Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Google Alerts

Today I'm over at Seven Sexy Scribes and A Pinch of Romance talking about Google Alerts. They're the same post and I'm sorry to all the lovely ladies of both blogs, but I'm going in for a minor procedure shortly and couldn't think of two different ideas. Nothing serious, but I'll be out of pocket for most of the day.

So drop by and tell me about any crazy google alerts you've received.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Getting Hot in Here

And I’m not talking sex. DH and I went away for a leisurely long weekend. We both worked part of the trip, but we still had lots of fun. More about the trip tomorrow.
The temperatures have risen back into the 90s and for those who know me I love this weather, EXCEPT when the central air goes.
My son called us on Friday night and asked, how do I work the AC, it’s 83 in the house. I go over the instructions with him and he proceeds to tell me he didn’t have to do anything because every switch is where it should be. No air is coming out of the vents.
We are few hours away and can’t really do anything at this point, so I tell him open windows, turn on fans and try to stay as cool as possible.
We get home and sure enough a fuse was blown, BUT that didn’t solve the problem. We called the company who put in the condenser a few years ago and they would happily come out for a $250 service call. If we wait until Monday it’s only $150. Needless to say the DH thought we could suffer through one night.
Suffer we did. It was unbearable and so was my mood. Being miserable I decided it best I go to bed early so not to take it out on the family. :o) They’re coming today to try and fix it. Say lots of prayers because it’s going to be 96 today and if it isn’t fixed, well…
In other news I had a rejection on a quickie. I’ll look over the reasons in a few days and see if I can make changes to submit elsewhere. Not too torn up about this one, but still rejection sucks.
I think the pool is calling me…
Happy Monday Everyone!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I’m sitting in a hotel in Augusta Maine. It was sunny earlier and now the clouds are rolling in. I’m optimistic that it will be temporary. I’m working the day job, while the hubby is working his. He’s gone for a few hours, so I’m also working on my edits! Woo Hoo, right? I’ve managed to get through half the book. I’m hoping to finish by 5 so when I shut down my work laptop I can put these behind me too.
I’m looking forward to exploring the area. We’re going to Freeport to do some shopping in the outlets. My sweetheart hubby got us a different hotel for tomorrow, one that overlooks the ocean. I’m looking forward to that! I thinking inspiration.
Other than that I became a little under the weather again last night. Not sure what’s going on there. I refuse to be sick on our mini vacation!
Off to work on edits!
Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


It’s been raining here for the last four days straight. Cloudy, damp and dreary. I’m dressed in sweats and a sweatshirt and I’m not happy about it. I’m not a cold weather person. This weather is making me depress and I’m being lazy. I have so much to do. I need the sun to come back out and shine.
The DH and I will likely leave this afternoon for Maine for a few days. The sun better be shining there. LOL
Edits are beckoning me and I’m ignoring them. I have til the 28th, but really want them back to my editor before I leave. I just can’t find the ambition to actually open them.
On a better note – Submit With Me received 4 Hearts from The Romance Studio. Kudos to the reviewer Michele and to my wonderful friend Selena Illyria, who sent me the heads up. Thanks!!!!
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I'm feeling a little under the weather today and knee deep in final edits, but I'm blogging over at A Pinch of Romance about one of my obsessions. Drop by and tell me about yours.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Catching up from the weekend

We had a busy weekend. Family in town, softball tryouts and new furniture arrived for the sunroom because we gave our daughter the old stuff when she moved out.

Today I have to do the dreaded grocery shopping after seeing my family off.

I managed some writing over the weekend. More than I hoped. I woke bright and early with every intention of writing after I finished my daily ritual I fell back to sleep. No writing for me. LOL

I need to get moving on some of these deadlines.

