Thursday, August 2, 2012

Welcome TW Gallier

Introducing TW Gallier and his latest book, BLACK HEART

TW Gallier has just released his newest book Black Heart, a paranormal/urban fantasy.
Sable Hart hunts vampires. Some would call it a calling. She calls it divine justice, and a pretty good living. All is going well until she gets caught by some Old World vampires, and the next thing she knows vampires, bikers, and the police are all after her. To make matters worse, everyone seems to have lost their sense of humor. When she discovers a vampire plot to turn Dallas into a safe haven for the undead, Sable has no choice but to turn up the heat. With stakes, silver bullets, and a wicked sword, she becomes the vampires' most feared enemy — Black Heart!
Yuri's house was a two-story, red brick Georgian. He had good taste in real estate. I bet the neighbors wouldn't be too happy when they learned they had vampires in the neighborhood. A houseful of vampires tends to bring property values down, and people in Highland Park worry about such things.
Yuri and family should be tucked away safely in their coffins. It was pre-dawn, minutes from official sunrise, and so light out it gave me the willies. I had to wear sunglasses to see normally. Not light enough to burn, but pretty damn close.
I checked the front door. It was locked, but I could sense people inside. I could feel their blood surging, hear their hearts beating. I went around back and found it locked too.
I took a deep breath. It's purely an emotional thing, really; but it still helped.
The coming attack was my first solo staking, and an ambitious one at that. I might be harder to kill, but they were still older, stronger, and there were more of them. I hoped surprise would carry the day for me.
I loosened the katana on my back. I had three javelins with silver spearheads in my left hand. Beretta pistols rode both hips, and a canteen of holy water hung around my neck. That was every weapon I had left.
The door was hung to swing in. I kicked the door, right next to the knob. It crashed open and I charged through.
“Yippee-ki-yay, I’m here to ruin your day!”
The door opened into a family room. Spacious and sparsely decorated. There were four men watching TV. They jumped to their feet and charged me. No hesitation. Born fighters.

I pulled my sunglasses off and stepped into the closest man's charge. Locking eyes with him, I caught him in my gaze and brought the butt end of my javelin bundle up into his chin. Hard. He fell straight back: out cold.
"Damn, I pack a wallop now!"
Then —
Bang, bang, bang!
— and I felt three hits and three spots of fire in my belly. The impacts forced me back a step. Glancing down, I saw three bloody holes in my pink tank. I no longer felt the wounds, or even the bullets inside me. Not silver then. I cut my eyes up and smiled smugly at the stunned thug.
My mistake. He recovered quicker than I thought possible.
The man seized me by my hair and yanked me forward, straight into the wall. Head first. My head went through the sheetrock. It hurt like the dickens, but the pain faded fast. Amazing new body.
I pulled my head out as I released two of the three javelins. I didn't need to see the man to know where he was. I could feel him. So I spun left, and thrust the remaining javelin deep into his belly. He looked surprised, then embarrassed. I watched as his aura collapsed into him. Gone in death.
I yanked the javelin out and turned to face the two other men.
The third man charged me. I guess he missed what I did to his little playmate. I was nicer to him; mainly because he was too close to really consider my next action. I reacted out of instinct, and kicked straight up into his chin. His head snapped back. Loudly. That was a broken neck. Dead before he hit the ground.
"Just me and you, babe," I said. "Come give momma a big, wet kiss."
He lifted a big pistol. Revolver. Looked like a .44 Magnum. Bet he had a little dick. He aimed at my chest, at my heart, and pulled the trigger. Knocked me back two steps. Yep, .44 Mag alright. Ouch.
"Bastard, that hurt. I'm going to kill you slow."
"You're a vampire?"
"Duh. You're buddy already shot me three times and it didn't faze me. What did you think I was, a girl scout?"

About TW Gallier:
Tom Gallier was born in Beaumont, Texas, to Texan/Cajun parents.  He served 7 years in an Armored Cavalry Regiment (11th ACR Blackhorse Regiment), learning no useful skills.  After the Army he went back to school to study electronics, figuring that would be a profession with job security.  In 2008 he was laid off.   It wasn’t the first time or last time he was wrong.  But while in school, and holding down a full time job, he began writing in his spare time.  In the mid-nineties he had his first short story sale and publication.  He shares his life with his wife and their Yorkie American Princess.  He writes Fantasy short stories and novels under “Tom Gallier” and Urban Fantasy under “TW Gallier.”
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