Friday, February 26, 2010

LRC Winner Best Erotic Book 2009

Spank Me Once TWICE
Publisher: Noble Romance PublishingPublisher’s URL:
Authors: Keta Diablo, Tara S. Nichols, Jude Mason and Amber Skyze
Genre: D/s, spanking
Lip Serviceby Keta Diablo

After their recent tiff, Bryan took off for Japan on business and left Navarre home to stew. Now Bryan is expected home after two long weeks, but fate has other plans--mechanical problems with his plane and no rental cars available. So what's a desperate man to do? Find his own means to get to the man he loves. When he finally arrives, he has second thoughts about challenging fate. Bryan has company in his hotel room!

Road Trip by Tara Nichols

After a long, cold winter spent indoors, a drive in the country to an unknown destination is just what Mona needs. The simple act of going for a drive has sensuous effects on the kinky, urban girl, something, Jess, her boyfriend, is well aware of. Mona grows more and more aroused with each deserted side road they pass and Jess shows no sign of stopping. Seeing he isn’t about to pull over and do her right, she starts to tease him as best she can in the little space she is provided, hoping to rile him up enough to give her a spanking. When she finally succeeds in driving Jess to distraction, Mona can only hope she’s been naughty enough.

Ticket to a Spanking
by Jude Mason

If you have a kinky young couple into the spanking lifestyle, and you add a female friend who’s intrigued by it, fun things can happen. Add a ticket for speeding and the fella’s desire to expose his masochist needs; you definitely have the makings for an afternoon of naughty pleasures.

Julie’s the dominant wife, Ken, the naughty husband and Chris, well she’s just plain curious about it all and very horny. Ken’s speeding ticket brings these three together for an afternoon of sexy, painful pleasure. He gets his butt warmed, Julie gets to show her girlfriend just how much fun a spanking can be. And Chris is inspired to try it all on her own wayward husband.

Will Ken find ‘release’ from the two sexy women or will his rampant erection go unattended, unlike his rosy red bum?

Reign Me Inby Amber Skyze
Delia is happy being a stay at home wife, spending her husband’s money. Only problem? Scott doesn’t share her enthusiasm. Yes, he wants his wife to enjoy the finer things in life, but he wants her to stay within a budget.

Delia can’t stick to a budget.

To teach her a lesson Scott paddles her.

Who knew getting spanked could be so arousing? Not Delia, but now that Scott’s turned her on she wants more. In fact she might go over her limit just to feel the heightened orgasms.

Can Scott rein her in before they lose it all?

