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Special Guest Destiny Blaine and Marc Alice

Coming January 30th

Sins of Wolves: The Safe Mountain series
Written by Destiny Blaine and Marc Alice
Published by Dark Hollows Press

In the mountains of Tennessee, there is only one safe place for pure young women to hide. To live there they must rebel against the new country's law and order and leave everything familiar behind. As they embrace an uncertain future, the women become the submissive mates to some of the most powerful Doms of our time.

Small town Tennessee is under siege. The Sins of Wolves, a local motorcycle gang, promises to protect the town while politicians vow to strip all innocent young women from their homes.

With an oath to protect the young, the MC arrives with one lone mission. They're not there to negotiate their terms. They're there to search and save.

They're looking for the confirmed. They want the condemned and chosen. And when they find them, they steal away with innocent women they fully intend to claim.

The Great Age of Innocence is upon us and for Sevier County locals the burning question is on the minds of many. Should families relinquish their loved ones to the national armies collecting young women to sell in an international sex trade or should they trust the MC and pray their daughters will eventually make it out of Safe Mountain alive!

Condemned and Chosen


There’s an old sayin’ around these parts about bikes. Some folks, die hard bikers that is, say motorcycles don’t leak oil, they just mark their territory. In Sevier County, that was a common belief before the Great Age of Innocence began, before corrupt leaders took over the country with promises of much needed reform, the kind of political pitches that made a person stand up and pay attention.

Those oaths were a pack of lies all tied up in pretty little bows, kind of like those satin ribbons unsuspecting mothers braided into their daughters’ hair on their seventeenth birthday, the very day most young women were confirmed.

Time changes the definition behind simple words, just as it changes the meaning behind once-significant phrases and quotes.

The bikes roaring through town aren’t there to mark their territory. They speed through a city so quickly, they don’t have time to leave behind evidence that they’ve even been there.

The MC rides through the streets with purpose. They arrive for one lone mission.
They’re not there to protect or guard. They’re there to search and rescue.

They’re looking for the confirmed. They want the condemned, the chosen.
And when they find them, they steal away with the most precious of gifts, innocent women they fully intend to claim

And Don’t Miss the Sins of Wolves Prequel

An Angel’s Wings is found in the Dear Santa: A Collection of Erotic Holiday Stories anthology, available now at Dark Hollows Press and all third party retail sites.

Jack scoured the area as far as the eye could see under the full moon’s light. The solid white earth stretched before him with more tracks and prints. He slapped his hand next to what soon became his sample, using his fingers to predict measurements.

“Jack, what is it?” Martha called out to him from their porch, but he didn’t have the heart to tell her of his suspicions.

His vision blurred. His eyes throbbed. It was like a drummer boy stood over him, beating his head like a worn-out drum. The noise became louder instead of softer as the vehicles raced down the mountain, drowning out that dull beat now pulsing in his ears.

Jack ran his fingers around the embedded paw shape, about twice the size of his hand. He rose to his feet and followed the trail, expecting to see a clear path straight into the forest. Instead, he stared out over an open field of freshly fallen snow.

His uncertainties left him to wonder about his child’s bleak future. Had he protected his only daughter or had he thrown Romy to the wolves, to a pack of dogs just waiting to strip away her innocence, maybe even her life?

His daughter had slipped away with renegades, maybe even outright rogues. Now, she was out there somewhere, riding with bikers, with men who were considered dangerous. These men stood against the new laws and order of a country shaped by indecision and scandal. They were thought of as defectors and traitors, yet Jack had entrusted his daughter’s life with them because the alternative guaranteed death and destruction wrought with horror and unknowns.

Sure, Romy faced an undetermined destiny, but given the alternative, she at least had hope. Under the cover of a dark, black night, Romy was headed for Safe Mountain, a legendary protective haven for innocent young women.

As a father, Jack prayed the place would live up to its name.

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Coming Soon - Retail Therapy

I'm currently revising my 2009 release Rein Me In. The new title is Retail Therapy. The story is a quickie about a woman who loves to shop - at her husband's expense. :)

I'd like to thank my friend Lyn of Stanzalone Designs for making this cover for me. 

