Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The other day Katalina Leon and I were exchanging emails about not paying attention to reviews. As I’ve said on numerous times, reading is subjective. What I like and what a reader might like can be so totally different. I try not to read reviews. I try not to take them to heart. They’re one person’s opinion. And sometimes – NOT EVERYTIME, but sometimes the reviewer can be a wannabee writer who doesn’t have what takes to write so they bash writers. Before you beat me up, I know this first hand. I reviewed for years before becoming a writer. I’d done hundreds of reviews for one of those top review sites readers count on for their reviews. I have insider information.
The funny thing is the day after Kat and I were talking about not taking the reviews to heart I got a Google alert in my inbox. There were two alerts both for my newest release Out to Protect. The book is an M/M romantic suspense and based on a coming out theme. Now mind you I realize how difficult it is to write in the M/M genre and I know the readers are very passionate about the genre, but I didn’t realize how harsh they could be. I’ve never in all 30+ books have been ripped apart about a book so badly. I cringed reading their comments. I still cringe.
It bothered me for most of Monday. I won’t lie, the comments hurt. It felt like someone was repeatedly stabbing me. Later I let it go and realized I can’t please everyone. Though I’d like to please some. LOL
I took on a genre that is difficult to write in. I’ve only written three M/M to date and I also tackled another genre that appeals to me – crime/suspense. Will I write another one? If an idea comes to me that nags at me, yes I will. I won’t let the haters take me down and I won’t let them defeat me.


  1. I try to learn something from each review, good or bad. I'm always grateful someone takes the time to read my entire book.
    What I don't like, and I think this happened to you, is when reviewers compete with each other to be cruel with lengthy criticizing posts.
    They were having fun between themselves I doubt you were even in their thoughts. They were venting.
    You know the saying... You're a nobody until somebody tries to tear you down! lol
    I think you're a very talented somebody! : )

  2. Oh, sorry honey. Ouch. I know I could never be so brave as to write M/M. Not my area. You put it out there and I have to give you a lot of credit for getting your feet wet. Sorry you got soaked.

  3. I just wanted to send you some *hugs* and tell you I feel your pain. People have every right to review, of course...but damn, sometimes it really does boil down to subjective opinion and taste. When reviewers get venomous, I don't think they realize the little person behind it all is usually working for love and way less than the minumum wage and bloody well trying her best ;) I've actually stopped reading reviews, as I'd probably never write again. Plus, the m/m genre seems way tougher, review wise, than any other...so don't let 'em get you down, hon' :)