Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back - Kinda

So the trip to Florida was awesome. The weather was hot, hot, hot. I swear I sweat off 5lbs a day, but with the food I ate, it came right back. LOL
Mom had a hard time because she suffers from COPD so the heat index of 107 wasn’t a good thing for her. She went to Disney with us one day and Busch Gardens. The little one rode a roller coaster. It was a kid one, but pretty big for a 3 yr. old. Her height is a benefit for rides. She rode it twice.
See pic below.

I couldn’t wait to go to Busch Gardens to see the tigers. I’m a huge fan of white tigers. I’m not a fan of them being in captivity, but that’s another story. Anyway, I was hugely disappointed. There weren’t any white tigers and the one beautiful female tiger didn’t like being seen. She was hiding most of the time. They’re gorgeous creatures.
We spent one day in the pool – out of the 5 days there. Go figure. Hubby isn’t much for idol vacations. I on the other hand give me a beach with the ocean, a blanket and a good book and I’m good to go. I could hang out all day.
So needless to say I need a vacation from my vacation.
What have y’all been up to? I miss my friends.


  1. I think in that heat I'd spend all my time in the water- but Bush Gardens looks fun.

    1. It was great for a 3yr...all the Sesame Street characters and different rides. She loved it. There were lots of shady places there.