Delia is happy being a stay-at-home wife, spending her husband's money. Only
problem? Scott doesn't share her enthusiasm. Yes, he wants his wife to enjoy the finer
things in life, but he wants her to stay within a budget.

Delia can't stick to a budget.

To teach her a lesson, Scott paddles her.

Who knew getting spanked could be so arousing? Not Delia, but now that Scott's
turned her on, she wants more. In fact, she might go over her limit just to feel the
heightened orgasms.

Can Scott rein her in before they both end up in the poorhouse?


“Delia!” Scott’s voice reverberated through the house.

Delia paced the bedroom carpet in her silk pantyhose-covered feet and wrung her
hands. The tone in her husband’s voice confirmed he’d seen the pile of bills. He’d just
gotten home from work, and she imagined he’d tossed his briefcase on the kitchen table
and glanced through the junk mail until he found the credit card statement—the one
she stuck at the bottom of the pile in the hope he’d give up midway through. No such

She pictured him tearing it open with a need to know if she’d gone over her
monthly limit yet again. He’d scan the statement looking for the new charges, and upon
discovering what she’d purchased, hit the roof.

His voice echoed through the house. “Delia!”

“In the bedroom,” she called out. She couldn’t hide. The bedroom was his next stop
after reading the mail.

When his heavy footsteps hit the stairs, Delia held her breath. What was he going to
do? He warned her not to overspend again, told her she wouldn’t like the consequences
if she did. And she had.

She couldn’t help it. She liked to shop. She liked having new clothes, purses and
shoes. Never mind the music and workout equipment she bought to keep the trim body
he loved so much.

He appeared in the doorway looking dishevelled. His tie hung loose and the top
button of his crisp white shirt was undone. His trench coat hung off one shoulder. His
blond hair was a mess. He’d been raking his fingers through it. His dark eyes flared,
trumpeting his fury. She recognized the look and it boded trouble.

“Hi,” she said.

“What did I tell you about going over your limit?” he demanded. He seemed
almost saddened by her lack of control.

She stifled the urge to roll her eyes and bite back the smartass remark. The situation
didn’t call for sarcasm. “I’m sorry?” Even to her, the apology sounded weak.

“That’s what you said last month and the month before. How many times will I
hear I’m sorry? Why can’t you stay within budget so you don’t have anything to be
sorry for?”

“I tried, Scott, really I did. I wanted to work out at home rather than the gym so I
bought the equipment.” She lowered her eyes. “I thought you’d want me to exercise at
home, away from all the young men’s prying eyes.”
“Don’t give me that crap,” he roared. He walked to his closet, swung open the
double doors, and hung up his coat.

“It’s not crap; I do want to exercise at home.”

“Okay, but what about the other charges from the shoe store you love so much or
the various clothing stores. What’s your excuse for those?”

She didn’t have one. Just boredom. With all the free time she had on her hands she
used it shopping. Scott had told her she should find a hobby and she had—shopping.
“Well, Delia, aren’t you going to come up with an excuse?”

She shook her head.

He laughed and pulled the tie from his neck. “Nothing to say? This is a first.”

She shrugged.

“So you’re going to play the quiet mouse game today. You won’t be quiet for long.”

“Why not?” The conversation wasn’t going well. Would he take away her charge
cards, make her stay home every day? The look in his dark brown eyes told her trouble
was on the horizon. Would he leave her for overspending?

He rubbed his face with his hands and sat on the edge of the bed. She wanted to
reach out to him, reassure him she wouldn’t overcharge again. She’d promise, beg, and
plead, whatever it took to keep him in her life. She didn’t want him to leave. She could
handle anything―anything but him leaving. She loved him. Always had and always

“Over my lap,” he said with a ring of finality.

She backed away from the bed. “Excuse me?”

“Delia, I’m not going to say it again. Over my lap, now!”

“Why?” she whispered.

“I’ll show you why.”