Ticket to a Spanking
By Jude Mason

Opening scene

“Oh, there he is,” Julia said to her best friend, Chris, when she spotted her husband’s SUV coming toward the house. “He's late, so he's really in trouble tonight.”
Well-rounded, blonde Chris, who’d been curled up on the couch with her naked legs tucked under her, sat up straight and peered through the living room window. Her head turned and followed the SUV as she tried to get a better look at Ken pulling into the driveway. He rolled to a stop in front of the garage, and a moment later, stepped into the late afternoon sun.
Julia stood in the window and watched him, her thoughts racing. Tall, well over six-feet, and with a swimmer’s build, she thought Ken’s body looked amazing, in or out of his clothes. He bent and retrieved his briefcase from the back seat of the SUV, giving both women a nice view of the tight slacks pulled over his muscular ass. Straightening, he hurried toward the house.
Julia's heart gave a familiar lurch and sped up when he walked past the picture window. Seated across from Chris in her easy chair, Julia smiled. She couldn’t wait to see what was about to happen.
“Do you want me to take off now?” Chris sat forward on the couch and put her coffee cup on the glass-topped table.
“No,” Julia held her hand up and smiled. “You just sit tight; after all, you're the one who found the ticket. Don't you want to see what his punishment is going to be?”
Blushing, the blonde woman replied, “Yes, of course I do.” She settled back, but fidgeted, obviously uncertain, or excited, or both. “You've told me about your arrangement—how you punish Ken, and I've always been curious, but I never thought I’d get to see.”
“Like I said, you're the one who found that speeding ticket. I think it's only right you get to at least see that he gets what he deserves.” Julia scowled. “I can’t believe he didn’t say anything to me—the dumbass.”
“If Ken hadn't loaned us his SUV, I would have never found it.” Chris leaned back against the cushions and tucked her legs under her again. She lifted her coffee cup from the table and took a sip just as Ken walked into the room.
“Hi, Chris. Julia, sorry I'm late.” He dropped his briefcase onto the nearest chair. “Horrible traffic today.” Heading for the kitchen, he didn't seem to notice the scowl on Julia's face, or the smile on Chris'. He shrugged out of his jacket and draped it over the back of a dining room chair on his way through, apparently oblivious to the trouble brewing.
He reached out to push the swinging door leading to the kitchen when Julia said, “Ken, bring me one of the dining room chairs please.” Her voice, softer than velvet, remained as calm as if she’d asked for the time.
Ken froze mid-step. For a moment, that's where he stayed. But then he shuddered and turned to face the women.
“Now?” he croaked, and by the look on his face, he seemed confused. His eyes darted from her to Chris and back again.
“Of course now,” she replied in her much-practiced sweet voice. “And don't forget the wooden spoon.”
Ken blinked and his jaw dropped, but he didn't move for a moment. When he did, he hurried into the kitchen as if someone had lit a fire under him.
The women looked at each other and burst out laughing. When she caught her breath, Chris asked, “Do you think he knows what's going on? Why he's in trouble all of a sudden?”
Still chuckling, Julia shrugged and shook her head. “I don't know, but I bet his mind is going a mile a minute trying to figure it out.”
The kitchen door swung open and Ken walked through with a long wooden spoon in his hand. He grabbed one of the dining room chairs as he came toward them, a glazed look in his eyes.
Julia smiled at his look of confusion.
Without saying a word, he placed the chair in the center of the room facing Julia, stepped around it and handed her the spoon. After taking a step back, he looked at the floor in front of her. He clasped his hands behind his neck and spread his feet a good foot apart. For leaving his shoes on, she'd add an additional stroke or two, if not more.
“Ken,” she began, still smiling. “Do you know why you're here?”


Spank Me Twice is available for purchase from Noble Romance Publishing Here

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Migraine Hell

Today I’m suffering from a migraine. I went to bed with one and it came back this morning. Grrrr. So my morning has been shot. Nothing got accomplished. I have edits for Dante’s Desire sitting in my inbox, a story that needs to be finished and one that needs to be started. Tomorrow is another day. :o)
I’m so thankful the snow is missing us here in RI. The surrounding states are getting pummeled with the lovely white stuff. We’re getting a ton of rain though. I’ll take that over the few feet of snow hitting MA and NY.
Right now the house is quiet. I need to take advantage of this because all the kids will be back later this afternoon. Maybe if I just close my eyes for a few minutes…oh wait someone’s pinging me on my work computer. UGH.
Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I’ve been officially back to work for fifteen minutes and I’m swamped! LOL I’ll admit I logged into email at least once a week while out so I could keep up on things and not be overwhelmed today. HA! Too much to do. A lot of changes took place while I was gone. New software needs to be installed, employee eligibility forms need to be filled out AGAIN…the list is never-ending.
Luckily I managed to get 1200 words in this morning. I need to start my Cougar Challenge book soon. The second wave of authors are steadily submitting their stories. It will be our time before I know it. I just need to finish this one book. I also want to submit a naughty nooner to my editor. It’s done, just needs a little something in one part.
The DH leaves this morning for a business trip. I wish I could go, but truthfully I hate to fly and he’ll be on a plane for five hours. I guess I’ll pass…this time.
I suppose it’s time to get back to work. Happy Hump Day everyone!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I know I was supposed to announce my winner yesterday, but I was chillin’. The DH and I took an overdue weekend away. We stayed in NH and traveled into ME. What a wonderful time. The weather was in the 50s. The people of Maine must have thought it was a heat wave. They were out in their shorts and t-shirts. We witnessed people playing tennis and the parks were filled with children. It was refreshing. It was a sign that spring isn’t too far away.
We shopped in Kittery, Portland and Freeport. I haven’t walked that much in a VERY long time.
In Portsmouth we ate downtown at a place called Friendly Toast. I have to say the food was fabulous. It’s very retro. There was an old Superman pogo stick, the RCA dog, and board games from 30+ years ago hanging on the walls. An old Borden’s Ice Cream sign too. The DH and I kept spotting things and saying – look at that. I don’t think two dishes matched in the place. LOL
The wait to get in was out the door both times we went. Yes, we went back, the food was that good.
We hated to come back, but the kids were going nuts. By three on Sunday afternoon we were getting calls and texts asking when we’d be home. LOL We finally broke down and headed home around 5ish. It was nice to sleep in my own bed.
Tomorrow I go back to work and the DH heads out to OK for a business trip. I’m looking forward to the distraction. I have soooooooo much stuff that needs to get done, but no desire to do any of it.
I want to finish Sliding Home my newest M/M by month end. I’m about 3-5k away. Then there’s the last sex scene of Shea Manor. I thought I finished this book, but as I was editing it I realized I left out the most important fantasy for the heroine. DUH!
So hopefully I’ll get some writing done today.
Oh and the winner???? Booklover0226 Contact me at to collect your copy of Wild Lickins.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Wild Lickins Release Day!

