-acceptance. A self-employed window dresser by day and the president of the Bridget Jones fan club by night. Any free time she has is spent with her tarot reader or with her nose firmly planted in a self-help book.
So when Bobbie’s tarot reader suggests she takes a night class at the local university in quantum physics to help her understand her spirituality, she reluctantly takes her advice. It would help to know when her planets would line up and what she should do when Mercury went into retrograde. Little does she know that Saturn ends up in her orbit and causes some minor catastrophes.
American Professor Ryan Hunter has recently moved to London to detach himself from a secret past made painfully public. Taking a university teaching position in England is his chance for a new start. He’d read the English were more accepting of people who had a preference for the unusual. Then he meets Bobbie!
Bobbie and Ryan start a relationship and within weeks of meeting they are living together. With the help of her tarot reader, Bobbie slowly starts to uncover Ryan’s deep, dark secrets.
Bobbie and Ryan need to overcome their differences to create a life of love and laughter? Is that what the Cosmic Kitchen really has in store for them?
Clarity & Corsets is schedule for release in December 2011.

Has someone been instrumental in inspiring you as a writer?

I have found the most supportive people are other writers and for me that is the ladies of the Melbourne Romance Writers Guild. They are magical. We celebrate each other’s triumphs and support and encourage each other every step of the way through writing.

Does your significant other read your stuff?

Lol. I would have said no until recently when I caught Tony reading “Don’t Quote Me” which he’d gotten online. Psst….there’s a copy in my office.

What was the scariest moment of your life?

I spent some time in hospital earlier in the year and underwent a battery of medical tests. Prior to this I only had a very unhealthy fear of needles. The scariest moment in my life was when I was undergoing a CT scan and praying like crazy the doctors didn’t find anything.
I found my thoughts amazing because fear does some not so kind things to one’s imagination.

What books have most influenced your life?

“Think Big and Kick Ass” and “Think Like A Champion” both by Donald Trump.
“Screw It, Let’s Do It” by Richard Branson.
Both of these men are self-made. They started with nothing and by sheer persistence and determination they became who and what they are today. I cannot say I agree with all of their philosophies and actions, but I do respect them for their tenacity and courage.
Donald Trump wrote in his book “Never, ever give up.” Each time I back away from trying something new or even to keep on going forward, I chant this phrase to myself.

What book are you reading now?

I have just finished reading Corrine Grant’s memoir “Lessons in Letting Go - Confessions of a Hoarder”. Which is a fabulous read.
A friend recently gave me a copy of “A Will and a Way” a very classic Nora Roberts first published by Silhouette Special Edition in 1987. That’s my next read.

What is your favourite TV Show?

Is there anything better than Masterchef? Because I live in the land down under – it’s Masterchef Australia.

Do you have any suggestions for beginning writers? If so what are they?
1. Be passionate
2. Know your craft
3. Build your knowledge bank
4. Follow your heart
5. Don’t be afraid to break the rules
6. Be the writer you are, not the writer everyone expects you to be.

What would we find under your bed?

A couple of empty suitcases and a few overnight bags. I’m itching to pack already for our August holiday at Port Douglas in far North Queensland.
Lol. I have to confess that I am starting to feel the separation anxiety already. I don’t usually go anywhere without my laptop. One day of the tropics and I’m sure I’ll be over it.


Chapter Twenty-Three

Eccentric behaviour is not routinely noticed around a movie set.
Gene Tierney

My friend’s state of mind started to worry me and when during one of lunches at the local she proceeded to get heavily drunk. I decided it was time for some intervention.
I didn’t know if I could provide divine intervention, all I knew was our next lunch would be at the local coffee house.
I could not sit by and watch her become an alcoholic like one of Meg Ryan’s characters. Men love women and women love men and relationships ended and starteDd every day.
Women needed an overhaul in between said relationships. I know that much from personal experience.
Helen is so much more and she has two little kids who need their mummy. So I booked her a session with Dr Scott.
The Doc would probably find Helen’s life issues more palatable than my own. But he’d done wonders for me because I was functioning quite normally in a monogamous relationship.
Or was I?

The whole point of liberation is that you get out, restructure your life and act by yourself.
Jane Fonda

That pretty much sums up perfectly my therapy experience and I am confident Helen will benefit from a session. So I made the appointment.
I didn’t see the point in waiting, waiting would only suck her further into the bottle.
If she wasn’t careful I’d be dragging her to AA meetings instead of mothers group where she belonged.
So here I sat once again in Dr Scott’s waiting room with a very belligerent Helen. Her bottom lip drooped and her big blue eyes were blood shot.
My guess is she’d overindulged after the children’s bedtime last night.
I felt a slight twinge of guilt, but then I reasoned she is young and has her whole life ahead of her and one day she will meet someone new. A man who will love and respect her and the kids.
The thought of her two little ones obliterated my guilt. I didn’t want to say anything, but if Helen didn’t smarten herself up, she risked losing her children to the son of a bitch she’d married. And it wasn’t like Dominic would want them cluttering his love nest.
I didn’t voice my opinion, it would probably send her further down the dip of depression. I’m no doctor you understand, I’m a friend who cares.
Finally, the door to the doctor’s inner sanctum opened and out walked Sebastian.
Well shit me.

Imagination is the highest kite one can fly.
Lauren Bacall

And my imagination is running rampant.
Sebastian is a patient. I was so shocked I swear I felt my satin panties go rigid.
I stood abruptly and almost toppled off my 1940 sling-backs.
I imagined all sorts of things. Was he depressed? Had his nanny abused him? Did his parents abandon him to travel the world? What was he discussing with Dr Scott?
Shit, I hope Dr Scott wasn’t giving him my history. I never discussed my relationship with the good doctor with anyone. I’d sought out a therapist for reasons of privacy and knowing that my secrets would never be shared.
I’d sue that’s what I’d do. I doubt Sebastian had heard anything good about the way I used to live my life.
He certainly was not aware of my, shall we say, personal habits of the past. It was not something I felt comfortable having him know.
I’d promised myself a new start where my past would never intrude.
I was shocked and surprised and then weariness set in. He’d never told me he was in therapy. In fact, how much did I really know about this man I loved?
I had to admit he had some pretty appealing characteristics and some pretty spectacular body parts. Sadly, this sums up my knowledge. He kept an awful lot hidden from me.
“Claire, what are you doing here?”
Well it was not like I was going to confess I was a patient. I wasn’t. “Helen has an appointment,” I whispered. “I didn’t know you were a…”
“We all need someone to confide in,” he said and stared at his watch. “I’ve got a meeting.” He kissed my forehead. “I’ll see you at home.”
And he left, just like that.
No I love you, no kiss my butt, no it’s none of your damn business. Nothing, no explanation, no words.
He could have confided in me.
Maybe he didn’t trust me.