Friday, January 24, 2014

Special Guest Tessie Bradford

Thanks so much for having me here today, Amber. I’m excited to share a little bit of my new release, Pleasuring Anne!
It is available now at and available soon at

Anne hasn’t enjoyed the company of a man in three long years and she’s over it. Fantasies and fiction are wonderful, but you can’t snuggle up with them in bed. Getting back into the dating scene after a lengthy hiatus is nerve wracking, and choosing a sleazebag the first time out of the gate is more than a little embarrassing. When two cops show up wanting her to help them nail the wanted felon, she can’t stop herself from bursting into peals of laughter. The irony is just too delicious. Standing on her front porch is her vision of male perfection; Detective Garth Slaiter.
Garth is always in control of his emotions, but kissing the gorgeous and quirky Ms. Karmer the moment they’re alone together just feels like the right thing to do. When she eagerly returns his attentions, Garth will settle for nothing less than completely pleasuring Anne.
Pleasuring Anne
Excerpt: Copyright: Tessie Bradford, 2014
“Victoria DeMallen, a strong, feminine name. I like it.”
“Thanks. Coming up with it was almost harder than writing my first book.”
“Which one would you like me to start with?”
“Pardon me?”
Her cheeks took on a most glorious shade of pink, sending him straight to horny heaven. “Connie’s Cops seems a natural choice, but I certainly defer to you, the author, to make a recommendation.”
“I don’t picture you as a ‘reading romance books’ type of guy.”
“What do you picture me doing instead, Anne?”
She ran the tip of her tongue across her lower lip and appeared to be seriously considering her answer. “May I exercise my right to remain silent?”
“Sure. Let me help you out with that.”
Garth cradled the back of her head and lowered his mouth to hers. He started out slowly, tasting and teasing until she lightly rested her palms on his hips and let out the cutest little sigh he’d ever heard. He tightened his fingers in her hair and her lips parted. Their tongues met and the kiss morphed from wonderful to mind-blowing in an instant. Anne wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing her incredible tits into his chest. Garth used his free hand to grasp her ass cheek. She whimpered and dug her fingernails into his back. They devoured each other until they were both gasping for air.
He shifted his stance to make certain she got a clear picture of how hot and hard he was for her. She dropped her head onto his shoulder and snuggled into him. Garth could feel the frantic pounding of her heart.
“I’m on tonight and tomorrow until ten then off for three days. What’s your schedule this week looking like, sweetheart?”
She lifted her head and stared at him wide-eyed.
Garth gently brushed his fingers along her cheek. “When was the last time you made out with a perfect stranger?”
“Never.” Anne breathed the word at barely above a whisper.
“Me either.” He recognized relief in her eyes at his admission. “Seems as if the prudent thing for us to do would be to spend some quality time together, don’t you think?” He kissed her lightly on the chin.
“Well, I pretty much set my own hours. What do you have in mind?”
Her cautious response was in direct odds to her making no attempt to extricate herself from his embrace. “Hum, waiting to commit until you see if my offer is worthy; very crafty of you.” He hesitated for a few seconds despite knowing instantly what he planned to suggest. “Going to the movies or to dinner are out, way too conventional. How do you feel about a little friendly competition in a casual and playful setting?”
“Go on,” she encouraged, interest obvious in her expression.
“Miniature golfing.”

Have a great day, everyone!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Rotten Football Hangover

Not from drinking...from bad games. It's a sad day in the Skyze home today. Both hubby and I watched our football team lose.

I won't watch the Superbowl...not even for the commercials. I'm not a Peyton fan. He reminds me of the munchins from Wizard of Oz and I find him arrogant.
After the post game interview Seattle has turned my stomach too.

There you have it...I'm going to lick my wounds. LOL

Actually I have to work one of the jobs today and hoping to get back to the contemporary after a week off.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Special Guest Kenzie Michaels

Thanks for having me today, Amber!  I’m the featured Author-of-the-Week over at the Secret Cravings blog, and anyone who comments here or on any of my guest posts between now and Thursday will be given a chance to win a free download of their choice of my back list. 

Interview with Angela Clayborn and Emma Nichols, co-heroines from Wild At Heart.

K:  Greetings ladies:)

A:  Hello again!

E:  Hi Kenzie:)  Thanks for having us back in better weather this time!

A:  It's not snowing this time, but the rain can stop anytime now.  I'm ready for warmer weather.

K:  I hear you!  My son's getting addicted to Minecraft videos and we've had to resort to limiting his time on the computer.
Is everything still okay between you two?

A:  Definitely.  I think we're all happier now.  Wouldn't you say, Emma?

