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New Cover Art

Here are my two new covers.

Going for Broke will be available on Oct 30th.

One Tasty Night has been available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and all the other outlets. I changed the cover for the third time. Third times a charm, right? I believe so.

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Special Guest - Whitley Gray

1)    Has someone been instrumental in inspiring you as a writer? Josh Lanyon. I admire his writing voice and productivity. I’d love to be as good as he is some day.
2) What is the hardest part of writing your books?
Getting quiet time alone to write. I hate interruptions, as I’m the sort of writer that has to get in the zone and stay immersed. When I’m constantly interrupted, the writing goes poorly.
3) Where do you research for your books?
Mostly online, and site visits if necessary. I try to restrict setting to places I’ve been, or to places where I can access someone who has lived/worked there. I also use a component of “write what you know” which helps a lot.
4) Who are your books published with?
Loose Id, MLR Press, Redhot Publishing.
5) What do you think makes a good story?
Interesting characters and a plot that doesn’t quit. I like a lot of action in the plot to keep the characters busy. There’s romance, but there’s also suspense in there.
6) What book are you reading now?
Just started Dead in LA by Lou Harper.
7) What are your favorite TV shows?
A friend got me to try The Walking Dead earlier this summer, and I loved it! Now I’m waiting for the next season, just like all the other TWD junkies!
8) What songs are most played on your Ipod?
Right now, Eli Lieb’s Young Love, and his version of Radioactive. I love his voice. New add is The Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show.
9) Do you have any suggestions for beginning writers? If so, what are they?
Before you even start, get into some online classes and learn the craft. It’ll save you a lot of trial and error, and ultimately heartache.
10) Tell us about your favorite fan letter you have received.
A gal that read one of my stories and loved it—the story, the characters, all of it. She asked for career advice, which was flattering but also a bit nerve-wracking.

Denver homicide cop and shooting survivor Beck Stryker lives to solve the case that left him with PTSD, chronic pain, and killed his co-investigator four months previous. Now his career hinges on his ability to work with the man who shut down his advances two years ago.

After last parting ways with Beck, psychiatrist-turned-FBI profiler Zach Littman never anticipated seeing the detective again. Being sent to Denver to work on a series of killings that have continued after the only suspect died is bad enough. Discovering the detective in charge is Beck leaves Zach gritting his teeth and girding his loins.

The last thing either of them needs is romantic entanglement with a fellow investigator, but danger is a powerful aphrodisiac. The case heats up, and friction between them ignites a fire neither can ignore, first at work and then in the bedroom. As they zero in on the plot behind the murders, the crosshairs zero in on Beck and Zach.
Beck reached his desk and lowered himself into the chair. A pile of reports sat waiting for his attention. Ridiculous. He was a homicide detective, not a secretary. This was a waste of his skills. Field cases waited, infinitely more interesting and requiring a detective’s intuition.

Across the room, Van met his gaze and looked away. Beck spun his chair toward the windows behind him. Sheets of water rippled down the windows, blurring the building across the street.

After the shooting, Beck’s ex-lover had made it clear as still water that there was nothing left between them. At least Van had understood the pressures of the job, the danger, both on the street and in the department. Homicide was a macho division, and the other detectives were unlikely to accept an alternate orientation. He and Van had agreed to keep their relationship under wraps. Had they had a relationship or just been fuck buddies?

Nights in a soft bed, Van’s hot tongue everywhere until Beck squirmed with need. A firm grip on his cock, stroking.

What would you like tonight?

Heat rushed to his groin. Mind-blowing sex—no doubt about that—but was that all they’d had?

They’d never eaten at a restaurant unless it was out of town. They’d never taken a vacation together. Van liked sun and sand and room service; Beck preferred snow and skiing and grilled steaks at the lodge. And they never stayed over at each other’s places.

Sure didn’t sound like a relationship. Hell, when he’d been lying in the hospital with his shattered shoulder pinned together, wondering if his hand would ever work again, he’d turned to Van expecting emotional support, and his lover had gunned down the only thing Beck had left.

Van had left nothing at Beck’s apartment except travel brochures.

The first time Beck had risked his heart, and he’d gotten blown away for his trouble. Staying secreted in the closet precluded Van paying attention to a disabled boyfriend. “It would look strange if I spent extra time with you,” Van had said, and he’d been careful not to visit more often than any of the others. At that point, Beck had wished his injuries had been more severe, that the bullet had hit a few inches to the right and down, preempting Van’s assault on Beck’s heart. Death had sounded better than total bereavement.

Anger had overtaken depression in short order. The first thing he’d done after arriving home was deep-six the tropical-vacation brochures littering the kitchen counter.

