Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

There won't be any celebrating in our house. It seems weird. For the last 23 years I've had a child to celebrate with. This year two of them are in NY and the other is only taking her daughter to the houses on her block.

DH was given tickets to the Patriots for his 40th and at the time we didn't realize the game was on Halloween. Needless to say all that candy we bought in Hershey PA won't be handed out to little trick or treaters. No, it will be plastered on my hips!

Have a fun day!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Birthday!

My son turns 23 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, N!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Jayne Rylon - Shifting Gears

Okay folks, I was going to share some good news with you, but then I remembered one of our Cougar Challenge ladies has a new release today. So you'll have to wait til Monday.

Not only is this book HOT, but the author is awesome. I had the pleasure of meeting Jayne at RomantiCon and lucky enough to sit next to her at the book fair. I bought one of her books at the fair and when I got home I bought a few more online. Jayne is now on my must buy list when her new releases come out. Hope you enjoy a taste of the newest cougar book to hit the e-shelves.

Shifting Gears


A standalone story in the Cougar Challenge series.

Mark envies his friend Bastian and the Cougar who tamed him. For years he’s had his eye on a sexy, older, married woman. Despite his and Bastian’s sharing women, he refuses to poach outside his steamy fantasies.

Sloan travels with the race car drivers as the league’s publicist. Living abroad can be lonely, especially when touring somewhere like China—where beautiful landscapes surround them but language and cultural barriers are high. Until she meets Lynn, who shares her love of erotic romances. In Lynn, she gains more than a friend—because sexy-as-sin navigator Mark is never far from the Cougar and her fiancé, making Sloan wonder if it’s time rejoin the dating scene after a nasty divorce.

When Lynn notices the chemistry between Mark and Sloan, she issues the Cougar Challenge. Sloan expected fantastic sex. But she never imagined her relationship with Mark would empower him to explore the sexual tension building between him and Bastian…

Four friends, two couples…one night none of them will forget.


Copyright © JAYNE RYLON, 2010
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Chapter One

“Oh my God!”
The woman on the corrugated aluminum bleacher several rows in front of Sloan turned with wide eyes when Sloan shouted. She caught Sloan’s stare on the sexy cover of her erotic romance novel and flipped it closed—cover side down—discretely.
“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.” Sloan smiled. “I know how it is when you’re lost in a good book. And that book is fan-fucking-tastic! I love Mari Carr. Her stories are smoking hot. Especially the ménages. Yum.”
The woman grinned and nodded. “I’ve read almost all of hers. My reading group back in the US mailed me this one. It arrived last night and I’m halfway done already. I tried to ration it out—a chapter a day—but it’s impossible.”
“Thank God for ebook readers, huh? I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have access to all the new releases from this side of the globe.” Sloan stepped into the stands then picked her way down the incline, closer to the woman, careful not to slip in her three-inch heels.
At least she’d worn jeans to the race site today instead of her usual skirted suit. “I hear that. It can get lonely being a foreigner in a country where you don’t speak the language. Especially one as difficult to pick up as Mandarin or Cantonese. Reading keeps me from getting too homesick, though it leads to other…complications.”
When the woman laughed, her entire face brightened. Around Sloan’s age, close to forty, she seemed carefree and infectiously happy. “I know what you mean. Or at least I used to. Now I have a young stud to keep me occupied when I get revved up. I’m engaged to Sebastian Fiori. The driver for—”
“Oh! Don’t worry, I know who he is. Sexy as sin and a four-time world champion rally car racer to boot. So you must be Lynn Madison, you bitch.”
The humongous diamond flashing on the woman’s finger had confirmed Sloan’s suspicions.
Talk of Bastian and the alluring cougar who’d tamed him had run rampant this season. Scores of young sex goddesses mourned their loss. Many had tried for years to snag him or his luscious navigator Mark Rossi, but none had succeeded in tempting either guy into more than a one-night stand.
Until Sebastian fell head over heels in love on first sight last season. Everyone agreed he’d never performed better. Lynn must be good for the man.
What was good for the driver was good for the sport.
And that was good for Sloan.
“It’s true.” Lynn sighed and her eyes took on a faraway look. “I’m the luckiest woman alive.”
“I’m Sloan Desai, by the way.” She held out her hand, but Lynn hugged her instead of shaking it.
“Sorry, but after two minutes I feel like I’ve known you forever. Have a seat.” Lynn gestured with the spine of her novel toward the racetrack, which snaked past the base of the stadium they sat in. “You know, Bastian’s mentioned you before. I think we might’ve even talked on the phone once when you scheduled some of his interviews. You’re the publicist for the league, right?”
“Yep. That’s me.” Sloan winked. “In charge of keeping the boys out of trouble with the media, managing their images and bringing fans in by the truckload.”
“Seems like you’re doing a great job. I heard the first couple days of the exhibition are sold out.”
“They are. Thanks.”
“So how do you like China so far?”
The event would take place in Guangdong province, about a half-hour outside Guangzhou, in a few weeks—a great chance for the teams to tune up or experiment in the off-season. The crews had arrived early to acclimate, which meant Sloan had to be on-site to defuse any…situations…that could cause trouble with the local hosts.
Full of testosterone and daring, the guys in the league sometimes crossed the line.
“I haven’t been able to do much sightseeing. I have to stick fairly close-by.” Sloan shrugged.
“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Lynn grimaced. “The teams do tend to get rowdy on occasion. Maybe you can take a day trip or two with me. I write travel guides for a living, so I like to check out as much as I can in the areas we visit. Sebastian gets nervous when I’m out on my own though. Especially in locations a little more exotic.”
“You don’t seem like the kind of woman to sit around and wait for a man simply to ease his mind. A woman after my own heart, by the way.”
“You’re right, I’m no shrinking violet.” Lynn grinned. “But I worry that if he’s worried, he’ll be distracted. The sport is dangerous enough as it is. Plus, I miss him if I stray too far.”
“I hope ‘him’ is me.” A deep growl sounded from behind their spot on the bench. Sitting side by side, neither woman had heard the soft soles of Sebastian’s racing sneakers on the concrete as he approached. “Or I’ll have to kick some ass and those days are supposed to be behind me.”
“Old man.”
Sloan swallowed hard at the jibe from the other guy who strode toward them—Mark Rossi. It was either that or moan aloud at his spectacular build. Thick muscles filled out his racing jumpsuit to perfection. She wished she’d seen him going instead of coming so she could check out his killer ass, but the bulge at his crotch and the humor in his warm eyes made for scrumptious consolation prizes.
She’d spied him from across the room at events she’d arranged, but usually she had a job to do while in attendance. Of course she’d found herself staring at promo shots of him on more occasions than she cared to admit, but never before had she been able to take her time and study his legendary features in person—bold cheekbones, olive skin and glossy, sandy hair.
And, shit, now she was staring.
Maybe her imagination played tricks on her, but it seemed as if he might be gawking in return.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Edits Arrived