E:  Yeah. I like the new cover! I'm glad we were-what did you call it?-re-released closer to our timeline.

K:  That's exactly what happened.  I'm not going to bad-mouth anyone, so suffice it to say, things didn't work out the first time around, so I was graciously granted my rights back.  My new publisher was totally in love with you two, and fast-tracked it last May.

E:  I see.

K:  How's Brad?  I've tried to get Brad to talk to me, but he won't.

E:  I've kept him pretty busy:)  I'm also training him as a part-time stable hand.

K:  What about you, Angie?  Are you happy with the new cover and the re-release?

A:  I'm like the depiction of Indiana better on the other cover, but I'm happy with the new one.  It's more like a 'Little House on the Prairie' look.  And in case people don't remember, I can't believe I was in such denial about Steve.  I had started dating Brad because my friends thought he was perfect for me, but it just goes to show you can't force chemistry.

E:  And you and Steve definitely have it!  We went out to dinner last night before the rain arrived, and Steve couldn't keep his hands off of her!

A:  Well neither could you and Brad!

K:  I also want you both to know that your story has been nominated for the P&E Reader’s Poll, and when I went to Estes Park last July/early August, Emma, I presented Nicky's manager with a signed cover flat.

E:  Cool; I know she'll like it!  Brad's getting me a Kindle so I can find that scene in Anny's book.  And what poll?

A:  Who's book?  And yes, what poll?

K:  The P&E Reader’s poll, where readers vote for their favorite books published last year.  Last time I checked, you were holding steady at #10.  Anny's a good friend of mine, Emma.  Contact me when you get your Kindle and I'll email Anny's website to you.  She's got a lot of other books you might like, plus I'll introduce you around to other wonderful e-books and authors.

E:  Awesome!  Thanks! What do we win?

K:  Only bragging rights.

A:  Somehow, that doesn’t seem quite fair.

E:  I was hoping there was prize money or something.  I need to add another building to my ranch.

K:  Sorry sweetie, this is just a popularity contest.  Time's up ladies; I need to fix dinner for the family.  Thanks for coming by.

A:  Thanks for the yummy cookies!  I need your recipe.

E:  Don't tell Nora, but your chocolate chips are better than hers.

K:  Who do you think gave me the recipe?  I've improved on them, that's all.

E:  Hey, do you suppose if you offer those cookies to everyone who votes for us, maybe we’d break into the top 5?

A:  I don’t think bribery’s allowed.  And Kenzie would have to open a bakery in order to make that many cookies!

K:  Yeah, let’s not go there.

Angela Clayborn discovers the man she sent to prison nearly two years before, has been granted an early release.  Torn between wanting to see him and fearful if she does, sparks fly when Steve Blumenthal appears in her gift shop and later at her condo.  Will Angie free her heart from its icy prison?  Has Steve really turned his life around, or is it a hoax?

Meanwhile, in Colorado on business, Angie’s current boyfriend, Brad Morrison, is wrestling with his own call of the wild.  He’s met unconventional, sexy Emma Nichols, who runs not only her own riding stable, but helps out with her family’s woodworking store in EstesPark.  Emma resents Brad’s offer to help during a family crisis, but eventually discovers that Fate sometimes sends people down unexpected paths to love.  Can Brad tame a wildcat?  Or will Emma settle for the safe path?

Angie sighed and shifted; it was all the encouragement he needed.  Raising her shirt, he bent his head and drew the taunt nipple into his mouth, reaching behind her back to find the bra clasp,  Getting it unsnapped, the fabric fell away, and he filled his hand with her other breast, getting to know her all over again.

Panting, Steve worked his own shirt over his head and pressed their torsos together, feeling her nipples burn against his chest.  He tongued both nipples, hearing her soft moans and the rush of blood pounding in both his head and his groin.  He unsnapped his jeans with the increasingly uncomfortable pressure building, and carefully managed to free himself.  Holding his swollen cock with one hand, he unfastened Angie’s slacks and tugged them down over her hips, nearly losing it when he saw the transparent underwear and the ginger triangle beneath.  He lightly inserted a finger in the waistband.  Angie bucked her hips; he peeled the final barrier down and lightly stroked.  She cried out softly at the contact, and he tugged both slacks and underwear to her ankles.

