Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guest Blogging

Today I'm over at Seven Sexy Scribes sharing an excerpt from an oldie, but a goodie.

Yesterday I was featured on Heather Hiestand/Anh Leod's blog. I'm having a contest for commenter's. The contest runs through Dec 2 - so stop by for your change to win an ebook of your choice from my backlist.

Monday, November 29, 2010


If I'm quiet this week it's because I'm dealing with a few issues in work and life..Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I'll be back soon.
Enjoy this Monday Hottie! I wish I was somewhere warm. :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Play With Me

Whipped Cream gave Play With Me 4.5 cherries. It's up for Book of the Week so if you feel inclined I'd love a vote! :o)

Thanks and Enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week is upon us and I’ve been reflecting on the past ten months. A lot has happened in my life. Some things were life altering and tragic. Some were wonderful and uplifting.
A few people have been brought into my life and I know they were put there for a reason. One person understands what I’ve been going thru and the other person is a cheerleader for my career and overall great friend. I’m thankful for both of them. :) That’s not to say I’m not thankful for the rest of my online friends, because honestly you’ve all helped me when I felt I couldn’t go on.
I’m thankful for my family. Most importantly my DH. I thought for sure our marriage was doomed this year, but through tragedy we grew stronger. I’m so glad he stuck by me when I pushed him away.
Another thing I’m thankful for is my health.
Rumors are swirling that my job along with hundreds of other colleagues is on the line. There’s a good chance I may find myself in the unemployment line before Christmas. What a shitty way to end the year, but right now I’m thankful for the job.
In the midst of all the rumors I’m moving forward and taking charge of what I can control.
Happy Thanksgiving to all the people in the US and for those who aren’t celebrating, I wish you happiness.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cris Anson - Cougar Challenge

And so the Challenge continues!!!!!! Today Cris Anson's book Adding Heat is available at Ellora's Cave. This is another Sizzling story and a must read. Check out this HOT book.
A story in the Cougar Challenge series.

Encouraged by friends she met at RomantiCon, widowed landscape contractor Giselle Sheridan decides she’s finally ready to take the cougar challenge and explore sex with a younger man. Except she’s too busy during planting season to go on the prowl.

CPA Conlan Trowbridge is battling the IRS deadline for his clients, but when Giselle saunters into his office with a tax question, all he can think of is sex. She’s all luscious curves and smoldering brown eyes, and he doesn’t care if she’s a dozen years older, she’s a wet dream come true.

