Monday, November 23, 2009

Reaching for that Perfect 10

Somewhere along the line this year got behind me. I can't believe we're in the last week of November. I'm not too sure about making my goal of 10 contracts by year's end. While it's still obtainable, it's unlikely. I've been busting my butt writing this month and I will have at least three books to submit before New Year's.
I realized that I do have two submissions out that I'd forgotten about so if I do hear about them or I should say if they're accepted that would be my 10. Still, I'm not counting on anything. Everyone is busy with the holidays.
I'm moving along nicely with book one in the Lady Shea's Manor series. Paige and Jed are taking unexpected turns. This book will be longer than I expected, but that's okay. Book three was targeted for 20k and I hit 26k by the time I finished.

I had a very relaxing weekend. After working 55 hrs at my day job I needed it. I took T, the grand daughter out shopping with me yesterday. It was so much fun watching her eyes light up at all the Christmas decorations and crowds of people. She talked(or babbled) up a storm. By the time I dropped her off to mom and dad she was thoroughly exhausted. This helped because they were getting ready to hop in the car for a 15 hr drive to GA. I'm still waiting for a call letting me know they arrived safely. Kids! They just don't understand how we worry so much. Yes, I did try to call them, but their phones are off. Maybe they stopped to sleep.

Time for me to do laundry for my trip out of town!

Nano count for today - 2943
Total so far - 34889

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