In the ensuing weeks, Beck had fought through the pain of physical therapy and the loss of the relationship.

As Beck’s psychologist, Jay had helped him work through most of that. And the painful inquiry about the shootings.

“Hey.” Soft brown eyes gazed down at him, wary, not welcoming. The familiar scent of Van’s bay rum aftershave reached Beck, and his stomach clenched.

“Well. What can I do for you, Detective Gates?”

Van plopped a folder on his desk. “Got a computer request that needs your expertise.”

“Don’t think I can help you.” Beck picked up a pen, tapped it on the folder. “I’m not a computer expert.”

Van’s full mouth thinned, lips pressed together. “It’s a search for vehicle license plates. Need it for the murder book.”

Amazon: ebook/dp/B00F3H6S1A/ref=zg_bsnr_14044691_7

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Winner - Fall Into Romance Blog Hop

Why do I love reading romance books? Let me count the ways! The heroes, rakes and rogues. The heroines, bluestockings, wallflowers and adventuresses! I love them all.

kareninnc at gmail dot com

I'll email you!

Unusual Sexual Relationship

Early this morning I was watching a crime show and they were talking about so and so having an unusual sexual relationship. The first thought that crossed my mind was oh, they’re into BDSM. Now of course my mind is going there because I write sex for a living. J  Hey, where would your mind go?
What the couple was into was a bit of voyeurism – for the husband at least. The husband got off on watching his wife have sex with other men. In fact he dictates what they do and how. The wife liked it because she didn’t have to “cheat”.
They were happy with this arrangement in their relationship and who are we to judge. I write about things like this all the time. In my fictional worlds it would be normal. Not to insinuate the couple is not normal – it’s a choice that is right for them.
I always laugh when watching a show that calls a sex life other than vanilla – unusual.

That’s my thought for the day! LOL

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall Into Romance Blog Hop

The Romance Reviews Hop

Welcome to my blog. The contest is open from  September 13, 12:00am EST (Friday) and will end on September 21, 11:59pm EST.
To enter just leave a comment on why you love to read Romance books. Please be sure to leave your email address in the event you win! :o)

And the prize? $10 Gift Card to Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

Here is my Erotic Romance. The story deals with loss, grief and depression and how love can conquer all if you allow it.

On the verge of their tenth anniversary, Cole is planning a surprise gift aboard a boat for his wife Avery. Bathing suits are optional - preferably left behind. The only other thing they need to make this weekend perfect? Owen their next door neighbor.

Out on the open sea, Avery will find herself tied to the rails being tortured in the sweetest ways imaginable. The men take her to delicious heights, only to leave her hanging - if only momentarily. When she demands an orgasm she oversteps the boundaries Cole and Owen have but in place. The two men spank her back into submission. There's nothing like red cheeks to ignite the flames of desire in Cole.

After a tremulous six months of clawing their way back together, Avery is ready to accept the help she needs to fix the marriage her husband has fought so hard to save. Will a weekend of hot, sweaty sex be enough to rescue them?

AVERY WANTED TO wipe that smug look off her sister’s face.
“What’s so funny, Kendall?”
“You and Cole. You’re like dogs in heat. I’m surprised there aren’t a herd of kids running rampant around this yard.”
“We’re very careful. We both want children eventually, but we love our lives too much to have them right now.” She wondered if it sounded selfish. She and Cole shared such an incredible sex life that she worried if she had children, it would go away. She’d heard horror stories where couples had children and their relationships fell apart. While she trusted their love, she still didn’t want to risk losing the amazing sex.
Damn, how she’d wanted Cole to drag her into the kitchen, prop her up on the granite countertop, slide her bikini bottoms over, and slip his hard cock inside her. Once Kendall and Owen made their exit, Avery planned to attack her husband. She craved every last inch of Cole.
“You really should see a sex therapist, Avery.”
“Why, because I enjoy sex with my husband?”
“Yes and no. I’m glad you want sex with only Cole, but you guys go at it like rabbits. It can’t be healthy. Is your connection with Cole that deep on every level? If is it is, I hate you for making marriage look so easy.”
Avery turned and looked to the patio, where Cole stood talking with Owen. She wondered what had them looking so serious. She shrugged. Cole would tell her later. He shared everything.
“Oh, so you’re here today because you’re concerned about me?” Avery turned her attention to her sister sitting in the lounge chair, soaking up the sun’s rays.
“I’m here because you’re my sister and I love you very much. And your husband makes a killer steak.”
“He does, doesn’t he? Cole’s amazing.” God, she felt like a love-struck teen fawning over her favorite actor.
“Jesus, Avery. Are your nipples getting hard from looking at Cole? You really do need to see a sex therapist. I’m officially jealous of you two.”
Blah, blah, blah. She didn’t want to hear any more of her sister’s talk about a sex therapist. Avery wasn’t giving up sex with her husband. She longed to feel his soft lips licking and tugging on her hard nipples. Arousal swarmed over her body; juices seeped out onto her bathing suit. Frustrated over not being about to get the relief she sought, Avery jumped into the cool water and swam to the other end of the pool, where she could be alone. She hung on to the edge of the pool and let her legs float in the water.
The cool water didn’t ease the ache between her legs. She wondered if Cole suffered from a rock-hard dick. Did he wish they were alone so he could fuck her? Most likely. If she knew her husband half as well as she thought she did, he was on the same smoking-hot page as her.
“Steaks are done. Come and get it before it gets you,” Cole called out.
“Coming,” she said.