Oh yeah, they’re both ready for some hot and heavy sex—in the tub, parking lots, their offices—anywhere and everywhere. But Giselle is afraid her age will eventually bother Con, and her longtime foreman also has designs on her, in more ways than one. When Giselle faces some hard decisions, will she ultimately be able to keep the heat?
An Excerpt From: ADDING HEAT
Copyright © CRIS ANSON, 2010
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Could he be any more goody-goody than thinking a bicycle ride was an appropriate first date?
The dimple in his smile as he waved hello didn’t catch her interest this time. She was angry that she’d been hoodwinked. No, that wasn’t fair. It was her own fault she’d misunderstood.
But oh lord, when he walked to the back of the truck, her eyes popped at the finest, tightest, roundest ass she’d ever seen. Come to think of it, his thighs were more muscular than she’d imagined when she’d seen him in loose-fitting dress pants at the Senior Center.
And his belly. It was concave under the spandex. His clothes looked painted on, and every step showed the flex and flow of his muscles. Not an ounce of fat. Anywhere. She could just imagine the type of woman he probably dated. No way was she in anywhere near the shape of those twenty- and thirty-somethings with hard bodies and unlined skin who rode in biking marathons.
He looked like one of her employees, young and buff and…
She gulped. Was he actually being a tease? Or was she just acting like the dirty old lady Larry had accused her of being?
Larry. Good grief. She’d consciously avoided him, avoided the upcoming confrontation, since the other morning when they’d shared that unexpected kiss. She’d always considered Larry in the context of an employee, not a man, although he was tall and burly and masculine down to his big workboots. But his kiss was as manly as any she’d ever experienced. She’d probably be smart to consider dating Larry and leaving Con to the younglings.
“You might get a little warm and sweaty in those jeans,” Con said as he rolled out one of the bikes and leaned it against the porch railing. “And you might want to wear sneakers.”
Was this guy really a nerd? Or was this his way of trying to impress her?
Okay, she’d show him. Without a word she marched back upstairs and a few minutes later walked back out wearing a brand-new outfit she’d bought for wintertime exercise at a health club she never got around to joining—tight, mid-thigh, spandex workout shorts and sports bra that lifted her ample breasts and maximized her cleavage. The get-up showed a fair amount of skin between garments and she was gratified that his mouth actually dropped open as he rolled the second bike to a stop.
“Is this better?” she cooed. And smiled at the instant bulge his molded shorts couldn’t hide.
Instead of turning to hide his erection, as she’d expected a goody-goody to do, his eyes shot lightning bolts and he strode purposefully toward her.
“I‘ve wanted to do this since the moment I laid eyes on you,” he murmured as he cradled her head between his palms. His mouth touched hers and all hell broke loose inside her.
He shifted his stance, bringing her in closer contact with all his bumps and ridges. She found herself responding, not just to the feel of his lips, firm yet featherlight as they teased her mouth, but to the heady sense of being enveloped in a cocoon of testosterone as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. Then he spun them around so her back was against the driver’s-side door and he sandwiched her between it and that hard, wiry body whose firm texture took her by surprise.
Oh God, it had been so long since a man had rubbed against her in such a sexual way. Her pussy tightened. Her nipples jumped to attention. Of their own volition, her arms encircled his waist and her hands began stroking that muscled back.
Suddenly it wasn’t enough. Something inside her reared up, something frustrated and hungry and ignored too long. Grabbing the stretchy fabric, she yanked his shirt from his waistband to feel smooth, warm skin, like silicone over iron. She wanted to lick him all over, wanted her naked body rubbing against his. She wanted to see, to taste the cock that was poking into her belly like a shovel handle.
Her mouth captured his tongue, sucked it in like a Popsicle. Her hands moved to map the curvature of his waist then delved upward to follow the ridges of his abs to search for those flat nipples she loved to scratch, like pushing buttons, to make a man jump to her beat.
“Giselle,” he murmured, wrenching his head back. “Stop.”
Somewhere amid all the jumbled emotions, her brain began functioning, then tossed out a bitter thought. He was calling a halt because he was embarrassed. She had to be a dozen years older than him. And yeah, he’d reacted to her blatant display of curves and skin, and she’d been thrilled that he seemed attracted to her, but now he’d come to his senses with a vengeance.
She went rigid against the truck, let her hands drop. Felt him step back and watched as he tucked in his shirt.
“I’m sorry,” she said through clenched teeth. “I didn’t mean to make you—”
“We have company.”
“Uncomfortable— What?”
“Someone’s coming down your driveway. See that plume of dust?”
“Yeah. I wouldn’t want anyone to see you in a compromising position.”
With difficulty, Giselle focused on the approaching vehicle. A truck. A very familiar truck.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Stress can wreak havoc on your life. I’ve been stressing the last five or six days. Rumors are running rampant through my work that layoffs are going to occur right before Christmas. The worst part is they are laying off a HUGE portion of US employees. We are going to be replaced by people overseas.
I have an issue with this. If a company has headquarters in the US they should employee over fifty percent of their personnel with US citizens. I understand labor is cheaper in other countries, but seriously folks. Our country has been in economic crisis for way too long. I wish the government, for all they’re worth, would penalize these companies. Make them move their headquarters overseas if they don’t want to support the people in their country. These companies make billions every year off cheap labor.
Sorry, enough of my rant. Back to the subject of stress. Yesterday I made a HUGE writer snafu. I decided it was time to get my non-fiction writing back on track to bring in more money in the event I’m out of work next month. There’s a magazine I’ve been targeting. One I wrote for a few years back, but they stopped using freelancers. Well recently they put out a need for freelancers.
I have a template that I use. Most of it is boilerplate stuff and I adjust to fit the targeted magazine. Anyway, I sent off the letter to the editor. In the sentence stating my interest to write for SAID mag, I had another magazines name. GASP! I basically killed any chances of writing for that magazine in the future.
Today I’m going back to working on my wip. It’s safer.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Work Week