Will be buried for the rest of the day!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Limbo

What I thought were my edits were not. Well, technically they should’ve been. See my editor forgot to attach them. So while she’s doing her editor stuff thinking I’m busy making those fabulous edits she suggested – I’M NOT. Instead, I’m nervously waiting for her to read my email saying please send the edits!!!!!! I hope you read my blog edit goddess!
I could be making the revisions on the other story, but I’ve been mulling over how to proceed with them. Once it clicks I’ll get them done quickly…it’s just getting it to CLICK.
In other news…I learned that I will have yet another print book out this autumn. Body Shots will be part of the Wet Series anthology and I’m honored to be included in a book with, M.A Ellis, Helen Hardt, Kat Alexis, Kelly Jamieson and Ainsley Abbott. Can you see why I’m excited…look at who I’m sharing book space with!
It’s a rainy day here in RI. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous – seventy degrees. I loved every minute of it. I even felt good up until midnight. I’ll leave the gory details out. My youngest is home sick from school for day two. l brought her to the doctors this morning to make sure she didn’t have strep. While she doesn’t have her tonsils, she’s been known to still contract strep occasionally. The results were negative and she’s resting. YAY
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I won!

About a month ago the DH and I had lunch at Applebees. The waitress asked if we’d like to buy some raffle tickets, the money was going to Breast Cancer Awareness. Of course I said yes. My gram died when I was twenty-one of breast cancer, so it’s something near and dear to my heart.
Last night I got a phone call – I won! I never win these raffle thingys. Actually my daughter will win because I won a gel manicure and I can’t use it. I love to get pampered with mani/pedi’s but in all honesty – manicure’s ruin my nails. Every time I’ve ever gotten one my nails become all smushy, then peel and break. No thanks. But it was nice to win.
I’m now going on two weeks of not feeling well. Every day it’s the same thing – nausea and light-headedness. The nausea doesn’t really go away. I know I should go to a doctor, but I hate the doctors.
Today I’m over at Seven Sexy Scribes talking about my NaNo project. Drop in.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 25, 2010

It's All Unofficial ;)

Today is an unofficial anniversary for me and the DH. I say unofficial because he decided we weren’t going to celebrate it after we got married. LOL It’s still special to me because it was when we first started dating. So I’ll give him a card or something cute.
This week will be busy. I received edits for Naughty St. Nick, received a revision letter from one of my publishers for a story I subbed and finishing up another story before Nano. I’m doing an unofficial version – I know there’s that word again. Unofficial, unofficial, unofficial. Okay that’s it for that word today.
Two friends and I do Nano every year. I normally reach the goal, but I’ve yet to submit the finished manuscript. Why bother you’re asking. This year I’m determined to submit the one I’m writing. I’m using this story for the agent appointment I’m doing at the NEC Conference in April. Maybe it will be sold before then, maybe not.
We had a fun weekend, but it flew by too quickly. I worked until Friday night until something like 2am. Sunday we spent the day with the granddaughter. She’s growing so fast. She’s a smart little bugger. She knows how to worm her way with Grandma and Grandpa. More grandpa, who she has wrapped around her little bitty finger. :o)
Anyway off to get some of this work done.
Happy Anniversary Honey!
Happy Monday!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cover Art - Naughty St. Nick

Not much going on today, so I'll leave you with cover art from my Christmas story coming Dec 10th.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ripped Off - Almost!

I’m finally starting to feel better. Last night I didn’t feel like cooking after a rough day at work, so we decided to order Chinese. I forgot to ask the price so I put out $48 – 2 twenties, a five and three ones. Now mind you I explained to the DH why I took out so much in case I didn’t answer the door.
So the dogs needed to go out and I was doing that when the food arrived. I hear the DH say, “You’re all set.” And he closed the door.
I say, “You know there was $48 right.”
“Oh, shit!” He calls the guy back just as he’s getting into his car.
The guy who is holding $28 in one hand and $20 in the other. He proceeds to argue with my husband that he only gave him $28. I come down and explain nicely that there was $48. After going back and forth for a minute or so, my husband takes the $20 out of the guys hand and says, “You’re all set!”
I was really pissed and don’t think I’ll order from them again. He knowingly walked away with an extra $20 and wasn’t going to say a word. Nothing like trying to rip us off. JERK! LOL
Okay, now that is out of my system. I have another busy day ahead of me.

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Woo Hoo! It's time to celebrate as another Cougar Challenge book is released today and it's another H-O-T one.
Be sure to visit Cerise on her blog where she is giving away some goodies.


Fit, fab and forty-five, Belle Sterling chomps at the bit to accept the Cougar Challenge. But finding a younger man in her one-horse Texas town is one giant problem—until two scrumptious men stroll into her office.

Gage Wagner and Trey Sandoval have been best buddies since college and know how to share…everything. When they meet luscious Belle, they know she needs the good lovin’ two men can provide…together.

Belle’s a regular gal and putting two men in her saddle seems like a dream. Then she tries it. More than once.


