Monday, April 16, 2012

Hot New Release from Marie Rose Dufour!

My friend Marie Rose had her third release on Friday the 13th and though most call it unlucky day it was lucky for her. This cowboy book is heating up the e-readers. I'm currently reading the book and must say I have a new fascination with cowboys. :)
Check out the blurb and hot cover below!

Tasha Lane never realized how boring her life had become until one phone call in the middle of the night totally changed it. Can this forty-two year old accountant put aside a nine-year age gap and perpetual “foot in mouth” disorder to find love and happiness with an ex-rodeo star turned rancher?

Three years ago, Devin Grant traded the rodeo circuit for a cattle ranch. If someone told him, he would fall in love with a woman he’d never physically met, he’d think they were kicked too many times in the head by a bull. When her brother is thrown from his horse, it was finally time to meet the sexy woman of his dreams and convince her, he was worth taking a chance on.

Can he convince her before she goes back to her boring life? Will she be able to overcome their age difference and her own insecurities?


  1. Woo Hoo, Marie!!! You go girl! Seems like just yesterday, I read Marie's "first sale" blog post. *wipes a happy tear from my eye* Congratulations!