It seems like forever since I blogged, when in reality it was only Friday. The weekend went by fast, but we did a lot. T, spent Friday night with us. We took her to dinner and that didn’t go well. She’s normally a well-behaved 18 month old child in restaurants, but we took her later than usually. It was nearing her bedtime and let’s just say when she’s tired she’s out of control. LOL she refused to sit in her highchair. She didn’t want to sit on grandma’s lap. She wanted to run, run, run.
I decided to take her to the lobby while the DH paid for dinner. Three women were waiting for their table so T walks over and flashes one of her brilliant smiles. They adore her so she offers her hand for a high five! Now she has their attention. All three women graciously amuse her and high five her back. Then she spots a little boy sitting on his mom’s lap. Well, let’s just say, she wanted him to hang with her. She walked right up to his face and waved. Then she motioned him to come on…the father said, hey bud, I think you’ve gotten your first dinner invitation.
The rest of the weekend went by in a blur. My son spent the day yesterday doing laundry. No washer or dryer at the new place. I was thrilled because my mom gave me an IPod for my birthday. Thankfully my son and I listen to the same hard rock music. I filled my IPod with lots of music for when I’m on the treadmill. I’ve wanted an IPod for a long time, but it’s one of those things that I just wouldn’t spend the money on. I’m weird when it comes to toys. I’ll buy them for everyone else, except myself.
This week is a short work week. Only three days. YAY.
I managed to get in 1k today – YAY again.
Monday is looking up.

Happy Monday!

Friday, November 19, 2010


Laundry – check
Clean the bathroom – check
Write –
Clean son’s former room – check
Run to the post office – check
Make dinner – check
That’s my list from yesterday. As you can see I didn’t manage to write anything. My heroine is currently shackled to the bed and she’s about to become a very happy woman. Yet, I can’t write the scene. I’m doing everything else, except writing.
Our son moved out Wednesday, so I took it upon myself to clean the room from top to bottom. I should’ve been writing. What’s the issue? I’m not in the mood and I have a headache.
My heroine is screaming, “Hey Lady, don’t leave me hanging like this. Give me a little something.” LOL
My plan is to get at least 2k today. I have an hour of silence before the house wakes up and what am I doing? Writing this post. I should be helping my heroine.
Oh Damn. I’d better get to her. She’s getting real frustrated.
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gettin' Lucky

Today is release day for my Cougar Challenge series book. I'm very excited about this book and hope you all enjoy Lucky the massage therapist! Did I mention he has great hands. ;)

A story in the Cougar Challenge series.

Marcy Brown can’t get enough of Lucky, her massage therapist. Lucky’s fingers always linger dangerously close to…sensitive areas, and ignite a fire she can’t ignore. Marcy isn’t looking for a relationship, but a friend with benefits would be right up her alley. The women of her fave blog, Tempt the Cougar, swear by younger men, but Marcy doesn’t want to train someone. She wants a man who can give her orgasm after orgasm.

Lucky offers to be her secret lover and help her realize all her fantasies. With Lucky, Marcy discovers the thrill of sexual positions and taboos she’s been missing out on—up to and including sex with two gorgeous men at once.

