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Guest Tina Donahue and Contest

Want passion that won’t stop and a romance that makes you sigh? Then, you’ll love Claiming Magique , Book One in my Appointment with Pleasure series at Ellora’s Cave. (Coming August 31). J
Here’s the cover, blurb and a brief excerpt to give you an idea of the story.
I’m also offering a contest – the tour winner will have her choice of THREE of my backlist ebooks. So, read on!! And leave comments at each of my stops (check my blog daily for details: ) for your chance to win! The more comments, the better your chances.

Claiming Magique
Book One – Appointment with Pleasure series
Tina Donahue

A man at the center of power…a woman who won’t be ruled…
They call her Magique.

Sought out by the District’s elite, she’s no ordinary call girl, deciding who will pleasure her for the evening. Her preference is for several men at once. Games of bondage and submission heighten her arousal and desire to have a strong male take her…to be adored.
Lobbyist Hunter Prescott was only looking for a good time, not a woman who unleashes a hunger so deep it changes his world. He won’t stop until Magique is his alone, a prisoner of his lust, powerless against his growing need for her body and heart.
With this man, resistance isn’t allowed. For this woman, he’ll create a world of sensual delight and yearning like none she’s known. Proving that only with trust and true surrender will she find unparalleled rapture.

“Gentlemen,” she said, far warmer and more encouraging than the woman downstairs. Although she’d addressed them as a group, her attention remained on Hunt a bit longer before she regarded his friends.
He really liked that.
“Welcome,” she said.
For once, Tim didn’t seem to know how to respond. Speechless, he drank her in, the same as David, their Adam’s apples bobbing with their hard swallows.
She accepted their silence as though moments like this had played out before with countless other men who were fascinated by her presence and confident sexuality. Jack had claimed she didn’t like one on one, preferring group sex. As far as Hunt was concerned, Tim and David no longer existed. He and Magique were alone in this room.
His mind went into overdrive, picturing her facing the wet bar, obedient to his every demand. He had dozens, but contented himself with the most pressing first. With his hands on hers, he directed Magique to grip the edge of the counter. She turned her face to his, their mouths so close he could smell her sweet breath. It warmed and tickled his skin. Kissing her shoulder, he guided her to bend at the waist. Her hair tumbled over her arms, away from her ass, his sole focus. Inch by delicious inch, he edged up her wicked dress, exposing her buttocks. Two lush globes that begged him to squeeze them.
In his fantasy, she wasn’t wearing panties or a thong. He wanted nothing separating her skin from his, not even a condom. According to Jack, there wasn’t any worry about getting her pregnant. She protected herself well. She also knew that he, Tim and David had submitted to testing and passed with flying colors, free of any social disease. None of them would have been here tonight if they’d been a threat. It was one of her many demands.
Images unwound in Hunt’s mind of him kissing the crease at the top of her thigh. The scent of her sex washed over him. He suppressed a groan of delight and touched her slit. Slick with her arousal. Ready for—
Her sleek muscles rippled beneath the shimmering gold fabric as she turned back to the bar, pulling Hunt from his outrageous fantasy. He stared stupidly at the tray she held.
On it were three glasses of varying heights. The squat one with the amber liquor was bourbon neat, no water or ice. His favorite drink.
He wondered if it was Jim Beam and suspected it was. Had Jack told her his preference in hard liquor? Most likely.
With the grace of a runway model, she moved toward them, her heels clicking lightly on the floor, her steps in rhythm with the music’s beat. Slow and suggestive.


Tina Donahue
“Heat with Heart”



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Welcome Tanith Davenport

How did you start your writing career?
I was taking a creative writing course and discovered that my tutor was a member of the Romantic Novelists' Association, so I joined their New Writers' Scheme and had my debut novel "The Hand He Dealt" critiqued. After making changes based on their feedback I submitted it to Total-e-Bound and it was released in June of last year.

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?
I have always wanted to do a driving tour of the United States. I visited New York last year and was overwhelmed. Having said that, the one specific place I'd like to visit is probably Alaska. I'd love to go on a cruise past the icebergs.

Tell us about your current release.
My short story "I Like It Wet" has just been released as part of the "Smut by the Sea" anthology with House of Erotica. My heroine Talia is a fashion designer who, after a long month of work, travels to Scarborough for the weekend and runs into her office crush on the seafront while indulging her favourite kink - being drenched in water.