I won’t let myself fall in love with a man who won’t trust me no matter what I might do.
Marilyn Monroe

Too late. I am already in love with the jerk.
I spent the whole of Helen’s session in the waiting room with my mind running from one fear to another.
Surely Dr Scott would respect my privacy. Yes. I’m sure he did. It really wasn’t worth the law suit. I’d sue if he so much as breathed a sigh about me.
Sebastian obviously didn’t feel like he could talk to me. And that hurt.
Trust is a big part of any relationship and if he couldn’t trust me with his deep, dark secrets then what did we really have?
A marriage without trust was nothing. Look at Helen’s disaster.
It made me wonder whether Helen had seen the signs earlier than the lipstick on Dominic’s shirt. Did she recognise them and do nothing or had she been genuinely unaware.
Who knew? I didn’t want to end up in her predicament. When I marry it is for life.
And a good start is being able to trust your partner in life.
What is Sebastian really hiding?

Cultivate your curves, they may be dangerous but they won’t be avoided.
Mae West

Some would call it playing dirty. But in the circumstances I considered it very fair.
I dressed for my dinner with Sebastian with care. I wore a black chiffon cocktail dress. It was designed with sex in mind.
With one shoulder bare, its figure hugging body finishing at my thighs. I teamed it with a suspender belt, stockings and a pair of plain black evening pumps.
It was tasteful with a hint of burlesque. I dressed it up elegantly, Grace Kelly with a promise of Mae West. That’s the best I can do.
I need Sebastian to bare his soul to me tonight. I need him to divulge his every secret.
It wasn’t beneath me to use sex to do it. Okay probably not a smart thing to do. I do love the guy, but I also want to get into his head and sex was my weapon of choice.
I didn’t have any others. If this didn’t work I would have to come up with a plan B. Whatever plan B was.
Let’s face it, sex is a girl’s preferred choice and it usually works pretty much every time without fail.
There is always the odd chance it wouldn’t but I shoved the thought aside. It would work. It had to.
Sex meant to a man what diamonds were to a girl. I did say hint not deliver, didn’t I?

Love isn’t an emotion or an instinct, it’s an art.
Mae West

I’ve begun to realise that love is all three. Tonight I chose to treat it as an art form.
No, I didn’t pinch him on the butt. I’d given up on public displays in restaurants. It wasn’t very sophisticated.
I am the partner of a billionaire, who ruled the shipping industry around the globe. So I had to be on my best behaviour.
Add to that, I am scared of being a headliner again and didn’t want to embarrass Sebastian.
At the beginning of our relationship I’d dreaded the press digging up the incident with Pastor John. I’d lived in fear for the first month.
I decided to be like Grace Kelly tonight. As the wife of a prince, she was always very regal in her public appearances.
My dress certainly didn’t put me in the regal category, but it was tasteful to a point without me looking like a complete slut in public.
Now where was I? Oh, yes art. So tonight I kept our conversation light, I never once mentioned our coincidental meeting earlier in the day. No point in airing dirty laundry in public as my mother would say.
Sebastian was attentive but he couldn’t quite hide his frustration. I wasn’t my fun, bubbly self. I kept laughter away from the dinner table.
As our evening progressed, his agitation became more pronounced as he shifted in his chair every few minutes.
Bitch that I can be, his discomfort gave me pleasure.
So when our coffee and dessert were served I toed off one of my pumps and rubbed my stockinged foot up his leg, Sebastian choked on his coffee.
Oh good, it was working. No need for plan B.

I always say a kiss on the hand might feel very nice but a diamond tiara lasts forever.
Marilyn Monroe

When we arrived at my flat, I did the unthinkable. I let him kiss my hand and said goodnight. Then I firmly closed the door.
Dumb I know, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do.
I want the tiara. I want more than the tiara.
The ring, the white dress, I want it all just like in the movies.
I am taking some really good advice from the girls of the silver screen and playing hard ball. I want it all.
Yeah so it was the scriptwriters who did it but hey, I think the movies are also one of life’s best therapists. They had relationship advice down pat.
A documentary on how to catch a man would make the hit parade and become a classic I am sure. Every girl on the planet would be queuing up to buy a copy.
Down With Love had some pretty good advice. Nancy Brown’s transformation was truly amazing and in the end she got her man.
Lizzie enthralled Mr Darcy, Bacall got her man in Bogey, so I figured I, Claire J Montgomery would go right along and capture Sebastian Gionis.
Heaven only knew how long this would take. I didn’t spend many nights alone. And I didn’t want too many more.

I am a woman of very few words but lots of action.
Mae West

In the lead up to Christmas life became very hectic. There were the endless phone calls from my mother. She constantly asked if Sebastian would be joining our family for the holidays.
My mother was totally thrilled that I appeared to be settling down. I didn’t discuss the details. Nor could I confirm Sebastian would be at the table for our family lunch.
Surprisingly, my father told me how proud he was of me. I knew this was because I’d captured, almost captured one of the world’s richest men. I put Dad right on this score. It wasn’t the wealth or the lifestyle which interested me. It was the man.
Life became busy with Helen who seemed to be doing incredibly well under Doctor Scott’s care. She’s settled down into the life of a single woman with her two babes.
Sometimes I caught a glimpse of something but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I’d keep an eye on her.
Then there were the endless Christmas functions to be attended. I felt as though the number had doubled this year. I suppose it had with the functions I needed to attend and also the invitations Sebastian had accepted. Co-ordinating schedules became a bit of a challenge to say the least.
I still kept Sebastian at arm’s length. And very slowly he seemed to thaw in the winter ice. I love him and didn’t withhold my love, only the physical expression of it was, shall we say, limited.
Even I couldn’t maintain celibacy between us. That was simply too cruel. Our schedules became an effective barrier between us and the bed.
The festive edition of Chic hit the stands and the sales for the month eclipsed all previous records. I assumed it had something to do with the magazine’s new look and focus.
Rachel had broadened the content to suit more mature women as well as keep the younger generation enthralled. The gamble had paid off.
It was the week before Christmas when I really began to worry.


Author Bio:

Charlie Kramer lives in Melbourne, Australia with her partner.

