Saturday, October 31, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Mental Health Day

Yesterday I finally told my boss about the pregnancy. Nice thing about working from home is your co-workers can't notice that little baby bump and whisper behind your back. LOL Anyway, I also asked for today off. I've been working a few weeks straight, including weekends and I have a lot of running around to do. So much for that bed rest stuff. :) Shhh, don't tell my doctor.

I've ordered the food and pumpkin cheesecake for my son's dinner party. Now I just have to get him a gift. I've set aside time to work on polishing the wip to send out by Sunday. With any luck I'll have it done.

I had a four a.m. epiphany. I tend to write more in the winter. From usually November thru April or May. NaNo seems to be my jumping off point every year. So, I guess that means I'll have to start pumping out the books to carry me thru the summer. That said, I'm excited about starting NaNo. I don't sign up for the offical one, but two friends and fellow authors have been doing our own for the last three years. It works for us.

Anyone else doing their own version of NaNo?

Happy Birthday, N!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Rain

We've had more rain than necessary since early April. I'm tired of it. I want to see the sunshine, even if it's cold outside. The poor golden is going nuts. He needs his exercise and can't get it when it's pouring outside. If he doesn't run for at least an hour a day he drives me crazy. Needless to say I'm at my wits end. LOL Can someone please send the sun my way?
Today I'm preparing for my son's birthday party tomorrow. My baby will be 22. My daughter is job hunting. She's doing the seasonal thing, so I'll be tasked with babysitting while she's out looking. What does that mean for my writing? I guess we'll see. I'm taking my friend Regina's idea and leaving my wip open all day. I'll try to add to it when time permits.
One more day til Friday and soon all the little trick or treaters will be parading to our door. The grand baby is going to be a monkey, can't wait to see her in her costume.
Until tomorrow - stay dry!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Progress is Sweet

I've been taking small steps to get back in the swing of things. I made a to-do list for each day this week. Nothing overly crazy to get me depressed if I didn't finish. As of today it's going good. I accomplished everything I've tasked myself and more. I even managed to open a wip and add four pages to it. I miss writing and everything that comes along with it, but there are times when I just couldn't do it.
This morning I realized that I have NOTHING new with any of my editors. It's a scary thought. I'm not waiting for any news of a new contract or a rejection. When did I let this fall by the wayside? I've had a manuscript in editors hands at all times for over a year and suddenly I don't. I need to fix this and fast. So, I have one story just about done that I'm determined to have submitted by the 1st. Let's hope I can accomplish this one!

Off to work on getting that manuscript polished.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ignited - Coming Soon


Got Fantasies? Nikaya does. She longs to be loved by two men.
Nikaya is celebrating her birthday with a new Mustang. As she’s climbing the mountain in her new car a police officer comes out of nowhere. He pulls her over and treats her to a birthday spanking. With a sore butt and a burning need to orgasm she’s whisked away to a cabin.
Before the night is over Braden hopes to make all her fantasies reality and his best friend Hank is ready to help.
Three bodies, sex toys and a spanking machine is only the beginning for Nikaya.