Tell us about your next release.
My paranormal novella "I Heard Your Voice" is due out on 22 October as part of Total-e-Bound's "Haunted by You" anthology. Tamar Steele is a paranormal investigator trapped in a loveless relationship with her team's medium, Reed James, who believes having sex on haunted ground increases paranormal activity. One night, during a vigil, she sings to herself and accidentally raises a spirit, who turns out to be determined to matchmake between her and Jason, her cute fellow investigator.

Does your significant other read your stuff?
To a degree. He is about halfway through my debut novel, but has read the sexier bits of my short stories - I like to have a second pair of eyes occasionally. It's not his type of thing but he likes to know what's in them in case one of his friends has read them - he likes to be prepared for any awkward questions!

What are your favorite TV shows?
Much to my husband's chagrin, I am addicted to game shows. I love watching repeats of Family Fortunes and Bullseye on Challenge. We went to see Pointless being filmed recently, so I've been recording the episodes so we can spot ourselves in the audience.

What is your favorite meal?
Right now, fajitas. I'm very into Mexican food at the moment, especially when it's washed down with a Mojito or two.

What hobbies do you actively pursue?
Besides reading and writing, I love watching films, listening to rock music, singing - I'm classically trained - and, right now, studying the paranormal. I got into it while researching for my paranormal novella "I Heard Your Voice" and have been fascinated by it ever since.

Morning Person? Or Night Person?
Morning, definitely. I like to get started on my writing early, even though I have to get dressed first - I can't write in a dressing gown.

Tell us about your favorite fan letter you have received.
I've only ever received one, but what made it special was that she wrote "Oh my God, I can't believe I'm writing to Tanith Davenport!" It's quite strange to inspire that kind of emotion in a reader, but also very gratifying.

Buy Here

Talia Lanter has had a long, hard month. She's single, overworked, and her boss has turned down her pet project. It's time for a weekend away - somewhere she can walk on the beach, eat chips, and indulge her favourite fetish: water.
Jay Metcalfe has had a crush on Talia ever since he met her. But the last thing he expected was to encounter her on the Scarborough seafront, letting herself be drenched by wave after wave, wet clothes plastered to her body, water sparkling on her skin, and flushed with pleasure...

The hotel was at the top of the cliff, overlooking Scarborough’s North Bay. A long stretch of white beach ran as far as the eye could see, edged along the roadside with cockle stands and seaside rock stalls. From her vantage point at the top of a flight of stone steps leading to the seafront, Talia could see that the tide was almost in, waves already beginning to crash against the bay wall.
She trotted down the steps, white wedge sandals slapping on the concrete, and made her way along the main street towards the cliffs at the far right of the bay. The seafront was packed, a morass of people and dogs set to a soundtrack of jangling arcade music, and the scent of fried doughnuts and candyfloss drifted from windows as she passed them.
Maybe later she’d treat herself. But right now her focus was on the sea.
The busy street gave way to a flat stone walkway, rising above her in rock and greenery on one side. Sunlight danced on the sea, an almost blinding shimmer. Talia rested her hands on the wall and looked down at the waves as they surged below.
If she could live anywhere, it would be within sight of the sea. Soothing and raging by turns, she needed it to live, needed it to breathe. God, it had been a rough month. She needed the break. And watching the ebb and surge, it was as though her worries were being massaged away.
A larger wave was swelling, rushing forward, and Talia threw her head back in anticipation.
Hit me!
A crash, a roar, and suddenly she was engulfed in sparkling spray, followed by the sudden splash of cool water drenching her face, her hair and her shirt, plastering the fabric to her body. Shaking her head, Talia flicked her hair from her face and opened her eyes just in time to see another wave approaching.
This one was bigger, faster, and the slap as it hit the wall threw it higher before falling in a deluge, soaking her from head to toe. Pressing her hands on the top of the wall, Talia arched her back and let the water flow over her, feeling the familiar sensation of cold mingling with the heat of the sun on her body.
All the tension in her muscles seemed to wash away with the water.

