Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Whole Lot of Nothing

That's what's going on in my life. So I'll just share some eye candy today.

Anyone feel like a swim???

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Review

Today is my youngest daughter’s 13th birthday. She felt I should let her skip school. I wasn’t feeling it! LOL Everyone went to dinner on Monday to celebrate. It was the only night everyone was available. So tonight I’ll make her favorite meal – taco’s. Happy Birthday L!

I dove back into my Cougar story this morning. It was a nice change of pace from the series. Barring any big issues I plan to have this one to my editor before June 1st. I’m really shooting for May 15th, but I’m giving myself a little leeway.

There’s a story building in my head that is begging to be written. I just hope it leaves me alone long enough to finish the cougar book.

Research Required received a decent review. You can check it out here:
The Pen & Muse: Review: Research Required by Amber Skyze

Off to do more editing. Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Okay, so I don’t have much going on today.

I DID write THE END on Spend The Night With Me, book two in the Freedom Fantasies series. I know I need to add one scene, before sending it off to my editor. Hoping by Friday the latest.

Play With Me, book three, will be submitted at the same time.

Still waiting to hear about Submit With Me. It’s a short-short 7k. It’s a role playing story like the others in my series.

I did receive a few good reviews over the weekend I’d like to share:

Body Shots:

Title: Wild Lickins
Authors: Amber Skyze
Genres: GLBTQ
Site Date: Feb 23, 2010
Online Link:
Score: 3.25 / 5

Off to edit! Happy Tuesday.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Contest Announce

And the winner is….Maria. I let the birthday girl pick a winner.

Please contact me at amberskyze AT aol (dot) com to claim your prize.

What a busy weekend. Saturday we celebrated the grand daughter’s 1st b-day and Sunday we celebrated my youngest 13th. Family came in from NY and they’re taking us to breakfast before they get on the road. I’m partied out and ready to get back to normal!

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately. Added almost 5k to my current wip the last two days. Should finish it before the week is over. It will be nice to get it off my desk.

Off to breakfast and then relaxing the rest of the day!
Happy Monday!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pretend With Me

Out today!!!! Here's a little taste of what you'll find between the covers of my new series - Freedom Fantasies.
Pretend With Me is book 1. The story revolves around Paige and Jed...and Tommy. :o)
Contest: To win a free copy of Pretend With Me...leave a comment with the answers to the following questions.
1. What does Jed use to spank Paige?
2. Where does he spank her?
Contest ends Sunday April 25th at midnight EST. I'll announce the winner Monday.
After threatening divorce, Paige gives up her fantasy of hot sex with two men, especially when Tommy, the other man she wants to have sex with, is the reason for her divorce threats. When Paige confesses she’s considering leaving Jed to her best friend and owner of Freedom Fantasies sex club, life takes an unexpected turn. Paige finds herself pretending she’s having a hot, sordid affair.
Paige appreciates all the pleasures she’s unable to find at home. Being spanked in the corner, tied to the bed or getting it on in the shower, Paige experiences more orgasms than she thought possible. To heighten the excitement, her pretend lover brings in a friend…
She puttered into the kitchen. She grabbed two glasses from the cupboard and filled them with ice water from the filter. She was ready to head back into the bedroom when she ran smack into Jed.
He was still naked and wore a look of mischief.
“Bend over the table.”
“I said bend over the table.”
She put the glasses on the counter and bent over the table as he instructed.
“You’ve been a bad girl.”
“I have?” She thought she’d been pretty damn good in there.
“You’ve been coming without me.”
So this was about her using the vibrator again.
“You weren’t interested in fucking me.”
“Are you being indignant?” He ran his finger down her spine, until he reached the crack of her ass.
“No, I’m just being honest.”
“I think you need to see what happens to bad girls.”
She didn’t think her body could take any more, but it fooled her. She felt her juices pooling at her lips.
“Maybe I do.”
“It’s about time you realized the error of your ways.”
“I’d do it again if my husband was neglecting me.”
She heard a drawer open and him rifling through it. What was he looking for? Something to spank her with? It had to be the reason he had her bent over the kitchen table.
“I’m going to teach you a lesson about using the vibrator without me.”
Her face and body were pressed against the cold table. He held one hand on her back.
A smack crossed her ass.
“Ouch!” It was a wooden spoon. She’d been spanked by it before. She’d know it anywhere.
“Count for me, Paige.”
She didn’t want to count. She wanted to fight him, refuse her punishment.
He slapped her cheeks again.
“Didn’t you hear me?”
“Then why aren’t you counting?”
“Two,” she spat.
“Don’t go getting all incensed, Paige. I can spank you and put you to bed all wet without another orgasm. I don’t think you’d like that.”
No, she wouldn’t like him heating her cheeks and leaving her hanging. He always gave her relief after spanking her.
The spoon met with her ass again.
“That’s my girl.”
He continued slapping her ass until he reached twenty. Her skin burned. She needed relief.
“Oh my wife loves to have her butt spanked,” he said, gliding his finger against her wet pussy lips.
“I need you, Jed.”
“And I need you,” he said, brushing his hard penis against her hot ass. “The redness of your cheeks makes me so fucking hard.”
“Fuck me,” she pleaded.
“Oh I intend to, but not just yet.”