An Excerpt From: HAT TRICK
Copyright © CERISE DELAND, 2010
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

Chapter One

“I know for certain, honey,” Belle Sterling told her newest client, twenty-two-year old bride-to-be Marilee Betterton, “that sleeping single in a double bed does not make for a happy life. Not after you’ve been married to a man you adore.”
She smiled at the young woman who sat opposite her in her office. “In fact, I have just three pieces of advice for each new bride who hires my planning services. Love the man you marry. Love him so well that ‘keeping only unto him’ is no hardship. And commit to doing whatever you each want in bed where all great marriages are made.”
“Oh, you needn’t worry on that score, Miz Sterling. My mama says exactly the same thing.”
Does she now? That’s why Doreen’s had more lovers than a bonobo monkey in her forty-five hectic years on this earth? “Not hard to do, either. To love a man.”
“I reckon I have loved Brent since we were in kindergarten. And definitely since high school. He’s going on to pro football, you know.”
“I heard.”
“I’m just so excited. We’re moving to Dallas and I get to meet all the men on the team.” Her eyes lit up like the year-round Christmas lights on her mama’s front porch. “Imagine that.”
Belle did. And she tried not to wince at the feeling Brent Fuller was gonna get when he saw his new little wife bat her baby browns at his buddies. “Well, Marilee, let’s meet again next week. Is this a good day and time for you?” Belle looked at her calendar on the computer screen as the young woman agreed. “Good. Do bring your tentative list of invitees and we’ll see what our potential sites are for the reception.”
“Mama wants to come, too.” The girl was fishing for feedback.
Doreen Betterton and Belle were not friends. Never had been since Doreen tried to scoop Walt Sterling from Belle when they were all in high school. But Belle was ready to let bygones be bygones. Walt had never cottoned to Doreen. Never took her bait, either. Besides, Walt was gone now and their married life had been twenty-two years of the finest bliss a woman could imagine. Plus, Doreen was welcome to the pickings around here. No man within a hundred miles interested Belle enough to get her pussy wet, and even if he succeeded, he wouldn’t know what to do with it.
Belle cleared her throat and smiled. “I hope she does come with you. There are so many things to decide, Marilee, and your mother will be a great help to you in this.”
“That’s right. Mama says I’m gonna be a better wife than she ever was.”
Belle couldn’t resist the lure. “How’s that?”
“She says she just knows that Brent is the right man for me and that we are going to be married forever.”
But minutes later, watching spoiled-rotten Marilee preen, rise from her chair and strut her toned little ass out of her office, Belle wasn’t going to give a plug nickel that the young filly would or could take any of her suggestions.
“Of course, the girl is twenty-two,” Belle muttered as the tiny bells on her door knob rang out Marilee’s exit. “Who knows what love or marriage is all about at that age?” Belle whispered to herself.
I did.
Yeah. Well. I had a mother and father who taught me how to love. Totally. No one and nothing else greater than the union. Not too many who know how to do that nowadays.
Belle sighed, hit a few buttons on her computer screen to close the files on the Betterton-Fuller wedding and pushed away from her desk. She stood, ran her hands down her slim skirt and strode to the window. The brilliant Texas sun hit her in the face and even though she had jacked up the air conditioner to seventy-five this morning, August in southwest Texas meant triple digit heat by noon. She inhaled the steamy beauty of her little hometown. Main Street was humming. The Duck’s Bill Bakery was jumping with customers hot for their German crullers. Jack’s Auto Shop was buzzing with a couple of ranchers who had scraped the paint off each other’s pick-ups yesterday. And one of her two best friends, Aurora Mansfield, waved at her while watering her geraniums in front of her flower shop.
And me? I’m standing here wondering if my life is now only about helping twenty-somethings get hitched.
Sure. She loved the wedding business. The organization. The cake. The bouquets. The fun of invitations and receptions and gowns.
The romance.
The thrill of watching a man eye his bride. The way his gaze would flow over her face, her throat, down to her breasts.
Belle would often play a silent game with herself noting how long it took for the bride to sense her groom’s eyes on her. How long before she would squirm, feeling the cream in her pussy, the throb of her labia, the need to have his fingers play with her and open her wide for his mouth. And his cock.
Belle squeezed her own thighs together. Felt her own insides gush with moisture. Remembering desire.
Remembering Walt Sterling. His blue eyes on her lips. His firm mouth on her throat. Her nipples. His teeth nipping her areolas. His rough tongue licking her until she squealed. His fingers drifting down her ribs, caressing her stomach, twining in her cunt hair. “Love your pretty red pussy hair, Belle of mine,” he would croon as he’d lift her against him, by that time both of them stark naked. “Like a beacon. Gonna make you come hard for me, baby. How would you like me today?” he’d whisper as he bit her earlobe. “Slow or fast?”
Wild. Often. Furious. She’d tell him anything she wanted that day.
“In my mouth? In your sweet ass?” He’d offer her a few more options.
She loved sex with him any way at all. All the time. Any time. Day. Night. In the barn standing up. In their truck sitting down. In their kitchen on their table, their breakfast dishes bumping to their body-rocking rhythm.
So long ago. Three years to be exact.
“God. I loved you, Walt.” Belle jumped, stunned at herself that she’d said it out loud. “Isn’t there any man alive who’s your equal? I’m lonely here, honey.”
Her gaze ran up and down Main Street and the answer she got this morning was the same as the one she’d had yesterday and the month before and the year before that.
“I’m not finding one I want to be with. In bed or out.” Not in this one-horse town. Too small to offer variety. And few strangers strolled in.
Problem was, Belle knew precisely two local men who were eligible. Both were widowers. Nice guys. But over sixty. Fifteen years older than she! And frankly, she needed a man who could not only get it up, but get it going on for more than five minutes of slam-bam. She liked sex. Really liked sex. Funky, funny, feverish sex. Walt, who had been two years older than she, had taught her to need it, crave it and initiate it. So she wasn’t about to settle for lukewarm lovin’ when she knew how lusty, sweaty, energetic fucking could improve a woman’s attitude, to say nothing of her complexion or the ability of her hungry little kitty to howl.
“I can’t go on like this,” she muttered and strode back to her computer. “I need a young man with class, imagination and raging hormones. But damn if I know how and where to find one!” She plunked herself in her chair, revved up the internet and surfed over to her friends’ blog at Tempt the Cougar. Belle had discovered their exciting personal stories about hooking up with younger men, then three months ago she’d begun to correspond with a few of them individually. Over the last year, each of the women had consciously decided to seek out younger men to satisfy a need for great sex. To date, each of them developed satisfying relationships with their partners. Belle didn’t need a long-term relationship so much as she needed a good romp in the hay.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Heather Peters New Release

Recently my friend Heather lost her husband. She's buried in grief and I know won't be promoting her new release, so today I'm helping her out. Please take a moment and check out this HOT author.

Best Laid Plans
By Heather Peters

Length: Naughty Nibble (Short)

Sub-Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Wedding planner extraordinaire Taylor Forrester is stunned when her potential clients turn out to be her ex-fiancé Caleb Bryant and his future wife. It's obvious he's moved on with his life nearly three years after Taylor abruptly broke off their engagement. But Taylor harbors a secret that led to their break up. She had to let him go, but still loves him.Caleb Bryant's heart breaks all over again when fate brings him and Taylor together as he plans his wedding to another woman! One look at Taylor and Caleb cannot deny the love that still burns bright for his one true love. Will this chance meeting finally bring him the answers he demands? Or is it too late to mend broken fences?