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Welcome Ann Siracusa

A Predictable Disaster
By Ann Siracusa
Readers always want to know where authors get their story ideas. This is how my new release All For A Fist Full Of Ashes, second novel in the Tour Director Extraordinaire series, came about.
The first book, All For A Dead Man's Leg, was an experiment to see if I could write in first person and write humor. I'd never done either. The romantic suspense featured a young tour director finding out what life was all about and a Europol spy with a dark past. I loved the characters, and I loved the voice, but I never intended to write a series featuring Harriet Ruby and Will Talbot. So, needless to say, the second book wasn’t planned.
The Inspiration
In early 2005, my Italian-American daughter-in-law and some members of her family decided to take a trip to Italy in the summer. She was taking her son, my grandson, so I decided to make the trip with another grandson who was about the same age.
After mass confusion, and a lot of family members wanting to go and then opting out, it ended up with thirteen Italian-Americans, including four teenagers, and my daughter-in-law's father, Vita Zaso, who was grew up in Palermo.
Oh, man! Knowing the way Italians make group decisions, the trip was going to be a predictable disaster. So I decided I should at least get the material for a book out of it.
Part of our Italian-American family 


The four teenagers and Italian friends plus Vito


A group of Italian-Americans taking a tour of Italy was a natural for my heroine Harriet Ruby, Tour Guide Extraordinaire. And if Harriet was my heroine, I needed Will Talbot on the trip with a spy story for him to chase after. So I came up with a story idea based on some family history and wrote the first three chapters before the trip, in part so I knew what to look for. The working title was "The Italian Train Wreck" and, as you can imagine, that's what the trip turned out to be.
The characters in the book are fictitious, and not based on my relatives―the reviewer for Coffee Time Romance, wrote she didn't think there was a more obnoxious family on the planet than the Spinella/Mazza clan―but the trip provided many incidents that spiced up the novel and quite a few that didn't get into the book.
About "All For A Fist Full Of Ashes"

Breathless Press Buy Link
E-book format only – 97K
ISBN 978-1-77101-827-2

In All For A Fist Full of Ashes, tour director Harriet Ruby and Europol spy and special operative, Will Talbot (who've been seeing each other for a year since meeting in Morocco), come together in Italy where their work assignments again overlap. Harriet is conducting a custom tour for fourteen members of an Italian-American family. The family matriarch is on a quest to find the unknown location of her mother's grave so she can bury her brother's cremated ashes which have been smuggled into Italy wrapped in Cuban cigars. Will has one of the family members under surveillance as a suspect in an assassination conspiracy.
Charming the matriarch, Will coaxes an invitation from her to join the tour. The quirky family members, including the four unruly teenagers and a pet green tree python named Fluffy, sweep through Italy in search of relatives and a lost grave and leave chaos, hilarity, and danger in their wake.
Will and Harriet find traveling together for twenty-four hours a day threatens their budding relationship which is fraught trust issues. Harriet wants to be involved in everything, and Will won't tell her anything about his case. Harriet's intervention leads her to intuit the time, place and victim of the conspiracy. Unable to reach Will, she puts herself in danger to thwart the assassination.
I’m Harriet Ruby: Tour Director Extraordinaire.  At least, I thought I was worthy of that title.
My first mistake: Agreeing to conduct a private tour of Italy. Fourteen Italian-Americans from New Jersey? All family, for three weeks, with four teenagers? What was I thinking? Fate responds to my engraved invitation by placing one of the family members under surveillance as a suspect in an assassination plot. And who is assigned to the case?  None other than my favorite drop-dead-gorgeous spy, Will Talbot.
My second mistake: Allowing Will to coax an invitation from the family matriarch to join the tour.
And that was just the beginning. The matriarch, searching for the unknown location of her mother's grave so she can bury her brother's cremated ashes (which have been smuggled into Italy wrapped in Cuban cigars), and her quirky family members sweep through Italy leaving chaos, hilarity, and danger in their wake. 
The Story Behind The Story
This story is based loosely on my husband's maternal grandmother, Orsola Giannoni, born in Florence, who met a Sicilian sailor at a festival and married him against her family's wishes. As a result, they disowned her and severed all contact. (In those days, Sicilians were considered lower than pond slime by northern Italians, and some says that's still true.) My husband says his grandmother had red hair, blue eyes, and never spoke Sicilian in all the years she lived in Sicily because she thought it was such an ugly dialect.
She never heard from her family again.
During WWII, when the Americans were bombing Messina (Sicily), my husband, in his early teens, and his family left the city and lived in Bordonaro, a mountain town not too far away. Three families lived together in an old barn. Orsola, then an old woman, died during the heaviest part of the bombing.