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beautiful Stranger - Katalina Leon

My lovely friend Kat has a new release...and folks it's a must read! Below find a blurb and excerpt. Make you you have something cool to drink! ;)

Beautiful Stranger
Katalina Leon


Lily Fontaine is a newscaster and former beauty queen, but those roles don’t suit her anymore. She’s healing from divorce and ready to make big changes in her life, but first she needs her sexual confidence back.

She wants a lover without the risk of heartbreak and considers hiring a male escort as a special treat. Her best friend offers a provocative solution to her request. On her birthday, Lily returns to New Orleans, the place of her birth, to meet a special man. She plans to fly in and fly out for a three-day weekend of cool music, great food and hot sex, with no emotional attachment and no further contact with her “escort”. She wants to pay to play—what can go wrong?

David is perfect—even if he is eleven years her junior. He’s strapping hot, intelligent and knows how to take charge. The attraction is instantaneous. With just the clothes on her back, Lily sheds her old life and follows a beautiful stranger into bayou country for the adventure of a lifetime.

(Here’s another excerpt from “Beautiful Stranger” Lily is in the backseat of David’s sedan while David plays chauffer and drives them to bayou country. He’s watching Lily’s naughty show in the rearview mirror…)

She tugged her skirt higher, exposing a length of shapely leg.
His eyes flickered between the road and the rearview mirror, watching everything she did with utter fascination. “How’re you doing back there?”
“I’m fine, honey, just keep your eyes on the road.” A lazy smile crossed her lips. There was such sweetness about David. He made it so easy to relax and let go. The warm leather seat caressed her bare legs. She loved the feeling. She closed her eyes and slowly stroked her thighs. The hard-working, good girl in her had finally worn out her welcome. Tonight she was a wanton, demanding pleasure. Her fingers dipped between her thighs and parted her folds. The backseat was too dark for him to actually see much of anything but she pretended he could. Certainly he could see her enraptured face and that would be telling enough. “Don’t you dare look back here.”
“Like hell I won’t.”
She knew asking him not to look guaranteed his full attention. She had an audience now. Her fingertips slowly stroked her wet clit. “Oh that’s nice,” she whispered. “I prefer to feel your hard body moving inside me, but I’m happy to do this until we get to the damn cabin. My slick fingertips feel so good but I’d rather have you taking me to the edge.” She leaned against the seat and gave into the rising sensations. “I can’t wait for you to come inside me again. I loved it. You wouldn’t believe how hot and wet I feel right now.” She paused. “How hard are your balls?”
The sedan served onto the gravel shoulder. David jerked the wheel back onto the road. The sedan roared back onto the pavement. The squealing tires threw gravel into the air and landed with a harsh ping, ping, ping onto the sedan’s glossy paint job. “You’re a danger, Lily!” he laughed.
Danger. It sounded good. Meeting David had been a great idea. She was finished playing it safe. She was ready to mix fantasy, reality, dreams and danger. This was what she wanted. It was exciting to feel how drenched she was just from thinking it. This was what her mind and heart needed. Her body certainly wanted it too. She gently stroked herself with a lazy fingertip, letting the excitement build slowly. Her eyelashes fluttered shut as her thoughts drifted toward a favorite fantasy. A stranger has kidnapped me. I don’t know where he’s taking me. All I know is he wants to fuck me senseless and I’ll have to submit to whatever he wants…
She glanced at David’s reflection in the mirror. “Hi, sweetie.”
He smiled. “What are you doing back there? What’s that sly smile about?”
The warm expression in his eyes engaged her. Her finger stroked her clit as she drifted back to her fantasy. He’s definitely a rogue. He looks dangerous. He’s probably the leader. He certainly looks like the ringleader. He could take me captive in his shack and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. I could remain his obedient sex slave for weeks, maybe months; many hard, hard months… I’ll have to willingly surrender to his heated demands as he uses my body again and again for his selfish pleasure. I might have to endure long days and even longer nights of slavish devotion to ecstatic pleasure. I can’t even imagine being pinned beneath his big body and fucked hard, knowing I can’t escape and he may never get enough of me. A man like this probably needs to fuck often. He could demand I kneel, tangle his fingers in my hair, and force me to suck him off and fondle his balls for hours. If he asked me to worship him I’d have to do it or he might spank my ass ’til it burns. He might even decide to proudly display my naked body and share me with a few of his handsome friends as a sexual prize. Damn, that sounds good. How could I endure being tied to a bed and taken again and again by David and his muscular, sexually-skilled, well-hung friends until I lose my mind… Laughter burst out of her.
David turned around with a smile on his face. “Sweetie, what’s all the giggling about?”
“Nothing.” Her face burned. She didn’t dare confess. She watched his eyes in the rearview mirror. A slight smile curled the edge of her lip. That was a damn good fantasy. It left her heart pounding. She parted her thighs further. Her fingertips brushed back and froth across her clit. She was so sensitive it almost hurt to touch it but she did anyway and moaned softly so David could hear.
He tried to keep his eyes on the road. His nostrils flared and she realized he could smell the faint musk of her aroused scent and it was too distracting. He squinted as he readjusted the rearview mirror so he could see everything she was doing. “When we get to the cabin, you watch out, girl. I’m not going to waste a minute. You have a lot of nerve to think you can tease me like that and not pay the price.” He smiled.
She smiled back. Please make me pay the price. Please… She tapped her toe gently against his shoulder just to have a moment of physical contact with him. She could hardly wait to feel him inside her again. Why did the damn cabin have to be so far away? Her fingertips toyed between her thighs. Her flesh was on fire. She knew she could come again with no effort but she wanted to enjoy the slow torment. She slid a slick finger inside her and slowly stroked in and out while he looked on with fiery eyes.
“That’s it. I can’t take it anymore.” He pulled over to the side of the road and parked the sedan alongside some brush. He turned the engine off and jumped from the driver’s side to the backseat. He toppled her onto the leather upholstery and climbed on top of her. His tall frame filled the backseat.
“Lily, you’re not safe to drive with.”
(It’s true. Please be careful if you do decide to pull over to the side of the road and have torrid sex-remember anyone could drive by-and guess what, in “Beautiful Stranger” they do…lol)
“Beautiful Stranger” available April 21st from Ellora’s Cave Sophisticate Line.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Look Alike Day

