Thursday, January 21, 2010


I’ve been working so hard to accomplish so many deadlines, some self-imposed, that I’m wiped out. I woke up late, but not too late to get my daughter off to school on time. Today I’m taking a mental health day! :o)

I have more good news to share though. First is my new cover for Wild Lickins coming out from Aspen Mountain Press on February 19th.

The other good news is I’ve been invited to join the Cougar Challenge. I hope I live up to these awesome writers. I have an idea for a story so I’m going to write up the synopsis and present it to the group.
I do want to get my word count in for Dante’s Desire today, but right now I’m too exhausted to think, let alone write.
Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Amber, I hear you on the need for mental health days.
    My hubbie has been on TDY for the past 60 days and I have been able to knock out some awesome word counts, plus edits. But it does catch up with you...
    Then too I find that the break provides me with edits and insights to the current WIP, plus ideas for new stories!!!!!
    The mind is a terrible thing to waste!
    Happy MHD!

  2. YAY, Amber, welcome to the Cougar Challenge. Hey, we all need those 'mental health' days...I certainly have lately. Great cover.

  3. Very hot cover, Amber! Enjoy your mental health day ;).

  4. My darlin', taking a mental health day generally means you don't work on stuff. It's just time to be all about you.

    Hope you took some me time. Love you.