WWII photos of bombing in Messina
Because of the attack, there was no one to take the body away. The families that lived in the barn built a coffin out of the dining table, the only wood available, and used the casket as a table for several days. My mother-in-law used to tell the story of crying all through the meals and asking, "Mamma, do you want a glass of wine?" When the bombing stopped, government officials took away all the dead bodies en mass (many had been killed), and the family never found out where Orsola was buried.
Another ironic piece of the story behind the story is the brouhaha over the cremated ashes. A year after the book was written, Vito Zaso died. At his request, he was cremated and my daughter-in-law and her siblings took the ashes to Palermo to be inured with other members of his family. They went through all kinds of misery and discontent getting the ashes into Italy.  Ultimately, they didn't have to smuggle the ashes wrapped in cigars, but at one point it seemed like that might be the best shot. The incident validated my research, and I dedicated the book to Vito.
Of all the books I've written, this was the most fun.
Also, my oldest son has raised and bred green tree pythons and other constrictors since he was in middle school, so I have "unwilling" experience with snakes. However, no one brought a snake on the real trip. Thank goodness.

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Welcome Nicole Morgan

This title is offered at a 10% discount. Offer ends midnight CST, August 30th.

BLURB: [Siren Allure: Erotic Cowboy Romance, older hero, HEA]
Warren Murphy spent his adult years working for Leroy Jenkins, the local cattle baron. He loved his job almost as much as he did women. He was loving life as one of the most sought-after bachelors in the county.
Amber Jenkins is the only heir to the Jenkins fortune and the apple of her granddaddy’s eye. Years of growing up around Warren turned her teenage girl fantasies into a love that she couldn’t ignore. Despite her attempts at seduction, he pushes her away and out of his life.
Tragedy soon strikes and the two are face-to-face with one another on a daily basis. Warren finds it increasingly hard to deny his attraction toward Amber and is left with a choice. Does he give in to something he craves so desperately? Or does he let her go, knowing that he has never known a seduction as intimate and sweet as hers?
He made his way down the hall and was about to knock on the door when he heard the muffled sound of a cry coming from the other side. Without hesitation he went in and was stopped dead in his tracks.
In that moment, time ceased to exist. He stopped breathing, air no longer moved in and out of his lungs. His heart stopped beating the rhythmic melody of his pulse, and his vision locked onto her female form.
She stood there in a pair of tiny white panties, a strapless bra, and her dress was pooled at her feet as though she had merely just stepped out of it and into a painting of Michelangelo.
Everything about her was beautiful in that moment, except for the tears that streaked her cheeks. His heart must have started to beat again, because a horrible pain came from it, and he had to fight the urge to rub at it in an effort to assuage the hurt.
“No.” She shook her head at him in protest. “I told you to go. Please go.”
He watched in sadness as her tear-stained cheeks were decorated with new tears. Cries, heart-breaking cries tore from her throat as he took a few steps closer to her.
“Baby, no. I am not leaving you.”
He kept coming toward her, ignoring that she took a step back to match every one he made forward. She kept up the effort to distance herself from him for several steps until her back met with the wall and she shuddered.
She shook her head again. “You can’t do this. It’s not fair.” Closing her eyes tightly, she whispered, “Please just go.”
He now stood in front of her. His lips just inches from hers as he fought the urge to kiss them and taste that sweetness he could only recall in his mind.
“What’s not fair?” he asked in a soft voice.
Her eyes flashed open when she heard him. The close proximity of their bodies obviously startled her, and she started to push at his chest. Her movements were part pounding fists and part protests to how near he was to her, but only his firmly planted feet kept him from moving.
Despite her best intentions, she wasn’t trying that hard to push him away. He waited for her motions to slow. Sobs were coming out in between some words he couldn’t make out. Slowly, he took her wrists in his hands and pulled them around his waist.
He brought their two bodies together and wrapped his arms around her nearly naked form. She shivered under his touch, and he gently smoothed down her hair and whispered soothing words into her ear.
He wasn’t even sure what he was saying. His heart was racing with conflicting emotions. She was in his arms again, but it was obvious how much hurt he had caused her. He made another mental note to kick his ass again for being the reason she shed even one tear.
“Tell me what to say, Amber. Please stop crying. I’ll say anything to make you stop being sad.” No truer words were ever spoken.
Her one word answer also served as a question. A question that he didn’t understand, but wanted to be able to explain whatever it was she needed to hear.
“Why what, baby?”
She pulled away from his hold and looked up at him. Her beautiful green eyes looked glazed over and withdrawn.
“Why did you push me away that night? Why wasn’t I good enough? Why are you here now? Why won’t you leave? Why do you act jealous of Michael when, after I gave myself to you, you treated it like it was the biggest mistake of your life? Why are you breaking my heart all over again? Why?”
If there was a way for words to reach into his soul and tear it into shreds, he had just experienced it. The pain in her voice was so raw, so real that he knew she wasn’t just talking. She was reliving the pain of rejection he had inflicted upon her. All the doubts and insecurities he saw in her eyes were completely his fault. She was beautiful, vibrant, and the most amazing woman who he ever had a chance with, and she was broken because of him.
Nothing he could say would even do justice to half of her questions. There was no excuse for what he did to her, how he treated her. All he knew was that it was the biggest damn mistake of his life, and he’d be damned if he made the same one again.
He took her face his hands, dropping his forehead against hers. “I’m the biggest fuckup there is, baby. I have no answers, but please don’t make me go now that I finally know how much you mean to me.”
Her wide eyes blinked back at him as he made his plea. “I….you...what are you saying?”
How could he explain something to her even he didn’t understand? She was hurting. He was hurting. If he tried to put what he was feeling into words, he would probably screw things up even worse.
No. There weren’t even any words to describe what was going through his mind. He couldn’t wait any longer either. Ever since that night he’d sent her away he had tried to recall the sweetness of her kiss, the softness of her lips.
As each day passed he could remember less and less. Now here she was, with him, in his arms, their bodies close. She was his. Whatever he needed to do to make sure she knew that, too, he would. Right now, though, all that mattered was taking what he missed so much.
In a swift movement, not taking the chance of her pulling away, he pressed his mouth to hers. She gasped in surprise, and he swallowed her surprise. With her mouth open, he swept his tongue inside and stroked it against the wet, velvety sweetness of hers.
This right here. Jesus, this was what he missed so badly.

