Monday, September 23, 2013

Unusual Sexual Relationship

Early this morning I was watching a crime show and they were talking about so and so having an unusual sexual relationship. The first thought that crossed my mind was oh, they’re into BDSM. Now of course my mind is going there because I write sex for a living. J  Hey, where would your mind go?
What the couple was into was a bit of voyeurism – for the husband at least. The husband got off on watching his wife have sex with other men. In fact he dictates what they do and how. The wife liked it because she didn’t have to “cheat”.
They were happy with this arrangement in their relationship and who are we to judge. I write about things like this all the time. In my fictional worlds it would be normal. Not to insinuate the couple is not normal – it’s a choice that is right for them.
I always laugh when watching a show that calls a sex life other than vanilla – unusual.

That’s my thought for the day! LOL

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