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 20, 2010


It’s Friday and I have nothing new to report today, probably because I haven’t written anything this week.
I have a bunch of stuff to finish and eventually I’ll get to it. I have family coming in tomorrow to meet the new baby. The great part is I don’t have to work the day job. Yay!
The DH and I are planning a short trip to Maine next week. He has to go for one day for work and we’re going to extend it to three. I’ll work from the hotel the one day, then we’ll play. We went up there in March and it was beautiful. The weather was in the mid 50s at the time. Surprisingly for Maine. I’d like to go to the ocean and shop some of the outlets. It will be a time to recharge before the craziness ensues.
School begins in less than two weeks. Back to fighting my daughter to get her butt out of bed. Not looking forward to that fun.
The new school year is like a new year for me. It’s always a time for new beginnings. This is usually the time I start planning my non-fiction too. I only write a handful of articles for a teen magazine and usually a few Chicken Soup for the Soul stories, but it’s some extra cash. And with two grandbabies to buy for this Christmas I’ll need that extra money! LOL
Time to get a few things done before the granddaughter comes over for a visit while her mom gets a haircut.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Release Date

Adrift my first book from Loose-Id has a new release date - Sept 14th. Originally it was supposed to be released on Nov 9th. I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm super excited. I've written plenty M/F/M, but this is my first M/M/F.
With the change of date I'm anxiously awaiting cover art.

Here is a brief blurb to get you ready for the real thing. LOL

Ben Eckhart has been the object of Kari Kirkland’s lust for almost three years. Yet he’s never spoken a word to her and why would he? She’s a plus-sized woman with scars that haunt her every day. When their boss declares he’s having a mandatory picnic. Ben not only talks to Kari, he wants to know if she’s going and if she’ll be alone. She is, if only to fantasize about Ben in his swim shorts.
Ben has other ideas in mind for Kari. He’s bringing along his best friend and lover Adam. Together they’ll try to convince Kari that love, sex and a threesome are in her future.
What they didn’t expect was to be stranded on a deserted island. After having sex with Adam and Ben will Kari succumb to their proposition or leave them Adrift?

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Overextended and Two New Reviews

It seems I've overextended myself. I've got too many projects I'm juggling right now and don't know where to begin. When this happens I shut down. I don't write at all. I did manage to write a synopsis yesterday.
I've got two editors interested in two full length mss. Both fall outside the erotica genre and so I'll assume two new names if they're contracted.
School is only a few weeks away for my youngest. I need to start thinking about shopping. Around the same time my other daughter turns 21 - woo hoo. She's excited. So we know there's a party that needs to be planned.

In other news Night Owl Reviews has reviewed two of my books. Both were pretty good. I got nervous with the Submit With Me review. She gave it a 3.75, but then it started off as if she hated the book. After reading further that wasn't the case. Here are the links if you want to check them out!

Submit With Me


Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dante's Desire

Is out today! I love this cover. LOL I wrote this book after hearing song lyrics. These are the words that became Dante's Desire: "I Get On You, Getting Off On Me." The song is by Halestrom and I must say I enjoyed writing this quickie.
Below find the blurb and new excerpt. Oh and for the heck of it I'll give a copy away to one lucky commenter! :o)
Available from Ellora's Cave.
Masturbating can be so much fun—especially when you have a one-man audience. Addison loves sex. More importantly, she loves her body and isn’t afraid to make it sing. Add a little voyeurism and it’s totally erotic.