Good Luck and thanks for dropping by.

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Whet Your Appetite Wednesday - Shelley Munro

Past Regrets by Shelley Munro
Thanks to Amber for having me to visit today. We go through life making friends. Some of our friendships are enduring while others fall by the wayside. Friendships bring love, laughter and conflict—the stuff that’s food for a writer. In the Love and Friendship series, I explore both the good and bad when it comes to friendship. I hope you enjoy this second installment in my series.


Never look back…unless that’s where your heart belongs.

Love and Friendship, Book 2

Julia Maxwell was a seize-the-moment party girl until the night she spent with up-and-coming rocker Ryan Callander. From that moment, she was a one-man woman. Pity he hasn’t kept with the program.

Tired of the secrets that have kept her out of the press and Ryan’s fans happy, angry with mounting evidence of infidelity, Julia is older, wiser, and determined to divorce his cheatin’ ass.

Ryan’s long European tour had more than its share of hard knocks—one of which landed on his head when he was mugged. Divorce papers waiting for him at home are a shock that fills in some of the holes in his sketchy memory. But it could be too late to salvage his marriage.

If Ryan thinks flirtatious smiles, seductive touches, and hot-and-heavy kisses are going to smooth things over, Julia’s got a hammer with his name on it. To her surprise, he picks it up, determined to rebuild a bright future for both of them. But the past is lurking with some missing pieces that could bring their hearts crashing down. 

Product Warnings
Contains a pissed ex-stripper turned burlesque dancer, a bunch of nosy friends and a smooth-talking rocker with one thing on his mind. Stripper poles and skimpy costumes may be involved. 

She accepted the plate he handed her and bit into the apricot and custard pastry while she considered his words. The pastry was crisp, the apricot sweet yet a bit tart and the custard oozed into her mouth. She almost moaned at the first bite. Pure sinful delight.

“God, don’t do that,” he muttered, ripping his gaze off her to stare down at the coffee cupped in his hands.

“Don’t do what?”

“Watching you eat reminds me of sex. Do you know how long it’s been for me? Do you want me to have an embarrassing accident?”

Julia snorted. “Please. If you’re talking about dry spells, I’ve almost worn out my vibrator.”

“Well,” he said after a long pause in which she cursed inwardly for giving him the truth. “We could always take care of our problem together.”

“Good try. I don’t want—”

“Give me a chance to woo you again.” He spoke at the same time, causing her to break off her outright rejection. “Please, Julia. You loved me enough to marry me. You owe me this chance to put things right.”

“Maybe I don’t want to make things right,” she whispered. Liar, liar, pants on fire. If she didn’t want him then why had she rejected every request for a date she’d received in the last few months? She’d stayed at home instead of going out, unless it was with one of the Tight Five. But he’d broken her heart, broken something inside her. If she took a leap, trusted him again…

“You don’t mean that.”

His grimace and slight shake of his head made her heart twist with indecision of her own. He was right. They might have had a short courtship, but she hadn’t gone into their marriage lightly. “Could we shelve the talk of marriage and take each day as it comes instead of planning for the future?” Please let him say yes. This was the only way she’d get through the next few months with the club and her mother.

“As long as this is the final discussion we have about divorce, I’m willing to take each day as it comes. Let me help and be a part of this. Let the band rehearse at your club and let me hang out with you. You agreed last night. What’s changed?”

Julia dabbed the crumbs on her plate with her finger, unable to meet his gaze. “Everything kept going around in my mind. I didn’t sleep much.”

“I have a solution for that as well. Let me move in here with you. No,” he said when she stood. “I’ll sleep in the spare room or on the couch. I don’t care. I promise I won’t do anything to upset you. Maybe we began our marriage with the wrong mindset. We need to start from scratch and get to know each other instead of leaping into bed at the first opportunity.”