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Welcome Cornelia Amiri

Enter Ellora’s Cave and step underhill to the dwelling place of the baobhan sith. They are waiting for you. They’ve saved you a dance.
Who are what are the baobhan sith, you ask? They are vampiric fey who roam the Scottish highlands. All of them are women, no men and they have talons, no fangs and like other vampires, they drink human blood and they fry in the sunlight. Many call them dancing vampires as they look for young men coming from the pub at night. The baobhan sith dance with them until the men are exhausted then they transform their nails to talons and claw at their skin, draining their blood. Two books of my Dancing Vampire series are available now with three more to come. With five quickies in all, I refer to them as 5 Shades of Fey. The latest, Vampire Highland Fling, was just released. Here’s two pinterst boards on the baobhan sith and my books & and below is a blurb and excerpt:
Vampire Highland Fling
Cornelia Amiri
Second in the Dancing Vampires series.
Murdina, a dark vampiric fey, hunts the Scottish Highlands for a man, but not for blood—Murdina wants love. She spots Cameron playing the bagpipes, and when a strong wind lifts his kilt, she takes a good look and decides he’s the one.
When Cameron meets a beautiful, mysterious woman who dances the Highland fling for him, his blood boils for her. Soon Murdina and Cameron are doing more than dancing. Wrapped in each other’s arms, they discover true love, but their time together is limited before Murdina’s fey sisters cross the portal to steal her back and probably kill him. Is their love strong enough to overcome the threat her sisters pose to Murdina’s heart and to Cameron’s life?
The moment he set his bagpipes down by his feet, she slid her arms around his firm, muscular shoulders, locking her hands at the base of his neck. Then he encircled her with his warm, bracing arms. He pulled her tighter to him and parted her lips with a thrust of his tongue. The open-mouth kiss deepened, now hungry and demanding. She’d seduced thousands of humans before, but melted like hot honey in the arms of only this one.

Humans were for feeding on. She and her sisters lured them with a sultry dance then transformed their fingernails to talons to draw the humans’ blood and lap it up. What a waste it would be to use this man for nothing but his blood. What would happen if he found out what she was? He’d run away. She was a baobhan sith and they killed men like him. Though she’d decided she’d never hurt him, he wouldn’t know that.