“Step out of the car, ma’am.”
“I said, step out of the car.”
“What is this all about?” Surely this could be handled from the safety of her car.
His stern voice prompted her out of the car.
“Hands against the car. Legs spread.”
“You’re joking right?” She looked at his face and he didn’t appear to be kidding. He looked stone-cold serious.
Shaking his head he pointed to the hood of the car.
Nikaya did as she was instructed, cursing under her breath.
“Excuse me?” He placed a hand on the small of her back.
Heat coursed through her body from his touch.
“Nothing,” she spat. Then added. “Sir.”
He snickered behind her.
Condescending bastard.
His hand roamed south resting on her bare leg. As he pushed his body against hers she felt his hardness rub against her. He whispered in her ear. “Spread ’em.”
This definitely was not the norm, she thought swallowing back the urge to cry. His touch felt hot against her cool skin. Nikaya spread her legs.
“I see from your license it’s your birthday today.” His hand crawled up her leg and under her skirt. “Ummm, no panties.”
“I have no use for them. They’re cumbersome,” she admitted.
“Oh, so wet,” he whispered, grazing his finger along the folds of her pussy.
Nikaya bit her lip, she would not moan. Just because the touch of his finger along her slit set her soul on fire. She would not allow him to know how he affected her.
“Did I do something wrong officer?”
“You were racing up the mountain at a pretty high speed. Do you know the dangers of these winding roads?” He patted her down.
“I’m not armed.”
Ignoring her, he continued his search. Both hands caressed her legs before he lifted her skirt up over her ass.
“I don’t believe this is protocol, Sir.” Her legs grew wobbly under his touch.
“Are you questioning my authority?” He stood, gently guiding her body onto the hood of the car.
“No, it’s just—”
She was quieted by his hand swooping down smacking her across her bare ass.
“Ouch! What was that for?” She attempted to cover her sore cheek.
He quickly grabbed her hand and pinned it over her head.
“For getting obstinate with a police officer.”
“I find it hard to believe you’re a police officer.”
“You don’t believe I’m an officer? I guess I’ll have to convince you.”
His hand came crashing down on her buttocks again.
And again.
“Please stop. I’m begging you.”
“Begging me, huh? It’s your birthday and you know what that means, right?
“What?” she choked. The sting in her cheeks sent the rest of her body into a tizzy. The burn had her pussy pooling with juices.
“You need to get your birthday spankings. One for each year. I see here you’re thirty this year. I’m going to slap that sweet ass thirty times and each time my hand cracks those luscious cheeks I want you to count. Do you understand?”
She understood but she didn’t agree with him. There was no way she was going to stand there and accept his spanking.
“I’m waiting for an answer, Ms Murphy.”
“And if I don’t?”
He chuckled.
“Let’s just say you won’t like the consequences.”
She was tempted to scream for help but knew no one would hear. Except maybe one of the owls hooting in the distance or a nocturnal animal but they wouldn’t save her. There wasn’t a house for miles and the likelihood of another car driving up the mountain at this time of the night was slim. She was at the mercy of this man. She had to do what he said or else.
“Yes, I understand.”
“Good.” He smacked her ass.
“I’m waiting.”
“One,” she cried.
He smacked her a few more times.
“Two, three, four…”
“You’ve got the hang of this.” His smugness irritated her. Her ass needed cool water to extinguish the burning radiating it.
He continued slapping her cheeks and she continued counting until they reached thirty.
“You’ve been a very obedient girl. Maybe I’ll let you go without a ticket.”
“I still don’t believe you’re a cop. Where’s your cruiser and let me see your badge,” she challenged. He pressed her harder against the car hood and draped his body over hers.
“You want to see my badge? I’ll show you may badge.”

Heat Waves - Coming Soon

Coming soon from Aspen Mountain Press -

Heat Waves


Ever wonder about the face behind the voice of a radio DJ?

Nina Walters has. She can’t get enough of disc jockey Ty’s sexy baritone. He has her masturbating to his voice daily. When he challenges his listeners to a contest Nina can't resist the challenge, the opportunity and will use every advantage she has or can find.

Ty is offering a dream date, with him, to one lucky winner. He’s positive no one will guess the answer correctly. So, when Nina does he’s floored. Being a man of his word, he goes through with the date. Sparks fly, but secrets linger. Will their heat for one another be enough to ride the waves of deception?


“So are you tired?” she asked, lifting his shirt and running her fingers up his stomach.
Was he tired? How could he possibly be tired with such a sexy woman stirring his manhood awake?
“Depends. What did you have in mind?” he teased.
“A little of this.” She reached up and kissed his neck, while her hand worked the button of his jeans. “And a little of this.” She nibbled on his earlobe, rendering him useless.
He grabbed her and tossed her down on the seat. “I’m not tired in the least,” he said, tugging at her shirt. “I want to devour you.”
She squirmed under his touch. “I’m feeling a little sleepy.” She faked a yawn.
Ty loved a challenge. “You can go to sleep, but first let me show you what you’ll be missing.”
He brought his lips down on her breast. He felt the bud hardening under the heat of his breath. His fingers roamed her soft skin, searching for the other breast. When he reached his destination he tweaked the nipple between his fingers. She closed her eyes.
“Very sleepy.”
She was going to play that way, was she? He’d show her tired. Lifting her shirt over her head, she didn’t resist him, but she didn’t assist him either. Laying like dead weight she continued with her pretend sleep. But Ty knew it was only a matter of time before she stopped faking and joined in on the fun.
With her shirt off and her bra opened, he worked on shrugging her out of her jeans. It wasn’t easy, but he managed. Now she lay fully exposed – an open invitation to do whatever he pleased to her.
He placed gentle kisses on her flat stomach. Tiny hairs stood on edge, her skin prickled under his touch. She was becoming aroused. He could smell it in the air. He admired her perfectly trimmed pussy as he made his way to prove his point. As he drew closer to her pussy her arousal became more pronounced.
Sleeping, my ass. Let’s see you sleep through this.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Slowly Recovering