All bets are off when this Cougar is challenged to get her growl on.
An Excerpt From: GETTIN’ LUCKY
Copyright © AMBER SKYZE, 2010
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Chapter One

“Isn’t he hot, sweetie?”
“Mom!” Marcy groaned.
“What? Is there something wrong with me thinking the young doctor is sexy?”
“Mother, please.” Not that there was anything wrong with her admiring the younger doctor. Shit Marcy fantasized about younger men, but she kept it under wraps. She didn’t speak the words out loud.
Marcy wished she could crawl under a rock and die. They were in the recovery room. Her mother had just undergone surgery for her broken wrist. It wasn’t like they were alone. The room was full of other people who had come from surgery too, along with their family members. Marcy looked around to see if anyone else was listening to her mother’s tirade. She couldn’t believe her mother was talking about how hot the doctor was in front of all these people. Christ, he was young enough to be her son, possibly grandson.
“Thank you,” the doctor said. “Now I want you to rest for the next few days. No using those fingers, either. You need to give your body time to recuperate.”
“Anything you say, Doctor.”
Marcy watched as her mother made googly eyes at the doctor.
“Do you make house calls?” she asked, reaching out with her good hand to touch him.
He chuckled.
“They don’t allow us to go to patients’ homes, but I’ll see you in a few days at my office. All right?”
“If you insist.”
“I’ll see you soon.” He patted her mother’s leg before rushing off to his next patient.
Marcy looked down at her mother.
“I can’t believe you just said those things to the doctor, Mother,” she whispered.
“It’s all right, Ms. Brown,” the nurse said. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Lots of women enjoy the company of younger men.”
Not my mother and certainly not me. Though she couldn’t deny the growing attraction she’d been feeling for Lucky. Lately every time he massaged her he came dangerously close to her pussy, stirring up tingling sensations she hadn’t felt in a very long time. Thankfully her vibrator gave her the relief she craved after leaving her weekly massages, because she couldn’t risk losing Lucky. Entering into anything sexual with him would cross too many boundaries for her. She might have to change massage therapists and that would be a pity.
“I appreciate your understanding, but that doctor could be her grandson.” She knew she was exaggerating, but seriously. Her mother was too old to be drooling over the doctor.
The nurse laughed.
Marcy didn’t find anything funny about her mother fawning over the young stud. Yes, he was cute, not her type, but nice-looking.
“Stop being so uptight, Marcy. Just because Dan wasn’t smart enough to stick around doesn’t mean you’re a dead fish. You can have a little fun if you know what I mean.” Her mother winked.
Marcy wanted to flee the recovery room.
“It’s the anesthesia.” The nurse patted her hand.
“Thanks.” Marcy looked at her name tag. “Elizabeth.”
“No problem. I have a few things to check on, but I’ll be back shortly. Don’t worry about your mother. Once the anesthesia wears off she’ll probably forget the things she said.”
God she prayed the nurse was right. She couldn’t have her mother talking like this.
“I appreciate your understanding.”
The nurse nodded before heading off. She returned an hour later.
“Here are your discharge papers,” Elizabeth said. “And here’s something just in case your mom is serious.”
Marcy took the business card.
“Tempt the Cougar? What’s this?”
In a hushed tone, Elizabeth explained. “It’s a blog where women who want to experience the thrill of younger men gather.”
“Oh no. My mother definitely doesn’t need this.” Marcy attempted to hand the card back to her.
“Take it. You never know.”
“I’m sorry, but I do know. This is not something my mother would be interested in.”
Elizabeth shrugged.
“Then keep it for yourself. You never know, you might find it interesting.” She rushed off before Marcy could object.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Migraines from Hell

From Sunday until sometime Monday I suffered from a cluster of migraines. They’d only go away temporarily. Anyone who suffers from them knows how debilitating they can be. Not only that they wear you out. I couldn’t think straight. So far today I’m doing good. I’m hoping to keep them at bay; I’d like to get some writing done.
I’m the proud winner of Natalie Dae’s blog makeover. I’m going through all the different designs to see what I’d like for my new look. I’m very excited and thrilled to win.
In other news I interviewed fellow Noble Romance author, Nichelle Gregory over at A Pinch of Romance. Drop in and show her some love if you get a chance.
Need to get working on All or Nothing. I’ve left my poor heroine shackled to the bed before tortured with a feather. She’s probably cursing me right about now. LOL
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Am I Too Sensitive?