Dante’s muse has stalled—until his sexy neighbor starts seducing him. Through her bedroom window, he watches as her hands caress her tantalizing skin. It’s like something out of a strip club, with his very own personal view. Thanks to this beauty, he’s drawing like wildfire. To thank Addison, Dante sends her an invitation for a single night together. That night may encourages them to draw a new future…together.
Dante sketched feverishly as she slid the vibrator in and out of her drenched pussy. She was the perfect muse. She was beautiful. He longed to run his fingers through her rich brown hair and kiss those creamy breasts. His cock throbbed against his boxers. It pained him, but he had to continue. He wanted to finish this drawing tonight. He was only one drawing away from completing the required amount his agent demanded for a showing.
If it weren’t for this beauty there wouldn’t be a gallery show. She’d given him the strength to move on during a dry spell. His mind was no longer blocked. His creative juices were flowing as long as she was performing. He feared if she stopped he’d fall back into a rut.
This art show meant the world to him. It meant getting his sketches out in front of buyers. It meant finally getting recognition for his hard work. His agent would be happy with him. When all was said and done he’d have to properly thank his little muse.
He glanced back to her show and realized she was close to climaxing. He’d seen that look so many times. It should be embossed in his mind, but it wasn’t. He picked up the camera and clicked away. He needed something to remind him of this moment. He had to finish and he couldn’t wait until she returned from work another day. Besides, what if she was tired tomorrow? No, as much as he knew snapping pictures of her was wrong, he needed them to finish his masterpiece. When this was over he’d send her the pictures.
He smiled.
“You’re gorgeous,” he whispered to the empty room.
Placing the camera down, he picked up his pencil again and went back to putting the finishing touches on her face. He wanted to capture the look of sweet surrender as she fell in to the most glorifying orgasm.
As he captured the essence of her orgasm he knew he’d need release. His balls ached and his cock pulsed begging for relief. His relief would be that much sweeter, having waiting so long.
He placed the pencil on the easel tray and stepped back to admire his creation.
“Fucking fantastic.”
He glanced over to her apartment. She was gone. She was likely showering and settling in for the night, which was okay. Her work was done for today. He still couldn’t believe his luck the first time he spotted her.
He’d been standing on his balcony enjoying a warm summer night and an ice-cold beer. The sky had turned a midnight blue. The stars were plentiful. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.
Dante remembered leaning against the steel railing and glancing around the neighborhood. He wasn’t expecting to find her standing there in the light of her bedroom. He never imagined as she gazed up at him that she would continue undressing. He’d expected her to flip him off and pull the drapes closed, but she hadn’t. Instead she smiled and removed all her clothes.
His beer nearly fell from his hand as he realized what she was doing. Never in his life had a woman undressed for him. Most women he dated were afraid of their sexuality. They wanted to have sex with the lights off, so he couldn’t see them naked.
Dante loved their bodies. Women were his inspiration. Maybe that’s what they feared with him. Maybe they were afraid of ending up on a canvas if they allowed him to fully drink in their beauty.
His neighbor had. She wasn’t afraid of him seeing every inch of her body. In fact there was no doubt she enjoyed putting on a show for him. What started out as a simple strip show turned into a full-fledged seduction over the last few weeks. She was gorgeous and sexy. He wanted to possess her. He longed to touch every inch of her precious skin. He wanted to claim her. Possess her.
The one downfall was she had no idea her body was displayed on many different canvases. She would know though. He wouldn’t keep that piece of information from her. Before he told her, he wanted to thank her properly for being a great inspiration. Once he’d properly thanked her he would show her the pieces of art he had grown to cherish.
Yes, it was time to meet his neighbor.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

The last three days have been crazy. My grandson was born on Friday the 13th and while my daughter was in the hospital I got to take care of my 16 month old granddaughter. Talk about exhausting. I forgot how active toddlers are, especially ones who are experiencing MANY changes in their lives. And I realized how out of shape I really am. I hear the treadmill calling me again.
To top things off on Friday the 13th one of my dogs ate a prescription I’d just filled an hour earlier. 90 pills. So in the craziness of it all I had to induce vomiting. Luckily this dog has a cast iron stomach and eventually got rid of the pills. I thought for sure I killed him.
Today I’m taking a mental health day. I’m on the couch with my laptop and blankie. It’s damp and rainy here today. I have a ton of emails to catch up on and a synopsis to write still!!! Its coming Kat I promise. LOL
I’m really behind on my deadlines for the two books I need to finish before the month is out. Hopefully I’ll get some writing done today, but aside from that synopsis it’s not looking promising.In other news: NOR reviewed Ignited and it was a good one! Check it out here: http://www.nightowlreviews.com/nor/Pages/Promotions.aspx

Happy Monday Everyone!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th!

I know a lot of people are superstitious about today, but I’m not one of them. Believe me I’m very superstitious about other things, like walking under a ladder, or a black cat crossing your path, but not today.
Good things normally happen to me and I’m hoping today will be no different.
I’m in the process of writing the dreaded synopsis today. Most of my wips are at a standstill right now. Not sure why. I know where ALL of them are headed, but can’t seem to motivate myself to write. I have two that need finishing before the end of the month. I don’t see that happening.
One is at 6.5k and needs to be 25k finished. The other is at 3.5 and should finish around 15k. Hopefully I’ll find the energy to write.
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and Friday the 13th!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I hate AOL. I guess it's time to start moving my email addresses to another provider. My mailboxes are always temporarily unavailable. I've had my personal email address since 1995 and the thought of moving all those contacts gives me a headache. Oh and lets not forget my Amber Skyze email and all the loops I'm on. UGH!