She has worked in the building and facilities management industries for a number of years as both a General Manager, private contractor and author of specialised technical manuals.

Charlie is also an award winning speech writer and published short story author. Today she enjoys writing romantic comedy screen plays and novels.

In her spare time, Charlie enjoys creative cooking and watching chick flicks.

Her ultimate dream; to write a one woman stage play.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome Breathless Press Author Liz Crowe

And Now for a Little Self Love

Liz Crowe

Ego is a funny thing. We all have one, sort of like we all have a nose, or body hair. Some of us are more aware of ours than others. Some of us spend time grooming ours, putting ourselves out there in positions whereby opportunities for ego stroking are paramount. At times some of us get so used to ego-stroking arrangements, when something happens to pop our little ego-balloon we deflate more rapidly than your average person. It takes energy to be out here all the time, no lie. And as a dyed-in-the-wool karaoke-mike-hogging spotlight-grabbing ham it takes a lot to deflate me. But deflated I get, and it usually comes as a blind side tackle, from absolutely nowhere, when I least expect it.

Just tootling along in life, trying to manage my myriad responsibilities, teaching myself how to operate on something like five hours of sleep, managing the social and emotional lives of all the people who co-habitate with me, making sure no one is unhappy, disorganized, without clean clothes, lacking in exercise, bored, vitamin deficient, hungry, or horny--I am confronted by my own sudden realization of ego smack down. I mean, even blogging is an exercise in ego-maniacal behavior. And I do a lot of it. And this publishing thing-- seriously who does that if you aren't setting your ego up for regular abuse? I’m one of Those Writers with not a shy bone in my body, eager for promotional opps, speaking engagements, interviews and other fun stuff.

But no, not everyone worships me, not everyone's life revolves around me, and there are even some people who can do without me completely, in spite of my own desire to think otherwise. It's cool. I can deal. I mean, what are my options really?

Oh, yeah, self-satisfaction. From the Journal of Sexual Medicine, a no-duh quote to we sexy romance writers:

"Science, this time in the form of the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior, conducted by researchers at Indiana University, asked 5,865 Americans between the ages of 14 and 94 detailed questions about their sexual practices and found what any realist has always known: people enjoy getting off. They get themselves off from adolescence to old age, alone or with a partner; and the army of avowed self-abusers appears to have swelled with time."

Ah, self pleasure...it's free, fun, relaxing and better for you than taking a sleeping pill. Amazing to think that there are still people who think you get hairy palms and go blind from a little wank. And I do take issue with folks who call it “self abuse.” When done properly, there is NO abuse involved!

"Among people 70 or older, according to preliminary data from the study, published October 1 in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 80 percent of men and 58 percent of women have masturbated solo over a lifetime. Not bad, but the figures increase with each younger age cohort until we find a veritable generation of wankers, people age 25 to 29, whose lifetime rates peak at 94 percent among men and 84 percent among women. Masturbating with a partner is skewing in the same generational direction, only more dramatically."

As a writer of the sort of material that has a goal of relief via a little "alone time" I for one am thrilled that masturbation is coming out of the closet.

So, stroke that ego…or whatever needs it! I know I will be!

The Tap Room, The Brewing Passion Novel releases Sept. 30 from Breathless Press.
Erin Brady's life is turned inside out.

Her Alpha banker husband, Bradley, has left, claiming she pays more attention to her microbrewery than to him and their two sons.

One business partner, Trent, (The Rookie) is attempting to re-kindle an old flame between them.

Their amazing success has demanded they hire a new brewer, Jeff, (Jockey Box) who takes one look at his new boss and is determined to be something more than an employee.

The daily stresses of running a small business, plus the ongoing turmoil in her personal life are more than she can take. Escaping to Denver for an industry event, she meets Landon, a brewery rock star turned consultant who has been watching her company--and her-- for a while.

When family trauma requires an early return to Michigan, Erin is faced with even harder realities plus a thoroughly contrite Bradley, wishing for a reunion. Then, the ultimate sign of success: a buy out offer is tendered from a much larger brewery, just as the owners of Winter Street Brewing are about to be honored by Inc. Magazine as Top Entrepreneurs.

Finally, Erin turns to her other partner, Owen, who has watched the woman he loves suffer long enough and is determined to step in and be the one.

Guess what? YOU get to decide.....September 30,

For more in depth descriptions of Erin’s options check out:

Liz’s website:

Liz’s buy links for:
The Rookie: www.breathlesspress.org/Book/178

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A Busy Weekend

My new love this week! Jason Momoa

I fell in love with him on Game of Thrones. I was sad by the demise of his character, but that’s what happens in these shows. I’m looking forward to seeing him in Conan.

Well I did it! I finished my book and sent it off to my editor. Talk about stress. If the book wasn’t contracted I’m not sure I would’ve finished, so in some ways I was thankful for the pressure. No more stress. I even enjoyed a few hours poolside yesterday.
My other new love – rediscovering reading. I’ve been reading like crazy lately. I’ve been adding books to my ereader for at least a year now without reading any of them. Now that I’ve started I can’t stop. :o) Here’s a list of my recommended reads:
Brynn Paulin – Mr. Smith’s Whip
Bron Green – Just Right and Maggie’s Mates
Kathy Kulig – Dragon Witch
Paris Brandon – Cross My Heart
Nicole Austin – My Greatest Fantasy – Still Reading but Holy Hotness!
Today I’m going to enjoy relaxing with no manuscript!
Happy Monday!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Welcome Guest - Linda Kage

I'm excited to have Linda Kage here today, so please give her a warm welcome!

How did you start your writing career?
I started subbing stories to Harlequin/Silhouette when I was seventeen. I didn’t know I had to be at least eighteen to be published, but that didn’t matter because I didn’t sell anything. For ten years, I wrote and would occasionally send a manuscript off to a publisher every couple of years. Then I joined RWA, learned more about crafts and A LOT more about submitting stories. Within a year of joining, I sold my first young adult romance story to The Wild Rose Press in November of 2008. It released February 2010.

Who are your books published with?
I’m published with The Wild Rose Press, Champagne Books, Whispers Publishing, and Black Lyon Publishing under my contemporary romance name, Linda Kage (my first and middle name is Linda Kay, and my last name starts with a G, thus evolved the Linda Kage pseudonym). Under my erotic romance pen name, Miranda Stowe (I have no idea how I came up with that name), I’ve sold stories to Whispers Publishing, Cobblestone Press, and Liquid Silver Books.