Wednesday I spent the morning in the ER. What I thought were contractions was gastric reflux. It's the most pain I've felt since labor. The baby is still just fine. Me, I'm getting there slowly. They changed my meds once again to the one medicine that has ALWAYS worked. Go figure. It annoys me because I know my body. I know what works and what doesn't. But doctors think they know better than me. Now I'm finally feeling a little better.
Yesterday my coffee pot bit the dust. I don't drink much. I make enough for one cup and normally don't finish it, but having none is NOT an option. The DH had to go into the office yesterday so he couldn't run out for coffee for me. The older kids traveled to NY, so they weren't an option either. Geez, being on bed rest wasn't working for me.
Today the DH went to Dunkin Donuts and got me coffee. God, I love him! lol
My youngest has been home all week with seasonal flu. I'm walking around with Lysol wipes and spray. Can't afford to add the flu to my list of issues.
Some good news, that I needed. My editor sent me edits for Ignited. It's been about six weeks since I've worked with any of my editors, so this was a pleasant surprise. Now if I can just finish a story so I can submit!

Happy Friday Everyone. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Desiree Holt's New Release

Dancing With Danger
by Desiree Holt

Rachel Windsor knew nothing about Gabriel Peralta except that he was walking sex appeal. He blew into her life without notice, here today then always gone on a puff of wind. But each time he appears, he does things to her body that even her fantasies haven’t conjured up, driving her to orgasms that shake her like a raging storm. His mouth knows every inch of her body. The imprint of his intimate kisses linger long after he disappears.

Now he’s back again, his life unexpectedly on the line. But even in the danger zone his sexual demands are more scorching than ever and this time, Rachel is determined not to lose him—or the erotic lifestyle that binds them.

Buy it here:

Monday, October 19, 2009

Start of a new week

Had a bit of a scare this morning, just before I left for my monthly check-up. Told the DH he might want to come to the visit, just in case. Doctor said things look fine. They did a quick ultrasound and I just have to slow down. If I slow down anymore I might as well be on bed rest. So the scare is behind us.

Today I announced the first monthly contest on my newsletter loop. The contest is for member's only so if you want to join in on the fun subscribe to your right.

Still don't have a release date for Heat Waves. I thought it was coming this month, but something tells me, its not.

Received my ten Chicken Soup for the Soul(All in the Family) books in the mail today. That was a pleasant surprise. I had forgotten it was releasing tomorrow. Now if only the check would arrive too! THAT would be a bigger surprise. :)

Yesterday I drove in sleet, rain, snow, you name it, while in MA. Today it's sunny and 60 degrees. I can't win. I'll take this weather any day. I'm not looking forward to the snow.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting Out of the House

Taking a bit from friend and fellow author Ashley Ladd -, writer's need to get out of the house every once in a while. Even non-writers. I admit to being stuck in a rut lately. It had me so depressed I didn't leave the house much, unless I had to - softball, doctor's appointments, etc. I work out of the house, so I don't even leave for the day job.
With no kids and no softball this weekend, the DH said "Let's go browse or something." Now mind you I'm not a shopper, but he is. He can look at stuff for the house for hours. I relented and went. Boy am I glad I got out.
While the DH was in a guy store I sat at a table and people watched. I haven't done this in a very long time. My feet were tired, we'd been in the mall for almost three hours at this point. Anyway, so there I sat watching. Then I seen this male couple. I watched how they interacted with one another. Their mannerisms, the way one talked as opposed to the other. And for the record they were both extremely cute. The only thing that bothered me was they dressed almost identical. Not sure why it bothered me, but it did.
Bottom line is if I hadn't gotten out last night, I wouldn't have seen this couple. I'm writing my second M/M story now and this "research" if you will, is sure to help my story move forward.
So, like Ashley said, it's important to take a break and get a change of scenery. I know it did me good.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Newsletter and Contest

As some of you may know, I write erotic romance novels for Aspen Mountain Press, Ellora’s Cave Publishing and Noble Romance.

If you enjoy contemporary and ménage a trios romance novels, you can find out more about Amber’s books in my newsletter every month.

As a member, you'll have access to the latest news, including excerpts from upcoming books and exclusive member’s only contests. Amber’s Ramblings will be available on the 1st of each month.

Join today a new contest is going to be announced Monday!


Friday, October 16, 2009

I Wrote!!!