I'm so excited! I love release day. The thrill of knowing your hard work is out there for the world to read. It's even more exciting when readers send you emails telling you how much they loved the book.

I'm also nervous. Wild Lickins is my first M/M book. I've written M/F/M, but never M/M. I'm hoping it's well received.

I'm giving away a copy of Wild Lickins to one lucky commenter today. All you have to do is tell me what number release this is for me. (hint-all my books are to the right) ;o) I'll announce the winner on Monday as the DH and I are going away for the weekend. My last hooray before returning to work next week.

Here is a PG 13 taste of my newest release:

Sam has secretly loved Ethan for as long as he could remember. Ethan can’t see beyond his love for their Ice Cream Shoppe Wild Lickins. To escape his desires for his best friend and business partner, Sam takes off for an overdue vacation. Coral Reef, an all male resort, promises a week of sex, sun and relaxation. It’s the perfect combination to help Sam clear his mind. What it doesn’t prepare Sam for is Jim.
Can a stranger help Sam forget about his lust for Ethan? Or is there more to the distraction than meets the eye?

They rode for a good half hour before coming to a stop near an open expanse of land. From this view, you could see down over the resort. The white sands, the rolling waves, the dazzling colors—it was all spectacular.
After dismounting their horses, Jim wrapped an arm around Sam’s shoulder.
“Incredible isn’t it?”
“It is. I’m in awe.”
“I love it up here. Not that I don’t love it down there, because what’s not to love. But up here, we’re really alone. The only sounds are some exotic birds in the distance maybe an animal or two rustling in the bushes, but aside from that it’s relatively quiet.”
Sam agreed. He hadn’t heard any sounds other than their horses snorting every so often. A butterfly fluttered in front of them.
“Come on. I want to show you something.” Sam allowed Jim to take his hand and lead him off the beaten path. They left the horses behind secured to a tree.
“Where are we going?” Sam asked curiously. The thick brush scraped at his legs as Jim dragged him further and further from the trial.
“Not far. You’re going to love it I swear.”
Jim’s enthusiasm was hard to ignore and Sam didn’t believe he’d lead him astray. Whatever it was Jim definitely loved the idea of sharing it with him. Sam couldn’t help but wonder what he wanted to show him.
They walked out of the dense brush and into an open area. Sam did a double take when he saw the waterfall. The water cascaded a hundred feet into a swimming hole.
“Wow,” he said, standing there mesmerized. “Is it safe to swim?”
Sam didn’t wait for a response. He shed his clothes, ready to jump in and explore this wonderful spectacle.
“I don’t think it matters if I say no. You’re ready to go.” Jim laughed, pointing to Sam’s naked body.
“First one in is a…” Sam dove into the water. He came up refreshed from the cool water. “It’s not as warm as the ocean, but it feels good after being in the hot sun.”
He splashed water towards Jim. “Come on. What are you waiting for?”
Jim shucked off his clothes and did a cannonball into the water. “Oooh, it is a bit colder.” He swam over to Sam. “Maybe you can warm me up?”