He brushed his palms over her mound, feeling the tension in her muscles and listening to her increased breathing.  He reached behind him for his wallet and withdrew the blue-foiled packet.  He waved it in front of her.

“Do I need this?” he asked, giving her one last chance to stop him.

She nodded, and he mentally thanked God, fate, and whoever else that he wasn’t going to be denied this final pleasure he’d waited so long for.  He ripped the packet, removed the latex sheath and rolled it on his nearly bursting member.  Gently, he slipped inside her folds, nearly crying with the sweetness of the action.  But it had been so long…and he’d wanted to love Angie physically before that fateful night… three quick thrusts and it was all over for him.  He collapsed on top of her, mortified that it hadn’t lasted longer.  He stayed inside of her, willing his body to grow hard again, but she shifted beneath him and he slipped out.

He rose up on his elbows and kissed her softly.  “God, Angie..that was beautiful,” he panted.  “I just wish I could have lasted longer…”

Brad and Emma
Emma laughed when she recognized Nora’s Longaberger basket. “So I wasn’t the only one out late?” She curved her lips into a sly smile.
“The only one with the sense to return to his own bed before getting caught,” he retorted. “And I don’t sing Rock Star in the shower!”
“You heard that, huh? Brad likes to listen to the radio, and we both like Nickleback.” She defended their impromptu duet.
“The sheep heard you and decided to stay up in the mountains longer.”

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Again, thank you sooooo much for having me today! Don’t forget to leave your contact information in your comment!  I’ll be announcing the winner on Friday, Jan 17th.

Kenzie’s Website:

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Spotlight on Afton Locke

Stripper With Spice

Thank you for hosting me today. I’m excited to talk about the spice OREGANO, and my latest release, Stripper With Spice, a contemporary erotic romance. 

Opposite Oregano

Oregano is the spice that gives zip to Italian spaghetti sauce. Whenever I make homemade, I always include some. Because it’s strong, though, it can be overdone. That’s why I tend to like basil better. What I didn’t know is that the flavor can differ based on where the plant is grown. Europe and the U.S. produce oregano with a milder, sweeter flavor than the spicy stuff grown in the Mediterranean. I think I need to go back to Italy to compare!

This is true of men too. Even two brothers who grow up in the same environment can have entirely different flavors. In high school, I tended to fall for brothers. In two cases, I fell for one brother but ended up with the other. The one I didn’t get would always make me wonder, what would he be like?

In the first duo, one brother was down to earth and drove a gray car. His brother was a wild party animal and drove a yellow car. He probably wasn’t relationship material, but I longed for one kiss, imagining exactly how it would feel and taste. After my relationship with the first brother ended, we all remained friends and got together one day for a visit. After kissing the one I used to date, I decided to be daring and pushed the brother on the bed, which was no small feat because he was a big guy. Did I mention all four of the brothers were tall? I planted a passionate kiss on him. Strangely enough, it was exactly the way I had imagined it. He was shocked but didn’t mind a bit.

In the second duo, I admired one brother from afar for a long time. He looked so serious but never gave me a second look. One night, I met his younger brother at a party. I didn’t even know it was his brother until I learned his name. Instead of not knowing I existed, he was all over me. Talk about a human octopus. That family really needed a third brother who fell somewhere in between. We dated for a short while, but he was just too aggressive.

Male strippers also come in different flavors. Each dancer has his own personality, act, costume and dance moves. In my story, Janice thinks all strippers are the same oversexed party animals. What she discovers is that Carlos is different. He still has the sexy, good qualities but not all of the bad. Will she dare to taste his unique flavor?

Stripper With Spice

Publisher:  Ellora's Cave Publishing
Release Date:  10 January 2014
eBook ISBN #:  978-14199-49050
Stay tuned for reviews and more:

Watch the Book Trailer:

Getting back on her feet after unemployment, Janice treats herself to an erotic-romance convention. After winning a two-hour fantasy date with Carlos Aguilar, a young stripper, she decides to have a one-time fantasy fling.

When Carlos entices her back to the bedroom—and a few public places—for more sizzling sex, he unleashes her passions, including a secret desire to be a chef. Janice learns there’s more to this heartthrob than a hot body, but job security comes first.