LOL...I know so what, right? For me this is a big deal. I've been blocked, depressed, call it what you want. Bottom line is I haven't been writing. This morning I woke and wrote five pages. I feel good! :) I was feeling so good I got a head start on my local chapter's newsletter. I'm sure I'll crash shortly, but that doesn't matter.
The weekend is looking crappy. Rain, possible snow showers and bitter cold temps. But I have no children and no work, so the DH and I WILL be enjoying this weekend. I'm determined to not be sick.

Back to writing! Happy Friday everyone.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today I picked up my wip, Research Required. Haven't touched it in a few weeks. I still need to write the ending, but I know how I'm going to wrap it up. Instead I need to go back and read it from the beginning. I have a tendency to put insert name later, what color eyes did he have in the beginning, and things like that when I'm in the writing groove. Those are small details in the grand scheme of things to me.
I'm re-reading to get a feel for the story. I think I can't move forward with the Valentine's story I'm writing for Noble Romance because this story is unfinished. I need to put it to bed and submit it. Then I can move back to Dirty Cupid(tentative title).
It didn't help that I've been sick for almost two weeks now. Turns out it wasn't the baby after all. I have acid reflux and they had to change my meds with the pregnancy. Well I'm not getting enough. So my Crohn's doctor upped my meds today. She said it may take up to a week to feel better. If that isn't the issue, she said it could be my gall bladder, but again, can't do anything for that for another 5+ months. Let me tell you it's not fun when you can't eat anything. Today I'm eating toast and applesauce. Yum - NOT. lol
Back to self-edits. Another favorite thing of mine.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We Are the Champions

Yes, my daughter's team won the 16U tournament. I thought we were playing in the 14U division, but I was mistaken. Our first year 12's were playing in 16U. It was a nice ending to the fall ball season. Two trophies. Oh, and yes, the coach lied. We have practice two nights this week and he decided to sign us up for one last tournament with the one local league who hasn't ended their season. Too bad we had prior plans and will have to miss the tournament.
I've found a new guilty pleasure on television. Not brand new, but one of those shows I hate to miss. It's Destination Truth. Josh Gates has to be the funniest guy I've watched in a long time. I tune in just to see what crazy things will happen on his explorations. If you've never seen the show it comes on after Ghost Hunters on the SyFy channel, Wednesday nights at 10pm EST.
Things are still quiet on the writing front. I'm not getting up at 4am anymore. I'm lucky if I crawl out of bed in time to wake my daughter for school. I have to figure out a new writing schedule. I'm not going to bed any later, so nighttime writing isn't happening either. I'm frustrated. :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Last Day of Softball

As the coach was handing out the trophies for our team winning the 12u fall ball championship, he said, after tomorrow(today), we're going to take a much needed break. You see we've been going non-stop since Aug '08. I have a hard time believing him because he always says things like that and then we're back at practice on Monday. These girls NEED a break. My daughter not so much because she lost three months of playtime with the concussion, but the team, as a whole, is exhausted.
Today we play the final tournament for our 14u fall ball. I hope today goes smoother than yesterday. Games were two hours behind yesterday so what should have been four hours at the field, turned into six. The winds were 30mph, the temps in the low 60's. I was freezing. Today is supposed to be sunny and low 60's. I'm sure it will be better. I'm still dressing warm.
Didn't manage any writing yesterday. There's always today.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Nice Long Weekend

It's so quiet on the loops with most of my fellow authors off to RomantiCon. I have a long weekend from work and I'm going to enjoy it writing. Yes, we have softball tournaments this weekend, but because we placed 1st in the league we only play one, possibly two games. If we win the first we go to the championship game. That was for our 12 and under team and 14 and under. So, the weekend shouldn't be that bad. The nice thing is the games don't start before 11am. Yay! I can have more writing time to myself.
The stomach bug seems to have finally left me. I don't like being sick. I'm not one to be waited on and the DH likes to pamper me when I'm sick. Don't get me wrong, it's sweet, but I like to hide away from everyone. This way I don't spread my germs.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend! I suddenly have the urge to go for a swim! ;)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Life Holted

Life seems to be at a standstill for me lately. I'm writing, but not much. I have three books due out before the end of the year. Two have been thru edits, one hasn't. My editor is "away" like some of my writer friends at RomantiCon, so I won't see edits for Ignited for a bit.

I'm still waiting on two cover arts. Funny, I received the one for Ignited. I love this cover. I really really want to share it, but haven't been given final approval yet.

My mind is still in a fog most days. I've come down with a stomach bug. That's taking a toll on me. I ran to the doctor's yesterday to make sure it was nothing to worry about. The baby has a nice strong heartbeat, so all is well in that department. Now if only I could recuperate from this.