Thursday, February 18, 2010

This Sucks!

Tough day. Not only do I have to drive a few hours back home, I have to break some bad news to my DH. I learned Tuesday that my daughter is expecting AGAIN. Mind you our grand daughter is barely 10 months. The daughter is 14 weeks along.
The other grandmother thinks this is the greatest thing. Hmmm, her son is unemployed and living with her. My daughter is working PT going to school at nights and living at home with me. How is this a good thing? We can’t possibly fit another baby in the bedroom where they’re staying. (They’re sharing a room with my 12 year old). There just isn’t room for another person no matter how small.
So not only to I have to rehash fresh wounds I have to inform the daughter that she needs to get her butt in gear along with the baby’s father and find a place to live. Oh I’m so not looking forward to today. In all honesty my daughter knows this was a temporary situation and that T needs a room of her own. It’s the other half that needs a good kick in the ass.
I’ll trade places with ANYONE out there! LOL
And if I wasn’t cranky enough I’m not writing. That makes me more unbearable. I haven’t written anything in ten days. I need to get back in action and write.

The contest over at Erotic Romantic Crush Junkies is still going on. You have to the 21st to enter. So stop by for your chance to win a copy of Ignited.

Happy Thursday everyone. Let’s hope I haven’t hurt anyone by Friday! LOL

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Here!

I made it! I traveled thru all sorts of weather yesterday. What is normally a 2 ½ hour drive lasted almost four. It wasn’t until I hit NY that driving became unbearable. I wasn’t over the boarder five minutes and the roads were unplowed and the snow was coming down heavy. For the next twenty minutes I cursed about no plows on the roads. Then I was blessed with three plows in front of me. Be careful what you wish for. I was going along at a decent speed until they showed up. I had to drive 10mph behind them. An hour later I arrived at my mom’s house.
I spent the afternoon with a friend. We’ve been friends for over twenty-five years, but don’t see each other often. So I spent the day at her place reminiscing over old photos of us. I’ll tell you the summer of ’03 was a fun time for us. :o) We had a wild summer traveling all over.
Today I’m going to spend some time with my cousin. We’re going to dinner to catch up on the last three years. We didn’t get to spend much time together over the weekend and I want to hear all about how he’s been.
The contest over at Erotic Romantic Crush Junkies is still going on. You have to the 21st to enter. So stop by for your chance to win a copy of Ignited.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I’m debating whether or not to make the trip to NY. It’s three hours in the car, but it’s snowing out. I’m more worried about driving through MA. That’s where the potential for blizzard like conditions are. I really want to go. There are so many things that need to get done here. I still have an article that needs to be written. I have to put my chapter newsletter together and get that out in the mail. But honestly all that can wait. I deserve this mini vacation. If the DH didn’t have to go into the office for full days the next few days I’d consider staying home. The biggest issue is Mom doesn’t have wireless. No one in her neighborhood has wireless. UGH. Yes, she has a computer, but she enjoys spending a lot of time on it. That means no internet for Amber – or very limited.
I suppose I could live without it for a few days, if I really had to. I’m good with all my editors, so they won’t be looking for me. I might even get some quality writing time in. We’ll see.

In other news I’m a guest today at: Erotic Romantic Crush Junkies. Stop by I’m giving away a copy of Ignited.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lots Going On!

I’m blogging over at I’m giving away one of my books to a lucky commenter.