Tell us about your current release.
Kiss it Better came out from Whispers Publishing in August. Seems like my 2011 Linda Kage releases are all tearjerkers. They deal more with emotional problems than having a bunch of action.

In Kiss it Better, the heroine, Sophia, realizes she has a bad habit of dating men with baggage, so she decides enough is enough. No more men, period. But then this guy at work—Reed—who had always seemed like the perfect man to her suddenly starts acting totally out of characters. She knows something is bugging him and though she’s always put him on this unapproachable to-good-to-be-true pedestal in her mind, she approaches him and once again finds herself sucked into trying to heal a man with too many problems to handle.

Tell us about your next release.
My next Linda Kage release, will have a little more action in it, thank goodness. The Right to Remain Mine will be out in February 2012 from Champagne Books. Instead of starring a tortured hero like Kiss it Better, this one actually has my first true alpha hero. He’s big, bold, brash and can be a total butthead (I think that’s all the b-words I can use to describe him. I was going to say beautiful, but he’s way more hunky hot than pretty!) The Right to Remain Mine a lot steamier and sexy than Kiss it Better.

It’s about a cop who always finds himself butting heads with the town’s lovely lady lawyer (sorry, I just can’t help the alliteration today!). They fight their brewing attraction with snide sarcasm until Willow (the heroine) is attacked by one of her clients. Raith (my hunky hero) ends up giving her self-defense training. But once the two get up, close, and sweaty, things really steam up!!

Has someone helped or mentored you in your writing career?
I’ve had so many people help me along the way, I don’t even know where to start…Okay, I’ll start at the beginning. School. In first grade, there was Mrs. Coltrane, who praised one of my poems. From that point on, I thought I could actually write. Then Mrs. Elrod, Mr. Cooper, Mrs. Tilley, Mr. Parsons, Dr. DeGrave are more teachers from junior high up into college who encouraged my fiction side. One of my sisters has read pretty much everything I’ve ever written. She helped me as much as possible before I joined a writers group. Then my first critique group consisted of some truly helpful friends like author Jackie Bannon and Claire Ashgrove. Tessa McDermid is a great mentor of mine as is Nan D. Arnold, Alfie Thompson, and Suzanne Arruda. And I should probably stop before I drag on too long. It already sounds like I’m making some kind of acceptance speech. To say the least, I’ve been blessed in the writing-help department.

What is the hardest part of writing your books?
I find I’m usually pretty skimpy on my setting details and trying to describe the scenery. But I still think the hardest part of writing is trying to come up with character reactions that aren’t totally out of their character and aren’t so stupid it’ll make reader’s mad while still trying to fit all that into an captivating plot that has plenty of conflicts to resolve.

Does your significant other read your stuff?
No, but he will occasionally let me read some of my steamy scenes to him. We won’t mention what happens after that.

Do you hear from your readers? What kinds of questions do they ask?
Mostly I hear from people who have read my young adult story. They want a sequel, and honestly, I have no idea what I’d write in a sequel for that story.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
An author, a librarian, or an artist. Two came true, but I still can’t draw worth a crap.

Morning Person? Or Night Person?
I think I’m a middle-of-the-day person. Feels like I’m tired and grouchy in equal parts in both the morning and the evening.



When his sister is attacked, memories of his miserable childhood assault Reed Walker and interfere with his perfectly structured life. To add to the chaos, just when dating becomes the last thing on Reed’s mind, Sophia Eschell, the very woman he’s been dreaming about for the past three years, noses her way into his life.


After hooking up with too many troubled men, Sophia is determined to find a normal, average guy sans baggage. She turns her attention to Reed, only to discover he has more issues than anyone. But if he can learn to open up to her, can she honestly reject him or will she kiss it all better?


As she slipped into the filing room behind him, her gaze traveled up the back of his suit jacket. The man had a nice form. She’d compliment his tailor if she knew who was responsible for the way his jacket molded to his wide shoulders and tapered waistline. She had to appreciate everything about his looks. And as she did, she frowned.

Reed had always been an attractive man, but lately she’d felt an extra something when she looked at him. A jump in the stomach, a sudden catch in her breath. It felt like hope, as if she actually might stand a chance with him after all.

It better not be sympathy. Sophia refused to once again become one of those women who needed to nurture a wounded man. Never, ever again.

Oh God, could it be the Florence Nightingale syndrome acting up? Was weakness and neediness in a man always going to attract her? Was Myrna right, was she nothing but a magnet for troubled guys?

She shook her head. No, no. She’d just noticed Reed more lately because she wanted to help him, and in noticing, she’d realized how attainable he was after all.

Determined to ignore the blossoming attraction and just be a friend, she strolled forward. He didn’t notice her until she sidled next to him. Sophia crossed her arms over the top of the filing cabinet and rested her chin on top of her hands.

He frowned and looked up. When he saw it was her, his eyebrows rose. Sophia loved that instant when his gaze first met hers, the initial spark in his eyes when she watched him focus and recognize her. It set her nerve endings on fire. But he always ruined it, clouding the look over with distant courtesy.

Sophia watched his eyes clear of passion. She ignored the ball of disappointment and grinned mischievously.

“Rumor has it that one Mr. Reed Walker did not show up for work again yesterday. He called in sick. Now according to calculations, that is three times in one month. It’s a record, you know. I read it in the gossip column.”

He watched her for a second, then his eyes fell, and his attention dropped back to studying the files. “And here I thought all gossip was a lie.”

She examined the top of his head. It was obvious he didn’t have professional work done to it, except a quick trim, but his black locks always seemed to fall stylishly and frame his face perfectly.

“Of course,” she continued, “it’s also being said the reason you took off was because you had an interview with the Delta Advertising firm.”

Reed smiled. “Did I? Think they’ll hire me?”

Sophia’s eyes followed the sure, steady movement of his fingers as he thumbed through more folder tabs. “I definitely wouldn’t use Kendrick as a reference if you do try to go elsewhere.”

“Hmm,” was his only reply.

He paused, pulled up a file and flipped it open. Sophia watched him shuffle through a few pages. It couldn’t be work that bugged him. He didn’t seem concerned about his job at all. And there was no way he’d applied somewhere else. She was so busy thinking up more guesses to his problem that what she said next shocked even her.

“Do you want to have lunch with me?”

His head jerked up, the dossier in his hand instantly forgotten. She had to hold in a smug smile. Well that got his attention.

Then she sucked in her breath. What was she doing? She’d just asked the senior accountant to lunch.

“What?” His voice sounded winded.