He slid his moist tongue between her parted lips. With sweeping, swirling motions, he invaded her mouth. She clung even tighter to him, lost in the fervor of the kiss, wanting it to never end.

A voice she recognized, calling her name, pierced the silence of the night. She pulled her mouth from Cameron’s and stepped out of his embrace. “Not them. Not now.” Trembling, she crossed her arms against her chest to steady herself. “Oh no. Cameron, run.”

He didn’t move. His eyebrows arched and his brow furrowed, his expression shifted to shock and confusion.

“Danger. Go.” She flung her arms in the air, gesturing to him. “Run now.”

“No. I am not leaving you. I’ll protect you. Who are they?”

“My sisters. They mean me no harm. I am fine, but you need to run. I beg of you, go. I will explain later. I am fine.”

“Are you sure they mean you no harm?”

“Yes. They cannot harm me. I promise. Do as I say so I will see you again.”

He grabbed his bagpipes off the ground and clutching them, he turned and sprinted away. She wheeled around, facing her five sisters, who were glaring daggers at her. Her jaw clenched tight.

“Just one?” Tearlag’s face flushed red with anger.

“Where are ours?” Fuamnach set both her hands on her curvy hips.

“You came up here from underhill without even telling us.” Mordag took a step closer to her.

“You don’t even want to share. You picked out one, just for yourself.” Aithbhreac spit her words out.

Eimhear tilted her dainty chin in the air. “Greedy. And you sent him running from us.”

Before Murdina could answer, all five of her sisters said simultaneously, “We can catch him.”

She hated to do it but she had no choice and she had to act now before her sisters killed Cameron. Stretching her arms into the air, she began a spell.
“To stop you, sisters mine
I halt your chase
I cast a spell of time
He’s off at a fast pace
While you freeze in place
Now outpaced.”

She shuddered as a surge of energy racked her body. All five of her sisters stood frozen in place, unable to move.
For my blog contest, please leave a comment and I’ll chose a winner randomly from all those who comment for a PDF Ebook of Vampire Highland Fling. For more about my books, excerpts, and new releases please visit me at,, and!/CelticRomanceQueen

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Welcome Kiki Howell


The Vampire’s Witch, Book 1 of At War in the Willows trilogy


The Willows is a resort town run by vampires, werewolves and witches. Here, their true identities are kept secret from humans, and intimate relations between the individual clans are strictly forbidden.

When it becomes known that the vampire Amberlyn has fallen in love with the werewolf Kane, the tedious line of their co-existence has been crossed. Caught in the crossfire of this revelation, Drake, the vampire clan leader and Amberlyn’s maker, is killed along with an innocent witch. These deaths spark a series of horrific events leading to an all out War In The Willows.

In Book 1, The Vampire’s Witch…Amberlyn’s vampire brother, Isaac, always one to kick ass first and deal with the consequences later, kidnaps a witch, Winter. He intends to find out what type of retaliation the witch clan is planning against the vampires and werewolves. In doing so, he finds so much more then he bargained for.

By Book 2, The Vampire’s Wolf…Isaac and Winter devise a plan to try to get the Elders of the clans talking peacefully. But, things don’t go as they’d hoped, and the fighting between the clans becomes more devious – deadly. Now, Devin, another vampire of Drake’s making, steps in to help pick up some of the pieces.

When Book 3, The Vampire’s Human begins, it is Devin who hides the biggest secret; he’s in love with a local human. In a moment of desperation – of love – Devin sweeps this human, Sara, away to his home in order to keep her out of harm’s way.

Unexpected close encounters, bodies ripe with need, and situations beyond their control lead to forbidden relationships. Now three vampires, a witch, a werewolf and a human must ride along the edges of the rules. They will attempt once unthinkable romantic entanglements despite all those who oppose their relationships, while fighting for their lives as well.

With the Willows full of violence and bloodshed, meetings and magic amiss, will the clans ever be able to find peace among them again? Or, will this war destroy the Willows?