Taylor Forrester clutched her wedding planner like a bible, grabbed an overstuffed folder, and crammed both items into an already-crowded tote bag.
She looked around her tiny apartment to make certain she'd remembered everything. She chided herself for neglecting to do the laundry this morning, but duty called. Her boss, Jane Donnelly, had asked Taylor to fill in for a co-worker who was down with the flu. She dutifully gathered a lavender cloth bag engraved with the title, "Bridesmaid," which held everything she needed to create the perfect dream wedding.
The dream that hadn’t come to fruition for herself. She sighed, once again reminded of the old adage, "always the bridesmaid, never the bride."
She grabbed her car keys, slipped into her good Kenneth Cole heels, and took one last look around the room to make sure she had everything she needed for her meeting with the prospective couple.
Truth was, Taylor seldom forgot anything pertaining to her work. She was the ideal wedding planner, the perfect bridesmaid, the loyal maid of honor.
Big deal. She'd give it all up to be on the other side of the date book.
* * * * *
Twenty minutes later, Taylor arrived at her office, a tiny but serviceable area in a corner cubicle, and placed her valise on the floor next to her chair. Her thick binder sat unopened in the center of her pristine desk. She looked at her watch, puffing out a tiny sigh to see she had two entire minutes before meeting the couple she'd been asked to see. From habit, she touched the empty spot on her ring finger where a diamond used to sit. She gave herself a mental shake. This is no time for a pity party. Get to work.
Because today was Sunday, she was alone. She shrugged off her salmon-colored blazer, tucked her shoulder-length hair behind her ears, and opened her folder to make a mental note of the bride's name. Suzanne Dobbs was some rich society matron's daughter. The groom owned a construction company across town. Taylor was just about to read his name when she heard the ding of the elevator.
Taylor remained standing in order to greet the young couple who entered her open office doorway. She looked up and saw a stunning, tall, brunette walk toward her, with a much taller, sandy-haired man behind her.
Taylor's heart stopped.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Iz Sic

First things first MARIA you won Tina Donahue's contest. Please contact me for the information.

Okay, so I’m sick. I knew this was inevitable. Being around all the people last weekend and running non-stop for six days straight was likely to compromise my immune system. Whatever it is my body is trying to fight it, but I’m slowly weakening. I’m thinking a day in bed is needed, but the day job isn’t feeling it.
The DH was so sweet last night. My throat hurt so much and he knows I can’t stomach tea. I wish I could because I really wanted some yesterday. Anyway, the DH made me Caffeine Free Hot Cocoa. (He also knows I can only have a limited amount of caffeine) It’s called Good Night Kisses. We bought it last week while in Hershey. Well it knocked me out! LOL
In other news:

I received my cover art for Naughty St. Nick and can’t wait to share it with everyone – in a few days. :o)

I’m also to a point where I’ll be able to submit the partial to my editor. I’m excited.
Off to chill out with some hot soup or something.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Raine Delight is in the house

Please give a warm welcome to a great friend and fellow AMP author Raine Delight. She's blogging about Shifters and has given us a few blurbs.

Shifters, shifters everywhere

I love shifter books. The raw, primal feeling these guys and gals have amid the pages really has me glued to the book, flipping the pages so fast it looks like I am a NASCAR race. My favorite shifter book has to be by Deborah Cooke. Her Dragonfire novels are one spellbinding story from start to finish. When I sit down with one of her books, I am blown away by the way she created this world and populated with shape-shifting dragons. Now who doesn’t like a good dragon story? I love them. In my Devon Falls book, Fiery Magic, I got the idea to make one of the characters a dragon and the heroine called him “pretty”. Now tell me, are dragons “Pretty”? To me they are wild, primal and pure fun as in the case of Smokey from Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld series. Each author makes the shifter, be it dragon, wolves, tigers or, heck, even ferrets, their own and they each incorporate something that will have the reader clamoring for more.

In Fiery Magic, we met the Dracon twins; one is a dragon shifter, the other a wolf shifter; one family-many generations- who are shifters of some kind. I made my shifters a bit different, where each person in this large family, is something different. They didn’t get bit by the animal; case in point a werewolf, but were born as a shifter of some kind. It is the magic in their blood that defines what they become. Eventually we will meet a cousin of Rod and Damien Dracon- a woman who, in this large family of shifters, has no shifter powers what so ever. What do you do if you have no powers but what god/goddess gave you? That is the question I will ask her and her hero………eventually. :-)
My next Devon Falls book introduces a new character in Michael Barnes, who is a rare white tiger shifter who is all alone with no pride. He roams from place to place and is friends with Damien Dracon, who tries to get him to Devon Falls to no avail in years before. He was an interesting character to write about. Here you have a lonely, quiet man who has no place to call “Home”. He longs for mate, hearth and kits of his own but knows that with no pride; he is limited in his choices…….or so he thinks. We meet the woman who will knock him flat on his back and show him that home is where the heart is in Moonlight & Magic.
Shifters are a world where readers and authors can explore with pure enjoyment. I love reading them and hope to eventually expand on shifters as an author to include Kitsunes and others that fire the imagination. In the meantime, I am going to sit with my dragons and explore their world because Ms. Cooke and Ms.Galenorn are calling me from the bookcases. So what are your favorite shifters to enjoy? Any author you love that write about shifters?

A werewolf claims his mate. Will she accept him before the end of Samhain?Rodrick Dracon is the twin heir to the Dragon Inn. When he finds himself longing for a mate after being footloose and fancy free, he finds himself drawn to the most obnoxious, brassy woman he has ever met: Jaxon Sinclair. She is the one woman who doesn't melt when he goes by or hangs on his every word. She is just aggravating and down right sexy as sin! Soon the sparks fly, passion goes into boiling and Halloween approaches. Can a wolf shifter get this woman to heel before the full moon? Or can Jax turn the tables on this ladies man and tame the wolf?

Moonlight & Magic Buy Link:

Can a were-tiger convince one stubborn woman that she is his for all time and show her that falling in love is just as sinful as a chocolate kiss?