Quickly, she tried to rationalize her rash behavior. If he asked why, she’d say she wanted more time to guess his problem. And that was the truth. Mostly. Maybe if she got him outside the office and into a less business-oriented area, he’d be more willing to let her help him as a friend.

She lifted her eyebrows. Keep it cool, Sophia. “Have you eaten already?”

He checked his watch as if that held the answer. “No.”

“Do you like the menu at Houston’s?”

He frowned. “I guess.”

She had to smile. He was so cute when he was flabbergasted. “So?”

He was going to say no. She knew the answer would be no. His mouth opened and his tongue touched the roof of his mouth in the form of a no. In the panic of being shot down, she took her hands off the file cabinet and prepared to retreat, when he stopped forming the dreaded no word and instead answered, “Okay.”

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Confidence Killer

This morning I was up at 3:30am. After feeding the baby I couldn’t sleep. I decided to attack my wip. I’ve been reading a lot during my pumping sessions. Reading has reminded me why I started writing in the first place and got me excited about my current book.
I was in the middle of a hot sex scene when I took a break. BIG F’ing mistake. I took an email break. My inbox had a review. A review of Hit Me. I’ve been weary of reviews lately because I’ve gotten more not so great ones. Not to sound conceded but the bad ones used to be far and few between. So this upswing of bad reviews has taken a toll on me. I was already suffering from lack of mojo from a high risk pregnancy.
This one really cut deep. There wasn’t anything this reviewer liked about the book. She gave it a 2 out of 5. I know I shouldn’t pay attention to reviews and normally I don’t. Unfortunately my hormones aren’t “normal” right now, so little things sting.
The other thing is I used to be a reviewer. There were a few books that I had to give a 2 to, but believe me I highlighted positives. There’s nothing more gut wrenching then having to hurt an author…and that was before I became one.
Anyway, the sex scene fizzled out for now, but I’ll put on my big girl panties and get back to writing shortly. I had to vent.
If you care to see the horrible review you can read it here: http://erotic.theromancereviews.com/viewbooksreview.php?bookid=2670

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Welcome Breathless Press Author DD Symms

Traveling and Erotic Surprises
Amber, it’s great being a guest blogger. I’m writing this while on the road—a theme of my erotic stories. Traveling fills us with heightened expectations of fun when we set out and if disappointments strike—like a missed flight or a car gone bust—the “bummer” factor increases dramatically, much more than if the problem at happened at home.

Road Trips and Love
Dealing with disappointment on the road and discovering help, hope, and erotic romance is the theme of my first two stories published this year: Layover and Riding Shotgun.
My third story, coming out September 30, is Getaway. The heroine, Marcie, heads to the mountains above Los Angeles for a mid-week getaway and to get over the breakup with her fiancée who cheated on her with a law partner.
She discovers conflict with another camper, Cole, who is rehearsing for a critical audition in what he thought was an empty campground. In the end, they discover what they have in common and develop a genuine affection.
What I enjoyed in writing Getaway was to weave the inner conflict of the heroine with her sexual desires and her awakening with Cole.
Each story has either an overt kinky-theme or underlying tone, even though the stories are not necessarily about BDSM. What I like about it is the characters make a discovery about themselves through role playing or pushing sexual boundaries.

In Riding Shotgun, the hero, Andrew has created a special playroom in his house and Brianna, the woman he rescues off the highway, seduces him to uncover his secret. He’s a dom with a sensitive side.
Upcoming Projects
My new projects include Getaway being released September 30 from Breathless Press. I just finished a novel and that’s sent off to a publisher. A short story has been accepted for an anthology with Cleis Press and I’m going to pen a sequel to Layover.
2011 has been a strong year for my fiction and I’m finding new ways to develop my characters so the readers identify with them and connect with them at a deep level.
I love hearing from readers and I can be contacted through my site, http://ddsymms.wordpress.com
My stories are available through Breathless Press, Amazon for Kindle, One Place for Romance among other sites.
DD Symms

Monday, August 15, 2011

Our Weekend

Friday my mother in law called and offered to babysit for a few hours. Our choice Friday night or Saturday. We chose Saturday. Because Teagan decided to arrive early we didn’t get that last weekend we’d planned. I wanted lobster dinner. I’d been craving it, but because she decided to arrive on Thursday, instead of the following Monday, I didn’t get that dinner.
DH being the sweetheart he is, wanted to make sure I got this. Hey, I’d gone through hell and back to finally give him a child. A lobster dinner is hardly asking for much. So we went to dinner and I got a two pound lobster. (Yes, I ate most of it. I shared some with the hubby.)
It was nice to drive in the car with him and sit in the front seat. Because she’s so small I have to sit in the back and make sure her little head doesn’t bob all over the place. It was nice to get dressed up a little bit and wear “normal” clothes.
I’m excited. I’m 21 pounds LIGHTER than my pre-pregnancy weight. I lost weight my entire pregnancy and in the last two weeks dropped another 10+ pounds. I’m not complaining. Though last week we went to a family reunion picnic and this older woman asked me what number baby this made for me. I said 5. She said, “Bless you. I stopped at three.”
Well, I did too. I stopped 14 years ago because I was married to a monster and couldn’t allow him to father another child. I swore I’d never get involved or have more children…until I met my hubby and he was childless and longed for a child of his own. After three years of miscarriages, loss of a preemie I gave him a beautiful daughter. Anyway back to this woman. She then says, “So when are you due?”
I was like, “I had her a week ago, she’s over there!”
Talk about awkward. LoL I’m sure she felt bad. I didn’t get offended. Though earlier I’d said to the DH, “Damn, I look pretty good for just having a baby.”
Anyway, the same thing happened to my sister in law. She brought her daughter to the doctors for a checkup. Her daughter was one week old and a woman asked her when she was due. Really? How the heck would that even be possible?
Off to finish the edits. I will submit this book to my editor today. (IF you’re reading this R, I promise!) ;)

Happy Monday!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today's another special birthday - my grandson is 1!

Happy Birthday JJ!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Special Happy Birthday to my Dad!

That's all I got today. :o)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Interview with Karenna Colcroft

Please give a warm welcome to my guest Karenna Colcroft!

How did you start your writing career?

Back in 2006, I was dealing with some stuff from my past (and present). Among other issues, that stuff had left me with a very negative view of sex. A friend of mine challenged me to put my writing skills to use and write something that “showed sex in a positive light.” I wrote a short scene and was kind of impressed with it, and that started me writing erotic romance. That scene, in a slightly altered form, appears in my novel Eternal Love, which was released by Pink Petal Books in July 2010and will be one of their freebie specials in September.