Today the voting begins for the Love Romances Café nominations. If you’ve read either book up for nomination or just want to vote here’s what you have to do:

To vote: Email Dawn at dawn_roberto AT yahoo DOT com with "LRC's "BEST OF 2009 Awards" in subject. If this is not in the subject it will not be counted. In the email add: Best Contemporary of 2009 – Heat Waves and/or Best Erotic Book of 2009 – Spank Me Twice
All entries are to be in by 2/23/2010. Any entries received after that will NOT be counted and automatically deleted.

Thanks in advance for those who are voting.

I’m still celebrating Valentine’s Day with the DH. He’s off today, so we’re going shopping and having dinner out again. We had a wonderful weekend in NY. It was nice to wake up in a hotel, with no dogs, no kids and peace and quiet. Visiting with my family was fun too. One of my cousins just moved back home so seeing him after three years was really nice.
We got back into town in time for the early dinner reservations he made. Dinner was delicious and the restaurant owner gave out a single rose to all the women. I thought that was nice personal touch. The restaurant is a family owned Italian place. The food is to die for.
I’m thinking of going back to NY tomorrow for a few days to see friends I didn’t get a chance to see and visit more with my family. I return to work next week. I can’t believe I’ve been out for almost 10 weeks (I was on vacation for the first two weeks). I go to the doctor’s today and I’m sure they’re going to release me. It’s not like my job is strenuous. It is stressful and does require me to spend many hours in front of the computer, but I do that anyway! LOL
Off to see the doctor. Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Funny

Yesterday was a bust. My daughter was stuck for a babysitter, so while she went off to work I watched T. By the time her mom returned from work I had a terrible migraine. Not T’s fault. I had a ton of fun playing with her and her toys. LOL
The rest of my afternoon was spent in bed. Only to get up cook dinner and watch T again while her mom went to school. No writing, no editing, nothing. Just playtime with a 9 month old.
This morning I woke up bright and early grabbed a cup of coffee and hit the recliner with my laptop. Mind you it’s dark. The only light at 4am is the light from my laptop. I was all set to get busy. I’m in the middle of reading emails when a spider waltz’s across my laptop screen. Not some little spider, but a big ugly one. I do not like spiders or any creepy crawly creatures. So I wing my laptop around and toss it on the end table – thinking the motion would send said spider flying. Yeah right. Those little suckers can hold on a windshield of a car going 70 mph…yes, I’ve done this before.
I jump up and turn on a light…the wrong one obviously because it’s barely lit up the room. Of course it’s probably one of the energy saving light bulbs the DH has strategically placed throughout the house. The ones that take five minutes to get to their full brightness. I’m all about saving energy, but these are not the light bulbs I want when in an emergency. Oh and not ones you use in a bathroom. That’s a story for another day.
Anyway, I’m searching for my intruder. I spot him walking across my laptop. I run in the bathroom and come back with a tissue. He’s still there – YAY! I kill the little sucker and all is well. Though for the next twenty minutes I’m worried it will happen again. What’s the likelihood another spider will crawl over my laptop? Slim to none.
So that’s the way my day started. I managed to get my edits done on Research Required. They’re off to my editor.
Being a nice mom I decided to make L some cinnamon buns for breakfast. I wanted to start her Friday off good. I open the damn container and half fall to the floor. I’d use the five second rule, but I have three dogs. They were all over the buns before I could scoop them up. Sorry L, no buns for you. I managed to salvage a few and cooked them for her. All is right with the world again.
One more week until Wild Lickins releases. The countdown has begun.
Happy Friday everyone. Wishes for Love and Chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Itching for Spring