Julia picked up her pastry and took another mouthful. It tasted even better than the first bite. She swallowed and licked a bit of custard off her top lip before glancing at him again. “I don’t think—God, don’t look at me like that.”

He advanced on her then, prowling around the edge of the counter to take her pastry and set it aside. “I won’t do anything more than kissing.” His warm hand smoothed down her back to come to rest on the curve of one buttock. He pinched hard enough to make her jump, chuckling at her start of surprise. “And maybe some groping. Nothing else until you say we can take things further.”

She pushed him away and snatched up her pastry, determined to enjoy the last bite. Delicious and worth every calorie. “I—”

“Julia, say yes.” He backed her against the counter, until the hard edge dug into her back. His wiry strength held her in place, yet she didn’t feel threatened.

“You’ve lost weight,” she blurted.

“My appetite disappeared after the mugging, and I haven’t been sleeping well. I have headaches.” He shuddered but didn’t add more.

Most guys would be whining but he was very straightforward. Smart move on his part. Yikes, bitch alert.
“How bad are they?”

“They’re worse when I get overtired or stressed.”

“What did the doctors say?”

“They think the headaches will gradually taper off. So, do you feel sorry enough for me to invite me to stay?”

“You’re playing me.” Bother, she just couldn’t keep her bitchy side contained.

“A little.” A cheeky grin surfaced—one containing an edge of flirtation and a smidgeon of boyish charm. The sort of grin that tugged at a person and made them want to return the sentiment. His dark eyelashes fluttered, a striking frame around his pale blue eyes. “Is it working?”

Win an Amazon Gift Certificate. Complete the rafflecopter below and you’re in the draw.


Shelley Munro lives in New Zealand with her husband and a rambunctious puppy called Bella. She writes spicy romances for Carina Press, Ellora’s Cave and Samhain Publishing. To learn more about Shelley and her books visit her website

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Some Petitions Too Important to Ignore

I just signed the petition "Honor Jennifer Martel: Protect Victims of Abuse" on

It's important to me as a former victim of domestic abuse. If it's important to you too, here's the link:



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Welcome Destiny Blaine!

Champagne Book Group and Destiny Blaine team up to bring sports romance readers a new line of sports romance novellas

Coming to Champagne Book Group and Carnal Passions on September 2, 2013

First and Ten: Let the Games Begin
“A Swinging Gate Sports Romance”

Tagline/Logline:   In football and romance, true winners are only determined by how long their hearts stay invested in the game.

Back cover blurb: 

Football superstar Kemper Kapertone is caught in a compromising position. Thrust into a media frenzy, Kemper flies across the country hoping to save a relationship now shattered beyond repair.

Tired of waiting on the sidelines, Kara Ball decides the role of jilted lover doesn’t work for her. Kara springs into action and pursues her sexy neighbor, an irresistible Dom who is twenty-seven years her senior and the object of her most recent fantasies.

Zak Stone stops by Kara’s condominium to drop off a parcel, but after the sexy seductress learns of her boyfriend’s engagement, plans change.  Soon, Kara opens up a package filled with illicit toys and the naughty ideas start churning. 

While Kemper races against time to set things right, Kara invites Zak to stay overnight, hoping an evening of passion will keep him coming back for more. Fortunately for Kara, Zak is only interested in playing for keeps.

Rated R Excerpt:

