Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rant of the Day

Ebook returns.
I don’t understand this. If you bought a book in a brick and mortar you wouldn’t be allowed to return a book. Okay, I’ve never tried, but have seen signs to this policy.
So, why should readers be able to return ebooks? If there’s an issue with the download, okay I get it. But if hundreds of others are downloading without any issues what’s wrong with the one download.
Take for instance my issue. A few months ago I bought an ebook for $3.99. After seeing another book by this author I bought the new book. Guess what? It’s the same damn book with a different cover. Sure I’m pissed. I spent another $3.99 for a book I already had.
What did I do? Nothing. I accepted it for what it was – a loss. I couldn’t imagine returning it even if it would be acceptable because I own it.
I’m sorry I just don’t get it the return policy. That’s how indie authors make their money. If readers are reading the book and then returning it they win and we lose. There are way too many free books out there to read. If you don’t want to pay for a book, download a free one.

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  1. You'd think there would be a way for them to know if someone has actually downloaded the book and read it when they go to return it.

    I do think they should be returnable but with limits. Just like real books and you can return those. I've returned one to B&N when we ended up with 2 copies of the same book (on the same day) but they looked it over to make sure it hadn't been read.

    For the most part authors are pretty honest with book descriptions and whatnot but there have been a few where I've opened the ebook and not gotten what I expected at purchase. Expecting a full length and getting maybe 60 pages really made me want to return the book right then and there. I can't imagine actually reading it and returning it though.