A guy at work sends out an email daily giving us the theme of the day. Yesterday was look alike day.
They say that everyone has a double somewhere in the world. I found this to be true about a friend of mine. During high school I hung out with this girl Darcy. Just out of high school we went our separate ways. She married and had children I was exploring the college years.
One day I was in the market and saw “Darcy” in the checkout line. I walked up to her and excitedly said. “Hey Darc. How the hell are you?”
She looked at me with a strange look and said. “I’m not Darcy.”
Stupid me argued. “Yes, you are.”
She takes a step back. Probably afraid of what I might do next.
I’m standing there confused. “You’re really not Darcy?”
She shakes her head. “No.”
“Sorry,” I say dumbfounded and walk away.
The rest of the day this episode sticks in my mind. I couldn’t help but think that Darcy was rejecting me or something. Why was she embarrassed to acknowledge me?
A few years later the same women moved across the street from me. Lucky for me she didn’t recognize me as the crazy person who insisted she was someone she wasn’t. Turns out “Darcy”, was really named Lisa. Her and I became good friends.
I can laugh about it now.
Another time someone came up to me at work and said, “Hey I saw you on the bus a few minutes ago. Why’d you ignore me when I said hi?”
I looked at him and said…”I wasn’t on the bus. I drove my car to work today.”
He walked away confused and probably thinking the same thing I had the day I mistaken one friend for someone else.
So folks I truly believe everyone has a double out there somewhere! :o)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another New Week

What a fun weekend. The DH and I took off for the Hard Rock CafĂ© in Foxwoods Casino on Saturday. We both enjoy the Hard Rock and visit new ones whenever possible. I swear I must be the most accident prone person you’ll ever meet. I was walking across the restaurant in my high-heeled books and BANG! Fell. I didn’t even have a F’ing drink yet. The place was packed and let me say – it was very embarrassing. I was a bit sore on Sunday – mostly my right wrist. Like I need THAT hurt.
After dinner and a few drinks…surprising I was walking much better. LOL Seriously I was just more careful. Though the hostess told me it happens more than she’d like to admit. Think they might want to do something about the hardwood floors??? Just a thought.
Anyway, we walked about the shops and decided to go into a slots room. I told the DH I was only willing to lose ten bucks. He offered me twenty, but I declined. I took out five to begin with. I roller coastered up and down for a bit and was up to ten when I turned over the ticket to the DH. I went to another machine and began playing. It was a 1 cent machine. I know last of the big spenders. I wound up winning $12. At the same time my hubby won on his machine a few feet away. He won $194. We took our money and drove home. We left ahead and had a free night out. What could be better? Probably me not falling.
Sunday we went house hunting. We’ve been here five years and while we love our home, we’re growing out of it. With all the kids, grandbaby, and three dogs it’s not too hard. We didn’t see anything we really liked, so maybe next time.
I did do something productive this weekend. I submitted a quickie to my editor. Under the new EC guidelines they have a 7-10k quickie. I had a story I thought would work. I originally was trying to shorten it to make it a naughty nooner, now I don’t have to. If this gets accepted I have to give a big shout out to fellow EC author Sandra Stewart who took the time to read it and make suggestions to shorten it.
Did you do anything exciting over the weekend?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Friday...