I went into hiding for a bit last week. I promised my editor a revision by Friday and to do that I needed to concentrate on nothing more. I also had two days from hell at work. I worked 24 hours straight, which wasn’t planned. What should have ended at 7:30pm on Wednesday night didn’t finish until 8am Thursday morning. To top things off we had the granddaughter over night. I swear this happens every time I promise to take her. I told my daughter no more when I have testing going on. LOL
T, was good though and slept through the night. Once she left Gram fell into bed for a few hours. It’s hard to believe she’s 18months already. She gives me the stink eye when she’s bold and tells me NO. She also has a fascination with money. She walks around rubbing her fingers together saying, “Money, money, money.” She’s her mother’s daughter!
I was also struggling with a friendship issue. I’ve talked about this friend, the drama queen, before and it seems drama rears its ugly head around my birthday. This friend has a habit of things being ALL about her. We’ve been friends for 26 years now.
Anyway a few days before my birthday she says, so you have a birthday coming, on the 10th right. I kindly say, “No, the 7th.”
The conversation shifts to something else.
As we’re ending the conversation for the day I tell her I’m leaving at lunchtime on Friday for the trip to Salem.
“Have fun!”
I return from my trip on Sunday, my birthday. Said friend called late Friday afternoon and left a message.
“Just calling to see what you’re up to.”
I shrug. So she forgot.
She calls Tuesday to tell me all about her issues. Never once mentioning my birthday. So I figure she’ll call on the 10th and wish me a happy birthday.
She calls the 10th only to tell me how much more the drama has increased. She calls the 11th and the 12th too. Never mentioning my birthday.
She did this two other times in the last four years. Once she called asked how I was, didn’t let me say a word and went into a tyrant about her current boyfriend.
Her birthday is 2 weeks after mine. She makes this huge spectacle about it every year. So the first time she ignored my b-day I didn’t recognize hers. The DH said I was being childish, but I was hurt.
Guilt got the better of the after that and I went back to making a big deal out of her day.
As her b-day gets closer there’s a big chance I’ll be in town, but I won’t be seeking her out. I’m tired of the one-way friendship. Believe me I’m not one to make a big deal out of my birthday, but a little Happy Birthday from someone who claims to be my best friend for 26 years isn’t asking much, IS IT?
Tell me am I overeating? Am I being sensitive?

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Witch in the Family, Oh My!

Have you ever traced your family history and found startling information? We did and I'm blogging about what we found. Drop in and share your thoughts.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Color Me Stupid

I thought the membership drive was for the Seven Sexy Scribes Blog. Well it was for the yahoo loop! I'm still giving the books away to those who have already contacted me letting me know they are following the blog.

Going forward you have to join the yahoo group to win a copy of an ebook. To Join go here:
On the loop we'll be having chats with lots of prizes, among other fun things. These are the books I'm offering a copy of.

It snowed last night. I woke up this morning to snow on the cars. Slush and snow. It’s too soon for this. Too soon! :o)
We had a GREAT weekend. I learned so much about my family history. It was truly amazing. Salem is a wonderful place and we look forward to going back in the summer to really explore the sights.
I had a wonderful birthday. The DH took me and the kids out to dinner. Only T came with us, her brother stayed home with his other grandmother. I’ll see him today.
In writing news, I’m writing today. I did write about 500 words yesterday, against doctor’s orders. I didn’t care. The urge came and I answered. Today I’m close to 1k and hoping to get more down.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!
Happy Monday!

Happy Birthday to Me

This was the right way to start my birthday, A JERR review!

Title: Adrift
Author: Amber Skyze
Publisher: Loose Id
Reviewer: Gabrielle Lee
Rating: 4.5 Stars
Heat level: H

Kari has hidden herself away from the world because of one awful night and the scars that came from it. She has had a crush on her coworker Ben since he has come to work at her office. Little does she know but he has his eyes set on her and intends to bring her out of her shell. He sees more than just her outside appearance, he sees her soul and wants to share the love he and Adam have with her.
I was pulled into Adrift right from the start. Kari is a strong woman. She has lost and survived. Now all she needs is someone like Ben and Adam to bring her out of hiding. Ben is a wonderful man who loves with all his heart and wears it on his sleeve. Adam is a sweet man as well. He loves Ben and will protect him no matter what. As strong as the bond is between the two men it only becomes stronger when Kari enters the picture. When the three finally come together as a threesome they do more than have sex. The two men make love to Kari showing her that they care about her not her scars. Making it a very emotional experience for all. Adrift is a wonderful read that takes you on a roller coaster ride of love and emotions. I enjoyed this sweet, sexy love story and will be looking for more stories from this author in the future.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Off for the weekend!