Tell us about your favorite character from your books.

Right now, I would have to say it’s Kyle Slidell from my M/M novel Salad on the Side, which is available from MLR Press. He’s a wiseass and a very strong character, and I had a lot of fun writing him. Who doesn’t love a vegan werewolf? A close second would be Niko, from my MFM novel Shiny Objects, which will be out in a few days from Passion in Print Press. Niko is a very complex character and is based on a close friend of mine, so I really enjoyed writing him as well.

Tell us about your next release.

My next release will be Shiny Objects. Elena is happy in her relationship with her live-in boyfriend Corin, until her former lover Niko re-enters her life. Her feelings for Niko—and his for her—haven’t faded despite not seeing each other for a year and a half. When an innocent visit leads to a kiss, she believes she has to end the friendship, until she confesses to Corin and he gives her his okay to explore her feelings for Niko.
Of course, it doesn’t go as easily as all that. Elena, Niko, and Corin are all human, and they each have their own positive and negative reactions to the arrangement. There’s a lot of discussion and boundary-setting, and eventually they do work it all out. If you’re looking for a story where everything goes the way the heroine wants and they’re all thrilled to be in a threesome, this book might not be for you. But if you’re looking for one that presents a pretty realistic view of a polyamorous arrangement, complete with the bumps on the road and with a happy ending, you might want to check this one out. I’ve shared a short excerpt at the end of this interview.

Has someone helped or mentored you in your writing career?

There have been a number of people who have helped me, and I don’t want to forget mentioning anyone! But the three who stand out most are Lex Valentine, Tess MacKall, and Emmy Ellis. I owe each of those ladies a big thank you.
Amber - All great authors! :o)

When was your first sale?

My first sale was in January 2009, to Excessica Publishing. It was a short, titled “Ask and You Shall Receive”, which was released in March of that year. It’s unavailable now, as rights have reverted to me, but once I have a gap in my deadlines I plan to revise and expand it into a novella, and possibly self-publish.
When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?

What does your family think of your writing career?

My family—at least those who know what I write—are pretty proud of me. My father drives a limo-van for a hotel and has been known to tell his passengers that his daughter’s an author. My husband calls himself my “research assistant” and brags about me at work (which gets a bit awkward at times, since he and I work at the same place!) My daughters have read my young adult fiction, which is written under a different name, and are proud of me for that; my older one is a bit irked that I won’t let her read my romances, though.
Amber - LOL My husband does the same thing!

Does your significant other read your stuff?

No, hubby refuses to read my books. He says he’s afraid he’ll hurt my feelings if he doesn’t like them. He prefers science fiction and high fantasy, anyway, and I don’t write anything like that.
Amber - Mine won't read my M/M, but loves reading the rest.

Who are your books published with?

As I mentioned, I was first published with Excessica, but the two titles I had with them are no longer available. I have a short with Noble Romance and a novella with Siren Publishing. The majority of my romances are with Pink Petal Books (I have five with them now and another under contract), and my third novella from Ellora’s Cave released a couple weeks ago, with another one under contract. I have a novel out with MLR Press, and my upcoming release from Passion in Print Press.
You can find out more about the books, including review links and buy links, on my website, http://www.karennacolcroft.com.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a published author and a teacher. I don’t teach anymore, but the published author thing seems to be working out pretty well.

Do you have any suggestions for beginning writers? If so, what are they?

Take your time. You don’t have to be published tomorrow. Learn your craft and develop your skills. Find a trusted author—not a non-writing friend—to look over your work if you’re not sure about it. And take time also to research publishers when you reach that point. There are unfortunately scam artists out there, along with well-meaning but clueless people who think they can run a company but end up going bust within a few months.

Shiny Objects
releasing August 16 from Passion in Print Press http://www.passioninprint.com.

Elena is happy in her relationship with her live-in boyfriend Corin. But when she runs into her former lover Niko at a party, she realizes she still has feelings for him. Her attempt to form a friendship with Niko goes off-course when the two of them kiss.
When she confesses to Corin, he encourages her to not only remain friends with Niko, but to pursue a relationship with the other man. At first Niko has no objections, but the two men soon become rivals, and Elena isn't sure she can handle being shared.


“I don’t like letting people in,” he repeated. “I don’t want to give anyone a chance to learn something they might use against me. And yeah, that’s probably paranoid as hell, but that’s been my experience.”
“I’m sorry you’ve had that happen.” She folded her legs in front of her. “Do you think I’d do that, though?”
“No, and that’s why you’ve managed what no one else has. And don’t think no one else has tried.” He took a ragged breath. “None of them managed it, and that led to the end of some so-called friendships. No skin off my nose. I won’t change what I am just because someone expects it of me. They can take me or leave me.”
“You’re a good person,” she said softly.
He stared at her for a moment. No one had ever said that to him before, and he knew she meant it completely. She truly saw him that way. “And that’s exactly what did it,” he said finally. “You really think that of me. Maybe I am a good person. Maybe not, or not as much as you think. You believe it of me, and that comes pretty close to making me believe it too. No one else has ever made me feel like that. You did it right from the start, and that’s why you made it in.”
“So is that good or bad?”
“It is what it is,” he said. “Do you even understand what I’m saying? Do you understand what you’ve done yet, or do I really have to spell it out? Some things don’t need to be said.”
“And some things do.” She hesitated. “You’re a good person, and a good friend.”
“So are you.” He chuckled bitterly. “I think you do understand, even if you don’t want to. That’s fine. You have your man, and I’m just something on the side for you.”
“I didn’t say that!” she exploded.
“You said I’m a good friend,” he replied. “Which implies there’s nothing else between us, sex or not.”
“I didn’t imply a fucking thing,” she spat. “You inferred it, and you’re wrong.”
“Really?” He leaned forward. “So maybe you’re lying to yourself when you think you’re in love with your man, is that it?” He was baiting her now, but he needed to hear her say something that indicated she had feelings for him. If she truly only considered him a friend, he would end this now. He had to hear her tell him differently.
“No.” She stood abruptly. “Look, I came over because I thought you actually needed to talk to me about something important. For someone who’s so hung up on honesty, you’re doing a lot of dancing around what you wanted to tell me. Which is fine. It’s your choice whether to talk to me or not. But don’t you dare sit there and act like a sarcastic jackass about Corin and me.”
He stared at her, open-mouthed, for a moment, chuckling again, more amused this time, and sat back. “Good for you,” he said sincerely. “I didn’t think you had it in you to stand up for yourself like that. Sit back down, and I promise to be good.”
She stayed on her feet, glaring at him. “I didn’t say I only thought of you as a friend. Or a fuck buddy.”
Not quite the words he’d hoped for, but for the moment they would do. He relaxed. “I said sit. Please.” A pleading note entered his voice.
She hesitated, before sitting down again. “Say what you mean,” she said firmly. “Or I will leave.”
“If you had any idea how hard this is for me to say, you wouldn’t be so pushy.” Now or never. Speak the truth, or forever let her go.
He took a deep breath. “I don’t love,” he said again. “I don’t let myself feel that deeply about anyone. And still you got in.”