Friday, October 15, 2010

Play With Me

So I was up at the crack of dawn writing. After dropping the youngest off at the bus stop I took off for some grocery shopping. Food was running low and since returning from RomantiCon I hadn’t felt like shopping. Plus we’re celebrating my son’s b-day tomorrow night because my mom will be in town, definitely have to have food for mom.
I almost forgot I have a new release today. Actually I did until my dear friend Regina Carlysle sent me wishes.
Before I forget stop by tomorrow, when Raine Delight will be talking about Shifters and her newest release.

Book Three in the Freedom Fantasies series is out today PLAY WITH ME. Here’s a little taste. :o)
Dressed only in matching blue lace bra and panties, Kim hopes to lure David, her one true love, to the voyeurism-exhibitionism room. She’s dying to pin him to the bed and ride him all night long. She has a drawer full of condoms. All he has to do is show up.

David doesn’t mix business with pleasure, yet when he discovers Kim’s vibrator he can’t get the image of it nestled inside her out of his mind. He fights to keep his hands off her soft, silky skin, but knows it’s a losing battle.

When the co-owners of Freedom Fantasies finally get together in their playground, sparks are sure to fly.

An Excerpt From: PLAY WITH ME
Copyright © AMBER SKYZE, 2010
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
Chapter One

Kim sat at her large mahogany desk, looking at the different monitors lining the walls. Guests were mingling. Fun was being had by her many visitors. A small smile formed on her lips.
Success. Sweet, sweet success.
Tonight was hit. Almost every room was filled, all except the one on the top floor. Kim hadn’t expected anyone to reserve the room. It was her room. The room she’d been preparing for the man who had her heart.
Her focus returned to the bar where guests were enjoying cocktail hour. The first floor was open for anyone who didn’t mind being seen at the Manor. Due to the nature of the Manor, anonymity was requested by some of her guests and Kim provided it to the fullest extent.
If someone wanted to spend the night in one of her rooms, but with privacy, Kim placed them on the third floor. There was a back entrance with an elevator that led to the floor.
She provided escorts at the back door and then again at the door opening to the third floor. Guests were discreetly led to and from their rooms. Most dressed in black from head to toe. Large hats or sunglasses adorned their heads to hide their identities.
In fact her good friend Paige and her husband Jed had recently spent some time on the third floor. Paige whisked them in under disguise. Because of Jed’s standing in the community he couldn’t risk being seen coming to Freedom Fantasies.
Yes, she understood their need for privacy. It wasn’t your run-of-the-mill mansion or bed-and-breakfast. No, the Manor was a place where people came to live out their ultimate sexual fantasy. Whether it was to be dominated, loved by two, three or even four men or women, it didn’t matter. Kim had a room for every desire.
She even had a special room on the top floor designed especially for her. Kim had fantasies of her own. She’d yet to use the room, but she hoped one day the source of her obsession would come around to her way of thinking and finally give in to his desires. David Shea. Though he didn’t know it. Kim could smack him over the head with a frying pan and he’d probably still be oblivious.
As if he knew she was thinking about him, David came into view on the monitor. Looking as sexy as hell dressed in black jeans and a charcoal button-down shirt, he mingled with the crowd.
He smiled at something Mrs. Fergus was saying. She and her husband were using the schoolgirl suite on the second floor. They didn’t care about being discreet. They’d frequented the Manor many times over the last year, since it opened. And they had recommended the place to friends.
David touched Mrs. Fergus’ hand, nodded a few times and then moved on to the next set of people. Eventually he moved out of sight.
David Shea. She’d loved him for the longest time. He was the reason she bought the place and remodeled it. She hoped he would find her too sexy to deny any longer. But he hadn’t. The one thing he had done was bankroll the adventure. He insisted on being fully involved in every aspect of running the place. Except she hadn’t let him be part of her room. She’d put her foot down on that one. Oh, he tried worming it out of her, but she could be just as stubborn when she wanted to. If he wanted to find out what her room was all about, he could, but that meant giving in to their sexual desires. Something David wasn’t ready to do yet.
Frustrated, she snapped the pencil she’d been holding in two.
“When will you come to your senses?” she growled, tossing the broken pencil across the room.
“Whoa!” David said, walking into her office. “What’s eating you?”
Not you! She wanted to spit.
“Nothing. Just having a hell of a time balancing last night’s deposits.”
He strode across the room and stood behind her. He bent for a closer look at the spreadsheet on her desk.
“Want me to look it over for you?”
His warm breath assaulted her neck. Tingling sensations crawled down her skin, filling her clit with lust and desire.
She groaned.
“I’ll be fine. I just need to walk away for a few minutes, that’s all.” She pushed her chair back, practically ramming him. She didn’t offer an apology. Shit, he shouldn’t be so fucking close, causing her body to ache with a need for release.
“You sure?”
She heard the concern in his voice before she looked at his eyes.
She’d insulted him.
“I’m sure. Look, I’m sorry. I just need a few minutes alone. Will you excuse me?”
He shrugged, but his gray eyes clouded over.
Without hesitation, she rushed from the room, haunted by the pained look in his eyes. She slipped into the next room. Her bedroom. The one she slept in all alone every night thinking and dreaming about David.
Leaning against the door, she fought to catch her breath. This hold he had over her was too much. Maybe she should just use one of the other rooms and have some fun with someone who wasn’t David. Someone who was his direct opposite. Maybe that would cure her of her feelings for him.
She crossed the room and stared out at the expanse of the ocean. Waves crashed against the rocks, shattering. The way her heart did every time David rejected her. He didn’t know how much she loved him or how much it pained her to be so close to him.
Buying him out of the business might be a good idea. That way she wouldn’t have to deal with him on a daily basis. She wouldn’t have to deal with him at all. Maybe that was her answer. Maybe that was the cure to erasing David from her system.
Somehow she doubted it would work, but it was a good thought. One she’d give some serious consideration to, because a woman could only go so long without sex. And her battery-operated friend was no help. It didn’t give her the pleasure a real cock would. No, Kim had to get laid soon or she was going to explode.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Nice Review

Short post today. I'm busy with a new story I proposed. They want to see the up to the first sex scene, so I'm happily tapping away at the keyboard.

Bit of good news. Submit With Me received a wonderful review. You can read it here:
You Gotta Read Reviews

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Got Eggs?

I got so used to not blogging while away I almost forgot today.
I thought I took more pics than I did. It turns out most of mine were of Angelo. Go figure, right!