In other news Gettin' Lucky has a release date - Nov 17th. I'm bummed that this Cougar Challenge story won't be out before RomantiCon, but nothing I can do about. I'll just enjoy the excitement that it WILL be coming. :o)

I've been having trouble writing the last few days. Not sure why. I know where the story is going. so there shouldn't be any problems.

I'm also making a few changes on the romantic comedy I'd submitted. My editor liked it, but asked I tweak it a bit and resub. So, that's what I'm doing this week.

Anyway, Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Guest Blogging

Today I'm over at Nine Naughty Novelists talking about the pros and cons of writing real life.

I'm also over at A Pinch of Romance talking about writing what you know and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Feel free to drop in and let me know what you think!

Happy Tuesday.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Baby Watch

For real this time. Last week I spent getting my daughter moved into her new apartment. The doctor had warned her on Tuesday that she was in labor, though not fully active yet. She told her to hurry up and move in. So we did. Thursday she was experiencing a lot of back pain. As someone who had back labor, I thought it was time. Nope.
The DH and I felt it best if we cancel our trip to NY in case the grandson decided to make his arrival. Nope. I feel terrible for missing my goddaughter's birthday party, but it couldn't be helped. I wasn't driving three hours back if B went into full on labor.
Turns out I was meant to stay home. Saturday I was locked away in my dark bedroom with a migraine from hell. Sometime in the evening I crawled out and we went to look at tiles for our sun room.
Sunday I woke with a vicious stomach bug. Nauseous all day long into the night. I'm still feeling queasy today. I hate feeling sick to my stomach. I'd rather be sick and get it over with.
Anyway, the daughter called me at 5am to let me know the contractions are 10mins apart and the pain doesn't go away in between. She just wanted to give me a HEADS UP!!! LOL
Thanks B.
Needless to say I'll have the little one running around for the next few days depending on how long they keep her. With these drive-by deliveries I'm sure she'll be home tomorrow.

Happy Monday!
Please keep me in your thoughts I'll need all the good vibes to handle work and a 16 month old. :o)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Temporarily Away

From blogging and most loops. I'm buried in a few projects and helping my daughter move into her new apartment. I'm missing the granddaughter being in the house 24/7 and the new grand baby is due to arrive at any moment. Needless to say, my life is C-R-A-Z-Y.

I'll post when I can. Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Review and Release Date

A little bit of news today. NOR reviewed Pretend With Me. 4.25/5 Not bad. You can read the review here: Pretend With Me

Also I received word that Play With Me, the third book in the Freedom Fantasies will release on October 15th. One month after Spend The Night With Me. Pretty cool.

I’ve been working on the goody bags for Romanticon again. I’m undecided how many to make. I’ve finished 80 so far. They’re large ones and I’m thinking of doing 80 smaller ones. I’ve got my pens. Everyone loves pens right? I know I do. ;o)

That’s all for me today. Time to self-edit my Christmas story and get that off to my editor.

Before I go Regina Carlysle has a hot new release you must read!!! Check it out.

Book two in the Sequins, Saddles and Spurs series.

Lola Lamont leaves Vegas with two pals, never imagining they’d break down in small-town Texas. So what’s a former showgirl to do when she runs smack dab into the hottest sheriff south of the Mason Dixon line? Why, jump his bones, of course!

Sam Campbell takes one look at the Vegas Bombshell and knows damn good and well she belongs in his bed. She probably has the words gold digger tattooed to her ass but he’s ready to take what the sexy blonde has to offer. Vowing to protect his heart, Sam rocks her world. Too bad she’s rocking his right back. Sam is more than ready to handle some sass, spunk and sex, but is he willing to gamble on love?


Copyright © REGINA CARLYSLE, 2010
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Chapter One

