Thursday, November 5, 2009


My book Body Shots will be available on Dec 15th at: It's part of the Wet theme series. I've seen some of the other covers, but not mine yet. They're all the same, but have a different caveman in it. Have you seen the cavemen? Not that any would be a disappointment, but I'm hoping, no I'm praying I get Angelo! Check him out. He's the hottie in the middle, with the long brown hair and the sexy body. Wait they all have sexy bodies. I'd like to help him out of those clothes and...damn I guess I'll just have to add the next thoughts to one of my wips!

I'm still going strong with Nano. I woke up late this morning and thought I wouldn't meet my minimum, but I was wrong. I got in such a groove I lost track of time and was late waking my daughter up for school. Ooooppps! LOL She was a good sport about it.

Today - 2,021

Now I'm gonna have to find a way to sneak a nap in during the day.


  1. A the things a writer's family has to suffer, LOL! Congrats on keeping up the word count!

  2. I think the Caveman Angelo is pretty new. Wonder when he'll start showing up on covers??? I've seen the 'body shot' covers and they are stunning.

  3. Hope you get Angelo.

    I'm behind in nano although I wrote about 1,500 words this morning so far.