Monday, January 21, 2013

Good Weekend

Hubby and I had a date night on Saturday or should I say afternoon date. :o) Because I’m still battling recovery I get exhausted easier and earlier. Staying out past eight or nine isn’t possible at the moment so we went to an early show – 3:30.
I was surprise how packed the place was for an early show. We saw Zero Dark Thirty. It was an interesting movie, but slow. I realize they were likely trying to “show” us how painfully slow the process of finding and killing Bin Laden was, but seriously. They could’ve cut at least 30 mins of the movie. Okay, so I confess I hate long movies. If it’s over two hours it’s too long for me. Unless it’s the Lord of the Rings movies; those I can watch. Lol
Zero Dark Thirty Trailer
For those who like looking at the sexy Taylor Kinney…he’s only in the film for the last twenty minutes. Still hot, just not there long enough. :o)
We had a nice meal afterwards and then dropped in to Best Buy. We’re both still looking at laptops. Hubby’s is old…mine not so much. Mine is only a year old, but the motherboard is going and the company didn’t want to cover it one week out of warranty. As a writer we all know how important our writing tools are. I can’t afford to buy a new laptop, but when you’re typing along and only 60% of the words are hitting the page it gets very frustrating.
I think we finally found our new babies.
I’m working hard on my recent wip. It’s nice when the muse is here and not fighting me.
Here’s to another productive week!


  1. Hopefully, you have the best productive week ever!!!

  2. Thanks for being honest about the movie. I too have reached a point where if it's over 2 hours - or even approaching 2 hours, I'm bored to tears. I figure if you can't condense everything down to at most 1 hour and 40 minutes you're wasting my time. Glad you had a date, though!