As you know I had a fantastic time at RomantiCon. Fran Lee and I did a reader based workshop to find out what readers are interested in seeing or not seeing in books. Most said they want a HEA, Happily Ever After or at least a promise of one, aka Happy For Now.
I personally always write this way, because as a reader it’s what I want too.
Anyway the day of the workshop I had a terrible sore throat. I wasn’t, instead it was induced by my DH’s sense of humor or timing for that matter.
Early Saturday morning we went to the breakfast buffet. Now, mind you I didn’t care for the scrambled eggs the day before and they were serving them again. They did look better so I took a small scoop and loaded my plate with fruit. I’m a breakfast person. I wanted breakfast.
So we go sit down and I’m picking at my fruit. I decide to try my eggs. Just as I shovel some in the DH says, “Yup, same yummy eggs as yesterday. My ass is already clenching.”
I begin to laugh so hard, the eggs go down the wrong pipe. I started choking and coughing like crazy. Yup this is why I had a sore throat the rest of the day and had trouble speaking during my workshop.
Thanks Honey!!!!!!!!
Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Home Again!

Wow! I feel like I’ve been out of touch with the real world for a week. Oh, I have. I returned late last night from Romanticon 2010. Ellora’s Cave puts on one helluva party. I drooled all over the cavemen. LOL
When Angelo walked in to the meet and greet, my DH said, “Oh I know him, he’s plastered all over the house.”
This is true. He’s on the cover of Dante’s Desire, which I think is one hot cover. I must say, Angelo is ten times hotter in person and his accent will melt you. I know a Latin lover will show up in a future book.
I also got to meet an amazing group of authors. I formed new friendships and bonded with many I’ve known online. My hubby was a great sport about being at a conference. A few women brought their husbands.
I came home to so much good news. First Adrift received a Top Pick 5 star review from Night Owl Reviews. If you’d like to see what they had to say, check it out here:

Adrift was also the Fresh pick on October 9th over at Fresh Fiction. Talk about publicity. Do you know how many people they reach daily? I couldn’t ask for better promo. :0)
Lastly, I received a contract for my Christmas story – Naughty St. Nick. It will be released on December 10th from Aspen Mountain Press. They published my first Christmas story two years ago. YAY.
Today I have to spend the day getting caught up around the house and at work. I’m hoping to get some pics up from Romanticon and finish the quickie I was working on before I left.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tina Donahue and Contest

Today help me give a warm welcome to Tina Donahue who graciously accepted an offer to guest while I'm away. Not only did she offer a great blog, but she's hosting a contest too! Read on to find out how to win.

Heroes & Villains

In most of my erotic romances, the conflict has been within my heroes or heroines. Because of events in their past, they can’t commit or they’re afraid the one they love won’t feel the same about them.

For my latest release, In His Arms, the plot called for something edgier, darker. . .a villain without a moral compass or soul. A man who thinks nothing of destroying lives. It was a difficult novel to write. However, it was also uplifting in that it proved the human spirit always succeeds over evil.

Here’s a blurb to give you a taste of the plot. And an introduction to Anthony Karam, a human trafficker and the villain of In His Arms.


Owned by one man, loved by another. . .

Abducted and delivered into sexual slavery, Lori has surrendered her will in order to survive. For more than a decade, she’s been known as Summer, a lovely submissive, her owner’s possession until he gives her to his newest lieutenant, a mysterious man called RJ. Commanding and virile, RJ dominates without cruelty and possesses without threat, engendering a mixture of safety and passion. In his strong arms, Summer enjoys carnal pleasure she’s never known and tenderness she’s craved. In his heated gaze, she experiences a sense of recognition she doesn’t immediately understand until it proves dangerous in a way she could never have imagined. Bound by desire and their growing love, RJ traverses the shadowy world of human trafficking, risking all for Summer’s freedom only to learn she harbors a fateful secret that threatens to tear her from him, leading to an irrevocable event that risks both their lives.

EXCERPT (In this scene Summer & RJ have just arrived for dinner at Anthony’s palatial estate):

That night Anthony held court in the dining room, spacious enough to contain a hundred or more guests. Arched windows, twenty feet high, afforded diners an unrestricted view of the Bay. In the distance and darkness, San Francisco’s lights twinkled like glitter dust on a Vegas showgirl.
Anthony ignored the breathtaking view. His dark eyes evaluated Summer and RJ as they moved toward him.
He stood yards away near the ivory marble fireplace, its mantle towering over his six-foot height. Immaculately groomed, with shaved cheeks and flawlessly styled hair, he wore a beige knit shirt, camel pants and brown leather loafers. In his left hand, he held a delicate wineglass. Bringing it to his lips, he sipped the red bordeaux.
Three bottles of Chateau Latour 1982 stood on the sideboard, one opened, two still wearing their paper wrappings, the packaging ridiculously inconsequential for so fine a vintage. At least, that’s what Anthony had once told Summer, boasting how each bottle cost nearly two thousand dollars.
Paid for by her and his other girls’ nightly labors. She didn’t wonder where those young women would sleep this evening or with whom.
As she and RJ crossed the last of the yawning space, her bronze high heels seemed to clack too loudly against the russet tiles.
Anthony took another sip of his wine, his gaze offering a cool appraisal of her silk sheath dress, a Versace design. Its dark honey tint complemented her cropped beige sweater with three-quarter length sleeves worn to ward off the chill and to hide a bit of her birthmark.
In the guesthouse, RJ had watched her prepare for this evening, his eyes simmering with desire—perhaps jealousy of her history with Anthony—his voice edgy as he reminded her not to mask the discoloration. Unthinkingly, she’d reached for the concealer. When she’d lowered it to the counter, he’d taken her arm, bringing it to his lips, giving her a lingering kiss on the reddish stain.
Summer accepted RJ’s compassion gladly, her heart continuing to open to him. His gentle kisses on her birthmark made it seem a worthy part of her, acceptable, normal, just as her father had claimed so long ago.
Trapped by Anthony’s gaze now, her comfort faded away. Light poured down on her from one of the room’s four chandeliers, each fixture constructed of crystals patterned to resemble budding flowers. The unforgiving glow emphasized every flaw.
Anthony’s eyes moved over her birthmark. Impulsively, she put her arm behind herself. His attention remained on her, his mood unknown, his eyes dipping to her belly and then to her breasts. Without comment, he drained his glass and held it to the side.
Mina came from around the table, her lilac caftan rippling over her body’s dips and swells. Lavish silver embroidery graced the edges of the garment’s sleeves and its hem. A slit on the left side revealed her silky leg to mid-thigh, the flowing dress a contradiction of the modest and immodest.
Reaching the sideboard, she grabbed the bottle of wine, bringing it to Anthony. As she filled his glass, his attention moved from Summer to RJ.
Summer’s eyes slid to him, marveling at his height and build. He was taller and more muscular than Anthony. Beneath the chandeliers’ lights, his shoulder-length hair shone with cleanliness, its dark brown shade full, rich. Freshly shaved, dressed casually in a black crewneck sweater and charcoal jeans, he seemed more the master here than Anthony did.
Her task complete, Mina padded barefoot to the sideboard, where she remained.
Anthony moved his hand slightly, swirling the Bordeaux in the glass. He dipped his head as though finally acknowledging her and RJ’s presence. And then his gaze shot past them.
Summer’s head turned to the sudden clap of shoes. RJ also looked over. Their eyes met for a moment. In that slice of time, she caught his alarm—the same as hers—with the approach of two of Anthony’s men.
Her mind scrambled to recall all she’d said to RJ while they’d been in the guesthouse. Had she unwittingly told him something she should not? Would the men punish her for it now? She tensed, waiting for them to grab her.
As if RJ thought the same, he stepped in front of Summer, his body protecting her from the men’s approach.
They grabbed his arms.
Summer’s belly clenched. RJ spat a curse and yanked his right arm free. Anthony’s lieutenant grabbed it again. Summer stared, too stunned to move or to speak as the three men tussled briefly. Shoes scraped against the tiles, the sounds punctuated with shouted oaths.
The men’s combined weight and strength overpowered RJ. They pulled him away from Summer, dragging him across the room. He stumbled backward, his hair jumping on his shoulders, teeth clenched. The men pushed him into the wall.
Eyes rounded, Summer flinched at the thud of RJ’s head and shoulders striking the plaster. There, the men held him despite his grunts and struggles. Why? She’d expected them to take her, not him.
Her head swung to Anthony for an explanation. He ignored her.
Another set of footfalls rang across the room. Looking over, Summer’s heart seemed to stop as she saw Hogan. Gone was his outrage from last night, his frustration at not getting what he’d demanded. He’d have the final say now.
No. Summer stepped forward, her mouth opened for a scream to stop this insanity. She gasped at Anthony’s hand on her wrist, his fingers squeezing it painfully, jerking her back.
“Say one word, make one sound,” Anthony warned in a lowered voice, “and he’ll get worse.”
Oh god. He was testing her feelings for RJ, wanting her to look as if she didn’t care what happened, this was no big deal, only Anthony mattered. Summer couldn’t do it. He might take it as her agreement that Hogan should beat RJ to death.