Lola Lamont gave her poor old pink Caddy a baleful look through the plate glass windows of Blue Belle’s Café and heaved a giant sigh. Her sweet baby had pretty much bitten the dust and her current companions at the table were right, she needed to be put out of her misery. Lola and her friends, Roxie and Emily, had rolled into the tiny town of Mesa Blanco, Texas with the old monstrosity of a car gasping and wheezing like a two-pack-a-day smoker.
Refugees from Vegas, the three friends had, in a moment of madness, said to hell with it and loaded up for a grand adventure with only pennies in their pockets and the good sense of a trio of pigeons.
What the hell had they been thinking?
The sad truth of the matter was they hadn’t been thinking at all. Roxie had lost her job as a security expert for high stakes gaming at a Vegas casino and Emily had been a victim of downsizing at the hotel where she worked. And herself? Lola sighed, still feeling the pain of it all. She had been fired from her show Pink Flamingo Girls for being too old. All those years of dance lessons and keeping her body in primo shape had turned to nothing just days after her thirtieth birthday. Then to make matters worse, her boyfriend Nick had dumped her days after that. Talk about a double whammy. Lola had never been one to have little pity parties for herself but she was about as blue as the décor of Mesa Blanco, Texas’ only café.
They’d stumbled into the place, exhausted, stressed and dying of thirst only to be met by three of the hunkiest, rope-’em-up, tie-’em-down cowboys they’d ever seen. The place had been practically empty except for them and, gallant gents that they were, the men had treated them to soft drinks, lord love ’em. Wyatt Cavenaugh, a local rancher, had already offered Emily a job as a cook of all things. Dang woman could barely boil water. Together they’d driven off in the man’s big truck. Roxie was, at the moment, caught up in a low conversation with the handsome owner of the local honky-tonk.
Tension ratcheted up a notch when the other dark, hunkalicious man moved closer to her and leaned in. The scent of him filled her head. “Want another Coke?”
Lola felt that deep, gravelly and oh-so-sexy voice roll over her body to settle in her pussy. Uh-oh. Trouble in a Stetson, for sure. Ever a sucker for a rough, smoky voice, she nodded. “You’re sweet but no thanks. Sam, is it?”
He tipped his big, black Stetson, his dark eyes burning with a look she’d come to recognize from just about every man she’d ever met. Hunger. Desire. Lust. Definite interest. Ooh boy. Did she ever know that look. “Sam Campbell, county sheriff.” His kissable lips turned up at the corners and Lola’s heart thumped hard in her chest. Late afternoon sunlight beamed through the window near the table to settle on the lines of his bronzed, weathered face and glinted on dark hair that she was dying to get a better look at.
“Yeah, Lamont, a Vegas damsel in distress.”
Arching a brow, she gave him a considering look. “And you’ve come riding in on your big white horse?”
“Looks like it.”
“My hero. Nice to meet you.” Smiling, she held out her hand which he immediately engulfed in his. The warmth of his touch was sudden and unexpected and Lola felt the loss when he finally released her.
Damn if he wasn’t the sexiest man she’d seen in a long, long time and that included Nick Mantucci whom she’d thought was awfully handsome. Nick was a smooth operator who wore designer suits as if he were born to them. Not this man. Sam Campbell could’ve stepped out of a scene from one of those old shoot-’em-up movies she used to watch late at night when she couldn’t sleep. Tall, at least six-four or five of brawn and yummy goodness, he not only wore the authority of the sheriff’s badge pinned to his black shirt but carried it on his broad shoulders. The chest beneath that shirt was mounded and muscular practically making her fingers twitch with the need to touch. The man oozed testosterone and wasn’t this a hell of a time to notice such a thing?
Mentally rolling her eyes at her silly turn of thoughts, she glanced away regretfully thinking, wrong time and wrong place. Besides, she was just done with men. Especially those who made promises they’d had no intention of keeping.
“So what are you gonna do, Miz Lola?” Sam quietly sipped his coffee.
Sighing deeply, she jabbed her straw into her now empty beverage glass, making the ice cubes rattle. “Look for a job, I figure.” Feeling more tired than she’d felt in years, she leaned back in her chair and sent her gaze around the room as she tried to think. Her eyes lit on the fluorescent orange “help wanted” sign in the window. Straightening suddenly, she started to get up then remembered her manners. “Excuse me a minute, Sam.”
Feeling his gaze on her back, Lola grabbed up the sign and walked up to the taciturn, gray haired woman standing behind the counter. The heels of Lola’s cute high heeled sandals click clicked out a warning and the matronly lady glanced up with a frown.
“Can I help ya, miss?”
Lola set the sign on the counter. “Looks like you need help and I’d like to apply. Can you tell me who I need to talk with about a job?”
“You’d need to talk to me. I’m Belle Warren.” Belle, all of five two and built like an army tank, looked her up and down slowly and Lola got the feeling she didn’t like what she saw. Figured. Lola was pretty much used to that reaction. “Where ya from, little missy?”
“Vegas, ma’am.”
“Bull dung,” she said matter-of-factly. “That ain’t no city voice you’ve got there, girl.”
Lola opened her mouth to speak when Sam walked up and set his coffee cup on the counter. “Can I get a refill, Belle?”
That got a smile from Belle as she grinned and reached for the coffee pot. “Sure thing, Sheriff.” Seeming to forget Lola’s presence for the moment, she finally turned back to Lola and planted her fists on ample hips. “No sirree. You’ve got the deep south stamped all over you. Where you from?”
Sam propped his gorgeous, denim-covered butt on the nearest stool and listened unabashedly. Though it was damn hard, Lola tried to forget about him and focused on Belle.
“I’m from a little bitty town just outside Jackson, Mississippi.”
“You grew up there?”
“Yes’m. And I waited tables too. From the time I turned sixteen. I’m a really hard worker, Belle.”
“Hmph. Well, we’ll just see about that, I reckon. Now this ain’t permanent. Got that? Merrylee Hawkins just had a baby and she’ll be back for her job in about six weeks or so. That’s all I’ve got to offer.”
“Oh no, that’s okay,” she rushed. “I just need to make enough money to get out of town.”
“Why? You have somewhere you need to go?”
Lola had to think about that.
No, she really didn’t but she just couldn’t see herself staying here. The sleepy town of Mesa Blanco was far too similar to the town where she grew up and she hadn’t been able to leave that place fast enough. Nope. She wouldn’t be staying. Finally she shook her head and sighed. “Not really. I guess I just need some time to figure things out.”
“Okay then, I’ll try you out for awhile, Lola.”
Relief swept her and then she thought of something else. “Can I ask you a question?”
“Someone mentioned something about a rooming house?”
“Staying there requires money,” Belle said. She pursed her lips and then seemed to come to some kind of conclusion. “Listen here. There’s no need for that. I reckon you’re pretty much busted.”
“You’ve got that right. I’m a downright pauper at this point.”
“I figured. You ladies rolled in here without two plug nickels between you considering the three of you were gonna share one drink. Hell, I was prepared to contribute to the cause until Sam here, Wyatt, and Cliff jumped in to spring for the drinks. It’s clear ya’ll are pretty broke.”
“Ain’t it just.” Belle shook her head. “Tell ya what. I’ve got a little apartment out back behind the café. I lived there when I was younger, back before I married and started a family. Over the years I’ve rented it out but it’s empty now. It’s not much but it’s furnished and clean. You can stay there until you get on your feet. How’s that sound?”
Lola was so overwhelmed she wiggled around in celebration and impulsively ran around the edge of the counter to give Belle a hug. Belle Warren was a sweetheart despite her gruff demeanor. Lola knew a little something about being judged on the basis of appearance. She should’ve known better. “Thank you. Thank you. Lordy! You won’t be sorry, ma’am.”
Belle stiffly patted her back. “Hell, I’m already sorry.”

