Monday, June 11, 2012

So close to the finish line

Still under deadline…I would’ve finished the book last week. I was on a roll. In two days I wrote over 7k. I was happy, excited and the story moved forward without hesitation. And then I got sick. I woke Thursday morning with a nasty stomach bug at 5am. The baby woke at 5:15…dad had to get up bright and early. *evil grins*
The man does not understand how precious my mornings are to me – my quiet mornings. Thursday’s he normally goes into the office, but he couldn’t. I spent the day in bed and most of Friday. The weekend was busy as are most in the summer months.
This morning I’m hard at work on the wip. I’m writing that final sex scene. Once that’s done I can print the book out and edit. I pray I can get this done by Thursday.
I have guests the next two days and as you can surmise I’ll be in my writing cave. See ya once I hit send to my editor. :o)
Happy Monday! (if there’s anything happy about Monday’s)

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