A door slammed and her eyes popped open. “Oh my God.”
Zak quickly pulled out, resting his forehead on her back as if he needed a moment to gain his bearings. “What the hell is he doing here?” His voice was dangerously low.
Kara shuddered. Her ragged breath came out in spurts.
How much had they heard? Worse still, how long had they stood there and watched her in the throes of pleasure, in the clutches of passion?
Carly turned away. Kemper looked at her dead on.
Zak scurried to his feet. “Don’t you believe in knocking?”
“Kara?” The color washed out of Carly’s face when she turned to the room once more. “What were you thinking?”
A hoarse cry fell from Kara’s chest. “What are you two doing here?”
“I should ask you the same thing,” Kemper said.
“As if you have a right!” Kara’s blazing fury shook through her body. To make matters worse she was still tied and bound, slumped in a doggie-style position on the contraption Kemper had sent her as a gift.
All things considered, it probably wasn’t the best time to let him know how much she appreciated his thoughtfulness, even though she was tempted.
Zak stood in front of her with his hands blocking his cock. “Can you give us a minute?”
“What the hell are you doing to my girlfriend?” Kemper stalked him then.
Kara tried to wiggle one way or another in an effort to free herself. “Why aren’t you on your honeymoon?”
“Psht!” Carly exclaimed, though she didn’t bother with a true reply.
Kemper clenched his fists and glared at Zak. “If I were you, buddy, I’d get lost.”
“I’d listen to him,” Carly said.
Kara grabbed an opportunity to glare at her best friend. “Just who are you to tell us what to do?”
“The friend who loves you,” Carly assured her. “I’m concerned about you, Kara. Clearly, you aren’t thinking straight.”
“I’ve never been so sure and confident in my life,” she snapped, turning her attention to Zak. “Don’t go, Sir.”
“What?” Carly and Kemper chimed in together.
“I’m not going anywhere, baby,” Zak said, grabbing his towel and wrapping it around his waist before pulling a sheet off the bed and covering Kara’s body. Dipping his hands under the coverlet, he blindly fumbled with the shackles in an effort to free her. “The two of you should wait downstairs. We weren’t expecting company at four-thirty in the morning.”
“We?” Kemper pushed by Zak and glared at Kara. “And what is this Sir shit?”
Kara glared at Carly and thinned her lips, silently pleading with her friend to take Kemper and go. Instead of aiding her, Carly asked, “What is that doohickey you’re wearing?”
Kemper bit out, “I sent her all these things so she would get used to the idea of Domination and submission!”
Carly scowled. “You?” She shoved her balled fists against her waist. “You didn’t get very much bang for your buck now did ya?” She glanced around the room. “How’d all this work out for you, babe? Hmm?”
Kemper’s face turned blood red. “I think she’s got the hang of it.”
“Considering I don’t receive gifts like these and I’m the one who loves the lifestyle, maybe you should ask yourself if you gave the right presents to the right woman. If I’d been in a contraption like that, you can bet your sweet ass you would’ve been the one coming in from behind!” Carly threw up her arms and stormed out of the room.
Kemper ignored Carly and stood over Kara, acting as if he were taking in the whole scene. “Have you been seeing one another long?”
“No.” Zak supplied the answer.
“I didn’t ask you!” Kemper never looked away from Kara.
“Obviously not,” Kara bit out. “The package just arrived today.”
“Be a gentleman and wait downstairs for us,” Zak said.
“I am not talking to you!” Kemper yelled, his muscles bulging around his short sleeves. He acted as if he were seconds away from taking that first swing.
Kemper had always been slow to anger, but when that ugly beast rose to the fore, he went berserk. She didn’t want to witness a fight. She just wanted Kemper and Carly to go.
“Please wait downstairs.” Kara couldn’t believe this was happening. “Please.”
“Why would you do this?” Kemper dragged his hand from forehead to chin. The slow act brought on a noticeable transformation. A furious expression replaced the face of betrayal and confusion.
Zak placed his hand on his shoulder. “You heard the lady. She wants you to wait—”
“Get your hands off me!” Kemper screamed, shrugging away from him. “You don’t want to go up against me, buddy!”
“She wants you to wait downstairs and you can do that now or I can call the police. Take your pick.”
Kemper laughed and another demeanor emerged, one Kara hadn’t seen in the past. He glared at her like he saw straight through her. “He doesn’t know. Does he?”
“Know what exactly?” Zak knelt next to her again and finished unbuckling the restraints. He helped her to her feet. “What don’t I know?”
Kara met Zak’s curious gaze, but she couldn’t speak. She knew what Kemper wanted her to tell him, but she couldn’t bring herself to say the words. If she voiced them then, she would feel like such a kept woman.
She studied Kemper and gauged his behavior. That was precisely what he wanted her to feel like in that very moment—a kept woman, somebody’s whore, and his little puppet.
Slow to regain her balance, she grabbed the bedpost and held the white linen sheet to her chest. Her bottom was sore with the recent reminder of what she’d done and with whom.
Both men stood side by side. She couldn’t hide from either of them. She couldn’t run, because where would she go? Carly returned to the room with her arms crossed. She was equally pissed, but Kara couldn’t figure out why.
At the moment, Kara didn’t care. Carly had known she was infatuated with her neighbor. Hadn’t she suspected something like this would eventually happen?
“She won’t tell you, so I will,” Kemper said, stomping across the room to the walk-in closet. Swinging the door wide, he shook his finger inside. “Those clothes are my clothes. This is my bedroom. This is my condo.” He swung around and waved his finger in Kara’s direction. “And that woman—regardless of what happened here—is my fucking woman!”

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International bestselling e-book and trade paperback author Destiny Blaine writes in all genres using several pseudonyms. Destiny lives in East Tennessee with her husband and four pampered dogs. Her daughter is in college and her son is serving in the United States Navy. For more information, visit her website at and follow her on Twitter at or Facebook. To access her street team information, visit The Wild Pack.