Thanks for being here today Karenna! Do drop by again! :o)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our Peanut

Here is a picture of Teagan the day she left the hospital. It's kinda funny because my mother in law insisted she needed to go home in this bonnet. The bonnet turns into a handkerchief for her wedding day (something old). Obviously it was way too large for her tiny head. So you get an idea of how small she is, the outfit is a newborn outfit and again it's too big for her little body.
She's gained 2 1/2 ounces since coming home so she's headed in the right direction! :o)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Welcome Breathless Press Owner Justyn Perry

First, I'd like to thank Amber Skyze for allowing Breathless Press to guest on her blog. So let me introduce myself and tell you a little bit about Breathless Press.

For me, publishing was a natural fit.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and possess countless years of experience in the publishing industry. I love books to no end and am thrilled that I can be part of something as great as producing them. I’m self taught in graphic design and enjoy my role not only as publisher at Breathless Press but as one of the cover artists. I can learn just about any program in a week, so trying new things is a pleasure along with utilizing old techniques.

Breathless Press was started for a few reasons. I saw a decline in the number of quality eBooks being produced and wanted to make a difference. With the onset of Self-Publishing, it felt like no one cared very much about quality. Granted, there are those publishers out there who are concerned with quality, but they are far and few between. I wanted to provide authors with a place where they felt welcome and like it was their second home. Not a place they dreaded and would end up regretting that they’d signed with us as a publisher. So, Breathless Press was formed.

With countless genres to choose from, Romance was my top pick when deciding what Breathless Press (then a nameless publisher) would release. The Romance genre is a giant market. It sells billions of dollars worth of books a year. Romance not only serves a monetary purpose, but it also provides satisfaction, happiness, and pleasure to those who read it. In our current economic period, I felt it was the right time to offer more books that made people forget about their problems and allow them to take a quick vacation. The Romance genre provides so much to readers, and I wanted to be part of that.

Breathless Press is not about quantity. We spend a lot of time on each book, crafting it, editing it, and building it up. I view eBooks as a house. You have to establish a sturdy foundation (the publisher). From there, you build up slowly, so that once it’s finished, it won’t collapse. The time you put into the book will pay off, which is why Breathless Press strives for quality.

Covers are like windows allowing readers to peer inside the house. I love art. Art is an amazing medium and allows so much expression. I will admit now, I do not have the time to read every story that we publish (shocker, I know). I will read close to every title, though, but I just don’t have enough time to read them all. The cover is such an important part in the production of the eBook, because it allows readers to sample what is to come.

Over the past year, we have seen unprecedented growth. We saw a 400% increase since last year. This means Breathless Press gets more chances at doing new things. This fall, we are releasing our very first print book. It will be available through our website and from bookstores that sell romance books.

We have decided to start publishing anthologies. Anthologies allow readers to taste a variety of authors and see which ones they enjoy. Currently, there are 3 anthologies out with another one in November and December. Next year, we have at least 7 planned; so for all those writers out there we are looking for under 10k stories! Another big move for us to gradually moving to 3 releases a week. Over the next 6 months we are increasing our releases to match what the large houses are producing.

Authors are everything; without them, publishers wouldn’t have anything to publish. Breathless Press wants to make every author feel special. We are like a fine bed and breakfast, catering to most needs of authors and trying to give them the best care we can. If our authors are happy, we are happy, and our readers will want to read their books. Each author becomes part of our family and is a friend and treated like one. I believe this allows us to create a better relationship, and happy authors produce great books.

Thanks again Amber Skyze for this great opportunity!

Monday, August 8, 2011

This and That

I’m finally feeling like I’m able to get back into the swing of things – at a slower pace. :o) Sleep isn’t a friend of mine, but that’s okay. I guess I have to learn to sleep when she does, but I feel like I’m constantly making and cleaning bottles.

Over the weekend I received a review for Hit Me. 4 cups from Coffee Time Romance. You can check the review out here:

Not sure if I mentioned it but Cougarlicious was released on the Ellora’s Cave website on August 1st. I’m excited to have another print book out. I do just love my cougar story Gettin’ Lucky. I planned to write a story for Lucky’s brother Lorenzo but that’s been put on hold. Maybe I’ll get busy in September. It’s going to be a St. Patrick’s Day story, four leaf clover and all!

I’m suddenly finding time to read and over the weekend read two books. Bet Me, by Katie Blu and Ex Appeal, by Cari Quinn. I have to say both are MUST reads!

Off to do edits. Will have a picture of the peanut on Wednesday. I planned to have it today, but the only pic I have uploaded on a computer is on my laptop and I’m working off my desktop today. Go figure right? Lol

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 5, 2011

She Arrived!

Teagan arrived July 28th weighing 4lbs 10ozs. Apparently she didn’t like the August 1st date we picked out for her because my water broke and I went into full force labor. After 4 hours they were able to drug me and do the c-section that was originally planned.
Now we have a precious little miracle. I’ve wanted to post earlier, but my mini laptop doesn’t allow me to post to blogger for some reason and my other laptop was just too heavy to use. Now that I’m finally recovering and getting my strength back I’m able to have it on my lap.
I’m learning how to care for a preemie. My other children were all close to 9lbs, but this little peanut is cute as a button. So now you know why I’ve been so quiet and hopefully I’ll get back to updating my blog a little more regularly.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guest Interview - Berengaria Brown