Yesterday school was closed…for no good reason. They predicted we’d get 16 inches of snow. We got about 2! The heavy stuff didn’t even start falling until after four. The kids could have gone to school. But see two years ago we got a storm mid-morning, causing the schools to let the children go home early. Well kids were stuck on buses for almost five hours in some places. My daughter wasn’t one of them. It took the DH seven hours to get home from work that day. Normally it’s an hour drive. The city and state officials took so much heat. So instead of facing another fiasco they immediately close the schools. Lucky me… my daughter was home, driving me crazy. I don’t want to hear I’m bored again! LOL
Nothing got accomplished. I haven’t written all week. I’m in a slump. I open a document and stare at it. The words just won’t come. The DH and I are going away for the weekend. It will be nice to have a change of scenery.
Edits for Research Required were waiting in my inbox this morning, so I know what I’ll be doing today. I have to finish my cover art form for Dante’s Desire too.
In other news Ignited received its first review and it’s awesome. You can read it here:

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Exciting News

Yesterday I received an email from Dawn at Love Romances Café letting me know that Heat Waves had been nominated for Best Contemporary of 2009. Can you say WOW! I was shocked. It only got better. As I was reading the other nominees I noticed Spank Me Twice was up for Best Erotic Book of 2009. It floored me to be nominated for two awards.
I’m up against some awesome authors for the Contemporary award, but I swear just being nominated is exciting. :o)
The voting begins the 15th. Once I get the information I’ll post it, in case you’ve read Heat Waves and want to vote. LOL
In other news I participated in my first book signing with eleven other authors last night. It was interesting. During the author bio the announcer talked about my nominations. Well! The funniest part was at the end. I was packing up my things when this older couple...I'm talking late sixties . early seventies comes up to me and says, "What was the name of that book? Smack Me Twice, Hit Me Twice?"
I looked at her and asked, "Spank Me Twice?"
"Yes. Yes, that's the one." She turns to her husband. "We have to go home and look that book up!"
I was rolling. It's nice to see they're still interested in sex.
The day kept getting better because when I got home I checked email and there was a contract for Dante's Desire.
Now how am I going to top that? LOL
Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Busy, Busy!

What a great weekend. I wish it didn't have to end. LOL Saturday I spend the afternoon with my local chapter. I haven't seen the group in months. It felt so good just to hang with them again.
The DH and I went to see Legion after my meeting. Save your money - not worth the price of the ticket. While I liked the premise of the movie and the crazy old lady, nothing else appealed to me. Just my .02
I took Sunday off from everything writing. I didn't even spend much time online. DH and I spent the day preparing for family and friends to come over for the Superbowl. Had a great time hanging with everyone.
When I finally went online I learned my email address is bouncing and one of my editors has been trying to get a hold of me. Not a good thing and very frustrating to say the least. Tried to set up a gmail account...that turned out unsuccessful. Crazy. I'll have to try again today.
There's so much I have to get done today. I have to finish my booklets for the book signing I'm participating in tonight on top of a long lists of to-do's.
So, off I go to work, work, work. Happy Monday Everyone!

For Any New Englanders
Big Writing Event
Monday, February 8th, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM
The Hayden Center, Rooms 1 & 2
1464 Diamond Hill Road
Cumberland RI
The Cumberland Rhode Island Library Presents
For details: Contact Betty Havrelik at 401-333-2552 Ex 2
Featured Speakers are:

Hannah Howell, Annette Blair, Donna Russo Morin, Rachel Moniz, Christine DePetrillo, Amber Skyze, Eden Elgabri, Coralie Jensen, Blanche Marriott & J.M. Griffin

Friday, February 5, 2010

There's a Storm Brewing

A monster storm is making its way north. They say it’s going to miss us. I’m thankful for a lot of reasons – one being I hate shoveling and we didn’t buy that snow blower this year.
Part of me enjoys the storms though. I like sitting in my sunroom watching the snow fall and built up outside. A warm cup of hot chocolate and a good book goes well with this scenery. I love watching my dog’s race around the snow, burying their faces in the white powder.
It was during a storm that I came up with the idea for Talk Dirty to Topaz. The couple has some red-hot sex in a sunroom while stranded by a snowstorm. Strange this book has been out since July and it’s suddenly selling like hotcakes. I’m not complaining, mind you. I’m rather excited. :o) It just makes me wonder why all of a sudden.
Mistletoe Studs did great this year too. I don’t usually like to write seasonal books, but this one I couldn’t resist. Who wouldn’t want hot twins – right?
I’m still trying to figure out the payroll crap, so that will likely eat up my day.
Watch we’ll get hit with two feet and I won’t be able to leave the house!
Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ticked Off!