We have a weekend of softball tournaments and I'm hoping I'm well enough to sit at the field all weekend.

I've been trying to blog, but I get an idea and it passes just as quick as it came. LOL

I just want to crawl up and sleep until this passes. Hope all my writer friends are doing better.

How about some eye candy?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why oh why must I edit????

More from my local chapter writer's meeting on Saturday. As I mentioned a lot was discussed on what types of writers we are. It wasn't the type of writer I am that surprised me. It was how much writer's love editing. At least 2/3 the group went on and on about how much they love editing. Me I dislike it - immensely! lol
I don't know why really. Maybe by the time I get to the end of the book I'm tired of it. I don't mind when I go thru edits with my editor's. Well, that's not completely true. If I have to do more than two rounds I get grouchy. My husband will take me to dinner and keep the kids at bay.
I'm not a perfectionist by any means, so it's not that I think my work is perfect. Tho, I won't lie, I wish it were. lol I think it's just when I finish a book I'm done. If I let it sit too long I won't edit it.
It's sad really because I have three contemporary romantic comedies that have potential - if only I'd edit them. I wrote them during NaNo the last few years and when I was done, I was done. I haven't looked back.
As a writer who wants to do this full-time some day it's not a good thing. I need to find a way to commit myself to these books that haven't been edited. These are the books waiting to be submitted to agents. And if all else fails, they'll go to an e-pub.
If there are any writer's out there who are like me and despise editing can you share tips with me on how to just do it? Please? :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Turning off the internal editor

On Saturday my local chapter had Lisa Mondello as a guest speaker. Lisa writes for Steeple Hill Love Inspired. She talked about the different types of writers. I'm a self-proclaimed pantser and she agreed. The thing I learned is that I was probably a pantser in the first grade. Amazing. I do remember in third and fourth grade making up "dreams" and telling my friends all about them. I'd start with something we talked about recently like going to the amusement park and run with it. Now I'm sure my friends knew my dreams weren't that elaborate. If they believed then hey, maybe I was a good storyteller back then! :)

When I first started writing I believe I was a pantser with linear tendencies. What do I mean? I would write, then the next day I'd have to re-read what I wrote and edit before I could move forward. I didn't realize how crippling this process was for me, until I participated in my first NaNo two years ago. Someone told me to turn off my internal editor and just write. And I did just that. I wrote without looking back and completed over 50k that month.

I did it again last year. When it was over two of my fellow authors didn't want it to end. So we agreed to continue posting our daily counts no matter how small or large. It's worked out well so far. I've finished a lot of novellas over the last year. Maybe some day I'll edit those romantic comedies I wrote during NaNo.

I found for me turning off my internal editor makes me more productive.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Aaahhhhh it's Saturday

It's been a long crazy week at work. I'm really starting to hate my job, but can't afford to leave it. Today I'm going to my local chapter's meeting. I missed last month because the dog was sick and had to go to the hospital. It will be nice to mingle with fellow authors. I haven't seen them since June. It's rainy here today, so maybe when I get home I can do some writing. I've missed writing. The meetings always inspire me to write more.

This week I have to start trying to pick up more freelance work. I'd like to get as much extra income coming in before the baby gets here.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, wonderful weekend. For all the cowboy lovers I'm leaving you with a tasty treat! :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October

I can't believe it's October already. Where did September go? I know I didn't get much writing or blogging done, that's for sure. Instead I've been sleeping every chance I get and when I'm awake I'm walking around in a fog, wondering if my life was going to change. As of yesterday we found out that yes indeed things are going to change. I'm officially 3 months pregnant. My husband and I refused to get our hopes up because of our loss last year. Now we're breathing a sigh of relief. (Oh and it's only 1. They feared triplets from my levels!) Yes Mia, you were correct!

The doctor promised the fatigue should go away in a few weeks. Hopefully I'll get back to writing and producing. This lack of desire to do anything is driving me crazy.

I received the mock cover for Ignited. I'm really excited and can't wait to share it with everyone. Syneca did a fabulous job as always. I was surprised by receiving this cover already. I have two books done with editing in which I haven't received covers for yet. lol Go figure.

For those of you who follow my blog I'm going to try and get back in a routine. And no, I won't be filling my blog with pregnancy details, but I wanted my readers and friends to understand why I've been so distant lately!

And as far as my dog he is finally recovering nicely from his surgery. That was the most expensive pacifier I ever purchased! :)