Throughout the plot of In His Arms, Summer and RJ face increasing danger because of their love.

To celebrate the release of In His Arms, I’m offering a contest today. One lucky commenter will have her choice of one of my following books**:

Lush Velvet Nights – ebook
Adored – ebook
Deep, Dark, Delicious – ebook
Close to Perfect – mass market paperback
Bad Boys with Red Roses – trade paperback
Take My Breath Away – trade paperback

** Winner chosen at random. Winner in continental US has her choice of one of the six. Winner outside continental US has her choice of one of the ebooks

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Adrift is Fresh Pick today

October 9, 2010

I'm honored to have Adrift be fresh pick. Check it out.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Cindy Spencer Pape is in the House

Today please give a warm welcome to Cindy Spencer Pape (who I've probably hugged and gushed over by now at RomantiCon). Please excuse me Cindy if I make a fool of myself, but I am a big fan of yours. :0)

1. Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

Sigh. Everywhere. I’d love to see the British Isles, the rest of Europe, the pyramids, Australia, Asia, Mayan pyramids, you name it. Why? Well, old things appeal to me, and some of the ancient structures of the world are high on my wish list to see. I also love natural beauty, especially beaches, and as a former wildlife biologist, I’d love to see some of the animals I know from zoos in their natural settings. Does travel play in the writing of your books? Occasionally. I don’t think about it as such, but I try to set the book wherever the book needs to be set.

2. Where do you research for your books?

Well, since I can’t afford to travel yet, my two primary sources are the internet and the library. I DO try to use academic sites, serious history organizations, for example, or local travel bureau information rather than the less reliable Wikis and such.

3. What does your family think of your writing career?

They’re mostly very supportive. Shortly after I sold my first book, my computer broke, and my father ran out and got me a new one so I could keep writing. My sons think it’s cool, even though they have NO interest in actually reading my “girl books”. My husband is my biggest supporter, always there to give me an ego boost when I’m feeling low. He’s been willing to put up with the slow climb to actually making money, and I absolutely couldn’t do this without him. Does your significant other read your stuff? Only if I beg. If there’s something I’m having trouble with, he’ll pitch in and help, (a passage involving military stuff, for instance—he read that and fixed it) and he’s available to bounce ideas off of—and really quite good at it. Do you have critique partners or beta readers, then? I do. I have another erotic/romance author I send stuff back and forth with on pretty much a daily basis, and I have a local critique group, a mix of romance, horror, and SF/F who will read anything BUT erotic.

4. Do you hear from your readers?

Not as often as I’d like. I’m always so thrilled when I do—it still amazes me that anybody actually buys my books and reads them. It’s such a rush. What kinds of questions do they ask? If they ask a question it’s usually “Are you doing a book about so-and-so?” or “When does the next book in this series come out?”

5. What do you think makes a good story?

It has to grab you and pull you in. I read romance because I want to take a break from reality and go someplace where I know there’s going to be a happy ending. For romance, what I need is a heroine I can identify with, at least a little, a hero I can fall in love with, and a plot that makes the two of them work for their happiness. And of course, the HEA is NOT optional in my world.

6. Morning Or Night Person?

Absolutely NOT a morning person, though I’m occasionally forced to conform to the rest of the world.

7. What would we find under your bed?

I’m writing this before Romanticon, though by the time it posts, Amber, you and I will both be there. Stored under my bed: a suitcase storing antique paintings done by my dh’s grandmother—there are too many to have on the walls all at once. A plastic bin of purses and tote bags, and my dh’s mandolin. Well, there are also dust bunnies the size of rhinos, and usually a missing sock or two, maybe a couple dog toys that get kicked under there. This week, I also have stuff I’m getting together for Romanticon.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? THANK YOU! Without you, I couldn’t do what I do, and I’m very, very lucky to be able to tell stories for a living. I really do love to hear from you, and here’s where you can find me on the web:

Tell us about your current release(s). I have two that came out this last week!