Another unproductive week. I have a long list of things that need to get done. Some include work stuff that I’m under deadline for – April 30th is fast approaching. Some of it is writing related – which I’m not doing any of. I have my local chapter stuff that needs to get done and of course there’s always spring cleaning that needs tending to.
Screw it. It’ll all be there when I finally decide to do it. The weather has been nice here. Every night after dinner the DH and I go for a walk. Most nights we take the granddaughter with us. Now she’s gotten to the point where she’ll go behind the bar after dinner and pull on her stroller. Smart little turd, she knows where it’s stored. It’s hard to believe she’ll be a year old in less than two weeks. All my family is coming in to town next weekend for her party and then my other daughters the following day. I’m so glad T’s birthday didn’t fall on my daughter’s. At almost 13 she’s having a difficult time sharing her mother with her niece.
Hopefully I’ll be able to shake whatever this is that has me doing nothing. I really need to be writing. Book 1 in the Freedom Fantasies series releases next Friday. I haven’t finished book 2. Only about 8-10k away. Book 3 is complete and ready to submit, but my editor wants them at the same time. And of course there’s always the Cougar story I need to finish. I’m only about 18k away from the end! LOL
Oh well…if someone finds my muse please return it quickly!
Have a fun weekend.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Goddess Fish Tour - Featuring Author Aubrie Dionne

Today please help me give a warm welcome to Aubrie Dionne!

Did you always want to become a writer?

Actually, no. I always wanted to be a flutist! My day job is a professional flutist in New England. I teach at a University and a community music school. I love to make up stories to go along with the music to make my students understand the music and play with more emotion. Over the years, my students told me that I should get them published, and here I am today! Writing has always come second to music, and now I’m starting to put it first.

Do you have a “day” job as well writing? (see above :-))

How did you celebrate your first release? What was it like to see your very first cover art?
I celebrated by going out to eat! I love going out to eat and use any excuse for a night out at a nice restaurant! I choose my first few cover arts by myself. When I saw the cover for Nebula’s Music I stared in awe. Then I forwarded it to all of my friends.

Most authors are also avid readers. Is this the case with you? If so, who are some of your favorites? Have any influenced your writing?

I love the classics: Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte. The single work that has inspired my writing the most is the poem The Lady of Shalott by Lord Byron. For recent books, I love Tad William’s Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn epic fantasy series and Patricia McKillip.

From the moment you conceive an idea for a story, to the published book, how long does it take?

It depends on the story! My first book took four years, and now I’m averaging six months for every novel and one month for a short story.

Do you see writing as a career?

I’d love to make it a career and I work hard every day to do so. But I’ll never give up my music. Luckily, both careers work well together. When one of my flute students cancels their lesson, I whip out my notebook and write.

Do you write better with deadlines and have you ever suffered a writer’s block?

I do write better with deadlines, so I make goals for myself. I always suffer from writer’s block and that’s why I have multiple projects going, so I can work on one while I figure out the other one. Sometimes it takes me a few days and a few long walks to figure out where the plot needs to go!

What is your work schedule like?

I teach flute Mon- Thurs 3-8 and I write in the mornings/early afternoons on those days. Fridays I teach at the University all day, so I have no time to write. Saturdays I teach flute at my house, and write on Sundays.

Would you like to give another genre a try?

I tried horror and found out that I was awful at it! My stories were all flowery and not scary at all! But I did venture into science fiction, Nebula’s Music being my first published work in that genre and I love it!

Do you listen to music while you are writing and if so what music is it?

I can only listen to classical and new age music with no words. Otherwise I find it hard to concentrate.

Big congrats to your latest release, can you please tell us something about the book?

Thank you! Nebula is inspired by the character Data from The Next Generation. I watched star Trek growing up at 7pm and 7:30pm every night for about seven years. Data's journey to become more human fascinated me. There was one scene where he plays the violin and I marveled at the fact that he can take up an instrument and play it perfectly in minutes compared to a human that has to spend a lifetime perfecting their skills. But did his music have emotion? Probably not.Nebula is not entirely an andriod. She's made from a real human and experiences that woman's past memories. In a way, she's closer to being human than Data can ever be, but can she break some of the barriers that he never could? Can she experience fear, triumph, or fall in love? Would a human reciprocate that love?