The Vampire’s Witch by Kiki Howell


One draw of blood into his mouth, and her hips violently trembled. She cried out, but rather than sensing her pleasure, he felt she was casting a spell on him. Her magic poured over him, through him like blood through his veins. He felt her climax as it traveled deep into his groin, filling the area with pleasure. His cock was rock hard, waves of contractions flowed through him. Thoughts, not his, entered his head, my Goddess, Isaac Roberts, just made me come! Fuck me Isaac.
He pulled back. Staring at her, he only realized he’d left the wound marks open on her thigh when blood dripped onto his leg. He licked over tiny holes to seal her flesh, to let it start to heal, before turning back to confront her.
“You did that on purpose. You pushed thoughts into my head.”
“Yes. Mind games. I’m a witch. I’m brilliant at them.”
“But, so easily. Can you hear my thoughts?”
“If I wanted to, I could control them. You vamps don’t fear us for nothing. But, I wouldn’t do that to you. I think you know that. I think you can feel enough of me, of my magic, to know I’m not a threat to you.”
Isaac nodded, looking at her body, her skin glowing in the light of the few lamps that were still on. He realized he’d slept with the light on last night; his face exposed no less. As well, he’d slept like the dead with a stranger in his bed, unprotected. However, the realization brought him pure power rather than vulnerability. Usually, he cared little for life, but right now, he wanted to live it. Question was, could he live with that kind of change?
Like a lion over its prey, he came over her, his body feeling heavy as it met her softness from head to toe. He kissed her gently – for the first time – taking his time to savor the feel of her lips on his, her tongue rubbing along his fangs.
“I taste not only my own arousal, but my own blood.”
“Damn, that was one sexy sentence.” He smiled down at her. And, damn but he could get used to this. A connection, love at first sight, mortal enemies, he just could no longer deny or resist any of it no matter how dangerous or stupid it was.
Moving his hips, he nestled his between hers. The hard, tight, head of his cock met her warm, wet, softness.
“Am I too cold?” he whispered, as he felt her shudder again.
“No, not too cold.”
When she smiled, his heart – the one that no longer beat, but lay dead in his chest – felt like it came alive for one moment. He reached for the blanket on the bed and pulled it over them, hoping to keep some of her body heat in it. He felt deliciously warm. She made him feel so alive, like a true man again. He couldn’t control her thoughts and didn’t know how to send his own to her, as she’d just done to him, so he spoke instead. His fear of rejection outweighed by his pleasure.
“You make me feel so alive again, I swear my heart beat. I feel your warmth, not only in your blood running through me, but every place we touch. For so long, I’ve hardened myself from the world, taking some physical pleasures, but denying any existence of humanity inside myself. That is, until last night when I held you in my arms, carried you across town. You saved me, ten years ago and now. I didn’t know it until just this moment.”
“You’ve saved me too.”
“From what?”
“My solitary existence, even if for just one night if that is all this can be.”
He swept his lips over hers, their smiles coinciding with each other. He entered her then, pushing his length inside her body, feeling her inner walls adjust around him. She practically purred. Their initial slow rhythm became frenzied quickly. Her inner walls gripped him as he moved in and out of her. Her fingers dug into his back. He felt her power swirl around them again, and her voice came across clear in his mind.
Bite me, Isaac. It’s all right. I know you want to.
He did. His fangs piercing her neck sent him over the edge. As her blood flowed into his mouth again, his seed shot into her – void of life, but strong. She quivered around him, tightened and loosened, milking him of every last drop of his come as she came herself.
After healing her wounds with his tongue, he bunched the blanket more in between their chests to protect her from his chill. He moaned when he slipped from inside her. He knew though, that the lost connection would have been worse, if some part of her didn’t still envelope him with her energy.
“Better than I ever dreamed it could be,” she said as she looked up into his eyes. He knew they were still dark, but she didn’t look away. “I could probably heal your face now, with a spell, a few herbs. Not that I care what you look like, you’re beautiful. But, I feel guilty, like I might have done this to you.” Tears slipped from her eyes, tiny knives into his heart, which was just now coming alive.
“No. Don’t feel like that. You’ve already healed something in me that I didn’t care until now was even broken.”
A sound in the distance, the feeling of his family drawing near, had him moving her with lightening speed into the closet; the only hiding space in the whole damn place save for the bathroom.
“There is a door behind this wall. Get in there so they don’t feel you. I’m sorry.”
He left her there, saying something like a prayer to god only knew who, that she would be safe – remain hidden. Although, he knew already, he would protect her to his death. A vampire and a witch? No different than my sister with a werewolf? This was his last thought as the main door opened, and he shoved her nightgown and what was left of her panties under the sheet on the bed.

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