Tell us about your favorite character from your books.
A good Momma doesn’t have favorites, but a character who won’t get out of my head is Hyacinthe, from “Blooming Love”. I write a lot of ménage stories but Hyacinthe’s is the only one that’s FFM. Hyacinthe is one quarter fairy and she needs to have sex with both females and males to sate her needs. Finally she has fallen in love with both Inigo and Beverley. Neither of them really wants to share, but both love Hyacinthe and understand that to be with her, they must accept the third partner.
The triad is gradually coming together, they are all starting to feel comfortable with each other, until they share in double penetration of Hyacinthe, and her fairy wings sprout.
Everyone knows there is no such thing as fairies, and both Inigo and Beverley are shocked at Hyacinthe’s behavior.
And at the botanic gardens where they all work, someone is stealing rare plants.
Can their relationship survive? And what about the plants?
Buy link: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=78_112&products_id=3212

Does travel play in the writing of your books?
I have several books set in China: “Chinese Love Triad”, “Changing Cherry”, and “Terracotta Warriors”. All are two men/one woman ménages but all are very different. Eden, in “Chinese Love Triad”, goes to China on vacation after splitting up with her controlling ex. Cherry, in “Changing Cherry” moves to Beijing to live with Lee and Harry. And Naomi, in “Terracotta Warriors” accompanies Sloan and Branden to Xian for Branden’s job.
All the books include the scenery and culture of the area as well as the story of the three main characters.

Tell us about your current release.
My latest release is “Possess Me”, book 2 in the “Possessive Passions” series. Each book is a stand-alone ménage story, but many of the characters reappear throughout the series.
“Possess me” blurb:
Shiloah, a New Thimphu native, is envious of her friend Chevaunne's newfound happiness with her men and wants that kind of love for herself. She has enjoyed working with the luscious Stan and Goa on The Grandparents' Garden. But now the project is finished, so how will she see them again?
Stan and Goa abduct Shiloah from the garden's grand opening ceremony and make love to her all night long. The next day, she marries them both in a traditional ceremony. But when Shiloah and her men are offered the chance to run a farm aboveground, she has to consider her mother, Orna, who helps Shiloah run her business and is terrified of life outside the security of their community.
Shiloah is torn between loyalties. Can she find a way to keep everything that is dear to her—her mother, her business, and explosive sex with two men she loves?
Buy Link: http://www.bookstrand.com/possess-me

Tell us about your next release.
Coming soon is the final book in “Possessive Passions”, “Ultimate Possession”. Kiri is abducted by two men who tie her up and demand she have sex with them. If she satisfies them they’ll marry her. Kiri is terrified, but angry. When one of them orders her to suck him she threatens to bite his cock off.
The men reveal themselves as George and Wang, brothers she has loved for years. They were testing her love for them. She’s still angry, but understands they had to be certain of her feelings, while not approving of their methods. What follows is a night of intensely passionate sex, as the men claim her over and over again.
Kiri soon settles into her new life, but now Anh is very lonely. Kiri wants her to have days of romance and fun, and nights filled with never-ending orgasms, too.

Who are your books published with?
I write for several different publishers. The “Possessive Passions” series is with Siren BookStrand.

“Blooming Love” and a lot of my male/male and my lesbian books are at Torquere:

Do you hear from your readers? What kinds of questions do they ask?
I love to hear from my readers. They can friend me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. I update my blog several times every week http://berengariasblog.blogspot.com/ and I have a website: http://berengariabrown.webs.com/

The most awesome thing is when a reader tells me they’ve liked one of my stories. Since I write ménage, MM and FF, and even have a few one man/one woman stories, I like to think I have something for every taste. But if anyone has something they’d like to read, let me know.

What do you think makes a good story?
I have to care about the characters. I think that’s the most important thing, that the characters engage the reader. Of course, hot sex helps too. ☺

PG 13 Excerpt Possess Me

Flower petals were strewn on the bed—pale pink roses, white jasmine, and gray-green, sharp-smelling eucalyptus leaves, contrasting with a deep burgundy-red blanket.
“It’s beautiful,” she whispered softly.
Quickly the men undressed her, each removing a garment in turn. Then they laid her on the bed and tied her to the headboard with long, green silk scarves, which had been laying ready on the nightstand.
Then, to her astonishment, the men began a sing-song chant in deep, rich, baritone voices. The chant was the story of two brothers who had fallen in love with a woman and followed her from one side of the land to the other, promising her their never-ending love and attention. As they sang, Goa and Stan moved to sit on either side of her then trailed their hands over her feet, her ankles, her calves, gradually moving up her body as the heroes in the song crossed the land in pursuit of their bride.
The story was so beautiful Shiloah couldn’t help but be drawn into the passion of the two heroes desperately following the woman they loved, hoping against hope she would accept their devotion and marry them. But at the same time, her body was incredibly aroused by the men’s busy fingers, teasing and touching, tracing patterns on her skin, gradually, slowly—so very slowly—making their way up her legs toward her core.
She opened her legs wide, letting the knees fall onto the burgundy blanket, desperate for their fingers to reach the place she needed them most. When the lady in the song finally accepted the two traveling heroes and the story heroes held their lady in their arms, a tear trickled from Shiloah’s eye in relief. Now all she needed was her own two heroes to make her come, to claim her as theirs.
But their hands stopped on her upper thighs, resting on the sensitive, tender skin between her inner thighs and her groin. Urgently she thrust her hips up, indicating her need to Stan and Goa. She could feel the dampness on the inside of her thighs, feel how wet her pussy had become, and knew they had to have noticed the cream glistening on her nether lips.
“According to our traditions, we have abducted you to be our bride, Shiloah,” began Goa.
Stan continued. “To make you ours forever, we will fuck you in the cunt, the ass, and the mouth. Only when we have completed these three can we take you to the monk and be married.”
“The fucking we will do tonight. The wedding will be tomorrow. We’ve already asked Father Yeshe’s permission for the marriage to be scheduled for tomorrow morning.”
“Only one thing remains before we begin.”
Together they said, “Give us permission to enter your body, Shiloah. Say we can come in. Say yes.”
“Yes. Fuck me. Take me. It’s what I want more than anything.”
The words were hardly out of her mouth before Goa was untying her wrists and Stan was pulling a tiny bottle of oil from the nightstand drawer.
She sat up on her elbows and watched them undress. Neither of them wore an undershirt under their sparkling white shirts. Under their black denim jeans, Goa had a tiny pair of tighty-whities, and Stan wore an even tinier black G-string. Damn, they were both hot! She licked her lips, hoping she wasn’t drooling. Their cocks were long, hard, and bounced straight up once freed from their jeans. Goa’s had a very broad, flat head. Stan’s had just the slightest curve to one side. Both were deep red with need.
She opened her arms and urged them both to her. “Please, I need you both now. Please fuck me. I don’t want to wait another second.”

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