Are you working on anything right now, and can you give us a little teaser?

Yes, I’m working on another Space Opera titled, Desert Nomad. Here is the blurb:

Aries is a Lifer: a sixth generation colonist living aboard the Ark, a deep space transport vessel destined for a paradise planet two hundred years away. Her purpose is to maintain the life support systems and marry Lieutenant Barliss, producing two genetically superior children to take their place at the helm.
Stifled with a predestined life, Aries manipulates an escape months before her marriage ceremony to Barliss. Her flight pod crashes on a desert planet with minimal survival conditions and she is caught between the search and rescue teams of the Ark and the primitive hunters on the alien world. While struggling to survive, she is rescued by Striker, a space pirate exiled by his mutinous crew. Together they search for the last relic needed to revive an ancient alien craft, their only means of escape. With the search teams flying above and the hunters stalking them below, Aries is forced to make the ultimate sacrifice; her freedom for Striker’s life. In return, Striker must bargain with the same pirates that exiled him in order to rescue her.

Where can readers find you?

On my blog:
And my website:

Fun Stuff:

Tell us five random things about yourself.

I have three fish tanks because my guppies decided to have babies again and again!
I love unicorns and secretly want to write a book all about them.
I had a dream once that my husband was Mozart and he didn’t like my flute playing. It was horrible!
All of my dogs are named after Star Wars characters.
I like Orlando Bloom better than Johnny Depp in POTC!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I’m a picky eater, so I don’t eat anything too strange!

Winter or Summer?

Summer, for sure! I live in NH where Winter is from Nov-March!

Favorite pizza topping?


CD in your car?
Enya, and the Works of Bach for solo flute.


Each note brings her one step closer to the truth.When the cyborg Nebula plays the piano she experiences memories from a time before her creation. These memories—which involve a captive rebel fighter being held on their ship—bring with them complex human feelings and awaken a desire for her to discover her origins.Radian is the long-lost love of the woman from which Nebula was made. He’s vowed to avenge his finance’s death and rescue her sister from the Gryphonites, a fierce race out to enslave the galaxy. Nebula grapples with her identity and how much of who she is comes from someone else’s past. She is not the woman that died, yet she is undeniably drawn to Radian.Together Nebula and Radian seek to rescue his fiancĂ©’s sister and end the Gryphonites’ cruel reign. But can Radian learn to love again and can Nebula accept a past made from someone else’s memories?


The man stared at her like he knew she’d been coming all along. Their gazes locked, blue on black, and she stood unmoving. She felt uncomfortable as he studied her, his eyes watery with tears.Unpredictably, he rose from his position on the floor and walked toward her, closing the distance. Although combat tactics flashed through her circuits, she overrode each one and allowed him to take her into his arms. He held her close, smoothing over her back in gentle strokes, andburied his face into her hair.Nebula had never been embraced. The sudden rush of contact flooded all her senses. She nestled her face into his shirt, taking in the feel of his body close to hers. She wanted to know if he had the same rush of pleasurable feelings and looked into his eyes for her answer.He must have seen something strange in her gaze, or it was what he didn’t see, what she lacked, that brought him back to the moment. His eyes chilled to a frosty cerulean and he released her.“I’m sorry.” He turned away. “But you look so much like her. Damn it, you even smell like her as well.”

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Release - Drilled by Regina Carlysle

Today I'm featuring good friend Regina Carlysle. She has a new release, part of the Cougar Challenge series and super HOT. Just check out the cover. Sizzling.

A standalone story in the Cougar Challenge series.

Lori Donovan accepts the Cougar Challenge and pledges to snag a hot young stud, knowing it’ll be tough once she moves back to her Texas hometown. She expects barren plains and rattlesnakes but finds hunky Jackson Blue drilling for oil on her property instead. A driller. Hmm. Lori has a few ideas about that and just about all of them involve her poor, needy, sex-starved body.

Jackson takes one look at the curvy, sexy, older woman and puts his expertise into action. After all, drilling is what he does best. Against the wall, on the floor or in the middle of her bed, he’s the right man for the job. It’s a hot time in Texas when a tough, sexy drillin’ man meets a sassy cougar, and playing it safe just isn’t an option.