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I'm blogging over at A Pinch of Romance and Seven Sexy Scribes about Quickies. I'm also giving away a copy of Submit With Me at both places. So stop by for your chance to win.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Christmas In July Winners and new Contests!!!!!

Lots going on and a ton of chances to win with new contests, so Enjoy!

Christmas In July Winner - brandyzbooks@...!
You won the Talk Dirty To Topaz Tote bag. Send me an email with your snail mail address to amberskyze at gmail dot com.

Runners Up - louiesbaby13@ and sasluvbooks@...You’ve both won a copy of any of my back list books. You can check out the list of books at http://amberskyze.blogspot.com/ and then send an email with your choice to AmberSkyze AT AOL dot COM.

Another group of wonderful women asked me to be part of their blog and I agreed. I’m there every Tuesday. The first week of August we’re all giving away a prize so be sure to stop in each day for your chance to win! A Pinch Of Romance – http://apinchofromance.blogspot.com/

New Contest:

Amber’s Christmas In August Contest – August 1st thru August 31st contest closes at midnight EST on the 31st. To win a Dante’s Desire tote bag full of prizes – hat, t-shirt, mouse pad, key chain, notebook and some other goodies you have to:

1. Sign up for my newsletter (over to the left)

2. Send me an email with Dante’s Desire as the subject to – amberskyze AT gmail DOT com

This is gift is only open to residents of the US and Canada. If a winner from somewhere else is chosen I'll offer a gift card.