Yesterday sucked! I spent the day in bed battling some sort of bug. It was most likely stress related as Tuesday was worse. Being out on disability I’ve been getting paid regularly. Things moved smoothly. No lag in the paychecks. THAT should’ve been my first sign.
I’ve been logging into my work email once a week just to keep it under control – well I’m glad I did. I received an email from payroll saying “we’re sorry to inform you that we’ve overpaid you for the following pay periods.” It basically stated that they’ve overpaid me for every bit of time I’ve been out and would be taking the money back in future paychecks. First of all I was on paid vacation when went out on disability. Secondly, maternity leave is 100% covered for 8 weeks.
I can’t get a hold of ANYONE to answer my questions.
I tried responding to the person who emailed me, no response. I emailed HR directly – no response. I CALLED HR, keep getting disconnected. Called the company that handles the short term – talked to someone! HA!
She had no clue, but she’d have someone call me. Tuesday, no call…Wednesday, still no call…wait at 9pm someone called. She couldn’t really help, but sympathized with my situation. She stated she was having issues with our HR department lately. They haven’t been responding to emails or phone calls. You wouldn’t mind but I work for a large well known company. WTF is going on?
Checked email again this morning – nothing. Have to wait until 10am Central time to start calling again. Like I want to spend my days fighting over money owed to me.
You don’t mess with my family, money or friends…unless you want me to f#$% you up. Can’t wait to start this battle all over again.
On a better note, I received a nice email from an author who I don’t know personally, but have read her work. She wanted to let me know she read Ignited and enjoyed it so much that she bought two more of my books during the 50% sale at Are. That was really cool and made my day! :o)
Happy Thursday everyone. Let the fun begin!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Online Friendships

A lot of my writer friends have been touching on the subject of friendship lately. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s the time of the year for reflection, but I’ve been thinking about it too.
Over the past year I’ve made some incredible friends online. I have a handful of close friends, but I honestly can say, they don’t compare to my writer friends. Is it because we, as writers, understand each other? I’m not sure.
I do know that when crisis hit my family, it was my online friends who reached out. I received emails just asking if I’m okay…did I need anything. People I didn’t know offered comfort and I’ve made new friends.
Almost a year ago I met two wonderful writers at a conference. When tragedy struck they immediately sent flowers. I don’t know them that well, but it touched my heart. One editor made a donation to the fund the DH and I set up in honor of our son. Another publishing company sent flowers. I couldn’t get over how much people care. I must say the donations have poured in and I’m thrilled. To know that we can help other families struggling in the NICU makes me feel good.
So to my online friends – YOU are the ones who lifted me up and carried me to a better place. I can’t thank you all enough. Without you this last month would’ve been impossible to bear.
Cheers to my fabulous friends!

Monday, February 1, 2010

February’s here! A new month means new beginnings. I ended January on a good note. I submitted another story to my editor on Friday. So on top of the two new contracts I have three other stories out awaiting word.
I managed to write the synopsis for the Cougar Challenge. I’m going to tweak it a bit before submitting it for the others to check out. I’m always nervous when writing a synopsis. I loathe them. I’m better off just writing the darn story, but I want to make sure it fits what they’re looking for.
I’m busy working on Sliding Home an M/M story about a couple of baseball players. I’m enjoying writing this story, so it should go quickly. :o)
My newsletter went out today, with a brand new contest for subscribers only. If you’d like to sign up you can do so here:

Time for me to get busy with some editing and that article still needs to be written. Busy day! Oh and time to start planning a Valentine’s Day treat for the DH. Since we missed our anniversary on New Year’s Eve, we’re going to celebrate on Valentine’s Day.
Happy Monday everyone.