Just for Jess (Immortal Cravings #3)
Release Date: Oct. 5, 2010
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Vampire Jessamy Maitland is a classic workaholic, until her friends team up to buy her a weekend with the incredibly sexy vampire Dermott McMahon on his luxurious private island. Dermott is determined to get Jess to kick back and relax, so he’s enlisted the help of three lion shifter friends.

Jess finds herself faced with three days of no phone, no computer and four sexy, horny males, all determined to wait on her hand and foot and show her a scorching good time. Naked. Together. In ways she’s never imagined. With those odds, what’s a vampire to do? There’s nothing for it but take them up on their offer and discover that sometimes it’s okay to play.

* * * * *

Motor City Witch (Urban Arcana Book #2)
Release Date: October 4, 2010
Publisher: Carina Press
She’d left magic behind.

Once upon a time, Elise Sutton had been a powerful witch and paranormal enforcer. Once she’d been madly in love with Fae lord Aidan Greene. But when Aidan had considered his duties more important than their relationship, the love affair ended badly. Shortly after, while on the hunt for a rogue demon, Elise was brutalized and almost killed. Months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. To protect her child—and her heart—Elise decided to live a nonmagical life.

Until she meets Aidan again, and he assumes Dina is his daughter. When Dina is kidnapped by a racial purity movement, Elise turns to Aidan for help. The icy facade she has built around herself shatters at Aidan’s touch. Together they have to hunt through the human and faery worlds to find Dina...and to discover whether or not they have any kind of chance at a happily ever after.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Road Trip Continues

After what felt like a comedy of errors, the DH and I finally got on the road around 1pm. Two hours later than we'd planned. Trying to pack the car in the pouring rain was not fun to say the least. So looking like two drowned rats, we started our journey.
Thru RI, CT, NY, NJ and finally PA we hit all sorts of weather. We made a few stops along the way, but overall we didn't run into any major traffic. Woo Hoo.
After a thorough check for bed bugs we got our stuff from the car and crashed. (sorry but with the epidemic that seems to be plaguing the US I won't bring my stuff into a room until I'm sure it's bug free) :o)

We have three more hours on this journey before meeting up with all the staff, authors, readers and lets not forget the cavemen, who will adorn Romanticon 2010. There are few of my friends who won't be attending, sniff, sniff, but I'll send their love.

In other news Dante's Desire received 4 stars from NOR. You can read the review here:

Happy Thursday!

PS. Tomorrow Cindy Spencer Pape will be my special guest. PLEASE stop by and show this wonderful author some love.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Road Trip

I’m about to embark on a road trip with my DH. He’s my true life hero. He knows how much I hate to fly so he offered to drive with me. It’s a ten hour journey and I tend to get cranky when in the car for long periods of time, IF we get stuck in traffic. On our last trip in July what should’ve been a six hour trip turned into nine when we got stuck in NYC. It took us three hours to move two miles. I was driving and let me tell you it wasn’t pretty when we emerged. :o)
So where are we going? To RomantiCon, Ellora’s Cave conference for their readers, authors and aspiring writers. It runs from October 7th thru the 10th this year and I’m thrilled to be going. I’m armed with loads of giveaways. If you happen to be in the Richfield, OH area do stop in on Sunday for the Book Fair and say hello. I’ll have goodies during my book signing too.
As the time draws near I’m starting to grow nervous. It’s not shock that I’m a terribly shy person. I tend to be the one hiding in the corner afraid something stupid will come out of my mouth. I try to blend in the background taking in everything others are saying. I rarely offer an opinion on anything. This is where my husband comes in handy. He’s a social butterfly. He’ll strike up a conversation with just about anyone and offer his opinion whether or not you want it. (This is where I cringe) LOL
I know I’ll be surrounded by great friends like Regina Carlysle, Fran Lee, Cindy Spencer Pape and Anny Cook just to name a few.
For someone who suffers from stage freight as much as I do you’d think I was crazy to agree to host a reader based workshop with Fran Lee. I’ve thought about backing out many times, but I couldn’t do that to Fran. She’s such a wonderful person. I’m going to overcome my fears and move forward. BUT if you hear about a red-face blubbering idiot chances are it was me. LOL
I’ll be sure to take lots of pics to share with you. For those who adore the cavemen as much as me, I’ll be sure to get them too.

Until next week!

PS...don't forget I'll have few special guests so check back and show them some love.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Crazy Day!

Another busy day awaits me. I have packing and a to-do list a mile long. I'd hoped the cougar promo stuff I ordered would be here in time, but it doesn't look promising. I have fun stuff for the cougar baskets and giveaways, but I'd hoped to promo my cougar book too. Oh well.

I look around at all the stuff I have all over the house going to RomantiCon. When we get back the house will definitely be clutterfree. Months and months of preparation will finally pay off.

I'm barely 3k away from finishing a quickie I'm writing for a friend. It doesn't look like it will be done before I leave. Maybe I'll be able to squeeze in some writing time, but I highly doubt it.

Anyway, off to cut down this list!

Before I forget, my October's newsletter is out and I'm giving away an autographed copy of Ignite the Flames. You must be a subscriber to get the contest details and win. You can sign up over on the left. :0)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Manic Monday

Had an extremely busy weekend and the next two days will be just as crazy!
The countdown has begun…Thursday is fast approaching and I still have a lot to accomplish before heading out.
I managed to finish my latest wip and ship it off to one of my editor’s. I also got great feedback on a proposal. I have to sub a partial, but they’re seriously considering the contract. This is a first for me and I like it!!! Now I just have to get over this performance anxiety.
Today has been filled with last minute RomantiCon stuff, cover art forms and the newsletter I promised was coming Friday. Sorry, sometimes I’m not on time. It will arrive TODAY!
Happy Monday!

Friday, October 1, 2010


So instead of blogging, I've been surfing and leaving comments for all my friends. I have no energy today. I feel like a bump on a log or an ass in my work chair. I could be doing a million other things, but I chose not to. Procrastination is a friend of mine. :o)

My newsletter should be out later today for those who subscribe.

I HAVE to wrap my gift basket today. I've rearranged the darn thing 40x, took things out, put new things in and replaced what I took out. It's a vicious cycle. If it's wrapped all pretty I won't want to touch it again.

Waiting to hear from my hair goddess who is working on a bridal party, to see if she can squeeze me in today or tomorrow.

I'm ready for a nap!

Happy Friday!