Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tessie Bradford Has a New Release!

Thanks for having me here today, Amber!

Fulfilling Bess is available now at and coming soon to ARe, Amazon and other third party retailers!

Fulfilling Bess
Copyright: Tessie Bradford, March 2015


Bess Wilks assumes she is about to be sitting through another monotonous office meeting. Oh well, these gatherings do provide perfect opportunities to test out new recipes for her catering business on her willing coworkers. When Darrin Larabey walks into the conference room, Bess is eternally grateful that the treat table is close enough to use for support. Despite the passing of nine years since they’ve seen each other, her body instantly heats to boiling and all manner of decadent thoughts keep her from concentrating on the business at hand.

As vivid images of making love with Bess in every way imaginable dance in his head, Darrin can barely get through his presentation. The woman who has starred in his dreams for years is sitting within arm’s reach, flushed and fidgeting in her chair. The passage of time has obviously done nothing to diminish their smoking hot chemistry and now he’s not a newbie intern and she’s not his boss. The erotic possibilities are endless.


“Good thing I skipped lunch today. Yep, this one is definitely the best,” David announced when he finished chewing.
“You do realize you’ve said that after devouring your last three selections, right?” Carol pointed out.
“I predict extra gym time in our immediate future, dude,” Bob said while loading his plate to capacity. “We can carpool.”
“Hey, have you tried the crumb cakes, yet? They’re amazing. Adding more cinnamon to the topping is exactly what they needed.”
Bess Wilks smiled with pride. Her coworkers were staunch supporters of her second career as a caterer and weren’t shy about expressing which of her creations they liked and why others weren’t favorites. It had been awhile since she’d brought in a full spread of baked goods, and her colleagues’ across-the-board liking of her new recipes was thrilling.
“So none of you are interested in tasting one of my artfully displayed selections of seasonal fruits? Being carved into flower shapes enhances their flavor,” Bess joked.
“Don’t worry, we’ll get to those eventually, when the good stuff is gone.”
After a bit of laughter, the focus of conversation returned to speculation on why they were here. No one knew why Tom Billings, CEO of Mid-Michigan Freight, had called this meeting. There were so many operational issues in desperate need of attention that it was anyone’s guess as to today’s topic. Bess listened as she kept the various plates and baskets stocked with goodies.
“This meeting is officially started.” Tom’s booming voice preceded his entrance into the large conference room. “We’ve got company, people. Try to behave.”
Bess turned around. The room seemed to tilt. She backed up against the table for support, praying her ass wasn’t leaning against anything that would leave a stain on her light-tan skirt.
“Believe it or not, I’ve actually been listening to you guys bitching about our computer problems since we took on the new warehouses. Here’s our solution.” Tom patted the man standing next to him on the shoulder. “Darrin, let me introduce you to the staff that’s come on board since you left.”
Bess’ pulse pounded in her ears and in other, more intimate places. In all the countless hours she’d spent fantasizing about him, it’d never crossed her mind that Darrin Larabey had been getting more gorgeous since she’d seen him last; nine long years ago. Leave it to him to fill out in all the right places. The form-hugging, short-sleeved, black T-shirt accentuated his broadened shoulders and chest, and the jeans, shit; he was pure sex on a stick from the waist down. Images of running her hands all over his body bombarded her. She wanted to start in the strands of his dark, wavy hair and not stop until she’d investigated every tantalizing inch of his six-foot tall frame.
As Darrin greeted and chatted briefly with those he was meeting for the first time, Bess realized the difference in him was so much more than physical. Professional strength and poise radiated from this man. His quiet confidence, without a hint of arrogance as he explained his qualifications, was beyond impressive. Her nipples hardened scandalously in response.
“Hey, Bess, long time, no see,” Darrin said when he finally made his way to her.
Bess prayed she could keep her fingers from trembling as she shook his outstretched hand. He stared intently into her eyes, and his voice…damn, it was so rich and deep and sultry that it sent vibrations straight to her quickly dampening pussy.
“Darrin, wow, what a…ah…surprise.” She cleared her throat and desperately tried to rein in her licentious thoughts. This situation called for professional, complete, intelligent sentences. “So what brings you back to our little neck of the woods? You were so focused on making it big in the corporate world when you left for New York.” Bess inwardly cringed at the utter wrongness of what she’d let tumble out of her mouth.
“And my being here somehow implies to you that I didn’t succeed?” he asked before she could attempt an explanation for her stupid comment. “You wound me with your lack of confidence in my abilities.” The intensity reflected in his eyes, coupled with his devilish grin, raised goose bumps along her skin.
“Unless you all are looking to work overtime, let’s get down to business,” Tom stated with authority.
Everyone took a seat. Bess ended up in the chair directly across from Darrin. As he pulled folders out of his briefcase, she couldn’t help checking the ring finger on his left hand. It was empty, but what did that prove?
“Darrin, you have the floor,” Tom directed.
“Tom has brought me in to modernize and fully integrate MMF’s accounting, inventory, payroll and billing applications, as well as to develop the web-based end of the operation, an area that is sorely lacking at the moment. I’ll also be assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the company as a whole and offering solutions to facilitate growth and profitability.”
Bess struggled to concentrate on his words. If he wasn’t married, he quite probably had some ultra-hot girlfriend. There was no way on the planet some lucky woman wasn’t having her bed warmed by Darrin. If by chance he was unattached, wasn’t she being enormously conceited to even consider he may still be interested in her after she’d respectfully rebuked his attentions so many years ago? Bess licked her incredibly dry lips while staring at the play of musculature in his arms as he passed out documents.
“I’m contracted for twelve weeks, which is an aggressive timeframe for the scope of work. I need to meet with each of you as soon as possible to discuss your job duties and get your input on what you feel are the key areas of concern.”
So, he was here as an outside contractor, not an official employee; that meant the no inter-office dating policy didn’t apply. Bess’ heart thudded wildly as she carefully repositioned in her suddenly uncomfortable chair. Geez, is the air conditioning working in here? She watched Darrin jot down notes. His hands were so large, his fingers long, his nails perfectly shaped. Those hands were just the right size to cradle the back of her head as he held her steady for his kiss or, better yet, to cup the fullness of her breasts.
“So, Bess, is Monday at nine good for you?”
Her pen slipped from her fingers and clattered loudly on the tabletop when Darrin addressed her directly.
“Bess only works on Wednesdays and Thursdays, now. She came in this afternoon because of this meeting,” Tom answered.
“Really?” Darrin raised an eyebrow with the question.
“It’s fine, Darrin. You just let me know what’s good for you.”
“How about now?” Tom offered. “I think we’re done with the overview, right? Bess is still the accounting expert around here. You definitely should get with her, first.”

About Tessie Bradford
Tessie Bradford is a bestselling author of erotic romances which focus on journeys of sexual discovery. She loves creating strong independent women who, with the guidance and love of an alpha hero (or two or three), realize and embrace their submissive side. Bringing to life on the printed page the stories that are constantly swirling through her mind is a passion, a necessity, and truly a dream come true.
Tessie is a wife, mother and grandmother whose hobbies include developing new culinary delights for her family, reading a good book and travelling. Her adopted dog children provide constant entertainment, much joy and truth be told, are kind of in charge of the household!