Off to Salem MA this weekend, along with 250 other family members and the timing couldn’t be better. Last night the DH, my youngest and I were at Best Buy looking at netbooks (my b-day is this weekend and DH needed ideas.) :0) Anyway, so all of a sudden my left wrist started hurting like crazy. I did have pain in it earlier in the day, but nothing that made me stop or wince.
I felt around where the pain was and noticed a small lump…so because we’re going away the DH thought it was a good idea to have it checked out. Off to the walk-in clinic. 30 mins later they decided it was bruised. Now mind you she didn’t want to do an x-ray, probably because they were in a hurry to go home. She bandaged it and said if I have any issues over the next three days come back for an x-ray. Yeah, I’m not feeling the love from that clinic. I’ll go see another doctor. I’d go see mine, but he decided to move out of state, so I don’t have one at the moment.
She told me limited use for at least three days. Shhh, don’t tell her I’m typing this. lol The wrist still hurts like a SOB.
Nano isn’t going as good as I’d hoped but I plan to resume intense writing next week. I’d like to sneak some in over the weekend, but 5 of us are sharing a two bedroom suite. I don’t think they’ll appreciate me getting up at 4am to make coffee and type away. Hopefully the time away will replenish my creative well as it seems to have run dry at the moment.
If you’re not a newsletter subscriber I’m running two contests this month. One ends Nov 7th at midnight est, the other runs all month long. Great prizes. You can sign up on the left to find out how to win.
Happy Friday and have a Fun-filled weekend!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Review and Membership Drive

I received an awesome 4.50 review for Spend the Night With Me from NOR!

This was a great installment to the series. I can't wait to read the last of the three friend’s stories.

To read the rest please follow this link:


As you may know I’m part of another blog site called: Seven Sexy Scribes – http://sevensexyscribes.blogspot.com/

We’re doing a membership drive. Yes, there are perks for joining our funtastic group of authors. If you join during the month of November, you’ll receive a copy of one of my backlist ebooks. Sign up between now and November 30th, send me an email giving me your name, so I can confirm. That simple. Oh wait you need an email address: amberskyze@gmail.com

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kaily Hart talks Book Trailers

Let's give a warm welcome to fellow EC author Kaily Hart. I had the privilege of meeting Kaily at RomantiCon. Wish we had more time to chat, but there was so much going on. Next year we're hoping to have a few drinks together. For now she's dropping by with her new release!


Amber, thanks so much for having me here and congrats on that awesome sale to Loose Id. What a great first! (Thank you, Kaily and thank you for agreeing to stop in!)

I had a book, PAY UP release with Ellora’s Cave last month and I had a book trailer made for it. A first for me. It was a daunting task and one I thought about for a heck of a long time before moving forward. I mean, it could turn out to be a disaster and defeat the purpose I created it for – to generate interest in my book. I knew I had such specific ideas of what my characters looked like and how they’d act towards each other, so finding images was incredibly difficult. Honestly, I’m not sure I would have been completely, 100% happy with any. I also knew that it was hard to boil down the ‘guts’ of a book in a minute with a handful of words. It’s difficult enough doing that in a synopsis where you have a substantial amount of room to bring out the major themes and arcs of a book LOL!! I also knew there was a chance (make that a likelihood) it would do little to impact sales, but I decided to move forward to see what would happen. As with any promotion, it’s difficult (often impossible) to tell what has had an impact and what the magnitude of that impact might be. Book trailers seem to be gaining in popularity and I think it’s only a matter of time before authors of other genres start using them as just another element of their promotional toolkit. I was happy with how the trailer came out. I think it reflects on one of the aspects of the story in the book, but not all. It was a pretty good representation of the characters and the feel of the images and the music seemed to work well. This entire process got me thinking though…who actually watches these trailers and does it really influence the buying decisions of readers? What do YOU think?