By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, it is necessary to exit this site.
An Excerpt From: DRILLED
Copyright © REGINA CARLYSLE, 2010
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Chapter One

A bet was a bet!
Damn it!
Whatever had possessed her to jump on the Cougar Challenge bandwagon and pledge to snare a hot, young stud? Knowing she only had the alcohol and a lack of common sense to blame, Loralee Donovan, plain old Lori to her friends, looked around her grandparents’ old house and considered what her life would be like living out here in no man’s land. Not a hot, eligible young stud muffin within a twenty-mile radius, she figured. She’d only been here a few days and already the thought of the work facing her made her forty-one-year-old bones ache like hell. Boxes were stacked everywhere waiting for her to begin unpacking and then she faced the daunting challenge of getting on with her life after the divorce. Just thinking about what Grant had done to her made her want to cuss. Jackass!
Sighing deeply, she trudged into the old-fashioned kitchen and poured herself a cup of coffee before heading into the dining room to boot up her laptop. Time to check in with the other cougars. They’d met a few short months ago at an erotic reader and writers convention and they’d instantly clicked, each vowing over drinks in the bar to stop wallowing in misery and reach out for the hot, younger man of her dreams. Seven of them had already taken the plunge and now it was her turn.
Feeling none too confident, she signed into the cougar blog they shared to exchange news, confidences, and advice.

Hey, ya’ll! How are my fellow cougars and champion margarita drinkers? Wanted to let you know that I finally made it back to Sandy Creek and I’ve settled into my grandparents’ old place. Lordy! You should see it. The Permian basin in west Texas sure as hell wouldn’t be featured in any travel brochures let me tell ya! Remember that movie “Giant” when young Rock brings young Liz to her new Texas home? The look of fear and wonder on her face? Talk about a flashback. The old Victorian sets smack-dab in the middle of acres of nothing. Dirt everywhere and winds that blow like a storm from hell every day and every night. Think desolate. But hey, what can I say, I’m home. Siiiigh. When I was a teenager, I couldn’t wait to shake the dust of this place off and have a great adventure. Now a little over two decades and a nasty divorce later, here I am back where I started. Don’t know whether to laugh or bawl like a baby. Starting over is never easy and now, on top of it all, I promised to snare and seduce some young stud. Why did ya’ll let me drink so much and can I get OUT of THIS? LOL. I’ve already talked to Autumn and she says no way in hell am I allowed to back out at this point. Crap. Looks like I’m stuck. So once I get settled in, this cougar is going hunting. Wish me luck.

Lori hit the publish button, tempted to bang her forehead on the keyboard. What had she gotten herself into? Well, if nothing else, she was a woman of her word and a deal was a deal. If she was to fulfill her promise, take the challenge, she had to find a younger guy, screw him silly and rediscover that wicked, naughty woman she’d once been. Could she do it? Here? The very notion made her laugh and shake her head. No way. Sandy Creek was one of those lonely little towns populated by the geriatric crowd and young families who barely scratched out a living on these desolate plains. It was the epitome of small town Texas and she very much doubted there was a bevy of young hunky studs just waiting to jump her forty-one-year-old bones. Laughable.
Before she could turn off the computer an IM box popped up on her screen. Autumn. Perfect timing as always.

Autumn: Hey chick! Did you get moved in?
Lori: Barely. Lordy, this place needs work. I’ve been back a couple of days. Currently staring at a bunch of unpacked boxes. How are you?
Autumn: Great! Couldn’t be happier. Can’t wait for you to meet Mitch. HA. The man rings all my bells and then some. Think you can come for a visit in a few weeks?
Lori: Damn! Lucky you! I’d love to come for a weekend but I just don’t know. There is so much to do here. Grandpa kind of let the place get run down after Grandma died. God, I miss him. Both of them. Anyway, when they left me the place, I was touched but I knew it was a real fixer-upper.
Autumn: Good luck with that. Okay, gotta ask. Are you ready to do it? The challenge?
Lori: Well, about that, hmm, yeah, I reckon so but I have a lot on my plate right now. First there’s the place and then I have to get a handle on all the stuff Grandpa had going on before he died.
Autumn: What stuff?
Lori: Looks like I’m sitting on a whole boatload of crude. Grandpa leased the land to a petroleum company and pump jacks are all over the place. Damn things look like a bunch of skeletons stretching off into the horizon.
Autumn: Wow, lots of money in that black stuff.
Lori: Don’t I know it. Need to check things out with all of this. I stand to earn a percentage of every barrel of oil they bring in so I need to stay on top of things. Oops. Phone. Gotta run. Talk to you later.

