Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy Friday!

I know I’ve been quiet again. Know that I’m thinking of you all. I’m busy taking care of bipolar teen, wedding plans for my eldest daughter and finishing up the second full time job. Oh and in between I’m writing when I can.

I had lunch last week with two writer friends - Marie Rose Dufour and Eden Elgabri - it was much needed. I can't wait to do it again.

I miss blogging and hearing from my readers and friends. Hoping to be back in the game real soon.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

My Love of Music

My love affair with music started when I was just a little girl. My parents were fans of rock music – Led Zeppelin, The Kinks, and The Doors to name a few. I was a fan of all three. There was one album though that touched me: Heart’s Dreamboat Annie.
My favorite song on the album is Magic Man, but I love Crazy on You too. When my parents were at work I’d put the album on the record player and sing my heart out. (Sure I’m showing my age. I was 8 when the album came out.) I loved Nancy Wilson. A chick with a guitar. What’s not to love? I dreamed about being a rock chick. I wanted to play guitar and sing.
Musical talent I wasn’t blessed with. My uncle though was another story. He played the harmonica and acoustic guitar. He could sing too. He was blessed with the ability to draw too. He has incredible drawings, unfortunately our family no longer has. When he was killed in a car accident his wife took all the drawings, but that’s another story.
My uncle and I were very close and I was his biggest fan. I could sit and listen to him play the guitar for hours.
At 12 we got a dog.  Dusty was my responsibility. I had to walk him. My parents were kind enough to buy me a small radio that I could carry with me while walking the dog. I’d listen to Top 40 music and the dog got to hear my lovely voice. Hahahaha.
By high school my music taste changed again to the hairbands. Sorry, but I still listen to Hair Nation on Sirius.
I can listen to just about any music but Country. No offense to anyone out there who enjoys Country. It was something I could never connect with. I’m not sure why and I’d never judge anyone by the music they listen to.
Music has always played a huge part in my life. So it makes sense that I would write a Rock Band Series. I’m still editing and hope to have this new book to my readers by May or June the latest. Each day I open my WIP I’m excited for where the book is headed.
Book 2 is already in the works so hopefully it won’t be too far behind book one.

Coming soon a blog on how I entered the world of Hard Core Rock.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Special Guest - Kerrianne Coombes

Kerrianne will be hosting a Facebook giveaway celebration today!

Full Throttle. Revved 1
Kerrianne Coombes
Evernight April 4th

I am so excited to share this new book with you. Full Throttle is the first in my new Contemporary Romantic Suspense series (Revved) Coming from Evernight Publishing.
I love this story so much, and I cannot wait for you all to meet Josh and Sammy. I enjoyed every moment of getting to know them—I hope you do too. xx

When self professed geek and high school math teacher, Sammy Briars, decides its time to live life, she means it. Armed with determination and her life savings, Sammy buys the motorbike she has always dreamed of.
Excited by speed, fast engines and leather wearing men, Sammy finds herself in the company of people who know how to live.
Desperate to ignore the mess her father has left behind in the wake of his death, Sammy sets off looking for adventure.
When Josh Grieve agrees to take his elder brothers bike-touring group on a biking weekend, he expects to see the countryside from the perch on his favorite Suzuki and the chance to kick back from his busy schedule.
What Josh doesn’t expect is for his life to be turned inside out by a timid, intelligent woman who rocks a set of bike leathers.
Thrown together by fate, twisted together by lust. Will Josh be able to overcome his reluctance to commit before it is too late?


“Have you even slept yet?” he asked, his gaze turning darker as he studied her face.
Sammy swallowed and shook her head weakly. “No, not yet. I can’t seem to fall asleep.” She wondered how she could feel so tired, so weary, yet wide awake at the same time.
Josh swore loudly and moved to her.
Sammy watched as he climbed onto the bed, his big body making the mattress dip under his bulky weight. He threaded his arm under her neck slowly and drew her into his arms. At first Sammy was stiff and confused, but the more he stroked her hair and kissed the top of her head, the more Sammy found she relaxed. The pain receded slightly, freeing up her mind and Sammy was able to catch her breath again.
“You don’t have to do this,” she said weakly, but Josh just tightened his arm around her, making sure Sammy rested her cheek on his chest. His heartbeat was a strong sound under her ear and Sammy reveled in the heat his massive body gave off. They lay in silence for a couple of minutes, and Sammy would have thought it would be awkward, but the way he held her, gently, yet sure and strong, had Sammy sinking closer and closer to the comfort he offered.
“When I was a kid, I broke my arm.” Josh began, breaking the lazy silence. His deep voice was a lovely rumble against her ear. Sammy smiled and closed her eyes as she listened to him speak, the sound of his words a balm to her nerves, a welcome distraction to her pain. “I was climbing trees with my brother, and as usual, Tony was faster and better at it than me.”
Sammy chuckled at the image. Tony was a stocky, slightly overweight man, she couldn’t imagine him climbing a tree, let alone fast.
Josh huffed a small sound and stroked his hand idly over Sammy’s arm. Sammy loved the feeling of his hot, calloused hand as it petted her, the feeling was comforting … nice. She stayed still and kept her eyes closed, and she hoped he wouldn’t stop talking, or stroking.
“You might laugh, sweetheart, but in his day, before kids and a wife, Tony was the coolest lad in town.” Sammy smiled against his chest, her mind slowly relaxing, the pain less, and all she could concentrate on was the sound of Josh’s lovely, sexy voice. Especially when he uttered the easy word, sweetheart. No one ever used an endearment for her, and she found she liked it, a lot.
“I heard how women ruin good men.” Sammy said teasingly, even as she yawned against his chest.
“They certainly do.” Josh replied.
Sammy heard the catch in Josh’s voice, and she suddenly remembered what she’d been told about him being jilted last year. The reminder sent a strange tense feeling through her body, leaving a cold pain in her lungs. But Sammy, selfishly, didn’t want to ruin the only time she had ever been comforted in such a nice way, so she changed the subject back to safer grounds.
“So, how did you break it?” Sammy asked sleepily, eager for him to continue talking. She snuggled a little closer to Josh’s heat and sighed, contented.
Josh cleared his throat, but continued his gentle stroking of her arm. He kissed the top of her head again and Sammy felt tiredness swarm her mind. She yawned and sighed deeply, sleepiness making her heavy and relaxed.
“Go to sleep, Sammy, and I’ll tell you when you wake up.”

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