Neighbor. Friend. Lover.

At least that’s what Carly Wagner wanted Rio Reyes to be. She’d settled for two out of three for almost a year and it just wasn’t enough. Not anymore. When Rio proposes a shocking bet—of the sexual variety—she knows it’s out of character and he’s not really serious, yet she can’t resist. The pay off could be finally getting her hands on the gorgeous firefighter she’s drooled over since she moved in next door.

The timing had never seemed right for him and Carly, but that hadn’t stopped Rio from imagining wild and wicked things about her. It had been a joke—sort of, but Rio’s shocked when she takes him up on the dumbass bet. Now he’s in a world of hurt, because regardless of who wins, he might be crossing a line he never thought he would and jeopardize a friendship that means more to him than anything.

PAY UP is currently available from Ellora’s Cave - http://www.jasminejade.com/p-8747-pay-up.aspx and is also out on other 3rd party book sellers, such as Amazon.

About me:
Kaily Hart, a seemingly straight-laced mother of four left corporate America and a high-powered, lucrative career to be a stay at home mom. Ha! That lasted about four weeks, during which time she realized she had a deeply repressed dream - to write. And romance at that! By day, Kaily plays conservative wife and soccer mom, but at night crafts hot and steamy tales of romance and love with gorgeous heroes who wouldn’t dream of leaving the toilet set up. Ever. She’s smart and sassy, at least in her own mind, and is trying her best to bring the alpha male solidly back to contemporary romance, one hot story at a time. Two years ago she never would have thought she’d be doing this, but now that she is? Well, you couldn’t pay her enough to do anything else.

If anyone would want to contact me (which I would love by the way) or just keep up with what I’m doing, they can find me all over:
Web – http://www.kailyhart.com/
Blog - http://kailyhart.blogspot.com/
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/kaily.hart
Twitter - http://twitter.com/kailyhart

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Damn Trains!

Today is the second day of Nano. I didn’t have a great start. Only 732 yesterday. Today I’m a little over 1k and the day isn’t over. Well it might be for me. I’m going in for a small procedure. They say I’ll be a little sore and hopefully they’re right.
We live near a train track and for 5 years it’s been relatively quiet. Normally it speeds by so fast you barely notice it. Not any longer. NOW it blows its whistle every time it goes by. Not only that it has increased its frequency. I’m not liking this very much. I can’t block out the whistle.
Okay, enough of my moaning. I want to give a BIG shout out to my friend Julia. Her baseball team took the World Series title last night. YAY Giants. Yes, I’m still a die hard Red Sox fan, but I’m happy for Julia and the Giants. :o)
Well off to the post office and bank before the doctors.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, November 1, 2010

I Have Performance Anxiety

It’s November!
Yesterday we went to the Patriots game. What a game. Brett Farve was taken out on a stretcher and I was disappointed with the Pats fans who booed him. He was hurt. If he left on his own accord that’s one thing, but seriously. He had to get 8 or 10 stitches. The stories are conflicting. Either way it didn’t make it right to boo the man.
I wore layers and still froze my butt off. I’m not a cold weather person, so next time the family has tickets I’ll likely pass. Give me a hot summer day at a baseball field instead.
I’ll be working on my newsletter today. I’m having 2 contests this month. One in celebration of my birthday and one for my Cougar Challenge release – Gettin’ Lucky. You have to be a subscriber to win so sign up to the left to find out how!
In writing news – I signed a new contract with Loose Id for a story called All or Nothing. I’m very excited because I received the contract based on the synopsis and first chapter. This is a writing FIRST for me. I’ve always had to write the story upfront. So this is where the performance anxiety comes in. Now I have to WRITE the book! LOL I’ll be busy typing away this month.
Off to do some of that writing!

Happy Monday!