Rushing to the phone, she grabbed it up and breathlessly said hello.
“Mrs. Donovan?”
“This is Jackson Blue of Blue Petroleum and Drilling. Did I catch you at a bad time?”
Damn but the man had a voice like dark, melted chocolate. Rich, slow and with a bit of an edge. Kind of like good sex. She settled in on the couch and tucked the phone against her face. “No, I’m still up. Um, I’ve been meaning to get out to the site. I’m behind. Sorry.”
His laughter was low and deep. Dear sweet heaven! The sound moved through her center to settle in the pit of her belly. Her pussy quivered just a little. Um. What the hell was wrong with her? Was she so desperate for the touch of a man that even a voice on the phone could turn her on? Pathetic. Yes, she was pathetic. He sounded young but there was no way to know for sure. “Some of the fellas said you’d taken possession of the house and I just wanted to give you awhile to settle in. I have some papers for you to sign to transfer the royalties over. Think you or your husband could meet me sometime tomorrow?”
Lori closed her eyes wishing he’d just keep talking forever. “I’m not married. Divorced.”
There was a pause over the line. “Ah, okay, that’s fine, Ms. Donovan.”
“Lori, please.”
“Sure, Lori. Tomorrow then? Want me to come by the house?”
She thought about the mess, the boxes, and shook her head though she knew he couldn’t see. Jeez! Dumb. “No, let me come out there. I’m dying to get a look at everything.”
Oh yeah! She’d crawl through gravel to get a look at the man behind that sexy come-fuck-me voice.
Jackson Blue laughed again. “Not a hell of a lot to see but, yeah, come on by. We’re drilling about half a mile south of the house. Can’t miss us.”
“I’ll be there with bells on.”
“Better make that boots. This is rattlesnake heaven out here.”
“Damn! I didn’t think about that.” Lori laughed and shivered simultaneously. “Snakes. It’s been a long time since I’ve lived out here. How could I have forgotten?”
There was another short pause. “I didn’t know you used to live here.”
“A long time ago, yes. My grandparents raised me but then I moved to Dallas after I married.”
“Must feel pretty weird to be back,” he said. “Coming from the Metroplex to the boonies is a flat-out culture shock.”
Laughter bubbled up. “You couldn’t be more right about that but honestly? A little solitude right now won’t hurt me a bit.”
Jackson’s voice came low and soothing. “That can get pretty lonely though. You know, all that solitude.”
She sighed, enjoying the conversation, enjoying him. “Guess I’ll find out. Ah heck, maybe I’ll hit Smoky Joe’s one night and join the land of the living.”
“Hey, that’s not a bad little honky tonk. I’ve been there a time or two since we rolled into town.”
“Best dance floor east of Midland.”
“So they tell me. Maybe we could head out there for a drink one evening? There’s not a lot in the way of entertainment around here and I get sick of hanging with the guys all the time.” He chuckled. “Could use some civilized company.”
“Who says I’m civilized?”
Lori wanted to bite her damn tongue off. Where in the hell had that flirty comment come from? She didn’t know a damn thing about this guy. He was just a smokin’ hot and dead sexy voice on the other end of the line.
Jackson only laughed. “A real wild woman, huh? This is sounding better and better. I can’t wait to meet you, Lori. Tomorrow then?”
“Yeah, see you then.” When they’d disconnected, she groaned as embarrassed heat climbed over her body. She’d really stepped in it this time.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Author Bashing - How Far is Too Far

Today I'm blogging about Author Bashing over at Seven Sexy Scribes today. Stop by and give your opinion.

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Week

Over the weekend I received final line edits for Pretend With Me. Just a few tags needed to be added – oh and my blurb needed to be redone. I’ve never had to rewrite a blurb. I hate writing blurbs in the first place, so you can only imagine how agonizing it was to do it a second time. Alas, I did it and got it off to my editor.
I managed to make it to my writer’s meeting where author C.D. Yates gave a workshop on writing Romantic Comedy. If you haven’t heard of her she has a few very books out. You can check them out here: It was a very informative workshop and I learned a few pointers to add to my stories. So I’m glad I could attend.
I’ll all signed up for RomantiCon. Just need to book my flight. I’m dragging my DH along with me. We’re flying in a day early and staying a day longer. We had fun last time we were in Ohio for work and thought we’d site see again. We have to arrive early because planes do not like me. I suffer from motion sickness and well…it can get pretty ugly. This way I’ll be fine for all the fun.
In other news I partnered with Goddess Fish Blog Tour (see on the left). I’ll be featuring different authors from time to time, along with contests. I believe the first author will be this week. I’ll keep you posted on that.

In other news someone on the web has decided to bash pen names and mine was one of them. I have to laugh because thanks to this person my blog traffic has increased. So THANK YOU!!! And while some may be laughing at my pen name a lot of people ARE buying my books.

I have to wonder if these disgruntled bloggers are frustrated wannabes.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mixed Bag