To convince her he’s more than a fantasy, Carlos teaches her trust with his body. But when that trust is finally tested to the limit, she’ll be torn between clinging to safety and taking a chance on a whole new life.

Excerpt (explicit)
Stripper With Spice - Copyright © AFTON LOCKE, 2014 - All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.

I chose you.

He looks and sounds so serious and honest, how can I not be completely convinced? His words echo inside my head as he grips both sides of my face and lowers his mouth to mine in slow motion. The thrill bubbles return to my bloodstream as if the elevator cable has just snapped, dropping us to the basement.

Unlike last night’s, this kiss is slow and full of promise. He samples my mouth as if we have all the time in the world. A flash of mint-flavored tongue pierces my soul, tearing a moan from my throat. With one hand still on the button, I raise my other to his shoulder. Feeling the bare, hot skin there fuels my desire, pushing me dangerously close to the edge of self-control.

“Do you want this as much as I do, Janice?”

God, yes. I need more…all of you.

I reply by sliding my hand across the tiger-striped fabric over his back. The warm satin, with muscles moving under it, is just as sexy as bare skin. His hips dance against mine—rubbing, thrusting and teasing. My fingers move to the worn waistband of his jeans at his side, wanting to pull them off. My body throbs, needing him as I’ve never needed anything before.

When he pulls my finger off the close-door button, the door opens to reveal an annoyed looking family of five waiting to get on. The parents, obviously noticing Carlos’ wild vest and our heavy breathing, exchange a disgusted look.
Carlos takes my hand and leads me off the elevator. My heart races as we walk down the corridor. Luckily, the carpet absorbs the trembling in my legs so it doesn’t make a sound.

He stops at one of the doors. I fixate on the way he slides his keycard from his back pocket and inserts it into the door reader. It’s something I’ve done myself a million times without thinking, but this is different. This is foreplay.

The door responds with a little click and a flashing green light. I guess we just got the green light for wild, hot sex. My heart accelerates even more. If it goes any faster, he’ll have to call a paramedic. I can read the headline now.
Boring financial analyst dies from anticipating sex with a hot cover model.

I check my watch. Fifteen minutes have passed.

“We still have plenty of time.” He ushers me inside and closes the door behind me.

The room is completely dark because the drapes are drawn. It’s as if we’ve entered a private cave, hidden from the world. This is it, I think as Carlos flips on a dim lamp. We’re really going to do this. We’re going to have sex.

“Come in and make yourself comfortable,” he says.

I stay where I am but gaze around the room, noticing with approval how neat he is. His clothes hang in the closet and his toiletries are laid out on one corner of the sink. The smoky-brown bottle probably contains the mysterious mesquite scent. I wish he were a slob so I could tell myself it would never work between us.

It doesn’t take long for my attention to stumble across the centerpiece of the room, the large bed. Is it another stage? Is the perfectly pressed red cover the curtain? Unlike the platforms we shared for the photo shoot and lap dance, this one is completely private.

What if he doesn’t like my performance?

Coming Soon

Rock My Boat

Workaholic CEO Rhonda Simms embarks on a Caribbean cruise to create an ad campaign for a big maritime freight client. She finds it impossible to concentrate, however, when Simon Mann, a blue marlin shifter, sets his sights on her. From a private, hands-on safety briefing to a wild ride in the ocean, he rocks her ordered world.

Simon drowned years ago in a shipwreck caused by Rhonda’s client, and he’ll do anything to be a normal man again. As his mate, Rhonda is the only person who can help him.

Tired of being so responsible, Rhonda is ready to let loose with a shipboard fling. Mating with Simon could cost a lot more than her virginity, however. Will she stick to her present course or will she let this sexy alpha rock her boat?

This story will be part of the Tall, Dark & Alpha boxed set, which will release 10 March 2014.

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 3) How it reminds you of a particular man or intimate encounter

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Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy New Year

I've been busying writing. How is your New Year going?

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Spotlight on Krystal Shannan

Tell us about your current release.
My current release is TREVOR. It’s a contemporary novella and kicks off the MacLaughlin Family Series. Trevor and Lorelei are a true second chance love story and of course, if you’ve read my writing before, you know there will be some laughs to be had. I’m having a blast writing the following books in the series and can’t wait to get CAIDEN and HARVEY out in January.

