Monday, January 14, 2013

What A Weekend

I had to work last minute and spent over 13 hours on a conference call. Have I said how much I dislike my job lately? It’s time to start looking into new opportunities. I feel like I’ve been doing this way too long and the long nights and weekends are taking a toll on me, my health and family time. A nice 9-5 with no responsibilities…well, those I can leave at the door when I go home. I don’t want to manage people or situations any longer.
Because I had a very productive week I decided I’d not do anything writing related over the weekend and I didn’t. It was nice to sit on the floor with the baby for an hour on Sunday and build towers and houses with her. It made me realize I don’t get enough one on one time with her. She loved every minute of it.
I missed half of my father in laws birthday party because of work. I can’t get those things back.
Enough of that. It was an awesome football weekend in our house. On Saturday the San Francisco 49ers won making me a very happy camper.
And I’ll give my hubby a shout out for his Patriots winning last night. We had a house full of guests for the Pats game. It was a good time and great food.
If the Pats/49ers meet in the Super Bowl hubby told me I have to move out for the day. LOL we went to the game in December were the 49ers beat the Pats. Hubby still is having not living that one down. ;)
All his friends were like how can you be married to a 49ers fan. Look I’ve been cheering for them since the 90s…I’m not changing for any man.
This week’s agenda is a big one and I hope I can accomplish all on my to-do list by Friday. I’m taking back my weekends.
Oh and I’m excited because my son is coming in tomorrow to spend a week. He has a wedding to go to, but it’ll be nice to see him.
Happy Monday!


  1. Just take one thing at a time on your list, don't stress yourself about getting everything done. Have a great visit with your son!!! Hugs!

  2. Sounds like an ideal weekend - if not for the 13 hour conference call!