Today I woke up itching to write. YAY! Seriously I think it’s been almost two weeks. Yesterday I contemplated quitting. Giving it up. Saying f*ck it all. Why should I continue when I can’t write? I wondered if I reached the end of my career. I guess the next few days will give me an idea.
It felt good to move my story forward today. As I’m writing this my heroine is pressed against a wall, her pants down around her thigh high boots waiting for her hero to put a condom on. Yup, I left her hanging. It will only make her want it more tomorrow when I get back to her. ;)
I have to work tomorrow. The downfall of my job. It’s also my local chapters meeting day. I was really looking forward to the workshop on writing funny. I’m hoping my clients get done testing early enough so I can make it. Somehow I doubt it will work out that way. Oh well.
The weather is back to mid 50s and some rain today. Like we need rain. It’s not supposed to be heavy so the rivers shouldn’t rise to flood levels again.
In all this flooding l lost my hairdresser. The mall where she worked was the one all over the news. The one flooded to the roof and the security guard trapped inside.
I’m VERY picky about who I let touch my hair. For 16 years my cousin was the only one who cut and highlighted my hair. When I moved to Rhode Island six years ago I had to find someone new. Now mind you, I did travel the three hours back home the first year just so K could cut my hair. That got to be a bit much.
T called me last night. She found a new place to work until the mall is functioning again. I quickly made an appointment for next week.
Off to work now. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ho Hum

92! That was yesterday’s temperature. I love it! Sorry to all those who hate the hot weather, but I love it. The hotter the better. Today is supposed to be in the low 80s and tomorrow back down to 60s. Guess I have to take the good with the bad in April. I’m not complaining. Besides I have to work Saturday.
I’m still not writing. Can’t find the motivation. I’m not even opening any of my wips and pretending I’m gonna write. I’m surprised I’m blogging.
I guess I’ll spend the day on the deck. Take my con calls while soaking up the sun. The dogs will enjoy me being out there because I’ll toss the ball longer than usual. At least someone will be happy – right?
Happy Thursday. May yours be productive.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Cover Art

I got art! Thanks to the lovely Syneca, the cover art goddess. This is Book 1 of my new series Freedom Fantasies. It will be available April 23rd! YAY.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A lot of writer’s I know say that sometimes their story comes to them in dreams. I’m not one of those lucky people. I tend to dream about people trying to kill me or harm someone in my family. Wouldn’t make for a very romantic story.
I’ve been stuck lately. Not sure why. Not really stuck, because I re-read one of my wips and thought, this isn’t half bad. I was excited to get back to writing it…until I opened the document. I also started my cougar story as part of the cougar challenge. Wrote the first ten pages and feel I’m off to the right start. Still when I open this document – nothing. I just stare at the page and type nothing.
The other night I dreamt of being with another man, other than my DH. He was a very sexy Italian. I was standing on a stair, he was ground level. I wrapped my arms around his neck and the words I love you were on the tip of my tongue. Yet, I was too scared to say them. I feared they wouldn’t be returned. But I could feel the love radiating off him as he hugged me. He held me like he never wanted to let me go. And then he whispered those three magic words and my heart melted. I remember squeezing him tighter and returning his sentiments. Then I woke up.
BUT…I was left with an overwhelming feeling of love all day long. That giddy, toe curling, feeling you get when you first fall in love. The feelings have stayed with me the last few days. I want to use them when my H/H get to the point they confess their love for one another, but I have to get there. I have to write a few more scenes before they can realize their love for each other.
How do I get the words to flow so I can finally use one of my dreams?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Full Weekend

Today’s its back to the real world after a fun-filled weekend. The DH and I went to see the remake of Clash of the Titans. We both enjoyed the movie, but there were a few disappointments – things they left out from the original and I think the biggest let down was they made the Pegasus brown instead of white. Overall it was good, though. We had a nice quiet dinner out after the movie.
Easter morning was nice. We got to watch our granddaughter experience her first Easter. It’s hard to believe she’ll be a year old this month. The kids were scattered this year. My son had to work. My daughter and granddaughter went to their in-laws for dinner. My youngest with her father.
The DH and I went to dinner with his family. It was nice to see everyone. We went to the Venus de Milo where Emerald got his start. The food was delicious, but I enjoy sitting at the kitchen table with my family. It feels more personal. Plus you get to talk to everyone.
The flood waters seem to have receded back to under flood stage. Clean up has begun.
Now I have to get my butt back in gear and write. I only wrote 6 or 7 pages last week. Not good. I have to get back into the swing of things.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

And for those of you who are baseball fans - Happy Opening Day. I'm a huge Red Sox fan so I'm looking forward to tonight's Red Sox/Yankees game!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Some News

Things are still bleek here in RI. Though the sun is shining the waters are receding slowly. Too slowly. The DH and I took a ride to see just how bad our city was affected and it's devastating. While we didn't get any water a lot of my writer friends and family haven't fared as well. My daughter has been out of school since early Tuesday. I swear they'll be going until July to make up for all these days off.

Pretend with Me is on the coming soon page at The release date is April 23rd. I can't believe how quickly this is coming out. I'm not complaining - I'm thrilled. I even got my cover art, but will have to wait a day or two to share.

My newest newsletter is out and I share a sneak peek of Pretend with Me. So if you're interested in reading my newsletter sign up to the right!

Hope you have a great weekend. They say we'll have sunshine for at least five days! YAY.