When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?
I write all over the place. Day. Night. In bed. At a desk. My favorite place is a recliner, but I get more words on paper when I sit at my desk with headphones blaring thunderstorms. I try to get at least an hour a day of writing, but three hours is my goal.

What does your family think of your writing career?
My family is very supportive and couldn’t be happier for me. They think it’s awesome that I’m getting to pursue the career I dreamed of for so long.

Does your significant other read your stuff?
He reads snippets, but no, not the full books. He is however, a fabulous sounding board for plotting and has come up with some great twists for some of my stories.

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?
I have a critique partner. We’ve been together for several years and I soooooooo wish we lived on the same side of the country. I rotate around beta readers. I’m still building that network.

How do you develop your plots and your characters? Do you use any set formula?
I have no formula for creating stories. They’ve always just come to me. I do get a lot of ideas from photography and songs on the radio, too. But, really, anything could spark an idea or a character.

What songs are most played on your Ipod?
White Lightning Hit the Family Tree – Chris Young
Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
Love Story – Taylor Swift
Eyes Like Yours – Shakira
Thanks so much for hosting me!


A MacLaughlin Family Novella

Krystal Shannan

Trevor MacLaughlin has been in love with his sister's best friend for years. But, he let her move away to college without ever telling her how he felt and hasn't seen her since.

Now, years later, a second chance with the woman of his dreams practically falls into his lap.

Will he take a leap of faith and tell her how he feels? How he's always felt? Or will the woman he knows is meant to be his slip through his fingers a second time?

Trevor opened the hotel room door at 9:05pm. The meeting with the client had taken longer than he expected. The flooding had taken down a wall, collapsed a roof, and ruined several large machines. The owner was paying upfront for a quick salvage, but it would be tomorrow morning before he could have a crew mobilized and here.
As late as it was, he’d managed to find a little place still open and got them both a home-style burger and fries. Hopefully she would forgive him for being so late.
The site that greeted him was adorable and frightening at the same time. Her luggage was open on the floor and appeared to have been dug through, as if whatever she’d wanted was at the very bottom. A pair of pink satin and lace panties lay draped over the edge and a matching pink and black bra lay just inside the suitcase on top of a pile of shoes. The thought of seeing her in those made blood rush to his dick. Papers and books were scattered across the bed along with a tablet computer wrapped in a bright yellow cover.
He set the bag of food down on the dresser next to the tv and picked up one of the books off the bed – Ancient Gods and Goddesses. He flipped through a few pages. Next to it he picked up an inside out black, over-sized sweatshirt. He turned it the right way and chuckled. On the front it read –Men say a women’s place is in the kitchen. Just remember, that’s where all the knives are. This girl was something else.
The door of the bathroom clicked open. Lorelei walked out half wrapped in a towel, wet hair glistening, looking like one of the goddesses from her book. I’ve truly died and gone to heaven.
“Holy mother of popcorn balls! Trevor!” She screeched and ducked back into the bathroom, but not before giving him a nice peek at her bare ass. “You could at least make a little noise when you come in,” she spat out through the barely cracked door.
“Where would be the fun in that?”
He heard a faint curse, but couldn’t decipher what she’d said.
“Can you please leave so I can get dressed?”
He had no intention of leaving the room. “I can bring you clothes. What do you want?”
“I…fine. The yoga pants and the sweatshirt on the foot of the bed.”
He picked up the requested items and glanced down at the lacy bra and underwear. She hadn’t asked for them. A few steps brought him to the bathroom door. She opened it far enough to stick her arm through, snatching the clothes from his hand and shutting the door in his face.
“Anything else?” Underwear, perhaps?
“No.” Her voice was irritated, but husky. The raspy quality made his mind go places it shouldn’t.
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Paranormal Romance author, Krystal Shannan, lives in Texas and is married to the love-of-her-life. They have a spunky young daughter who believes in fairies. Krystal professes to loving shoes, but avoids wearing them at all costs. She teaches in the public schools and writes as much as she can in her free time. If any more spare time can be squeezed from her day, she enjoys reading romance in all genres, but especially paranormal. If it has a 'Happily Ever After', she's on board!

She is an active member in her local RWA chapter DARA.

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